Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween!

My favourite day of the year is here, and I'm happy as a kid in a candy store - not that Trick or Treating happens here but YAY it's finally Halloween!
Today is a day for horror, spooks and... Candy?! So before the horrible stuff begins, I'm going to go for a little walk to collect some of the sweet stuff... 
I often feel bad that Halloween is less of a big deal in Europe than it is in America, we don't get to do all the Trick or Treating stuff, BUT luckily for me Rudh can enjoy it for me in Second Life!
Dressed like a Vampiress - thanks to a dress from RIOT and all her dark and devious batty accessories - she ended up needing a shopping cart for all of the Junk Food she was able to collect. 
While she was out on Trick or Treat Lane though she had to stop and take in some of the pretty décor, A cute little lamp over the door of this house for example, it's a Witch Lamp available from Candle & Cauldron, or the BOO lights in the window - from Raindale - and even the adorable door mat - a PentaMoon Rug from Squishy Fluff - all of which can be grabbed on Trick or Treat Lane until November 2nd!! 

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Exile - Milla in Reds 
Mask: Exile - Mystery Mask 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Lip Blood: ARISE - Blood Lip in Tone 3 
Choker: NYU - Bats!!! Choker 
Middle Necklace: Half-Deer - Monster Necklace in Yes I Bite 
Lower Necklace: Kibitz - Evilish Set in Back Necklace Onyx 
Wings: *Tentacio* - Dark Call me Gacha Items in Vamp Wings 
Dress: RIOT - Tish Long Dress 
Pose, Bats & Pumpkin Props: NANTRA - Halloween 2018 (Current Group Gift) 
Cart: Junk Food - Candy Shopping Cart (Available until November 1st at Panic of Pumpkin
Boo Sign: Raindale - Boo Sign (Gift Available until November 2nd at Trick or Treat Lane
Pumpkin Lights: PILOT - Hanging Pumpkin Lanterns 
Witch Light: Candle & Cauldron - Witch Moon Lamp (Available until November 2nd at Trick or Treat Lane
Pumpkins: dust bunny & tenshi - pumpkin pile 
Rug: Squishy Fluff - PentaMoon Rug (Gift Available until November 2nd at Trick or Treat Lane
Candy: Lost Junction - Ghostly Treats Gacha Item in Chocolate Bars (Available until November 15th at The Epiphany
Backdrop: No Longer Available!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Let's Breakfast at the Mosterize Diner!

It's early morning, the day before Halloween, and I'm slowly starting my day. Waking up I always go in search of coffee - sometimes tea - but more usually coffee...
Now since it's so close to Halloween, we're very much in luck! The Mystery Monster Diner is open until the sun comes up, and that means we can have Monster Coffees!!
It's such a cool hangout for those that embrace their monstrous side! The music is rocking, the food is... well it's edible I suppose, and the waitresses are the fastest zombies you'll ever meet. They whiz around on roller-skates, not worrying about accidents, they are already dead what do they care?!
My waitress this morning is someone called Batty Rudh... I wonder if it's OK to be serving food when she's covered in so much blood - but I guess that in a Monster Diner, that's part of her appeal? 
For those of you that want to know, these waitresses are dressed by an amazing design team! Tentacio and PSYCHO.Byts have teamed up for The Epiphany and created these brilliant "Mosterize Dinner" Outfits. Since it's Gacha you can win the outfit in a variety of colours and various parts - the hats and dresses are all separate prizes in a range of colours - and you can also win various mouse pets and dinner trays! Not to mention the super fast RARE Rollerskates with a colour hud!
There's just one thing you should know, if you try to order coffee at this diner, be prepared, the zombie waitresses can't really speak well... Good Luck! LOL!  

What is she wearing;
Hair: RunAway - Josie in Reds 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Blood: Izzie's - Face & Body Blood & Wounds 
Outfit (Including Hat, Tray, Skates & Rat): Tentacio & PSYCHO.Byts - Mosterize Dinner (Available until November 12th at The Epiphany)
Pose: FOXCITY - On Point, Pose 4 
Backdrop: Astralia - Pin up life Backgrounds in (Bakery) RARE (Available for use at Backdrop City)

