Sunday, May 27, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 22

Was last week's colour from me really that weird and scary? LOL a lot of people seemed to be backing away from me and it made me sad lol, I wouldn't ever really hurt anyone - besides HellBone I mean, but then he's a big, fat, stinky meanie and he deserves it LOL! 
I'd have thought people would expect random stuff like that from me by now... one week I'm evil and dead usually, and the next I'm something pretty and girlie... As this week is an example of, but I'm sorry I scared everyone *hugs*
This week I thought after reading all the reactions, that I would go for something a little less scary... though it might depend on your outlook on things, sometimes the girlie stuff can be scarier than the blood and gore hehe...
All the time I was putting this look together I was singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, lol I think that wound Hell up more than me having hold of his head as his body ran round like a headless chicken!
Week 22 - Cobalt
Week 22: Twinkle Twinkle Little Rudh
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Exile - Artemis
Eye Make-up: [Virtual/Insanity] - Paintbrush
Lipstick: Acid & Mala - Pastel Lipsticks
Tattoo: [XYR] - Imma Star (freebie on marketplace)
Bodysuit: Blah. - My Body Set
Wings: Sentou Yousei - Light Angel Wings
Shoes: Leverocci - Knox Wedges
Pose Prop: Tree House Treasures - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Seat

LOL See I can do girlie! Angel wings look good on me huh? Good Job I'm a Seraph hehe... As a side not, not all the Seraphim girls have angel status lol I stole my set of wings and halo from Lashae - the Seraphim Blogging Machine Angel hehe...
Next Week -Pistachio

Monday, May 21, 2012

Eliza made me a Winner!!!

Eliza Quixote, one of the awesome colour bloggerettes, contacted me yesterday morning out of the blue. She runs a contest of sorts with her colour challenge post each week, picking her favourite comments  and giving gifts to their authors. I never ever for the life of me thought that I would win with a comment she loved, I just commented to say how much I loved the look that she had put together, but today I was given the prize from last week's comment choice... I am blown away, it's so generous and really sweet of her, especially when all I did was tell her that I liked the outfit she was wearing! 
It was a skin from Hush. In fact not just one skin, this was a pack of 6 different skin tones in the smoky eyes style, with a million different ways of wearing them it seemed, I had so much choice and didn't know where to begin... but they are SO pretty!

 A little before and after shot for comparison on Rudh, what do you think? Honest opinions please?? I think that this might be something that is seen on me more often, but then you know me I am so attached to my current skin... Mind you, this one is very very very pretty! I know technically it is better to look at skins without the piercings and the hair over the face like that, but this is how I might wear it so I wanted to look at a comparison in true Rudh style LOL...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

52WOCC - Week 21

For some reason, I don't think I have been overly YAY about many of the colours that Luna has pulled out of her magic colour bag recently. I don't quite know why, but I think the pastels just seem to drain my enthusiasm... I love bold bright colours, but pastels just make me feel a bit kinda half awake, like there is no zing to them! I wouldn't have ever felt like this before, at least I imagine not, but maybe it is just me having a case of the blues in RL? 
Anyway, I don't know if the look is due to that, or due to the fact that I had to deal with drama on Sunday, or just that I found a dress in my inventory that was about the right colour and was interesting enough to play dress up in... Yet I will say that poor old Hell didn't even see me coming, we were out dancing at the Ballroom in the Palace of Versailles (it is the background to the picture this week, hence why we were there lol!) and I ended up only taking his head home with me hehe...
Week 21 - Chiffon Yellow
Week 21: Note to Hellywelly... Always do what you are told my darling! Might be a bit late to tell you that now though hehe
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Elikatira - Abbey
Skin: Quarantine - Apocalypto Skin
Eye Wound: Little Pricks - Nailed Face Tattoo
Lip Wound: Fallen Doll - Sutured Lips
Necklace: KOSH - Tooth Fairy Necklace
Dress: Soap Co. - Till Death Gown
Feet: Slink - Jolie Pied 

(Hell's Details: Hair: Amacci - Steve, Skin: Najl Designs - ZENDO, Eyes: REPULSE: Livor Mortis Eyes... For anyone that might be wondering hehe!)

