Sunday, July 29, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 31

Last week's photo was brilliantly awesomely epic... I loved the picture so much and was a little worried about this week. Firstly it was a green tone and secondly HOW was I ever going to top that photo from last week. 
I wracked my brain trying to come up with ideas that would work with the colour. There was one idea that seemed to somehow get itself lodged in my idea box and it kinda sorta seems fitting! The idea was involving something that is very common theme to the Welsh - dragons! I went with a Welsh Dragon in green look this week... I decided to go with a funny photo rather than something serious, and the end photo seems to look like something out of a retro TV Show like the Thunderbirds... Well maybe kinda lol... 
Week 31 - Wales
Week 31: Giant Human Guinea Pig Rider Terrorises Shanghai!
What is she wearing; 
Outfit (including hair): Intrigue Co - Dragon PJs 
Companion? (Dunno what to put for him as a category really lol): Intrigue Co - Guineasaurus in Black & White Dutch 

I always used to think why are the buildings always a little bit blurry in some of those shows, and I love the fact that they are slightly blurred in this picture too. The photo is very Intrigue Co orientated lol, but then seriously how can you refuse to use the stuff... I AM INTRIGUE CO OBSESSED!!! 
Woah this is a short colour challenge post from me, but I have run outta things to say so, moving on LOL... OH OH OH, I just found I have now been syndicated on I heart SL feed (YAY *happy dances*), one thing I did notice however was that my text seemed very small, so BOOM I'm making it bigger - why did no one tell me it was too small LOL...
Next Week -  Jonquil

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Shadows From The Lamp*Light

Time for an admission... I'd heard of Lamp*Light before, even have some of their creations stashed away in my warehouse closet, but it wasn't until I played with the Alice Outfit in my recent Horror Haute post that I actually took note of the details and the quality.
After I had posted that, the owner and designer of Lamp*Light came to thank me, and by having posted what I did, I found myself a new friend! *waves to AliceAnn* She and I were chatting about blogging and various other things, when she started mentioning some of her latest products, which she later sent me. I am such a sucker for presents, I love receiving them as much as I love giving, but the gift of the brand new, and at the time not yet released, eyeshadows from Lamp*Light was just something that warranted being posted!
These shadows are fantastic... They are called Boom, and are available in 8 different colours or as a fatpack, and each set comes with tintable lashes - both on tattoo layers and as prims (not shown). The bigger heads are also a little different from each other, if you look closely at the eyebrows you may notice subtle differences. The Expression Eyebrows Set, includes 4 different eyebrow styles - normal, angry, worried and quirky. I wanted to use these in a kinda Mood Ring feeling picture - I used to love mood rings when I was younger. For anyone that needs a reminder, they used to change colour depending on your "mood" - I actually used to think they were psychic, but I'm sure it's just changes in body temperature or something. I also wanted to make the picture seem a little fun, normally I might have done them with some close ups but as the colours were so bright and funky I felt I needed another slightly different approach! 

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Yassine Hair Style - Hoop Black Hair, with hairbase
Skin: Ploom - Maia Honey in Smoke
Brows: Lamp*Light - Expressions Brows Set
Eyeshadows: Lamp*Light - Boom
Eyelashes: [LeLutka] - 2011 Lashes Curl
Piercings: Pekka - Milla, AND, HoD - Celtic Swirl Dimples in Slide

Tea, Cakes and an Invasion!

VeggieB asked me over for a spot of tea and some cake the other day. She wanted me to come help test out her new table in the garden, she provided tea and cakes, but within minutes of us sitting at the table we were invaded!!!
Pirates, birds and even a horse stopped by at one point - though the horse wandered off when he realised we didn't have any carrots - and the cheeky Pirate Bunny kept stealing my cakes!! How very rude!
Though as I am sitting here writing this, my eyes glance over the spot of tea line again and again, I know that it is a phrase that was something typically English - it was used a lot historically but what the hell is a spot of tea? Time to get my history geek brain working... It would seem that a spot of tea refers to a number of different things depending on where it is being used. Historically it comes in reference to 'High Tea' served mid afternoon to evening, where food was served as well as a cup of tea, but 'tea' can also mean an evening meal  up North in England too... I get so geeky about things like this I love exploring the meanings of things, and I guess that can be somewhat reflected in my choices of Archaeological study. I loved studying the periods that were still relatively unknown, periods that could still be open to interpretation - stuff like the Romans and the Egyptians bores the pants off me, I am sorry and people will think its nuts because whenever I tell them I studied archaeology they always start talking about the Egyptians, but SO MUCH can be taken from everything they left behind there is very little room for interpretation... Give me a time period like the Dark Ages of Britain and I start getting excited LOL! 
Enough of that though, I love the photo that VeggieB took, it is so cute and colourful and happy. I was dressed in an awesome top from Into Dust, and a cute but older hair from Truth - I have SO MUCH new hair from Hair Fair and have I worn it? Not really lol... Oh well maybe next time. For details about VeggieB's outfit you'd need to check out her post on Usually Blonde (such a good blog it's always worth a read!) Thank you for the tea and cake VeggieB *hugs*