Monday, October 29, 2018

Nightmare about 2 Blocks Over from Elm Street

Some days I want to just disappear into the dark... Today is one of those days! It's a long story that I won't go into but I'm going to use my blog as a distraction today... Something to take my mind off my own dark thoughts and into someone else's! 
Someone in the spirit of Halloween, Mr Nightmare himself, Freddie Kruger! Yet of course, me being me, I needed to Rudhify him a little so today's nightmare is being brought to you by Rudhie Kruger!
Let's call it Nightmare about 2 blocks over from Elm Street LOL... It's kinda scary but not in the same way?! 
I took this picture when I was wandering around at the Forgotten, Rudh was dressed as a Freddie tribute, with her own interesting twist... For example, instead of blades for his gloves, she's taking a leaf out of Edward Scissorhands book and using scissors... Yet she's still managed to damage herself by cutting too close - thanks to a Doe Brains Hairstyle! 
Would you believe though, that this whole outfit came together because of the Cropped Sweater - a new epoch release for this month's N21 event - I saw the plaid and it just developed into Rudhie Kruger! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Doe - Brains Gacha Item in 6. Gingers 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Bullet Wound: PaperDolls - Killer Injury 
Burn Wounds: CURELESS&DISORDERLY -  Burned Heretic RARE 
Choker: [ abrasive ] - Loose Belt Choker in Aged Taupe 
Top: epoch - Cropped Ladder Sweater in Plaid (Available until November 12th at N21
Stomach Wound: AsteroidBox - My Body Gacha Items in To Hell 
Glove: Remarkable Oblivion - ScissorHands 
Pants: Pseudo - Charley Jeans in Dark Wash (Available until November 10th at Kustom9
Pose: FOXCITY - Thirsty, Pose 5 

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Calling the Spirits to get me Online!

Since SL is having a bit of a booboo crap day, I'm going to have to pull out all the magical stops to try to get myself in world... I'm trying everything, Card tricks, witchcraft, voodoo and now I'm going to take one final reach into my bag of tricks and see if a little conversation with the spirits won't help me?! 
Time to reach for my Ouija board and have a little chit chat... Something along the lines of "Anything you can do to get me into SL right now?!"
Standing over her mixing bowl to cast a spell and draw the spirits in - thanks to an awesome pose from Image Essentials called The Sorceress - once they are warmed up, she keeps the Ouija board close to her chest, carved into her chest - thanks to Dappa - so that she can make the call any time!
She reaches up to her head and removes her planchette to make the call...  

What is she wearing;
Hair & Accessory: Clawtooth - The Oracle in Wild Pack 
Mask: [ContraptioN] - Trypoface (Available until October 31st at Ironwood Hills
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Necklace: CULT - Ouija Collar 
Top: Blueberry - Jolly Holidays (Past Group Gift) 
Wound: DAPPA - Ouija Scars 
Props & Pose: Image Essentials - The Sorceress 
Tapestry: DRD - Spiritualists Shoppe in Tapestry 

Friday, October 26, 2018

Attacked in a Sharknado!

So a couple of days ago, my Bestie Manky and I were doing some Halloween Exploring... There's an event called The Forgotten, which last year I loved and used more than once as a photo backdrop, and was excited to hear they have a new event for this year! The Forgotten is back with new themes and scares, and I really enjoyed exploring it with my bestiface! 
While we were walking through I got more than a little excited by one scene... I HAD to go back and take pictures, I was mesmerised... It's SHARKS in a TORNADO - in the film Sharknado... 
I had to play dress up for the part, I had to get into a Sharknado character style mood, and was very lucky to have the perfect item all into my grubby little hands... 
It seems poor little Rudh has already been caught in the storm, attacked by one of the sharks, her arm has been ripped off and she's covered in blood! 
Isn't this jacket so awesome?! It's a current group gift from villena, a pay to join group with a price tag of 100L but look at this jacket it's so worth that! The Zombae Jacket is part of a joint release with some hideous make-ups from Bossie! Soon as I saw this on Flickr I KNEW I had to have it, but it just seemed to happen at exactly the right time for the Sharknado discovery... It was like it was meant to be LOL... 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Tableau Vivant - Starry Night in Windy Redheads 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Blood: Izzie's - Face & Body Blood & Wounds 
Choker: AsteroidBox - Leather Spike Collar in Black 
Jacket & Top: villena - Zombae Jacket 
Shorts: miss chelsea - Sade Shorts in Mid Blue 
Tights: villena - Fishnet 
Pose: FOXCITY - Masked, Pose 8 

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Frankenstein's Daughter chooses her New Man

I'm on a monstrous streak... Zombie Cheerleaders, Deadly clown dolls and today...Frankenstein's Daughter!
She's been promised a special gift by her father for Halloween, a treat that she feels she's been missing... Her dear old Dad is going to make her a man!! 
First things first though, Dad has told her to go pick out the skull that will hold her new beau's brain... Checking his cheek bones and his eyebrow ridge, she can close her eyes and see his handsome face in her mind... 
In the Reanimator Lab - at the Death Row Designs - she's finally chosen her skill... Now Dad is going to lock her out and work some of his macabre magic... 
The photo is taken using the amazing Yorrick Pose, from Nantra for ULTRA, dressed in her Reign Robichaux Uniform. 
Wonder what her man will look like? 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Samantha Hair in Reds (Available until November 3rd at FaMESHed X
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Face Wound: PaperDolls - Killer Injury 
Outfit: REIGN - ROBICHAUX Uniform 
Pose: NANTRA - Yorrick, Pose 2 (Available until October 31st at ULTRA)  
Building & Décor: DRD - The Reanimator 

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Do you wanna play a Game?

