Wednesday, August 29, 2018

A statue of a Handmaiden

Taking some time out of my regular bloggingness today to work on something that I'm trying to get better at - aside from the general bloggerishness of course - and that is d├ęcor photography. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm not good at it, I want better graphics and to do that I need a better PC, BUT it's a learning process and it's not going too badly!?!
I was sent this cute Handmaiden Statue - from Lost Junction at the current round of Whimsical - and for some reason I decided to make it into a little bit of a shrine... A shrine to an overworked handmaiden lol... 
The shrine has been decorated with an Autumn Joy Wreath - from Ama, also at Whimsical - and some adorable Flower Cone Burners - from Candle & Cauldron - but it seems that visitors to the shrine have also left flowers behind. It seems even the local cats, make use of the statue, not sure laying on it is what the shrine was intended for BUT... If it works?!

What is in the picture; 
Statue: Lost Junction - Handmaiden Statue in Natural (Available until September 18th at Whimsical
Wall Decor: Ama - Autumn Joy Wreath (Available until September 18th at Whimsical
Incense: Candle & Cauldron - Flower Cone Burner in Copper 
Cat: Jian - Chubby Loaf Cat 
Flower Bowl: Zaara - Copper Frangipani Bowl in Pink 
Flowers: dust bunny - Storybook Living Gacha Item in Fresh Bouquet 
Plants: hive - Potted Plants in Swiss Cheese Plant Pot B 

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Angel of Darkness

As you may have heard, yesterday was my 12th rezday... I've been through 12 long years of fun and laughter, crazy silliness and drama, and even though some of it has hurt I've got to say I wouldn't change any of it... Even on a day that was supposed to be a little special to me, there was drama, it's something you kinda come to expect when you're in SL, there was no pomp, no ceremony, and I didn't get to be queen of the day, but after looking back, I don't really mind... I DO however want to have a little rant to start my 12th year with a bang, so if you're not interested in reading, just look at the pretty picture of the Angel of Darkness, and then move on LOL... 
If you're going to carry on reading, you have been warned... 
Once again I'm on the subject of people that hide behind their avatar and think that they can get away with the most stupid actions just because SL is not real! It's something that, although I've been here as long as I have, still somehow seems to surprise me. This time it came from a place that feels more like a stab with a knife than one I've had in a long time... 
I have come to the realisation that I'm far too trusting of people in SL at times, there are so many people who welcome you into their arms and as soon as they are bored they have no issues in casting you aside. It's even worse when you find out that what you've been told unravels like a pack of lies, faster than a yo-yo uncurls. 
If that wasn't enough you're left feeling like the world's biggest fool for supporting that person so much. You spend weeks, telling everyone "no no, he's not malicious like that, he's just an idiot" yet you come to the realisation you've just been duped and once they have what they want, they laugh at you. 
From now on, I'm sticking to the philosophy of be careful who you trust, be careful who you let into your world and remember that what you tell someone when you're good friends may come back to bite you on the ass when you're not. 
To the guy that caused this - I'm not sure you're reading anyway but on the off chance - I welcomed you into my world, I accepted you as a big brother, and now because you decide to get with a woman who hurt the family you once loved you made your new bed... You've not only hurt me, but people you cared about, you've made innocent people cry with your desperation for what you want, and I truly hope you're happy, because you've left a nasty scar... 
To end on a note that's not all drama, I'm just gonna share a song that makes me happy... It's the reason this post is called what it is, and it's a song I've not heard in a while, but since taking this picture I can't stop singing... HolyHell's Angel of Darkness...
What is she wearing;
Halo: [keke] - Pulsing Star Halo (Past Gift) 
Horns: DOUX - Demon in Reds 
Hair: DOUX - Lawrence Hairstyle in Reds (Available until September 10th at DUBAI
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Mascara Tears: Arise - Running Mascara 
Face Wound: CUREMORE - Scar Tissue Gacha Items in Smile 
Face & Body Scars: CURELESS & DISORDERLY - Burned Heretic RARE 
Choker: ANTINATURAL - Post-Human Gacha Item in Unholy Choker 
Necklace: lassitude & ennui - Broken Heart Necklace (Available until August 31st at Enchantment
Wings & Top: ANTINATURAL - Post-Human Gacha Item in Angel RARE 
Skirt: REIGN - Coven Gacha Items in Skater Skirt BLACK 
Bag: {CowTea} - Decrepit Book Bag Gacha Item in #6 Bible (Available until September 7th at Suicide Dollz
Pose: FOXCITY - On Point, Pose 4 
Backdrop: SEMPITERNAL - The Forbidden Room 