Friday, July 27, 2012

Horror Haute In Wonderland

In this round of Horror Haute, I am sure we will see this outfit coming up a LOT, but I do love me a good Alice in Wonderland style look and so I thought what the heck I wanna put a Rudhish twist on the outfit too hehe... 
I love Alice in Wonderland - and Through the Looking Glass too. The stories themselves are just sheer brilliance, and at school we did spend time looking at the books in great depth. I think it was one of the ways of getting us to study local authors in our English class, and since then I have even been to see the grave of Lewis Carroll - he was buried in the Guildford Cemetery, which was something I passed everyday on my way to work! I love the brilliance of his characters, the slight insanity placed upon each one, even those who are meant to appear normal - Alice for example - find themselves questioning their sanity, and to be honest I know I find myself doing the same thing sometimes. It seems to be something that people think of to themselves but rarely voice, or if they do voice it it's done in a jokey way with family and friends. 
So when I saw that Lamp*Light had made a really cute Alice Costume for this month's round of Horror Haute I danced with glee - THAT was one that I would have to show off! 
The outfit comes with EVERYTHING you could possibly need to make yourself look like the Alice from the recent video game that was released... What's it called again, ummmmmmm.... Dammit Hell played it A LOT... Oh have a picture lol... 
I only wore the dress and the socks however, because for some reason I'm never really satisfied wearing an outfit straight out of the box I always feel this crazy urge to Rudhify (YES it is a word! LOL) a look, and that is exactly what I did here. 
The location is great fun I had ages wandering around here, Bubbles in Wonderland, is a space that has been set up on multiple levels with mazes and magic doors, I had so much fun running around there dressed like bad Alice hehe!

What is she wearing; 
Toy: Ragdoll's Cut - Rotten Little Bunny
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Anais Mesh Hair in Lemon Tea
Skin: Belle Morte - Tuesday Skin in doll disastre
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard - Valentine Eyes
Wounds: Death Row Designs - Gore Beaten in medium bruises
Lipstick: Insufferable Dastard - Valentine Lips in Deep Blush
Necklaces: [Rasetsukoku] - White Rabbit's Confinement, AND, Concrete Flowers - TinMan's Heart  (Still having a closing sale - everything is 25L)
Outfit (including tights and knife): Lamp*Light - Mad Alice (HORROR HAUTE JULY)
Boots: Leverocci - Nappa Leather FO Boots in Classic
Pose: STaTUS - Coffee and Cigarettes Pose 9

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Voodoo Angel Brings A Little Horror Haute

YAY It is my favourite time of the month again... HORROR HAUTE JULY IS HERE!!!
I get overly excited around Horror Haute time, because I know that there will be lots of awesome sauce for the horror and gore lovers out there. Though OK in the last couple of months it has filled me with a slight dread.
I find myself wondering why, I have had plenty of practice covering events in my time as a blogger, though after leaving Seraphim, Miss Electra - Horror Haute's Organiser - was the only one that seemed to be convinced I would be able to cover an event on my own personal blog. I worry because I never think my photo skills are good enough, I find myself looking at the photos of a myriad of bloggers on flickr and think 'damn I wish I could make pictures like that' hehe... Still Electra has faith in me and I don't wanna let her down. Don't wanna let down the Horror Haute designers either lol, but it's better I don't think about that or every month I will be found rocking in a corner babbling like a crazy fool!
ANYWAY - HORROR HAUTE JULY IS HERE!! I have the first of a few photos to show you fun looks that I've been dancing around in - the Horror Haute always gets my creative juices flowing.
The Voodoo Angel came to the garden today, she sat sticking pins in her dolly for a good hour or so and then left, I was left wondering who the pins were affecting, but Hell did wake up with a headache today hehe. Luckily as she wandered around the garden I caught her in just the right light and CLICK, I had a photo for Horror Haute! The wings by Inspired Designs were the reason that this photo came into being, I just love a pair of pretty wings and these are very pretty! I love the leggings from Hysteria too, the photo doesn't really do them justice, they have lace on one leg and come in two different designs, but these are a MUST HAVE in my book!

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Exile - By the Shore in Moonlight, Worn with TRUTH Hairbase in Crow (free on the marketplace)
Skin: Izzie's - Bonita Sadness Skin
Make-Up/Tattoos: Pin Me Down - Camo Tattoo in Faded & Torn, AND, Hysteria - Venom in Complete
Pasties: A&A Fashion - Part of Demonia Outfit 
Wings: Inspired Designs - Captive Flight Wings with Bloody Piecing Back Tattoo (HORROR HAUTE JULY)
Leggings: Hysteria - The Darkness in version 2
Feet: SLink - Jolie Pied
Pose Prop: aDORKable Poses - Sweet Revenge, Come Voodoo with Me Pose Prop

Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Birthday, Happy Rezzday!