This is the first time that Rudh has been posed in a MESH DRESS... I will say that because I cannot mod my shape I am really loathe to buy mesh at the moment, as soon as it starts being totally mod then I will be all over it like a rash. I loved the dress but my overly large nungas were a problem to squeeze into it. The dress fitted but there was just a teeny amount of boob skin popping out each side... THANK YOU PHOTOSHOP for your paintbrush option lol!!!
Next Week -Cobalt

Lynnie Waved Her Magic Wand...

Lynnie is my FairyBobMother at times, she's my bestie all the time but sometimes she slips into her other role, and not only does that result in me being spoilt - which I will admit I LOVE lol, not gonna lie about that, who doesn't love getting presents! - but when she waves her magic wand and shoots me then I get amazing photos too!! 
I don't go anywhere else for my profile pictures anymore, I could never achieve photos like this, though I will be asking Lynnie for some lessons soon I feel, but she just seems to have a way of making a photo that makes me look GREAT hehe... OH AND, she made me succumb to eyelashes LOL, she bought me a set from LeLutka and even though they did take some modding, they do look pretty cool. Guess I will be adding those to my permanent wear folder hehe!!! 
THANK YOU LYNNIELOO, you make me look awesome!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Explore D-LAB... My Recommendation of the Week!

I am a real sucker for D-LAB... I love the adorable designs and fun things that seem to spring to life from the imagination of it's owner, and when it was announced that there was a new mainstore opening yesterday I couldn't wait to get in there and go exploring!
The store is a floating island, being held up by some massive propellers, and although the store itself dominates the space there is so much more to see that you could easily spend a few hours wandering around and being like "awwwww adorable!" I know that I did, and I think I gave Hell a bit of a headache as I was getting squeakier and squeakier with each corner that I turned. The space has a kind of Small World style to it, think of that ride at Disney that has the really annoying song, in fact let me find it... 
My sister dragged my family on this 5 times, when we went to Disney for our first time, she was only about 7 and it was her favourite, but Dad would always say "Sophie not that one again what about this one..." - this one being anything other than the Small World Ride lol... Just hearing the tune now makes me want to throttle her lol!
Anyway the little people that live on D-LAB Island reminded me of the ones in this ride, I was going to put together a set of photos to show you, but if you have time I would suggest you go and explore it for yourself, I don't want to spoil any of the adorable suprises! So head over to D-LAB, and let me know if you agree with me about the Small World thing hehe!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Two sides of Rudh!

For the last few days I've been wandering around in what I refer to as a "Don't Talk To Me" Outfit... Partly because I was covering Goth Fair, and partly because I've been feeling pretty crappy in RL, and in SL, but I was really loving wearing something a bit different from my norm! I have always loved the dark style, but this skirt was a little longer and a whole lot poofier than I might normally have pulled on, not to mention the fact that blue was involved, but anyway I wasn't in the best mood and although I don't really associate the goth look with being in a mood I find sometimes an outfit like this keeps people away - which to be honest was kinda what I wanted!
Though, once I had posted Goth Fair (which you can find here btw!) I wanted a change of style... Little did I realise I would go from Goth to Girlie in one swift movement without even thinking about it LOL... 
I love that in SL you can wear what you want, and be what you want... Normally I would say my style is kinda grunge, rock skank but sometimes, when the wind changes in a funny way lol, I end up wearing something that would make even the girliest of girls proud!!! 
A while back now, I remember seeing Luna post a challenge up on her blog about the out of the norm or something like that, yet for me there doesn't seem to be much of a norm besides the fact that I am a human female all the time LOL... Maybe I should go Male Furry to be outside my norm?
I've now found a new look that is a happy medium of these, but I guess after a few days of such a dark look, my girlie side was like "MY TURN" lol, the white look only lasted a short while before I was back in the black, but YAY for being able to wear complete opposite outfits!!! Shows just how insane my wardrobe is, and why it can take me 3 hours or more to change LOL!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 20