Do you wanna play a game? I know a nice game we could play... 
Words you never wanna hear from Billy the Clown - of the Saw movie franchise thanks to this awesome tattoo from L'emporio, especially when he's in league with baby Pennywise - by Black Bantam
We have lots and lots of fun games to play... Ghost Battle Ships, Escape the Lake, Hungry Hungry Zombies... 
Our games are from Junk Food, there are so many fun games in the Creepy Board Games Gacha that you'd be spoilt for choice and could have hours of fun... Just so everyone knows these are props but they are SO CUTE and make perfect décor items for any ghoulish children's room... 
We've even got candy for those of you that come to play with us... Aren't we nice?! Just be careful, it's not Trick or Treat (Lane, LOL - see what I did there?), don't be too greedy, and definitely don't try to beat us at the games, or my lovely - Zombie Suicide - Butcher's Knife may come crashing down on your little fingers!!! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Truth - Batty (Current Group Gift) 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Make-up: L'Emporio - Saw Makeup
Choker: BOOM - Precious Bow Choker in Marshmallow (Recoloured!) 
Collar: AMA - Spike Control Collar 
Necklace: Pekka - My little bow necklace in Passion (No Longer Available!)
Jacket: [Cynful] - Candela's Fur Vest in Grey 
Dress: [Cynful] - Candela's Dress in Dark Grey 
Pose: Secret Poses - Coffee Time, Pose 1 
Games: Junk Food - Creepy Board Games Gacha Items (Available until October 31st at GachaLand
Doll: Black Bantam - We All Float down Here Gacha Item in Baby Penny 01 RARE 
Knife: Zombie Suicide - Butchers Knife (Available until November 2nd at Trick or Treat Lane
Candy: Half-Deer - Candy Clutter in Brights (Available until November 6th at Collabor88
Paper Boat: SHOPPING - Paper Boat 
Table & Chairs: Fiasco - Game Master 
Backdrop: Consignment - Jack's Bugout Shelter 

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Cheer Captain of Monster High

Did ya ever see a children's tv show called Monster High? Honestly, I think I may have mentioned it before, but if I was a kid again I'd love it... Heck I love it now and I'm supposed to be an adult! It's based on the children of horror monsters, so there's a Frankie Stein and a Draculaura - for example. They even have a collection of DOLLS! Seriously, why couldn't I have had dolls like this when I was a kid? Then it would have been a case of "Barbie? Who the F**k is Barbie?" 
Anyway, I got my hands on a few items recently, that I never thought of putting together, until miraculously it seemed to just happen, and well... I got the cartoon theme song in my head, so the picture HAD to come to life... Let's head to Monster High and meet captain of the cheer squad... Rudhie!
Taken in the school gymnasium - at the very awesome new sim from the creators of Elysion for Halloween, The Upside Down, which YES is paid entry into the group but it's SO worth every linden spent. 
The captain of the cheer squad, wearing her Scream Team Uniform - from the house of 1313 Mockingbird Lane - shakes out her pompoms and gets ready for rehearsals... Luckily it seems that even though the dance was last night, Carrie didn't set fire to the gym again, but where the heck is the rest of the squad?!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Exile - Truly Outrageous Hair in Graffiti (Available until November 15th at The Epiphany
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Make-up & Eyes: (Nylon Outfitters) - Face Paint Set in Toxic Zombie (Available until November 6th at Collabor88
Uniform: 1313 Mockingbird Lane - Scream Team in F-U (Available until November 1st at Ironwood Hills
Pose: FOXCITY - Fixated, Pose 4 

Monday, October 22, 2018

Daddy and the Mommas

You've probably heard me talk about my Daddy a few times by now, but recently our weird little family got a LOT bigger... Daddy found not just one but TWO of the loveliest ladies that were willing to put up with him! Two people I considered very important anyway, but can now lovingly refer to as my Mommas - LouLou and PhePhe! Daddy became part of their little family, and they were willing to accept his demon child as their step-daughter! I even picked up two step-sisters along the way... Little Kiki and bigger Kit-Kat are now the Cinderellas to an evil step sister, and I plan on teaching them everything I know in the ways of driving our new parental units crazy! 
Anyway, it was about time I showed them off to the world... Trying to get both Mommas on-line together, when I'm around can be a little difficult but LOOK... A new Family Portrait, all that's missing is the Cinderellas! 
I love the way that this picture turned out... I battled with graphics problems whilst taking it but in the end I couldn't be happier really... It's so freaking cute!!! 
I used a pose from a store that has recently given me the honour of allowing me to be one of their blogging team, a store you may have seen in posts involving candles recently called - Extra -. This is their Be the Leaf pose and it's soooo cute! I love the fact that they make poses for all sorts of different moods and they are keen to see someone's creativity in using them to bring their art to life... I have a funny feeling I may have just developed a new store crush LOL... 
To the new Cinderellas - we'll get together and talk soon, I can't wait to get to know you both! 
To my new(ish) Mommas - thank you for being you, and for being willing to handle my Daddy, I knows he's a pain in the butt, but he needed someone - or should that be someones - like you to keep him on the straight and narrow... I'm glad he has two angels like you watching over him! 
To Daddy - keep these two, they are the best you've had in the four plus years I've known you... Do I need to keep reminding you of the "others"? LOL!!! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: DOUX - Cintia Hairstyle in Reds 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Top: Vinyl - 3am Knotted Tee in Here for the Candy 
Pose: -Extra- - Be the Leaf 