Been at work today and as per the last few days that I have been busy working my butt off at my new job, I feel more than a little sleepy so I will keep this post short - LOL me and short that's kinda funny, I can't do short I ramble too much! 
I wanted to post two random photos, snapped in world (although I did put borders on them too), so that I can send a little love and a few special day hugs to two of my favourite people!


Hellywelly - HAPPY 5th REZDAY BABY! 

Lots of love to you both today, I hope there will be a chance I get to see you but if I don't, especially to Shiny who lives on opposite side of the world to me time (and as I live with Hell it's hard to miss him hehe!), I love you lots and hope you have a fabitty fab day! Mum has presents for you Shinybum! 
*HUGE HUGS* Now I am going to go sit on the floor in the shower and cool off hehe!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 30

My goodness, the half way mark came and went quicker than you could blink an eye, and we are heading into our downward spiral of the second round coming to a close. Only 22 more weeks left! Makes you realise just how soon it will be Christmas huh? LOL! 
Anyway, when it came to the Colour Challenge this week I was quite literally stumped. I had NO IDEA and to make it worse when I looked back over past colours there seemed to be a fair few in this week's very colour range. I groaned and braced myself to find something in my wardrobe... There was nothing, at least nothing close to the colour swatch provided by Luna, and gradually a sense of desperation began drawing in. I would NOT be beaten, and then like a shiny treasure chest, I spotted my Crazy Ass Hair Folder - it had worked once, maybe, just maybe it could work for me again? 
I LOVE my Crazy Ass Hair Folder... It's a real treasure trove I swear, and this time - as with last time - it didn't fail me. My entire look this week was due to my hair! Then the skin fell into place, and the outfit, even though I cheated as I wore this outfit last challenge round too, yet I didn't wear the full outfit this time - does that make it OK?
Week 30 - Aqua Island
Week 30: A Water Sprite dancing in the ocean current!
What is she wearing;
Hair: [CIRCA] - Sparta with Deep Sea Army Add-On (No longer available - but may be released in different colours at The Stringer Mausoleum soon?!), Worn with, TRUTH - Hairbase in Carrot 
Skin: Eye Candi - Body Heat Skins in Candi 
Lipstick: Acid & Mala - Unusual Lipstick in M, Gloss, Green 70% 
Ears: DAMNED - Izriel Ears (part of set, tinted!) 
Necklaces: Weather! Or Not? - Octochoker in seagreen, AND, [ glow ] Studio - Shells Necklace 
Outfit: Evie's Closet - Lumina Nymph Outfit in green (Complete Outfit Not Shown, Parts have been missed!) 
Feet: SLink - Jolie Pied  

I know that I have been a mermaid in this round of the challenge, but technically I am not a mermaid for this look LOL - I'm a water sprite! Riding the current in the warm tropical water, it would seem! Boy did capturing this photo give me head rush though, I was suspended upside down LOL - made me feel disorientated just by looking at me LOL! 
OH and during post processing - because YES I put in a background, gave myself a few more fish around the head area and added that rainbow sparkly effect, I had what I have been referring to as a happy accident. I love this second picture SO MUCH, that I have decided to include it, even though I couldn't use it as it was just TOO washed out of the blue colour (not that I don't love the first one too btw!) 
 Next Week - Wales

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Exploration of Pirate BunBun

The Plushie Pirate Crew made a stop recently at the shores around our home land to deposit one of their crew. Pirate BunBun says that it was somewhat of a mutiny - he was the Plushie Pirate Captain Croc's right hand bunny - seems like they got irritated with his complaining about a lack of carrots that were available on board, and I do believe I heard him mumbling about the fact they told him it wasn't a cruise liner. 
So we have a new inhabitant in the garden, he was there a couple of days ago, and I spotted him wandering around briefly as I was able to shoot this photo, yet who knows where he may be now! He was looking for buried treasure, I just hope he doesn't wander too far into Werewolf territory... This was the last photo of BunBun before he disappeared - if you've seen my new friend Pirate BunBun please let me know he's still alive... It's a swamp out there! 
LOL - As soon as I saw this Pirate Bunny I NEEDED him! It was much more of a need than a want, and I couldn't be without him. Unfortunately he was in a gacha machine and those things are EVILLLLLLLL!!!! They eat my monies! I tried a few times, to no avail, whilst chatting with my favourite Veggie Burger, and she wanted the pirates too, though she was fighting with Hair Fair Lag at the time! I went away disappointed, though happy enough to have made Jasmine smile by giving her a duck LOL. She convincing as always persuaded me that she had more luck with pirates - I didn't believe her and maybe I should have!
THANK YOU VEGGIEB *hugs tight so your eyes pop out* YAYYYYY!!!! 
To get your very own pirate bunny, you may wanna go try your luck at HPMD! All the prizes in the gachas are adorable but be warned, it will eat your money hehe!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Little Advert!