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Party on the Beach

It's late and I should be thinking about going to bed, but for some reason I'm just sitting here playing silly games on my phone and thinking I'd like to blog something, not sure what just anything LOL... Then I remembered an awesome photo I took after yesterday's family party on the beach... It was one of those random Gator Parties! 
So we had a beach party, and that meant BIKINI!! In RL I'd never wear a bikini, I'm way too much of a tubby lol, but in SL it's so much easier LOL. I found the cutest bikini from Hilly Haalan, and added a touch of beachy glamour with a hat - that comes with the Makina Hair from Doe - and some matching Pastel Sunglasses from Suicidal Unborn.
It seemed like the perfect beach ensemble... 

What is she wearing;
Hat & Hair: DOE - Makina V2 in 15. Gingers 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Glasses: Suicidal Unborn - Pastel Sunglasses 
Bikini: Hilly Haalan - Mendoza Macrame Fringed Bikini 
Pose: NANTRA - Sea Breeze, Pose 3 
Backdrop: HeadHunter's Island - LIGHT Tropical lagoon 

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Did you just touch my Butt?

While the cute girl was minding her own business and playing some video games at the arcade, she felt something and turned around with a look of shock on her face... "Did you just pinch my butt?"
This has to be one of my favourite outfits in recent months. I don't know why, it's simple and casual but there's just something about it that's SO CUTE! 
She's All About That Bass - in a pose from NANTRA - but it's the outfit that makes her "base" look so adorable. The shorts are one of my favourite recent purchases, from miss chelsea at the new round of N21, she added a little bit of the cute girl flair to the outfit in the form of this Party Pullover with a Pizza design from epoch... 

What is she wearing;
Hair: DOUX - Lawrence Hairstyle in Reds (Available until September 10th at DUBAI
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Top & Bra: epoch - Party Pullover in Pizza (Available until September 12th at N21
Shorts: miss chelsea - Sade Shorts in Mid Blue (Available until September 12th at N21
Shoes: REIGN - Platform Sneakers and Warmers 
Pose: Nantra - All About That Bass, Pose 1 (Available until August 31st at ULTRA
Gumballs: [tmk] - gumball bucket 
Backdrop: MINIMAL - Illusion II - *1* RARE (Available for use at Backdrop City)

Thursday, August 23, 2018

A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies

I feel like doing something pretty today, something that isn't really a normal look or style for me, but with my same usual fairytale flair perhaps... Something of a more modern fairytale princess, in a less and typical style of dress but looking very very pretty none-the-less... 
I guess you might say that this is a look of the day for me, it's a dress that as soon as I saw it I had to have and even though the colour I chose was not a normal one for me, I cannot get enough of it's soft pastel shade. 
I went for a walk through the beautiful Outer Garden in this gorgeous dress by Kaithleen's and was immediately joined by a group of butterflies... What is the term for a group of butterflies - opens google - apparently it's a Kaleidoscope... A Kaleidoscope of butterflies sounds so pretty! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Truth - Livia in Redhead 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Dress: Kaithleen's - Breeze Dress in Mocha 
Pose: Image Essentials - Allure, Pose 4 (Available until August 31st at Twe12ve
Butterflies:{anc} - Picnic Gacha Items in Swallow Tailed Butterfly in Sapphire 

Pink for my Boots

I LOVE COLOUR... I'm a crazy rainbow loving little ray of sunshine sometimes - when I'm not living life as a dead thing that is - but there are a few colours I tend to avoid. I'm not a huge fan of blue, and I won't wear red since it clashes with my hair. I LOVEEE Yellow and will wear green a lot too, but if I had to say one colour I won't wear it's purple! I HATE PURPLE!! I'm going to shock everyone today by the amount of Pink I'm playing with... Pink is the colour of pure evil LOL... Sometimes a girl has to go a little evil though... 
There's a LOT of pink in this picture, but there is a reason for it. I had to use pink because I have pink in my boots, yes the entire reason for the pink was the tiny little flowers I have all over my boots... It's the fault of 1313 Mockingbird Lane and the Camille Boots...
Hanging out in the Lipstick Lounge of Backdrop FOXCITY with her pretty Ragdoll Cat...