OK so last week wasn't one of my best... I was in a ranty mood and wanted to blow up KPN - our internet service provider. I have since calmed dramatically, and have helped HellBone with one of those very strongly worded letters that will need some translation into Dutch! 
This week though I wanted to find time to make a picture I would be happy with, last week's picture was definitely not one of my best - I still think that nothing can beat the house of last year - but although I will admit that I was elated to find out the colour was not a pastel shade, a cold shade or another poop colour, I was still dismayed by the fact that the first hot colour to come out of a long line of coldness was PINK! This took a lot of searching through the wardrobe, I knew I had something somewhere, but where and what would it lead to as a final result. 
I know that I love being dressed up, wearing an outfit that looks pretty just won't cut it for me, and finding a costume that is something away from the norm of what I might wear definitely makes the colour challenge much more interesting for me personally. I love seeing everyone in their gorgeous, fashionable outfits, everyone putting their own twist on fashion and showcasing it in their own style, but to me the colour challenge is about dressing in something that makes me smile and that involves digging through my dressing up box... 
Once I had found the perfect dress, I was wondering what to do with it, but then as I sat eating my dinner in front of our newly working TV I saw something about Dita Von Teese. I LOVE HER, to me she is the epitome of glamour, of elegance and of sexiness... I love her style, I love her somewhat gothic style, but with her retro glamour edge... That was it, the pink dress I found and watching Dita on TV, and then allowing myself to get into character. I took a leaf outta Sonya's book and became a character... Let me introduce to you, Miss Dolly Curves! 
Week 20 - Deep Pink
Week 20: My new career in dancing as Miss Dolly Curves.
What is she wearing;  
Hair: Ploom - Daydream (currently at Collabor88)
Eye Diamonds: BOOM - Eye Glam
Make-up: PIDIDDLE - All Dolled Up
Necklace: Mustang Trading Post - Rhinestone Cowgirl Diamond Necklace
Ring: [Virtual/Insanity] - PEARL Ring
Dress: Forever Young - Ultra Mini Sequin Dress
Shoes: SEXY BISH - Pin Up Stiletto Pumps Kawaii Edition

Not quite as glamourous as Miss Von Teese, but I am getting there hehe, maybe I could get work in a low rate Burlesque Club for now hehe... Gotta start somewhere hehe... 
Next Week - Lemon Chiffon

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Tale of Two Food Fairies

Once upon a time, in a magical, virtual and sometimes treacherous land, there lived two peasant women, with very different stories to tell. These women were following paths that were so separate and yet so entwined that they would greet each other as they wandered down their own sparkly rainbow pathways and never guessed at the forces would bring them together with a bang at a place filled with sin. The festival of sin was a fair that was taking place in the county sim of Diablo, it promised debauchery, indulgence and glamour, the kind of event that would have our heroines partaking in sin, even if it was just due to the clothes they would wear and the items they would receive.
Miss B as she shall be known, a fair maiden with golden locks that shined like the sunshine, was the one to discover that finally she was in the same place as Miss L. It was the first time that she had seen Miss L, the slightly crazy wench with the long raven hair, in the flesh and the scream of "RUDHHHHHHHHH" that escaped her lips scared many blogging birds sending them scattered across the event, as the sunshine and the raven haired beauties shared a squeaky fan-girl moment. 
It was in this moment that a random explosion of magic occurred catapulting our heroines high into the sky through an astronomically epic bank of candy floss clouds, before leaving them plummeting to their doom. Yet instead of the splat that was expected, each of the ladies found themselves hovering just inches off the floor, how was this possible? 
The candy floss clouds had caused a a transformation of monumental proportions, for when each of the ladies looked into the mirror her reflection had been altered. In the place of the maiden that may have stood before them in the past, were miniature versions of what they used to be, one dressed in a skirt made from a hamburger, the other a veggieburger, their new size made bigger only due to the addition of a pair of gossamer wings and an overwhelming hunger for burgers. The cause of this explosion of magic, the giant burger sitting in the corner of the room, radiating heat and calming after its reaction to the screams of the overly excited ladies... 
Where would their new transformation lead these ladies? Under their new guises of Burger and VeggieBurger, what adventures would await? Would Burger ever be able to find food that would appeal to VeggieBurger? Would they ever get back to normal? So many questions that needed answering, so far to fly when their new wings were already tired and their emergency glitter was running low. 
After a while,the fairies found just enough energy to flutter off on their next adventure, leaving behind them a glitter trail, a faint trace of fast food scent lingering in the air, and a note that said "No more teeth under your pillow please, the new fairies have come to town!" 
Sorry this is small, you can click it for a better look... I mean if ya wanna lol...