OK OK I know I am being a little naughty here, posting a sale advert on my blog but technically it does fit into the diary style blog I try to maintain as it is about our store!
HellBone is participating in the Seraphim Turns 1 Birthday Hunt. It was a tough decision for him to make after the way I quit, but the advertising is a big thing for him and any time that he can get his name out there, it's great! 
We've decided that to tie in with the hunt, ALL BIKES will be reduced to half price, meaning that each bike will only cost 500L. I know that 500L does sound like a fair chunk of change, but all our vehicles are high prim and the amount of work that goes into making each one, then scripting the working parts, seems kinda insane! I am often left feeling amazed by the levels of detail that Hell includes in each vehicle he produces, and because it's his company (and technically mine too lol) I felt that he deserved a mention in my "journal" LOL! 
If you haven't seen his stuff and wanna check it out, head over the our mainstore - Hogs and Cart Wheels - or ask me LOL, would be a good chance to meet in SL if we haven't lol!

Three Days Down, Time To Breathe!

Well, technically my first week at work is over - although I know that it is only half way through the week - being part-time I'm only in Monday through Wednesday and have a lovely long 4 day weekend! When all is said and done I'm working less than I am spending time at home, but hey the pay is good and I am out there meeting new people for a few days a week, I have nothing to complain about really?!
Work is going really well, maybe that is because I am only three days in and it hasn't had a chance to go stale in my head yet, but there are so many new things to learn that I find my head is spinning! Not only do you have to learn the job specifics when you start, the things that would normally be really simple, such as how the coffee machine works, seem to take on a whole new level of complexity! Still, my new colleagues seem really nice, and there are lots of laughs in the office as well as the moments of peace and quiet, so I think I will be fairly happy there! 
This picture kinda reflects my mood today to some extent, it has a feeling of peace and calm before the storm (although technically that should be after the storm, but things never look so pretty when a storm has blown through hehe), I got home last night feeling a little wiped out, and sat in the giant LISP Umbrella as I was chatting with the people I had barely seen but normally talk to every day - getting withdrawal symptoms already lol - I just happened to magically line up this shot and then did a little happy dance of glee!!! Photos like this NEVER happen to me LOL!
Now I am free again, there may be more posting to come LOL... Watch this space!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 29

Such an awesome week I've had this week, and today is my last day of freedom before I begin with my new RL job. I cannot wait, I know that OK it will cut down on my SL time, but I'm only gonna be in the office three days a week - I can't wait to meet new people and to get out of the house more. Living in Holland I've been at home mostly for the last two years as I have been seeking some kind of work... there is only so much of being home that I can take lol! I love Hell, I love Izzy but GAH I WANT TO GET OUTTTTTTT LOL! 
My picture this week kinda reflects the feeling of that in some ways. I never actually saw the series on TV when I was younger but I have since seen repeats, I have often been left thinking 'HUH?' but then I get like that about a lot of things LOL. I always used to get distracted when I was in SL and would often say "huh?" - I think it irritated Fledge a little bit sometimes too... Sorry about that sissypoo!!
The Twilight Zone was something that sprung to mind as I was digging through my wardrobe thinking "ARGHHHHH NOT MORE PINK!", I had NO ideas of  where I would go with this look, until I thought about opening my Crazy Ass Hair Folder LOL. The hair matched the colour perfectly, and from then on I had the repetitive theme sound from the Twilight Zone going round and round in my head... All it took was me to hash together an outfit that was both cute and fit the slightly kookie idea I was going with, and voila... 
Week 29 - Persian Rose
Week 29: You just crossed over into the twilight zone!
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Omega Point - Lost Time Hair 
Necklaces: LaGyo - Luxury Mark Necklace, AND, [Fairy Tail] - Bow Long Necklace (Can't find the store!)
Outfit: Gothica - Wild Goth Set in pink, AND, Sn@tch - Zebra Skirt in white 
Gloves & Leggings: Cool Beans - Part of Neon Streak Set (Store Closed)
Ring: Maxi Gossamer - Gigi Shimmer Bow 
Shoes: [Blossom] - Passion Pink-Mono-Chained 
Pose: The Muse Poses - Yael 04 

This is really a mish-mash outfit. I made the look by combining two different outfits so sorry if the outfit list is a bit confusing. Basically the waistcoat top and the black and pink flexi-skirt part come from the Gothica outfit, the high-waist, Zebra print skirt with the longer white skirt that I have used as an underskirt are from Sn@tch. I love combining outfits to make them look a little different, and OK without the bow of my necklace having sat in the extact right place there was a bit of a clash in the zebra prints, but I really love the way that this outfit turned out. I always seem to find myself thinking how much I love the pink looks, when I really don't like pink!! Crazy LOL... Anyway, enough rambling today, wish me luck... 
Next Week -Aqua Island

Wearing A Bandana, Saving For A Wig!

