Monday, May 30, 2011

Proud Aunty Rudh has a LOL moment!

I am sure that unless you have been living under a rock that you will have heard about the fact that I have a sister, originally a SL sister but now that sisterhood spans over both lives, called Fledge... Well, thanks to her I can be a very proud Aunty to her totally adorable, three year old son Jamie, aka BEAN!
I don't have kids of my own (I could add yet here, but that idea still scares me lol) and so I am channeling all the proud towards Bean and his achievements - he's three and is already more than competent with both numbers and words, surprising me every time I talk to Fledge as she tells me something new that he is getting up to. Just today she was telling me that he had found Donuts in the kitchen, such good taste, avoid the fruit and veggies and go for something sugary and a little bit naughty instead hehe... 
But Bean like any normal kid comes out with some of the BEST chatter I have ever heard, it is one of those things that I miss about working with kids since my move to the Netherlands, no comedian could use obsevations so well as young children do, the innocence and seriousness of what they say makes it pure comedy gold even if it's not supposed to be funny! Along with the mention of raiding cupboards for Donuts, Fledge shared one of the most brilliant comments from a child that I have heard in almost forever... 

Fledge: I'm wearing a t-shirt with a unicorn on it, and I asked him what it was, and he said a pony! So I said it's a special kind of pony, it has a horn, do you know what that makes it? And he said "a scary pony!"

I had to get dressed up for the occasion, so Bean, this is just for you... Aunty Rudh dressed as a Scary Pony! 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - WEEK 30!

Week 30, what do you bring?? Time for another Mayala and Rudhmellowen colour combination post, where I provide the teaser and then WHAM Maya hits you with a full on work of cinematic genius that has actually, in the past, won us an Oscar lol...
For a couple of weeks now Maya and I have been holding secret talks to plan for week 30. She comes up with most of it, I just tend to throw a spanner in the works. She comes up with a plot and when I cant find an outfit I tend to bend that plot so the whole thing has to be tweaked before the filming stage has even begun... Such a Hollywood Diva aren't I? This week's colour was no exception to the rule, Maya told me the plot, I spent HOURS on marketplace searching for an outfit that both fit the story and the colour swatch, and still I bent the plot slightly taking me away from a Disney-ish Princess, towards something that would be more commonly found in a teeny rock music video...There is no teaser picture as I would have normally included, there were one or two technical difficulties this week (poor Maya), but as a hint, 
Mayala: ... maybe the moral to never kiss a frog you don't know personally ... lol
Week 30...
Week 30: A little Rock Princess... Move over Avril Lavigne, I wanted to be you as a teen, now I'm BETTER lol...
What is she wearing;
Tiara: Canimal - Boneyard Voodoo Tiara (store sadly closed)
Hair: Exile - Claudia
Skin: *JeSyLiLO* - J2 (skin fair gift)
Necklace: >>> moloko <<< - Guitar Collar
Outfit:.:STUPID THINGS:. - Anessa Dress
Gloves & Bracelets: .:*LouLou&Co*:. - NEVERMORE  (past hunt prize)
Stockings: ::.Digital Bath.:: Snow Bunny
Boots: Last Eden - Tall Boots
Guitar: [Ri] Rock Bass (cant find it in world but it was a freebie on marketplace)

I LOVE WORKING WITH MAYALA, unfortunately at this precise moment Linden Labs pulled another classic outta the bag and poor Maya was having big troubles... The Movie will follow on her blog VERY SOON (we hope!)
Next Week - Denim...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A well armoured Lycan attacks...