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Lighting Pumpkins - There's a Trick to it, but it's a real Treat!

Pumpkins!! This time of year it's all about the pumpkins! 
Tirck or Treat Lane would be lacking if there weren't a few of them, but there's pumpkins everywhere in all different shapes and sizes! One of the best things about getting a pumpkin at this time of year, is being able to create magic and bring them to life... 
At midnight it's the witching hour and it's time to bring the pumpkins to life... Some are very evil in nature and some can be cute and cheeky, but whatever happens, it's time for a little magic to make these pumpkins glow! Even my pumpkin baby, and cute little pet rat are excited to watch this pumpkin start to smile... I'll just light a candle - thanks to a pose from -Extra-, which is actually a couple pose that has the chance for another avatar to be facing you and holding the candle too - and bring him to life!
The -Extra- Pose, along with the awesome lit Jack O Lanterns - from LiViD - are available at the still on going Trick or Treat Lane. It's not just the props though, oh no no no, the adorable Sara Outfit with it's pumpkin design - from JACKALOPE - and even my VileCult Rebella Eye Make-Up can be bought at the event! 
Now I know I just mentioned my eye make-up and it's not very clear in the picture but, that's why I'm going to add a few of the store ads! The VileCult ad for the Rebella Make-up, the ad for JACKALOPE's Dress and even a looksee at the ads for Extra's poses, you can see that this pose is supposed to be for 2! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Tableau Vivant - Halo Hair in Reds
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2
Eye Make-Up: VileCult - Rebella (Available until November 2nd at Trick or Treat Lane
Lipstick: Ama - Broken Soul Lipstick
Outfit: JACKALOPE - Sara Outfit (Available until November 2nd at Trick or Treat Lane
Pose: -Extra- - Into the Nether Poses in Spell Girls (Available until November 2nd at Trick or Treat Lane
Floating Pumpkins: LiViD - Jack O Lanterns Hovering (Available until November 2nd at Trick or Treat Lane
Large Pumpkins: LiViD - Jack O Lanterns Classic (Available until November 2nd at Trick or Treat Lane
Pumpkin Carving: dust bunny & tenshi - Pumpkin Carving 
Candy: Lost Junction - Ghostly Treats Gacha Item in Ghost Lollipops (Available until November 15th at The Epiphany)
Rat: JIAN - Rascal Rats Gacha Item in 3. Brown Companion (Available until November 15th at The Epiphany
Baby: [Black Bantam] - My Pumpkin Baby Boy in 01 
Wreath: Apple Fall - Pumpkin Harvest Wreath
House: Trompe Loeil - Marzelle Cottage V1.1

Friday, October 19, 2018

Daddy's Halloween Treat

With Halloween coming, one of the things I used to love was the Trick or Treating... I LOVED coming home with a huge pile of sweeties and then making myself sick - although I didn't love that part quite so much LOL - but in SL there's lots of Trick or Treating to be done! 
Rudhie dressed up as a cute little devil, with a human head as her candy bucket... The bucket got filled and she was a happy little Rudhie, but there was just one problem... She'd been dragging her "Daddy" around as her chaperone, and well... he decided that it was time to get his treats the moment they walked through their front door... 
His treats were a lot different than the candy they'd collected... 
His treat was to remove the cute little demon outfit she'd been teasing him in all night, and lock her somewhere she cannot move while he has a treat! His ghost costume gets cast off and hung over the nearest piece of furniture, before he yanks down her little red shorts and... bursts out laughing!! 
That was definitely a treat, the reveal of her pretty pumpkin painted bottom - thanks to MJN and their Glitter Bum applier! 
Taking you back out of the dirty little fantasy though, I want to point out the AMAZING furniture collection from Fapple! It's their Halloween Set and it includes everything, with the exception of her Halloween Costume Items... That's right you get the stocks and rug, the fireplace and ALL it's décor, the sideboard and the décor on that too, PLUS the chair and door with the ghost costume, there's even one or two other treats included that I haven't shown here too! You should check out the set at the Fapple mainstore!!! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: [Atomic] - Devilish in Fire Engine 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Butt Tattoo: [MJN] - Glitter Bum 
Shorts: BOOM - Cozy Shorts in Cherry 
Furniture: Fapple - Halloween Set 
Head Bucket: BALACLAVA - Bloody Candy Bucket 
Tail: Caboodle - Demon Tail in Red 
Fork: tiptoes - Devil Pitchfork in Black 
Bikini Top: Half-Deer - Carefree Bikini Clutter 
House: Scarlet Creative - Prairie Cottages 