What is she wearing;
Hair: Truth - Yuko (Group Gift) 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Outfit: Hilly Haalan - Margerie Fringed Babydoll
Boots: 1313 Mockingbird Lane - Camille Boots
Cat: Jian - Ragdoll Cat Collection
Pose: Image Essentials - Heat, Pose 5
Backdrop: FOXCITY - Lipstick Lounge in Bubblegum (Available for use at Backdrop City)

Monday, August 20, 2018

The Pharaoh's Legacy

Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey ohhhhhh.... 
Walk like an Egyptian! Walk like an Egyptian!
Sorry I'm rocking out in my own little world to the Bangles song "Walk Like an Egyptian" since I've been working on a photo that I wanted to take with a very Egyptian Pharaoh type theme... I blame it on some of the awesomeness that I picked up at the latest round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival... stuff that had been hidden in a tomb for over 3000 years. 
To think all this started, and a song got stuck in my head, because of a few new goodies... I'm actually gonna lay most of the blame on Violetility this time... Gwen made an awesome Pharaoh's Legacy set for the FGC - which includes but is not limited to the throne and THREE different Head dresses I'm wearing... Then again, while we're on the subject of FGC and the Egyptian theme things, I cannot lay all the blame on Violetility, since I'm also playing with some of the Moon.Phase Worship of the Gods items like these amazing Scarabs, AND an amazing Coin Harness from the Maharani Collection by !dM deviousMinds. I know Maharani's aren't Egyptian but it just fit so perfectly I couldn't help myself!
Now, because I'm done talking about it, I'm gonna share something with you that's been in my head all day... Maybe you can enjoy it too... The Bangles "Walk Like An Egyptian"...
What is she wearing;
Horns; Crown & Head Band: Violetility - Pharaoh's Legacy Gacha Items (Available until September 6th at Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Hair: Truth - Panny
Face Paint: Mad' - Dust Face Tattoo Appliers
Eyes: Suicidal Unborn - Phantom Eyes V2
Lipstick: PSYCHO.Byts - Sadayakko Lipsticks
Neck Tattoo: Demonic - Nephthys Tattoo in Gold (Available until September 6th at Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Body Chain: !dM deviousMind - Maharani Gacha Item in Coin Harness RARE (Available until September 6th at Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Pasties: Soedara - Gold Mirage Pasties in Egyptian
Pose: Secret Poses - Valentina, Pose 2 (Available until August 28th at The Darkness Monthly Event)
Jar & Scarabs: Moon.Phase - Origins Worship the Old Gods Gacha Items (Available until September 6th at Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Throne: Violetility - Pharaoh's Legacy Gacha Item in Horus Throne Rare (Available until September 6th at Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Backdrop: Nerox - Cat Temple Building

Sunday, August 19, 2018

In the Hotel Bed...

I got in from work today and I'm feeling pretty worn out, though I'm not sure why, maybe it's something to do with my cold?! Yet I'm feeling drained and could use a long nap lol, maybe like a long nap[ overnight?! Is it too early to go to bed yet?! 
Rudh seems to have passed out too, on a brand new hotel bed, but I'm not sure it's for the same reason that I'm tired?! Seems like she got into the hotel room, and couldn't open her suitcase fast enough, needing some relief before she slept... 
Looks like she ripped her suitcase open with a knife - perhaps the one held in her garter?!  
Her destroyed suitcase laying torn open on the bed, revealing that her holiday packing did not actually include clothes, but a rather large collection of Travel Toys from Cult
The bed is a brand new one that's created by Violetility for the new round of RLD... It's a Hotel Hookup Bed, and although Rudh isn't hooking up with anyone she's had LOTS of fun in the hotel LOL... 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Navy+Copper - Sundae in Gingers (Available until September 6th at Collabor88
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Top: [I<3F] - Top [04] 
Skirt: Mossu - Liz Skirt in White 
Garter: [Since1975] - Garter's Gacha in Knife 
Boots: Breathe - Kendra Heels in Black 
Bed & Pose: Violetility - Hotel Hookup Bed (Available until August 31st at RLD
Case: CULT - Travel Toys in RED (Available until August 25th at ROMP

Friday, August 17, 2018

To Escape The Lovefest?!