The World and it's mother are all trying to descend into the Hair Fair this weekend, and I will say that I count myself as lucky for being able to have gotten in, grabbed all the hair I wanted and gotten out intact without killing anyone or wishing too many people in overly primmed and laggy attire would crash! 
I wasn't gonna TP anywhere once I was inside, I ran at the sim borders - a bit like a crazy lemming may drop off a cliff, it was that dangerous! I didn't know whether I'd make it across, but after many attempts I could usually get across the borders! 
Anyway, I got my hair, I bought 6 styles in total - 2 Wasabi Pills, 2  Exile, 1 Ploom and although they are kinda linked store-wise 1 Deviant Kitties Style. I was majorly surprised to see DK on offer, I don't know if the brand is being brought back or what, but I squealed like a kid at Christmas... I used to love their hair and maybe that's why I was so easily suckered into falling in love with Ploom?! OH and FREEBIES, don't forget the freebies! The Ohmai Balloon Hat rocked my socks!! Still, I have no doubt that these styles will be shown all over my blog at some point, and they are likely to be on countless blogs all over the place, but in this post I decided to show my support for the Bandana Creators. 
This bandana was created by my newly adopted sister, Morgana Hilra - from her blog SoHawtSL. Morgi has been someone I've known for a while, and I think she rocks! She takes great photos and will not only compliment but also share her criticisms of things, in a professional and honest way without any drama or bitchiness! Her blog is so worth a read, if you haven't read it before. She made a bandana along with a collection of other designers, that are on sale for 50L each at the Hair Fair. When you think about it, 50L isn't a lot - first you look awesome running around the event and second, and more importantly, you are donating 50L to such a worthy cause - Wigs For Kids is such a worthwhile charity in my book. I was gonna put in a quote from her why I donated a bandana note card that comes with the purchase, but I think if you wanna read her thoughts, you should buy the bandana, or buy one of the many other designs to choose from!
If you wanted to see what was on offer though, I really suggest joining the Hair Fair Demo Group, or at least checking out the Seraphim coverage - Lashae did a fantastic job of covering the event. Yet at the end of the day, even if you only find one style or one bandana that you like, isn't it worth fighting the lag for?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Your Tunes - Dream On!

Been a while since I had time to play with this collection of photos I started working on AGES ago... If you have no idea about the 'Your Tunes' thing that I was doing, it was a bit of a personal challenge to get myself better at taking photos and creating images to match the thoughts that were going through my head! Now that I have a decent computer, time on my hands and maybe better photography skills - though it is debatable lol - I should get back to working on this kind of picture again... I need to get my inspirational juices flowing again hehe! 
Horatio (although going by a different name back then) gave me his song choice, and I got stuck - I had no idea where I was going with the photo. The video isn't very inspiring, though I will admit that it is one of those that is kinda memorable to me, nothing cooler than seeing Aerosmith rocking a stage in their classic style! Anyway, Horatio was also the very reason that made this photograph what it is... We both wanted a photo, and I had joked that it would have to be some sexy photo of myself with two guys, I even found some gorgeous poses for such from Essential Soul, yet Horatio was the one to surprise me by buying the poses and even persuading his partner-in-crime Tee to shed some of his clothing to be my second dream dude hehe!!! 
I LOVE how this picture turned out, its slightly blurry to give that sense of a dream, and I couldn't resist the sparkly look that I overlaid it with. My sexy red lingerie from The Bishes Inc, teamed with some killer heels from N-core and pretty hair from Wasabi Pills, and I was ready to be seduced. I was like a giggling school girl as we posed for this LOL, sorry to both Tee and H for that, but thank you for posing with me guys. Love ya both lots, and for everyone else WATCH THIS SPACE there will be more pics of me with the terrible twosome to come, hehe! 
The song thing for me will be something I start again, sporadically I'd imagine, but you never know what song will come next and who I will ask... Lord alone knows what I will be doing next hehe!

Friday, July 13, 2012

I Want A Booshie!

I want a Booshie, but Hell won't let me! I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but today it has come to my attention AGAIN because I found the most awesomest freebies ever hehe! 
I'd seen people wearing the brown "Urpy" Booshie, in numerous photographs on blogs recently, and wanted one. HellBone refuses to let me have pets that I would need to feed. We used to have chickens, the first type of breedable pets that were available in SL, and we must have spent a small fortune on them.
However, I am rambling again lol, I went to the Booshies Store to purchase one of the brown ones, and as I was camming around I noticed a cute but hidden sculptie paw print. Turns out this was a hunt prize for the Cover My Furry Butt Hunt 2, so I won't tell you where it is, but rest assured it isn't too hard to spot. The prize was the BLUE URPY that is sitting around my neck in the photo! I was happy dancing like a crazy lady, adorable and free - what more could I ask for?
I'll tell you what more I could ask for... The Freebie Display Booshies, that's what more I could ask for LOL! At the front of the store where a display is set up to show about the way the Booshies work, is a box containing display Booshies. Now, these are not animated, but hey they are free and will help me feed my Booshie habit until maybe one day HellBone will give in and let me have one! Until then I'm gonna enjoy my display Booshies and hope that someone has one of the little Rhino ones (which aren't included in the box) I can enjoy too!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Photo Full Of Apprehension