Thursday, October 18, 2018


I'm still in dress up mode, I'm still playing with fun costumes, and well... It's Halloween Season, it could be going on for a little while yet! 
Today I've been inspired by something that I am surrounded by on a regular basis - since both my niece and kitty momma are kittens - today I'm going a little crazy cat lady! 
This time I'm blaming my choice of costume on the new hair I grabbed for myself at #Foxy - which is available at the new round of Kustom9, a round in which the event is celebrating it's 5th anniversary too and there are tons of gifts out, like my kitten nose, which is also from #Foxy.
I got so into creating the character that I even gouged marks in my own cheeks to look like whiskers, and captured some friendly little mice - from PSYCHO.Byts - to accessorise!
Look at me though, don't I make a pretty little kitty?

What is she wearing;
Ears & Hair: #Foxy - Adore Hair in Reds (Available until November 6th at Kustom9)
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2
Eyes: Izzie's - Demon Eyes
Nose: #Foxy - Adore Hair in Reds (Available until November 6th at Kustom9)
Wound: VileCult - Me-ouch
Collar: Kibitz - Kitten Collar (Past Bishbox Exclusive)
Top: MuggleBorn - TittyTowel
Mice: PSYCHO.Byts - Trapped Mouse in Cream
Pose: FOXCITY - Masked Bento Pose Set, Pose 8
Backdrop: anxiety - %lunacy (Available for use at Backdrop City)

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

OOOOH Boots... I almost forgot!

OH OH OH I have been so busy with Halloweeny stuff that I almost forgot something totally awesomely awesome that I wanted to share with you... I'm on a photography roll at the moment taking pics of all sorts of halloweeny things that I forgot I had some ADORABLE BOOTS I wanted to share... 
Something that could work well with a costume for Halloween, or as a general everyday use kinda boot...
I'm doing something simple with them as they are so cute and perfect without anything fluffy to make them look special... 
The 1313 MockingBird Lane Eretria Moccasin Boots are actually only available until October 19th at the soon to close LootBox Gacha Event! These are a common colour but the strings are part of the rare set, which can be won seperately... For those of you that want something a little more divalicious too there are some epic coloured animal print ones... I love these boots!! I love the colours, and I know that you will too, just don't miss out! 

What is she wearing;
Boots: 1313 Mockingbird Lane - Eretria Moccasin Boots Gacha Items (Available until October 19th at LootBox
Pose: Zombie Suicide - About Me, Pose 4
Backdrop: Astralia - Surrealistic Backdrops in Mexico (Available for use at Backdrop City

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Beware the Dark House on Trick or Treat Lane!

So, in case you'd missed it, Trick or Treat Lane is now open and ready for exploring... There's lots of things to see and do, as well as lots of great treats to collect along the way! 
Creepy lil Rudh is raving about it to everyone... Today she even made the perilous journey through the dark corridors to share the news with the creepy old lady that remains locked in the attic. They lock her away for your safety, you know, she's too evil to be released into normal society and yet Rudhie cannot help but take care of her... Creepy family is still family!
There's a picture of the old lady in her younger days hanging on the wall in the corridor, just before her locked bedroom door - and yes they keep the door locked with chains as well as two locks on the door itself... The picture was captured as a Momento Mori, by the Oubliette team, and it's a very realistic portrait! Luckily her eyes are covered, it was the eyes that shared her true evil nature... 
The evil magic that fills this house causes so many amazing things to happen, like Rudh being able to carry one candle as many float with her to light the dark corridors - thanks to the Witching Hour Pose from Extra at Trick or Treat Lane! 
I have to say though I love the eccentricity of this creepy little Rudh's style... That adorable, almost Victorian style Presley Dress - from Momoko - paired with these crazy Bone Goggles - from Spyralle, both available at Trick or Treat Lane until November 2nd - is such an eye-catching look, it's such a shame she hides in the dark house and misses the light of day! 
Be careful though if you visit her on Trick or Treat Lane... There's much more to the seemingly sweet, lonely girl hiding in this house! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Truth - Batty (Current Group Gift) 
Head: Hotdog - Nightmare Heads Gacha Item in NH 4 . tan 
Goggles: Spyralle - Bone Goggles (Available until November 2nd at Trick or Treat Lane
Dress: {Momoko} - Presley Dress (Available until November 2nd at Trick or Treat Lane)
Pose: Extra - Into the Nether Poses in Witching Hour (Available until November 2nd at Trick or Treat Lane)
Left Picture: Oubliette - Momento Mori (Available until November 2nd at Trick or Treat Lane)
Right Pictures: Oubliette - Familiars Frames Prints (Available until November 2nd at Trick or Treat Lane)
Backdrop: MINIMAL - Insomnia Basement *7* 