Jumping through portals had often lead our heroine on some strange and wondrous adventures, but nothing could prepare her for her unexpected visit to the mysterious land of Lovefest Grunt
At first this pretty landscape lured her in, with it's sparkling starscape and it's pink and turquoise mountains, but it wasn't long until she had a sudden change of heart! Never having cared for Aliens - in fact I really have a terrible phobia of them and have convinced myself the friends in the picture are monsters NOT alien in anyway - she needed an escape back to her own reality. Finding the nearest parked vehicle - which strangely reminded her of something else, and therefore put a naughty smile on her face - she jumped on and held on tight, as she tried to find the starter button... 
OK OK once again my mind got carried away with me... I love when a picture comes to life and my imagination can wander to weird places... 
What started out as a picture that was to share some of my new stuff, like the adorable bikini and sarong I'm wearing from epoch - which I've had to include the ad artwork for below, since it's not as clear as I wanted it to be in my photo - and a gift of a VERY large phallic toy from my "momma" - LOL - became a fantasy tale in my head... 
OK the large Phallic toy is something you can't miss, I don't need to point it out but it was a gift from my MC sister Loulou - who is dating my Daddy Chopper, hence "momma" and yes I KNOW it's complicated LOL - its'an Astralia "Kinky Rodeo Game" from the current round of ROMP, and it's fast becoming my new favourite toy!! I love when people buy me sexy toys LOL!!! 
The little monsters - Cthulhu to be precise - are a new gacha release from 1313 Mockingbird Lane for the soon to open Lovefest. This is an event based on H.P. Lovecraft's writings, so expect a lot of Cthulhu related goodies... Now I'm not too familiar with his works, BUT I can safely say although the stories are in the Sci-Fi genre, Cthulhu is NOT regarded as an alien but actually is a god-like entity... PHEW I'm safe, no aliens for me!!! 
Anyway, wrapping up now, as I said the ad artwork for the bikini and sarong is below, but I have a happy face today, I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!! 
What is she wearing;
Hair & Accessory: Moon. Hair - Haiku 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Bikini: epoch - Raven Bikini Set (Available until August 30th at anyBody)
Sarong: epoch - Raven Sarong Set (Available until August 30th at anyBody
Prop & Pose: Astralia - Kinky Rodeo Game (Available until August 25th at ROMP
Toys: 1313 Mockingbird Lane - Cthulhu Hatchlings Gacha (Available until August 26th at Lovefest
Speech Bubble: [monso] - My Speech Bubble in Blah Blah 
Backdrop: [Grunt] - Grid Pool Backdrop (Available for use at Backdrop City)

Thursday, August 16, 2018

RudeWatermelon Lasagna

Names in SL are funny things, people create their log in name and then it's too late they are stuck with something silly or that no one can pronounce! 
I have the latter problem, people have never been able to pronounce Rudhmellowen properly, and I get all kinds of variations of it. I've also been thought of as a man, since apparently my name sounds manly LOL... 
Yet when I have been through places in SL I seem to have picked up a silly nickname... RudeMelon Lasagne... It's something that's stuck, and has built a weird addiction in me for anything watermelon!
Now recently I started working as a blogger for Junk Food, which actually has me really excited because they have so much fun stuff that I don't even know where to begin. Although of course as soon as I saw these Watermelon String Lights - which are available at Vanity now - and then I randomly stumbled on the fact that the most recent Blueberry Group Gift dress "Mimi" had a Watermelon print I knew what I'd be posting!! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Doe - Tera V2 in Gingers 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Dress: Blueberry - Mimi Top Tied Dress (Group Gift) 
Pose & Prop: BellePoses - Marisol Set, Pose 1 
Backdrop: FOXCITY - RGB Drive (Available for use at Backdrop City)
Lights: Junk Food - Watermelon String Lights 1 (Available until August 25th at Vanity

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Fae, I wanna take you to a Fae Bar!