I am not good with that feeling of having to sit and wait for something. I never have been, I was always terrible at Christmas time for example - I knew that Santa was coming, and my sister and I would be trying to go into see our parents as early as 3am on Christmas mornings in some cases when we were very little!
Yesterday was one of those times when the waiting game had me twitchy, on-edge and generally cranky, but let me rewind a little. 
About a week ago I'd had an interview for a company that Hell's RL Partner-in-Crime's Girlfriend worked for. It is an international company and they were seeking English people to work in the department to handle the English data. When I went in, I was a little disappointed to find out the line manager who was supposed to interview me was sick in hospital - I don't blame this person for being away, but I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. This had happened before and I hadn't heard any more from the company. Yet I sat with the head of HR for an hour, and left feeling pleasantly optimistic whilst trying to stop myself from being too hopeful. 
I was called in for another interview a couple of days later, which was then postponed, and the feeling in the pit of my stomach got bigger and more all encompassing. Finally, yesterday I went in for a second interview. The same guy was still sick, so I was introduced to one of the company's TOP DOGS (you couldn't get any higher than this guy unless you went to the American HQ!) - that was it I became a bundle of nerves, yet he just wanted an informal chat about my C.V. Seemed like it was a bit of a character test as it turns out. He told me he felt positive about my attitude, and all the things I said seemed to have ticked all the boxes, but I left still feeling totally unsure.
When I got off the bus as I neared home, I heard a familiar voice coming from the local building site's radio. I have been a huge fan of Take That since I was 8, they are one of the skeletons in my music lovers closet so to speak, lol. The line of the song, the first that I heard yesterday was "I've been feeling your frustration, but any minute all the pain will stop" - from the song Patience, and I have admitted to not being very superstitious, but it just felt a bit eerie to hear that from one of my favourite songs, and how easily the particular line fitted with my current situation. 
Well Take That you were right, this afternoon when I answered the phone I was offered the job! I barely managed to put the phone down before I burst into tears - a weird mix of elation and shock kicked in. This could be the silver lining that Hell and I have been looking for. This could mean I can pull myself up from the cliff edge I've been clinging to. 

Monday, July 9, 2012


I have always been in love with the photos of Miss Jasmine Ballinger, she is in my top 10 SL photographers list - the people that make me think WOW every time I see some of their photo artwork. Jasmine - aka Veggie Burger by me at least - makes very soft, pretty photos the vast majority of the time. They have a real delicate and feminine feel to them, if that makes sense, and I love the way she brings out bright colours.
We'd been planning to get together for a photo since we met at the Festival of Sin, which was months ago in February, but only last week did we manage to get our acts together and meet up for a photo. 
Her blog provides more details about the discussion we had in setting up this photo lol, basically it was her idea but I was adamant in wanting a pirate kite. She offered me cupcake kites but I was a bit like a stroppy kid wanting the pirate kite! 
There you are kiddies, sometimes it pays to be a bit of a spoilt brat - sometimes it gets you what you want LOL!
Have to get excited over this outfit too!!! Sometimes, mesh and I have a bad relationship. I wear a no mod shape, long story, one that I have discussed before, but anyway it will sometimes stop me wearing mesh clothes. This sweater from Una is mesh though and it fits really well! Teamed with some leggings from SAKIDE, hair from Wasabi Pills and accessorised with a necklace from Magika (which I believe is no longer available!) and some of my favourite boots from sYs, I think this is a perfect kite flying outfit!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 28