Monday, October 15, 2018

Fallen Angels in Hell

I don't want to get myself into trouble today, posting something that I'm thinking of as a demon in Hell, I KNOW that religious stuff can and does offend people but for me it's just a level of fantasy - one that I love playing around with! I crack jokes about it all the time, I mean hell is my hubby after all! 
Today though, for some reason I found myself wanting to do something a little darker, Hell related, a fallen angel of sorts... 
Not that I'm an angel by any means but it's always fun to play around right?! LOL... 
This look was actually a mixed inspiration - partly due to the way I'm feeling right now - but more a combination of this AMAZEBALLS Lava Face and Body Tattoo from Mad' - which comes in two colours Fire and Stone by the way - and the way it seemed to perfectly fit with the Shattered Angel Wings from Ama! It's almost like they were made to go together!! The addition of a tail and horns was all it took to have me charging all over SL looking for the perfect "Hell" style location... I found one, if you haven't been to the Angels & Demons Role Play System but want a heaven or hell style setting, I'd recommend it! 
For now though that's all your getting for me, a little Hell... I'm gonna go raise Hell in RL!!! 

What is she wearing;
Horns: Plastik - Vi Horns in Gunmetal 
Hair: #Foxy - North Hair in Reds 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Wings: Ama - Shattered Angel (Available until October 31st at The Dark Style Fair
Wound: Mad' - Lava Face + Body Tattoo 
Tail: Caboodle - Demon Tail in Reds 
Pose: FOXCITY - Thirsty Bento Pose Set, Pose 2 (Fatpack Exclusive) 

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Magically Making Tricks or Treats

Ever wish that you could just wave a magic wand and the bad things that are in your life would just disappear... Ever wish that you had a good witch watching your back, that could turn princes into frogs when they needed to just stop spreading lies... Right now that's where I'm at. I promised someone I'd try and boost my happy feelings, but right now I'm still hiding from the bad stuff, wishing that I could cast a spell to make people disappear... 
Luckily I have the perfect outfit for Rudh to wear when she figures out the spell... Luckily I have a very awesome shopping event to distract myself because Witches and Warlocks... TRICK OR TREAT LANE HAS OPENED IT'S DOORS FOR 2018!!!!!!
Rudh decided to check out some of the books in the local Magick Shoppe - available at DRD - but luckily thanks to Trick or Treat Lane and it's awesome collection of designers, she can look like a cute little witch as she tries to make out the words in the ancient tome... 
In a Flouncy Dress - by [QE] Designs - and some awesome 1313 Mockingbird Lane "Fiona" Stockings, she's even slicked on some Spooky Sparkle lip glitter - from UniCult - she's dressed for Trick or Treat Lane, but a few additions like the gorgeous hat and wig from Tableau Vivant, and the Moonphase Choker from Candle & Cauldron - which is so awesome it actually shows the true phase of the moon!!! 
Now although a pretty picture is nice to look at, in this case you can't really clearly see the choker or the socks... SO I'm being a good girl and sharing ads for them too to give you a better idea, maybe this is something I should do more often?! 
After all the good stuff, maybe it's time to skip on over and do a little trick or treating?! I know I've got plenty more to come lol... You won't wanna miss this!! 

What is she wearing;
Hat & Hair: Tableau Vivant - Witch Way Gacha Item in Cense Reds (Available until October 31st at The Arcade
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Eye Make-up: Izzie's - Gloomy Make-Up 
Lipstick: UniCult - Spooky Sparkle (Available until November 2nd at Trick or Treat Lane)
Necklace: Candle & Cauldron - Moonphase Choker 
Dress: [QE] Designs - Flouncy Dress in Dip-Dye (Available until November 2nd at Trick or Treat Lane)
Socks: 1313 Mockingbird Lane - Fiona Stockings (Available until November 2nd at Trick or Treat Lane)
Pose & Book Prop: elephante poses - I Put a Spell On You, Pose 8 
Wand: Hotdog - Corpse Wand (Available until November 6th at Collabor88
Background: DRD - Magick Shoppe 

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Feisty and covered in Tentacles

