Monday, January 31, 2011

My Favourite Places: *Diavolicious*

This week I have another store to post about, yet it won't end up being all stores (however, there is gonna be a few as I spend a LOT of my time either shopping or treasure hunting). The store this week is one that I had never really paid that much attention to and oh my gosh I realise I was missing out badly! For all the times that I had ever searched high and low for a fancy dress costume (especially back in the days when I used to spend a large majority of my time entering contests at a club) I wish that I had found this store sooner... 
The store, owned by Diav Draconia, is *Diavolicious*... 
Looking up to the front entrance of the store
Diavolicious is a store based on the style of Alice in Wonderland, and the some of the creations made by Diav do appear to come straight from Wonderland itself... I had never really paid much attention when flying though here on a treasure hunt, but eventually I actually opened her prizes and WOW I was hooked... I love a bit of dressing up me, and what with all the cheapie deals and treasure hunt freebies where you will find some of the most creative and beautifully put together costumes, I would very highly rate this place... 
Dont believe me, take a look at the slideshow and see for yourself!

Where will we end up next on the tour of Rudh's favourite places? Who knows?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - WEEK 13!

Another week has passed in the colour challenge set by Luna, and it is onto another gorgeous colour. This is another colour that I have very little of in my inventory, however, after spending a long time searching for just the right colour, one that matched the colour swatch and one that came in an outfit that fitted with the style of outfit that I tend to wear! I was actually fairly surprised to find this gem of an outfit stashed deep within the cavernous closet that is my inventory. The cavern by the way has become so much more stuffed in recent weeks due to the fabulous finds from reading other people's colour blog posts - as much as I love all my new clothes, my inventory does not thank you lol...
Week 13... 
Week 13: I'm off to see the Wizard!
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Truth -  Cleo
Make-Up: Glam Affair (from a past TDR set)
Necklace: Goth1c0 - The Bottle for your Favourite Poison
Dress: Rotten Toe - nekrotic dress
Leggings: [Plastik] - Fierii Leggings

I actually love the way this outfit came together, and YAY next week a colour I have LOTS of choice for... *skips off to dig around for something*

Next Week - BLACK!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Project Positivity

As I was browsing through a long list of blogs that have caught my attention thanks to the Colour Challenge, I noticed about something called Project Positivity.
This was something that had been started by Keira Seerose on the SL Style Directory so I popped on to the site for a little looksee…

The idea of Project Positivity was a simple one, (quoted directly from the SL Style Directory)
“Present an image which contains 10 (or more) things you like about yourself… These should be things you like about your real self, not your avatar counterpart.
A lot of people face problems with self esteem, especially online where its common for people to use virtual worlds like Secondlife as an escape from those issues… this is a challenging but really meaningful and potentially helpful thing to do, for everyone.”

I began working on this idea as I had been feeling rather low in my RL, and this could be just the kind of boost that I needed… All I needed to do was think of 10 things that I like about myself and it was at that moment I sat staring at the screen, having difficulty thinking of anything…
The Ten Things I Like About Me: 

I was going to use a RL picture, but have decided no I wont blind everyone LOL... South Park Character in my likeness it is then!!!!
1. The colour of my hair, its auburn… In the sunshine it glows like warm copper, I was once asked what brand of hair dye I used.
2. I am a plus-size girl… I don’t want to fit into the stereotypical you have to be skinny idea, I am fit and healthy, and I come with my own teddy bear padding! Rudh is my SL Barbie doll, her look isn’t what I wish I was like in RL, I am happy the way I am.
3. I have a group of friends and family that I would do anything for. In both my RL and my SL, I have a large family and group of friends that I would always be there for, even if we hadn’t talked in a long time, to see those people smile makes me happy and to know that they are there for me is the greatest feeling ever.
4. I am a history geek. In RL I have a degree in Archaeology, a passion for museums and a wardrobe containing period dress for when I step into my historical character roles.
5. I am brave. I take on whatever challenges life throws my way and not only do I get through them, I will come out fighting.
6. My hands. When I was little I used to bite my nails REALLY BADLY, now that I am older I have learnt not to bite them.
7. The fact that I am a big kid at heart. I still love watching Disney Movies, I still love my HUGE and ever expanding collection of plushies, I still love cuddles with my mum, and I will NEVER be ashamed to admit that.
8. My own company. As happy as I am being surrounded by friends and family, there are times when I love just being my myself.
9. My height. I am tall, it helps to see over crowds.
10. To laugh at myself. I laugh a lot, especially at myself and the things I do. Life shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