Another week, another blue tone... We seem to have had lots of blues this time around so far! I absolutely loved working with red last week, such a bright splash of red to get the creative juices pumping, but another blue this week caused me trouble! I sighed, I threw open my wardrobe, and then as with every week I stood scratching my head for at least half hour wondering what I would wear before closing the doors and going off to do something different for a while. This week though, once I found the dress I wanted to wear I still had to ask Fledge for an idea of what I could do with it LOL... Luckily she came to my rescue!
This outfit prompted a HUGE laughing fit, I really needed one of those but afterwards my stomach muscles hurt a bit and I think Hell thought I had gone insane! Basically, a lot of our SL family are non-human, we have an interesting collection of dragons, furries, werewolves, and other random magical folk (that's really compressing the list and Fledge may tell me off lol - but if I had listed everything this would be a MASSIVE post hehe!) Anyway, I think it was my first or possibly second rezday, Suzari, the black panther of the family, told me to hold out my hand and promptly coughed a large black fur ball into it! I was able to trade the fur ball in at the time for one black Zoobies kitten, who spent many years roaming my SL homes. However, as I was putting together the look that Fledge had suggested would work with the dress, I realised I wanted some big furry buttons, upon searching through my inventory I stumbled upon the fur ball that Suz had given me, I had tucked it away as a memory for 5ish years (if it was a real fur ball it would be toxic by now lol). It worked but was a bit big, and due to the fact it was no mod and no copy, I needed to see if Suz could give me one with different perms, so I put a message somewhere it would be seen... My Gtalk status... In the end I didn't use the fur ball, but that is my epic funny story of the week!
Week 28 - Astronaut Blue
Week 28: A Romantic Pierrot look for me, Thanks Fledge!
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Yulicie – Want 
Skin: The Hidey Spot - Vera Skin in Crimson Pale 
Eye Make-Up: KOSH - Exile Duo Eyeshadow in Silver sky, AND, Sassy Kitty Designs (now SAKIDE) - Pierrot MakeUp 
Mouth Rose: KOSH - Crying Rose in red 
Neck Ruffles: A Little Circus - Pierrot Costume Pierrot-eri (FREEBIE but retextured - ty Fledge for the lace and the location of this costume!) 
Dress: paper.doll - Peyton in frozen 
Fluffy Buttons: Fluff from a shirt sleeve I edited myself
Ring: Maxi Gossamer - Gigi Shimmer Bow 
Pose: STaTUS - Glammah Shotz 3 

I had no idea what to do with the background of this picture, when you look for Pierrot images it either seems to be showing the clown in a very gothic style with ruins and the like, or on a plain pretty background. I went with the pretty, sparkly as you can see and dropped a few pretty layers over the top to make it look kinda whimsical! I love the way that this turned out, never did I think I'd love blue LOL, but I think it is just pretty - I am biased however hehe! 
Next Week - Persian Rose

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Nyan Cat Just For The Bean!

My nephew is a super smart 4 year old, who is already as good as, if not better than, me at using a computer. He seems to have the incredible knack of finding the most random of things on the internet, and sometimes this ability gets Fledge (his mum) on edge... You never know what she is gonna show me that he's found. 
I am not totally sure if it's still a favourite, but for a while he drove Fledge bonkers with the Nyan Cat. 
I was skipping merrily around SL the other day when I came across the store Nemezi, I think I was at Jersey Shore, though don't necessarily count on that. I was being a lazy shopper at the time and I cammed around inside the store but then suddenly, OH MY GAH NYAN CAT EYESHADOW!!! I had to have it, the price 5L!! ONLY 5L I was blown away!! I grabbed one fast and ran away, cackling like a crazy lady... 
Silly me though, I had kinda forgotten about it until today when I wanted to create a pretty picture and was wearing a fairly rainbow coloured outfit... It was like hitting the jackpot, when I found it again hehe!!! 
There are a few other 5L eye shadows available at Nemezi, you should really check them out. I got a few, but I really hope that more join those that are available, as it awesome to find bright and fun make for such low prices!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Fairy Post The Best Way To Send Love!

I've been playing with photography again, am I getting better or just more meh on a different level? I can't quite work that out for myself, still I am enjoying learning and trying new things... I really enjoy this website that Morgana found too for adding layers and things! SO PRETTY some of the things you can do! I'm still playing with that too! 
Today though I wanted to create a picture that would have a special meaning, kinda... 
I felt brave, I went into the Fairy Heart in our garden, because I had a jar of hearts and wanted to send some love to a few people in the fastest way possible. Fairy Mail is much better than regular post, it's almost instantaneous and you always find the messages left under your pillow - how did you think the tooth fairy did her job so fast!
I did however want to send some love, so I took out my jar of hearts made my my fabulous friend Lynnieloo - better make sure I send her one of these hearts. Oh and I wanna send them to Fledge and to Horatio, as they are some of my favourite people in SL and in RL too... Hell doesn't get one though, he is currently in the dog house for filling our build platform and being a greedy prim whore lol! There have been people who've come back into my life more too, Kregan - a long long long time friend is back, and I met up with Nick too who I'd lost contact with due to some soap opera style melodrama, they can have a heart each, oh and maybe another for Fledge for hosting the party that brought me back into contact with these guys. 
A heart for Niki too, who hasn't been around for a bit due to RL ouchies and travels. 
The main hearts that I want to send today through the fairy mail are for both Laila and Shiny. These girlies have been "having some work done" in RL and so I'm sending them love and wishes that you both recover fast and come back soon! 
Who says sending love has to be restricted to Valentines, I want to send some love now and again... To everyone I love, have some love LOL - Now I am done being nice for the day it's time to go wake up Mr. In-the-dog-house... MWHAHAHAHAHA!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Down at the Swamp - Ribbet Ribbet!