I spent the last few days letting someone's pathetic drama make me feel depressed and lost. I wonder why people feel the need to try to target you just to make themselves look and feel better. Words get twisted and used against you... It kinda makes you want to stop talking to anyone, but then I guess that's their intention. 
Normally I'd have slipped into a slump and wanted to hide from everything for a while, but I made a comment about it on Facebook and the reaction from people that I know - or in some cases barely know - have been so supportive, I'm not gonna let that happen... I'm going to ignore the pettiness and carry on with my daily life knowing that they are going to meet Karma one day!! 
For some reason the fiestiness is festering something weird and creepy in me pictorially lol... 
One again though, what started off with something small ended up meaning that the entire picture went in a randomly weird direction. I'm not complaining but it's always fun to see where I end up with things... 
This time I started out with the awesome Occult Mask - from Zombie Suicide - which is available at The Black Fair until October 19th - adding more tentacles from Zombie Suicide in the form of this awesome necklace, some extra tentacles from Nightmare and even a friendly octopus from {aii}... Yet hanging out with octopi is always a bit of a danger, you never know where those suckers are gonna stick, as my marks will show, I just hope I don't swallow one of the ones in my mask LOL... 

What is she wearing;
Horns: Half-Deer - Mermaid's Majesty in Abyssal Horns 
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Sylke Mesh Hair in FLF Exclusive 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Eyes: Izzie's - Demon Eyes 
Mask: Zombie Suicide - Occult Mask (Available until October 19th at The Black Fair
Back Octopus: {aii} - Clingy Octopus in Pur 
Necklace: Zombie Suicide - Tentacle Necklace
Body Tentacles: Nightmare - Cracken Attack in Green 
Tattoo: NOX - Octo Hickies 
Bra: MUKA - Foxy Outfit 
Pose: Secret Poses - The Feeling, Pose 2 

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Photos for his Country Music Cover

There are times in SL when people come and go... Sometimes it's for the better and others it hurts more than you'd imagine. Its the people that you think would never leave who cause the most hurt and I can tell you in all honesty, when that happens it's like a heartbreak. It's something that I'm going through right now, and although I won't be sharing details publicly I ask that you bear this in mind for a while if I seem a little melancholy. 
It's times like this I find myself clinging to those around me, my bestie, and my daddy are definitely people I'm clinging to right now, so spending time with them talking and trying to do normal things is helping...  Today trying to take things off my mind I'm taking pictures of someone that I rely on a lot, he's one of my most important people... Daddy!! 
He's posing with his new friend - Trigger - for a cover of his new country album featuring songs like "I shut my Weiner in the car door", "My two wives make me eat too much" and "My kids are little shits"... It made me laugh to see Daddy in a county music cover album... 
Using pose props from Secret Poses, that are available from Pose Fair, he's leaning on the Fun Day and I sat taking pictures in the Photographer Poses. 
Daddy has been a constant over the last five years for me... I wouldn't be without him now... I hope he never leaves!!! 

What are they wearing;
Hair: Truth - Aislin in Redhead 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Sweater: (fashionably dead) - Cutout Turtleneck in Gray 
Hat: FPStudio - Cowboy Hat
Shirt: Lapointe & Bastchild - Swear Ranger Shirt w/Tee Fatpack 
Pants: Lapointe & Bastchild - Swear Patrol Jeans Fatpack 
Pose & Prop for Rudh: Secret Poses - Photographer, Pose 4 (Available until October 31st at Pose Fair)
Pose & Prop for Chopper: Secret Poses - Fun Day! (Available until October 31st at Pose Fair)
Hay Bales: dust bunny - Harvest Haybale 
Backdrop: (Milk Motion) water's edge scene (Available at Backdrop City)

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Decorated by the Tribe

Right now I feel a bit lost, maybe unsure of where things will be going in my SL future. I have to just hide in the dark for now until the way becomes clear, but yeah, at this time Rudh is a little lost. So she's going into hiding... Deep in the rainforest somewhere... 
She needs to find somewhere to fit in, a new family and a new place to be...
She found herself wandering in the jungle of Mysts of Eyr and pretty soon came upon a tribe who took her into their fold as the "magical pale one"...
She's been dressed like one of the tribe and is trying to blend in but she's being adorned with roses and some amazing nose jewellery - thanks to Mad' - but I wonder if it's them decorating me to become their next sacrifice?!