I’ll admit it took me a while to actually get a list of ten, this was a fairly hard task. Yet now I have done this though I have a mantra to go by whenever I need a boost of confidence in myself.
This has given an interesting glimpse of the RL me too… This is the Real Me!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Favourite Places: PLOOM!

I am a self-proclaimed Ploom Hair Whore, and so I figured that the next place I posted about would be Ploom... 
The store, owned by Helyanwe Vindaloo, is the follow on from the very successful Deviant Kitties, a place I used to frequent in my early days in SL...
Inside the main entrance to the Ploom store
Helyanwe, has made and continues to make some of my favourite hairstyles in my SL inventory, wigs which come out time and time again. I personally think that this is due to the variation of styles that she has created... Colourwise I prefer to stick in the black tones, yet now due to the really easy to use HUD, streaking the hair with hairdye has become simple and efficient and I have to say without Ploom it is likely that Rudh would be BALD hehe!

PLUS, this week I finally learnt how to use Slide, something that has come in useful on other blogs I have been reading recently, and thanks to the help of Miss Maya, I too can (I HOPE) use it. For a test run, cross your fingers and here are some of the reasons that I love Ploom Hair... 

Where will we end up next on the tour of Rudh's favourite places? Who knows?!

Monday, January 24, 2011

A song for Secondlife!

Music is a passion for me, I am the kind of person that can be found dancing around to a vast and ecclectic variety of music, but if I was made to chose my music genre of choice I would have to say that I am a rocker (although Cartman singing Lady GaGa's PokerFace does come so very close to the top of my music track recommendations)... 
Yet I was digging through music collections on my PC the other day and stumbled across a song that I have not listened to for a while... I love this song, a band called Tarsha wrote a song called Second Life... Not sure if it is actually based on SL, but it seems to be hehe... The video has been around since 2009, but if you haven't seen it it is well worth a look... 
It should be SecondLife's Theme Song!!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - WEEK 12!

Week 12 of Miss Luna's colour challenge is upon us and this week the colour is another brown tone... At first I found myself thinking, HUH? MORE BROWN, yet on later digging through my inventory I was actually fairly pleased, it is a colour that although I do not very often wear it seems to be rather apparent in the deepest, darkest depths of my wardrobe... I swear since this challenge has begun, due to the epic amount of buyingness that has taken place if you stand at the doorway to my SL wardrobe and shout Hello you will hear an echo of yourself coming back, either that or the people in Narnia are playing tricks on me!!!
I have tried to stick as closely as possible to the colour swatch given for this week, taupe on looking would appear to be a bit paler than the colour given up by Luna... but as it is a challenge I'm gonna try to stick as closely to the colour each week... This week I even had a change in hair colour... OH MY GOD lol!
Week 12... 
Week 12: It seems darker than the taupe I imagine but it goes well with the colour swatch hehe!
So what have I dressed my barbie in this week; 
Hair: Exile - Maggie (TDR?)
Necklace: Fishy Strawberry (part of Wood Bangles set)
Top: >>>Moloko<<< - Cowl Shirt
Trousers: Kosh - Jame Pants
Boots: Edge Grafica - 31 Engineer Boots (dollarbie on market place)

I like this outfit, I even like the blonde in my hair lol, but damn these boots as a dollarbie on market place... BARGAIN!!! 

Next week - EMERALD - A pretty green colour, green is SO NOT MY THING, like purple but I am looking forward to this one!