Friday, May 11, 2012

31 Days of Gratitude - Day 27

*headdesks repeatedly*
OK time for another more than a little late post for the 31 days of Gratitude, and OK I know it has been a lot longer than 31 days, but tough. I need, for my own personal sanity to try to get through 31 days and today I have a few things to be greatful for!
1) Fledge (or possibly Bean) finding an addictive mini-game online... Cut the Rope, Feed Om Nom (the little monster) candy! It had me busy for AGES!!! Go here to try it - Cut the Rope! 
2) Pretty New Rudh Photo... Niki Elan, one of the Seraphim Girlies, who has been using and abusing me as her Jerry Springer - not that I mind! I'd seen some of the work that she had done, and she had been saying that she wanted to get a picture of me, so I waited till we were both free and said "Niki shoot me!" This was the result, pretty great I think! 
Rudh by Niki Elan, 9-5-2012
3) My New REALLY ADORABLE Pet... Lynnie has a knack of dropping little surprise presents on me... and I LOVE IT, makes me feel spoilt rotten, and it shows just how well she knows me as the things she picks to surprise me with are always so cute! He's like a pokemon or something, but he's a follower pet, and he skips along behind me, OH AND HE'S MESH!!! 
He hasn't got a name yet, so if anyone thinks of one that will really suit him, please let me know!!!
4) Getting A Decent Colour Challenge Picture Ready... It has been a couple of weeks since I have been able to put together a colour look and will hopefully - touch wood - be able to get it up on time! The colour was better than the poop colour and brighter than the pastel colours, so what it was pink least it wasn't pale! You'll have to wait till Sunday to see that though!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 19

I hate computers, no sooner than I get a brand spanking new PC our internet goes down and I can't get on it for an entire freaking weekend! It's just not fair... SO I warn you this post might be a bit ranty! 
On Friday I was merrily working away on my photo for the challenge, putting together something that seemed to work on the poop colour background. It turned out a little red for a true match to the colour put up by Luna, but I just wasn't having any luck looking for the poopie shade. After last year and the marathon brown list I didn't really get into this week's colour too much, but THEN IT HAPPENED! 
The net dropped. I spent a good few hours trying to get it working again, trying many of th tricks of the trade, everything I could think of. Hell was asleep at the time due to his RL work schedule meaning he had come in from a night-shift, but I was huffing and puffing so much it woke him up. He was not amused, first at me then at the internet. We also had to check into our TV and Phone, neither worked, no surprise there as both come from the internet. 
Hell got on the phone, his mobile I might add, to a phone line that cost 10 cents PER MINUTE, double that even from a mobile, and talked to someone in fast Dutch that I had no comprehension of. As I waited, he seemed to get more and more pissed off, I almost demanded that the person on the end of the phone talked to me in English, but that would have gotten us no where I feel... They promised that they would send someone out, but we were told that the engineers don't work Friday evenings or Weekends... This meant that we would be without the net until MONDAY!! No Phone, No TV, No Internet - NOTHING! 
Pissed as we were, we had to accept it, what else could we do... Hell spent the weekend playing video games when he was not at work, and I buried myself in a good book, but then Monday came and went with no word from an engineer... Apparently, the company had "forgotten" us. I personally think it was just some malicious little shite that worked for the company getting their own back by not putting it into the database, as Hell had been more than a little pissed off! 
Still, this morning someone came to fix it, he had a look in the local connection box about two streets over and you will NEVER guess what he found. Someone seems to have been working on something in the box, its filled with phone-lines, power cables and the like, and they accidentally knocked our cable out!!! WHAT THE HELL IT TOOK HIM 2 MINUTES AND WE ARE BACK ONLINE!!!! WE WAITED ALL WEEKEND FOR SOMETHING THAT TOOK A GUY 2 MINUTES TO FIX!!!! 
Needless to say, the company - KPN for anyone interested, will be getting a VERY strongly worded letter... and my picture isn't as good as I wanted it to be but after that I am just not really in the mood to faff around and make something better, especially when the colour reminds me of the shitty treatment we got from this company already this weekend! 
Week 19 - Pueblo
What is she wearing; 
Hair: gilded - Vertebrae Hair with Horns
Skin: [rQ] - Wrath
Eyes: {lyric} - Elemental Eyes
Lipstick: KOSH - Drama Lips
Veins: Dead Apples - Veins Tattoo in dark
Necklace: gilded - Leopard & Pearls
Outfit: ImpWerks - CenterWrap Catsuit
Armband: InSpired Designs - Heart on My Sleeve
Belt: gilded - Vertebrae Belt
Boots: BAX - Prestige Boots
Mirror: Frooti - Hand Mirror Pose Prop