What is she wearing;
Headdress: Tentacio - Rose Mamba Gacha Item in Leopard Headdress Brown 
Hair: Magika - Fever, Hud 02 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Make-up & Face Accessory: Mad' - Moche Face Tattoo + Ornament 
Cloak: Tentacio - Rose Mamba Gacha Item in Fur Cloak Brown 
Choker: Moon Elixir - Raven Skull Choker 
Corset: Tentacio - Rose Mamba Gacha Item in Bone Corset RARE 
Outfit: Tentacio - Rose Mamba Gacha Item in Fur Body Brown 
Pose: Image Essentials - Polished, Pose 5 

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Leaving Home to Explore

HALLOWEEN is coming... Unless you're hiding under a very large rock I'm sure that you may have realised this fact,  but I cant help being more than a little excited by it. Décor is springing up everywhere and I'm trying to remain calm in my dark, macabre little boots... 
She can't wait to leave the house everyday looking for something Halloweeny to do!
In hindsight I realise she looks like she's trick or treating but no she's just going out for the day LOL the tricks and treats come later! 
Today she's playing the murderer, and I really hope she's not gonna get caught up in any plot because well, she's wearing quite an ominous tag LOL... The murderer top comes with an assassin version too, as well as the blade she has in her mouth, and you too can join in the murdering fun by grabbing the Murder Kit from PaperDolls at The Dark Style Fair! To add just a little more bloody murderer effect to the look I threw on a Bloody Razor Blade as a Choker - from Kibitz - and grabbed a butchers knife that I had just laying around from a store called Phi - which is available in a gacha collection of murder weapons, such fun! - before walking out the door!
Petting my Frankenstein Kitty and my Ghost Dog, I headed out to find something interesting and Halloweeny, there's so much going on I'm spoilt for choice!

What is she wearing;
Hair: MINA - Lily in Dip Dye
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Choker: Kibitz - Bloody Razor Blade Choker 
Top & Mouth Blade: PaperDolls - Murder Kit (Available until October 31st at The Dark Style Fair
Pants: miss chelsea - Alva Leggings in Red 
Knife: Phi - Knife Hand Gacha Item 
Pose: Secret Poses - Photographer, Pose 1 (Available until October 31st at Pose Fair
Dog: {Your Dreams} - Happy Halloween in Trick or Treat? 
Turnips: Candle & Cauldron - Full Pack Turnip Lanterns 
Wreath: Apple Fall - Pumpkin Harvest Wreath 
Garland: Sway's - [Boo] Halloween Garland in Skull 4 
Cat: {vespertine} - Frankenstein's Chubby Kitty 
Light Pumpkins: Intrigue Co. - Bright Pumpkin 
Black Pumpkin: dust bunny - Studded Pumpkin 
Stacked Pumpkins: Fancy Decor - Pumpkin A in Orange 
House: Trompe Loeil - Amelie Cottage 

Monday, October 8, 2018

Deadly Sirens in Cages

Every now and then, if you're lucky, you find yourself being presented with an opportunity. How you may use that opportunity is entirely up to you, but sometimes it's best to grab the bull by the horns and cling on tight to see where the opportunity takes you... Today is one of those times for me, I've been asked to submit some of my ramblings for the awesome Ride Out Magazine. I'll admit I'm a little nervous about it, it's a magazine by SL Bikers, for SL Bikers - that shouldn't be too difficult since I'm one of those myself - but I've been given free reign to talk about ANYTHING! That's a lot of pressure... Where should I start? What would people find interesting?! 
Since it's Halloween Season - yes Halloween is not just a day, it's an entire Season for me - I guess I will start there! The MC family that I am part of - Gators MC for those of you that don't know - are holding their 6th Annual Halloween Maze Event, which gives me the perfect excuse for my favourite past-time... Playing dress up!!! 
I've always loved creating weird and wonderful characters for myself, but Halloween is most definitely a time of year when that seems more accepted. I throw open my SL wardrobe and pull together all kinds of different looks, and OK I guess I go a little overboard sometimes but let's face it, we're all playing Second Life and we all enjoy making our avatars look interesting, be that in a sexy, or cute, or scary, or even in a bikerish kind of way. 
When it comes to costumes, there are so many available out there right now, we're spoilt for choice. I love to let my imagination run riot, picking a theme and seeing where it takes me. Whenever I'm given a chance to play dress up I guess I take it as an opportunity to grab the bull by the horns! Yet I know that's not for everyone, some people prefer the ease of buying an outfit or an avatar. No matter how you create your costumes, I love to see the creativity and the hints of your personality through your choices. 
So I guess my question for you is, what will you be this Halloween?! 

What is she wearing;
Tiara: Half-Deer - Mermaid's Majesty Gacha Item in Sea Unicorn Headdress RARE 
Ears: Half-Deer - Mermaid's Majesty Gacha Item in Bejewelled Head Fins Ocean 
Hair: Spellbound - Sirena in Chapter II : Sky 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Mouth Blood: ARISE - Lip Blood in Tone 3 
Collar: CURELESS&DISORDERLEY - Trapped Collar in 
Pearls: League - Double Stranded Soft Pearl Necklace (No Longer Available!)
Body Scales: Waldorf Design - Turn into Mermaid in Blue 
Outfit: Moon Amore - Ocean Lover Gacha Items in Pseudo Mermaid Outfit RARE 
Tank: The Cove - Mer Tank