I'm not feeling so well today, I've got a summer time cold amongst other things, so when I tried to sit myself down to get some photography done my mind was having none of it! Luckily for me though I had some ready and waiting, and even luckier for me there was one that followed on from my fantasy fairytale post of yesterday. I think I'm in the mood for it now, a fairytale that takes me away from my Summer Cold, and into a land where magic exists! 
Fairy Rudh found an amazing bar... Deep underground in an enchanted cave at the Stormwood...
Now of course, in a Fairy Bar, there is a dress code, and well you know me by now I cannot resist dressing up... Although actually the more important thing right now is I saw something that I HAD to have and have been finding excuses to wear it ever since, and well it fit in well in a Fairy bar so... 
When added to a little leafy number - like the corset and panties from !dM deviousMind - it makes for a very perfect outfit! 

What is she wearing;
Antlers & Hair: Moon - Sacred Vi Ola in Pastels (No Longer Available!)
Flowers: *LODE* - Hibiscus in Light Violet 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Eyes: Izzie's - Angel Eyes 
Body Sparkles: [Cynful] - Stripper Body Dust 
Wings: DRD - Fairywings Pinkset (No Longer Available!)
Outfit: !dM deviousMind - Cassia in SUMMERFOREST 
Boa: ((LovelyAlien)) - Hibiscus Flower Boa in Royal 
Pose: FOXCITY - Silhouette Poses, Pose 1 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Dreaming of a Frog Prince

Enchantment has re-opened with another round of a magical fairytale theme... This time they hit the Louisiana Bayoux - though that may just be where the Disney version is set - and take on something a little bit croaky... There's a ribbittiness - yes that's a new word - to all of the items this round because, well, the Frog Prince is the new Enchantment!
Fairytale loving Rudh decided to check out the swamps away from home, and ended up needing a nap somewhere pretty... The magic was just too much for our little frog princess wannabe!
I think my favouritest froggy item from this round's line up has to be the Violetility Frog Prince Tiara... This adorable little crown comes with various metal tones, plus 6 different colours for the pearls and petal shaped stones... I LOVE IT, the frog is SO CUTE, and as per usual you can tell it's made with love, as any Violetility product will have been. 
Now the new little Frog Princess is going to take a nap in the pretty lilies that litter the swamp... Even if this isn't the fairytale for you, it's a very pretty location to enjoy, well worth a visit! 

What is she wearing;
Tiara: Violetility - Frog Prince Tiara (Available until August 31st at Enchantment
Hair: Tableau Vivant - Fruit of the Bloom in Reds g. Apples 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Necklace: Ama - Fraxinus Collar in Forest 
Pasties: ((OOC)) - Eden Outfit in Leaf Top Green 
Pose: FOXCITY - Good Morning, Pose 2 

Monday, August 13, 2018

Lazing with the Kittens

Now that the heat is rumoured to be coming back a little I'm kinda hoping that it stays well away. I couldn't bare for it to get as hot as it was before, and RIGHT NOW, it's perfect, the precursor of Autumn... BRING ON AUTUMN!!! It's my favourite time of the year! 
As it gets hotter again, albeit hopefully briefly, my kittens and I will be finding a spot that's comfy to laze in, where we can hide away!
I love kittens and will protect them like a crazed momma cat if I have to... The two that came to hide with me in the heat are some of my favourites lol... I LOVE the way the little one in the basket, wriggles as he dreams - he's from Dust Bunny and O.M.E.N by the way - but the cheeky little one that climbed into my shirt is definitely getting more attention right now - it's a !gO! shirt from the Meow! Gacha if you wanted to know - since he's digging his claws into my boobies!!! 
Hopefully sitting and chillaxing in this lovely comfy chair - which is an awesome pose from NANTRA called Tequila Sunset - will keep the heat away!!! 