I really hope I start having more luck, I never heard back from the job I had the interview for, and now more computer troubles... what's next? 
Next week -  Deep Pink

Thursday, May 3, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - Day 26 and a bit?!

OK so it isn't really day 26, but RL has kept me offline for the last few days and so for today I'll be telling you about what I am greatful for over the last few days as well as today hehe...

1) MY NEW PC!!! In RL I have had a visit from my parents for the last few days. It was so much fun and things we did will feature heavily in today's post but the thing I have to put as number 1 is MY NEW PC!! I'm still playing around with everything and getting it set to my liking but YAY I HAVE A WORKING PC!!
2) Selling Old Junk... With Queen's Day in Holland just gone and the flea market that takes over our home town calming down, I have been able to sit back and take stock of all the stuff that we got rid of and our house has a lot more space in it now suddenly LOL... Time to start filling it with more junk and then shopping for the new hard drive Helly wants from our takings! 125 Euros worth of Old Junk gone YAY!
3) Buying Stuff at the Flea Market... As well as selling stuff, I went out with my parents and bought a few little things that made me smile. There was a little silver frog pepper pot (which is just beyond adorable), a necklace made out of old nails and a print that I fell in love with... 
I've been calling him Jared, as he looks a bit like Sammy from Supernatural (and YES I love Supernatural), but Hell was a little bit bothered by the fact there was a male bottom on display, he keeps threatening that he will paint a pair of pants on him!!!
4) Tulips... We went to a pick your own tulip farm the other day with my parents. I love driving though the tulip fields, it looks like someone has painted the landscape with a set of children's paints. Mum and Dad treated me to a giant bunch we spent ages picking... 
My Mum Picking Tulips!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 18

I am trying not to pout this week as I sat and dug through my wardrobe, trying to work out what to wear for yet another pastel in a cold colour. Where are all the warmer colours I wonder? This reign of cold colours, for me, is as bad as the list of poop coloured browns we had last year. Still I spent time looking through my wardrobe, nothing seemed to be anywhere near this colour, including anything that I had stashed away that claimed to be Thistle! Then I stumbled up on this dress, that had been something I had recieved as a blogger copy, from a previous Perfect Wardrobe. Hell really didn't like it, he said it made me look heavily pregnant! Yet it matched the colour, but what was I going to do with it...
Then I remembered somewhere that I had seen a challenge, I think it was something on Sama's Blog, that was basically "Which Princess would you be?" (if you wanted to check it out - GO HERE!)  When I was a kid, and who am I kidding even today, I love Disney Movies. I wanted to be Belle or Ariel when I was growing up, but this dress reminded me of the challenge as the different colours were named for these different Disney Princesses, the colour matching one of the colours they seem to wear in their movies. This purple colour happened to be called Jasmine... SO, I did this...
Week 18 - Thistle
Week 18: Arabian Nights, RuDisney Style!
What is she wearing;
Hair: Elikatira - Abbey
Skin: Nomine - Gypsy Skin
Eyeshadow: KOSH - Exile Duo Eyeshadow
Necklace: Dark Mouse - Avidita
Dress: Rotten Defiance - Princess Dress
Ring: Mandala - Motsumame Ring

Two weeks in a row I have been something pretty and wearing a girlie dress, I wonder if next week I can bring out the evil, dark side of Rudh... The girlie side of me is bringing me out in an itchy rash LOL I NEED TO WEAR SOMETHING BLACK hehe!!! 
Next Week - Pueblo