I logged into SL yesterday to a really lovely IM from a stranger. SpaceCase Munster, owner of my new personal Bible blog - Virtual Vagabond, sent me a message to say that she'd randomly discovered my blog and she really enjoyed reading it! *waves to SpaceCase* I am totally and utterly flattered, I know that I have a few friends who read my ramblings but to hear from a complete stranger that they enjoyed reading what I have to say made me feel really good. It brought a huge smile to my face ALL DAY hehe!!! 
After meeting her and reading her awesome blog that is stuffed full of freebies, I had to create a picture to show off my favourite item that I had picked up in the huge freebie collecting session that her blog sparked! 
This frog comes from a store I'd never heard of called Stray Pig, and it is a store packed full of mesh animal tiny avatars and cute fun toys! I was in heaven LOL, they have a wall of lucky boards that have a myriad of cute cuddly things, and the frog you can see me sitting on in the photo above! He's MESH, and he comes with a raining leaf, that I decided to pose without! I have one of their plushie Crocodiles in my hand too, I won that on the roulette game, worse than a gacha machine that thing but I got lucky getting the one I wanted first try!!
You should take a look at SpaceCase's blog - Virtual Vagabond - there are tones of random fun freebies, all with store links, so you never miss the random fun that can be found in SL... I'll be watching the blog religiously from now on! I don't wanna miss anything!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Wow, I've Got A Friend In AD/DC!

Last night was a very busy for me, I mentioned that in the colour post earlier but thought that I should show off some of the things that I have been getting upto... I will wait a bit to see if Fledge posts about her party before I throw any photos onto my blog or Flickr, but I can show you AC/DC.
Horatio Scholessinger, has been a friend for a long time, in many different forms, but he's always been around hehe! He used to be in tribute bands on SL, and stopped for a while when it became one of SL's fads, but has recently been thinking about getting back into the swing of things. If you've never been to a concert in SL, or only ever been to bad ones, you should really try to hit more of the cover band concerts, some of them are REALLY good - don't get put off by the not so good hehe! 
Last night though, Horatio and his partner in crime TEE Dye, joined forces with some some other tribute performers for a rocking AC/DC performance. I do have a few smallish criticisms over certain aspects of the show, like the fact that the performer representing Angus Young remained in a female avatar as she had refused to put on a male one, and other members of the band seemed to look nothing like the real AC/DC. Yet TEE and Horatio stood out as highly professional performers, matching their RL counterparts for appearance and movements! I personally cannot wait to see them take to the stage with their regular line-up, which apparently be putting on a performance of The Doors in just a few weeks! 
TEE and Horatio - Congrats guys you rocked that stage! Shame the others couldn't achieve your standards, but I really cannot wait to see you as The Doors... Consider me as your number 1 groupie fan hehe!
Just because I can't stop singing AC/DC today... Here is a legendary little tune to brighten your day hehe!!! 

52WOCC2 - Week 27

Oh my word, yesterday I was busy!! I had so much to do, including some RL boringness, a movie shoot with Mayala, Fledge's Party and Horatio's AC/DC Concert - all of which I am sure will be posted or mentioned in the next few days lol... Who doesn't love sharing their fun stuff? I mean now I have started uploading things more to Flickr, yet not sure when things will go up LOL, as my blog is and will always be my main focus, but Flickr is easy to use and although I avoided using it for a long while I should use it now I have it! One of those I didn't want it but was made to get it for Seraphim type legacies LOL! 
Still Colour Rudh, focus on the colour lol... I love red, whether it's bright or dark, so long as it doesn't get to pale and venture into the realm of the REALLY EVIL Pink range lol. I had said to a couple of the awesome colourettes that I would include HUGE boobs and rhubarb in this post, but they are missing - sorry Nic and Liz, I will try to get things into a post at a later date - although on the other side of things my SL boobs are pretty big anyway! I did have a lot of choice for the outfit this week, I had to ask Fledge if she thought MaccieD's French Fries or Merry-Go-Round would be a better look... Shouldn't really have asked, she told me what I already knew - Merry-Go-Rounds are always going to get her vote over McDonalds lol! So this week we head back to the fair... 
Week 27 - Cadmium Red
Week 27: You spin me right round baby right round LOL classic tune!
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Ploom - Aidyn
Choker: Panda Express - Plastick Princess
Necklace: LiNe - Gia Necklace
Dress: Diavolicious - Carnaval de Cirque (Not sure if this is still available!)
Bracelet: GaNKeD - Rocklove
Ring: Maxi Gossamer - Gigi Shimmer Bow
Boots: Ladies Who Lunch - Escarpa Boots
Pose: WetCat - Colour Block (freebie) 

LOL I wanted to say something here about going for a ride up and down, but that sounded so wrong when I typed it I deleted the comment straight away!!! Any comments about up and down will be accepted and laughed at LOL... Let the innuendos begin!
Next week -Astronaut Blue