What is she wearing;
Hair & Accessory: Moon. Hair - Haiku 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Collar: Kibitz - Leather collar in Meow 
Top: !gO! - Meow! Gacha Item in Cat Top 3 RARE 
Shorts: BOOM - Cozy Shorts in Sugar 
Boots: Blueberry - Sammy Boots 
Pose & Prop: NANTRA - Tequila Sunrise (Available until August 26th at The Liaison Collaborative
Kitten & Basket: dust bunny & O.M.E.N - Basket Cat Bed in Brown
Left Plant: hive - Potted Fan Palm Plant 
Middle Plant: hive - Potted Plants in Gold Dust Dracaenas 
Right Plant: dust bunny - Potted Dragon Tree 

Sunday, August 12, 2018

I'm a Good Cop getting Lollies for a Bad Cop!

At certain times everyone needs to play the police... Policing situations that are needing both good and bad cops... It can be draining and can leave marks on a girl, even though you're not directly involved in anything. 
Now cops should always work in pairs, the good with the bad... Finally I'd found the bad to my good - or the good to my bad when I'm feeling particularly feisty - but I have to admit that she keeps telling me to worry less... It's hard, I've always had to be the one that handles things on my own... 
So I'm taking a break, and heading out to get my co-cop something delicious - no doughnuts, not yet - but ice lollies are a good substitute right?! 
Of course, this kinda cop, although right now the good cop mode, would still dress like Rudh! In the precinct that Rudh works in, the uniform is kept very minimalistic LOL... It's such a cute uniform, provided by the 1313 Mockingbird Lane team, so that when she's policing the Vila Mimosa Red Light District she's able to blend in with the other girls! Each uniform is available in three parts - bodysuit, shorts and hat - which is awesome as you can wear it all together or separately. Though you need to provide your own cuffs and firearms - like the one I have from (Yummy) stuffed into my garter. 
Anyway I'm off on a Junk Food run, I want to get some lollies from the Bodega for my co-cop... 

What is she wearing;
Hat: 1313 MockingBird Lane - Good Cop/Bad Cop Hat (Available until August 17th at Fetish Fair
Hair: DOUX - Reina Hairstyle in Reds 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Choker: [ abrasive ] - Handcuff Collar Silver 
Bodysuit: 1313 MockingBird Lane - Good Cop/Bad Cop Teddy (Available until August 17th at Fetish Fair
Shorts: 1313 MockingBird Lane - Good Cop/Bad Cop Boy Shorts (Available until August 17th at Fetish Fair
Bag & Popsicle: Junk Food - Bodega Bags Doux Gacha Items (Available until August 17th at SaNaRae
Garter: (Yummy) - Gun Garter Belt in Carbon Black 
Pose: Image Essentials - Showcase V1, Pose 2 (Available until August 31st at Designer Showcase

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Time to Call Home

I can't actually believe it but it's been a week now since my parents left... Where the heck does the time go, it seems to have flown past! I guess it's time for me to make my weekly call home - check in to make sure everyone is OK and so that they can know I'm fine too... 
When Rudh calls home, that's where things get a little more complicated... 
As a Living Dead Girl, she's kinda lucky! She's able to enjoy both forms of "life" - the living and the afterlife hehe - but the phone service to connect a call to her undead family sucks! 
She's Daddy Little Monster... She's just gonna be more than Daddy's Little Monster if she doesn't call home... 

What is she wearing;
Halo: /anxiety/ - %LOVESICK Gacha Item in Neon Crown of Thorns VIP (Available until August 10th at The Epiphany
Hair: Pink Hustler - Disordered Hair III in #5 Red 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Forehead Wound: Ama - Facial Scarifications in Visions 
Left Eye: Izzie's - Demon Eyes 
Cheek Wound: SongBird - Blaspheme 
Lip Blood: Arise - Lip Blood in Tone 3 
Choker: [Avenge] - Blood Choker 
Tattoo: epoch - Carve my Heart in Daddy's Little Monster (Available until August 26th at Fable
Top: toksik - Amble Blouse in White 
Phone: /anxiety/ - %LOVESICK Gacha Item in Phonecall Black (Available until August 10th at The Epiphany
Pose: FOXCITY - Silhouette, Pose 2 

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Bad Puppy

Since yesterday was all about the not so well behaved women, today I couldn't really do something sweet and innocent, could I?! It has to be something that a bad girl would be proud of, and so for me, something naughty was the only way to go hehe... You know me, I love being naughty occasionally!! OK, more than occasionally!!! More like a LOT!!! 
Today the bad little me got punished and sent to bed early... 
A Puppy Love Bed for my punishment, though luckily the Puppy Love Dog Bed from Fapple is plush and soft, with a cute little friend to keep me company! 
Of course, since it's a puppy bed, I had to dress for the part, with a little tail - that's not really a tail - and a tattoo that well... Shows Daddy just whereto spank me when I'm a bad girl!! 
Now OK, I may not make history, but being a bad girl is SO MUCH FUN!!! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Truth - Fiji (Current Group Gift) 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Tattoo: Mad' - SpankMe AssTattoo
Hand Prints: Ama - Ass Smacks 
Plug: [Claimed] - Puppy Mini Tail 
Pose: Image Essentials - Beach Babe V2, Pose 2
Bed: Fapple - Puppy Love Dog Bed 
Cuffs: Artisan Fantasy - Conquistador Trunk Gacha Items in 02 Collar & Cuffs 
Art:  Fapple- The Spanking Guide 

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Well Behaved Woman?!

Well Behaved Women Don't Make History... Ain't that the truth... It's always been the ones that are willing to stand apart from the crowd, stand up for what they believe in and force people to listen that are the ones history remembers. 
Being one of those women that stand out is terribly hard to do, in RL I'm a joker but it's something I hide behind. I guess in SL, Rudh being such a bad girl at times is something I hide behind too... So maybe the real me has to work harder to make history... Rudh may have it a little easier?!
Even if she doesn't make history though, Rudh will be looking stylish as she is a bad girl! 
I have to say that this is more of a Look-of -the-Day type post than any I have done recently, it's more about fashion than I'm used to, but I just LOVE this outfit!! 
Taken in the FOXCITY "Tasty AF" Diner - at Backdrop City - this outfit was something that I've since pimped out to more than one friend LOL... It was the pants that attracted me at first, with the frills and the skull lace, but the outfit as a whole from E-Clipse Design is just GORGEOUS! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: TRUTH - Livia in Redhead (Available until August 22nd at UBER 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Loa Happy Magick Skulls 
Outfit: E-Clipse Design - Chanel in Black (Available until August 10th at Tres Chic 
Pose: Image Essentials - Showcase V1, Pose 5 (Available until August 31st at Designer Showcase
Backdrop: FOXCITY. - Tasty AF Gacha Item in Diner RARE 

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Who wants an Ice Cream?

Have to go back to work today, after having a week off due to the RL Parental visit, but I'm actually pretty looking forward to it! I wish it was cooler, but hey ho, what do you expect in the summer?! Soon it will be winter again and I will feel happier!!! 
So as I'm getting ready for work today, I feel like drinking a coffee with you here and making Rudh do something workwise. In RL I work in a cheese store, but Rudh, well she can remain cool and sell something yummy... ICE CREAMS!!! 
The uniform in Rudh's new Ice Cream Parlour workplace is just way too adorable!! I am so excited by this outfit and would you look at that, SHE IS WEARING PINK!! It's a new release outfit from MuggleBorn - Chloes Sports Wear - and I couldn't get enough of these awesome patterns, that's Ice Cream all over it in case you didn't see that!! 
So anyway, the uniform is cute, the location is awesome - it's Astralia Water World at Folly Beach in case you're wondering - and the ice cream is to die for... I suggest you try the evermore Taiyakis!!! 

What is she wearing;
Hat & Hair: Beusy - Koneko Hair + Cap 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Outfit: MuggleBorn - Chloes Sports Wear (Available until August 24th at Level
Pose: Image Essentials - Beach Babe V2 Set, Pose 10 
Ice Cream: evermore - Taiyaki in Classic Sprinkles 
Background: Astralia - Water World Gacha Items in Ice-cream kiosk 

Monday, August 6, 2018

Under My Umbrella

I'm having a lazy day finally, I saw lazy I'm doing some cleaning here and there but mostly it's lazy - I need a mini vacation after my parents visit LOL... 
Hanging out in the garden since I'm not able to get to the beach and relax yet... I'm sitting in the garden and suddenly I get a feeling that I'm in a little trouble! 
Reading a magazine, Daddy comes outside and finds me on his lounger and suddenly I'm hanging upside down from the parasol... 
This is a new item of BDSM furniture from the great mind behind Violetility... I have to say it's definitely one of my favourite garden furnitures right now and although it's not meant this way, I cant stop myself from getting the giggles as I see myself hanging upside down on my patio in the garden!
Though while on the subject of Violetility, can I just take a little time to point out my new favourite pool toy too... This Pool Bar Float - that's currently resting on the Lounger, which coincidentally is also a Violetility release - is AWESOME! It has beer, and it has sex toys on ice... Both the Funbrella - yes that is the epic name of the parasol - and the Pool Bar are available until August 8th at RLD, you still have time to go get them!!

What is she wearing;
Hair: ARGRACE - TSUMUGI in Reds 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Bikini: MAJESTY - Side Release Bikini in Yellow 
Umbrella: Violetility - Funbrella (Available until August 8th at RLD
Lounger: Violetility - Summer Pop Lounger in Lemon 
Drink: erratic - Drink in Tequila Sunrise 
Bag: #EMPIRE - Beach Day Gacha Item in Beach Bag 
Tray: Violetility - Pool Bar Float in Green (Available until August 8th at RLD
Rug: JCKLP - Retrowave Beach Gacha Item in Blanket Watermelon

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Waiting for Sharks

GUESS WHO IS BACKKKKK??? That's right ME!!! I've been away for a few days in RL while my lovely parents came to visit me in Holland, and Rudh has had a bit of a mini break... She went to swim with the sharks, for a little bit of a late Shark Week Adventure!! 
In case you didn't realise it I actually love sharks... Not as much as Mermaids, and no where near as much as other things but I can't help it, it's something on my bucket list... I'm gonna swim with them one day! For now though I'll have to settle for watching them in SL, watching them from The Shark Bay Hut at WHOLE WHEAT, with my cute little dressed for the part Jian Pointer!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Moon - Cyclone in Redheads 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Dress: epoch - Little Mermaid Dress (Available until August 13th at Mermaid Cove
Balloon: *BOOM* - 2014 Shark Balloon Freebie! (No Longer Available!)
Bag: FLite - Sharkbags Hoo Ha Ha in Gray 
Pose: Image Essentials - Heat Set, Pose 4 
Dog: JIAN - Beach Party Pointers Gacha Item in 6. Shark Companion (Available until August 12th at The Epiphany

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Tears and Daisies

Things at the moment have been more than a little difficult for me to handle, right now I feel lucky that I am about to disappear for a few days, but I'm right on edge, worried and feeling kinda sick to the stomach... The root cause, DRAMA!!! So maybe prepare yourself for a little rant, and enjoy a pretty picture too... This is just how I feel right now... 
Such a pretty place, such a gorgeous feeling and a serene atmosphere at Netherwood, but for some reason I feel so melancholy and all I want to do is cry... 
"He loves me, He loves me not" - a pose from Hive and Cosmic Dust's Do you ever Feel Gacha collection - can be used for relationships but in this case it's more of a she's ok, she's not ok, tool that I'm using when I'm worrying about my Sister... 
There's been so much drama in the past week and someone I love is caught between a rock and hard place, and that's not a place that I'd wish anyone to be... It's not fair, it's not comfortable and I really hope that she's OK. 
Being selfish, I hope that I'm not gonna lose her, I hope that she knows she can lean on me no matter what she's going through and more than anything I really hope that the drama stops and she gets to rest her mind. I'm crying and on edge but for her it must be a hundred times worse...She knows I love her.. I just hope she can get through this without leaving us behind... 

What is she wearing;
Hair & Accessories: Exile - Flowers in the Sun in Reds 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Choker: hive dust - do u ever feel like a plasticbag Gacha Items in daisy choker (Available until August 12th at The Epiphany)
Top: TETRA - Mokatana Top in White (Available until August 6th at Collabor88
Pants: villena - Ripped Front Jeans in Gray 
Pose & Prop: hive dust - do u ever feel like a plasticbag Gacha Items in he loves me, he loves me not bento pose (Available until August 12th at The Epiphany)