If you have been keeping up with my posts that mostly ramble about our neighbours, then you would have heard about how they are a vampire clan that seem to have a penchant for breaking the rental rules on our sim... First it was the club, then it was vendors and finally, before the landlord stepped in, it was the fact that there is a rule about how high you are allowed to build things, buildings cannot be too high and no platforms are allowed below a certain level... 
It was beginning to become a bit like a Lycan meets Vampire battle, the Lycans on our side of the wall against the Vampires on the other side. Things seem to have quietened down a bit on that front, though Hell took the chance to treat himself to a new avatar. This avatar was one of the Limited Edition, Rise of the Lycans sets, the Warrior from Little Britain, and I have to admit that although it wasn't cheap it is gorgeous. 
Luckily I was able to snap a picture of the armour clad puppy as he was wandering close to the wall, hoping to come into contact with one of the Vampires, who seem to have been keeping an eye on the garden, whenever one of the others change into Wolf form they all disappear, lol. Now that he was looking threatening, he had a huge axe which I made him put away as I didn't want him getting a booboo, he was also rather sad as there was not a vampire to be seen... Yet whilst he was discussing his problem with Fledge, she offered a solution... She would pose as a Vampire to let him show just how scary he was in attack mode and then he could put a picture up as a deterrent to the Vampires... 
Vampire Fledge didn't stand a chance, the sun was coming up and the Lycan she was facing had paws as large as her head, his claws could break her arms in one swoop of his mighty arm and her scantily clad body, dressed for a lusty Vampiric seduction was no match for the huge, bulking form decked out in his Rhino Armour!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - WEEK 29!

Last week's colour was one that left me feeling better than I had expected, I loved the outcome of my pink week. It brought out the evil carni in me, and gave me the most massive cravings for candyfloss that I have ever had! Who doesn't love the fluffy, pink, sugar clouds... I mean its both sugar and a cloud... WIN WIN!!! 
Yet this week's colour took us back to a place from a few weeks previous where I found myself thinking 'YAY I can cheat on this colour'... Now I found myself looking into my closet and thinking 'Damn I knew that was too easy!' This colour, more so than pink, is something I wouldn't ever tend to buy, most of my clothes in this colour are Halloween related and I was so not up for doing a post about Halloween in May, lol... Yet, Hell loves watching T.V. Shows about the police and prisoners and the like, and then the idea kinda hit me!
Week 29... 
Week 29: I've been a very naughty girl... So Hell put me on a time out LOL!
What is she wearing;
Hair: Maitreya - Lauren
Necklace: KOSH - Chop U Up
Outfit: INDI Designs - Inmate #4683 (male but no prims to mod so can be a YAY for women too!)
Bracelets: [Rasetsukoku] - Bound Hope (current hunt prize (The Macabre Hunt))
Belt: No longer available

Not quite as Neon Carrot as I would have liked, it seems to be a bit more Carrot lol, but anyway, NEXT WEEK a joint project between myself and miss Mayala Loon... YAYYYYYYY I LOVE THOSE WEEKS! 
Next Week - RUBY... A pinkish reddish colour it would seem from the swatch... Sounds pretty, shouln't be too hard hehe!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Military Operation for Shoe Fair!

Shoe Fair is something that tends to be a pretty precarious place for me... I am a shoe addict (though I tend to only ever come back to one pair on a regular basis, which I know is bad), my family say that I am a bit like the SL version of Imelda Marcos as I have around 2000 pairs of shoes... Yet it draws me in, I cannot help it, I hear Shoe Fair calling me "Rudh, Rudh, Come buy some shoes Rudh"... Well this year was gonna be different I had set myself a limit of a maximum of 5 pairs! 
I went in and picked up LOTS and LOTS of Demos, before pulling myself away back to our build platform to spend TWO WHOLE HOURS umming and awwing over which ones I wanted... In the end I chose only TWO PAIRS (as I had bought one pair already - it was love at first site)... THREE PAIRS OUT OF THE HUNDRED OR SO DEMOS I GRABBED... Pretty good huh?? 
Then I needed a set plan to make sure I went to the stores I was buying from and those stores ONLY... So, I having a moment of smartness on my previous visit had snapped a photo of the fair map, and I got out my colouring crayons and started to draw all over it... 
Colour codes were necessary! 
Orange was used for my route from the initial landing point to the first store I was heading back to, SLink... From there though I had a long walk following either the Blue or Yellow routes over 2 Sim Crossings, it looked to be a bit laggy walking all that way! Then I thought AH HA, I'll TP from one store to the other using the world map, hence the Purple Dots, but that didn't work either as there was a landing point in the central point near the fountain, and then the Pink route was created a simple TP to the central fountain on the Osmium Sim and then a quick walk around the corner to store 63, NX-Nardcotix.
I love all the shoes I bought, but man the Military-esque precision planning that went into that trip was tiring... I salute you shoe fair vendors and organisers, but now it's time for a nap hehe! 

Monday, May 16, 2011

SL "Spyrographish" Art?

Sometimes you discover things that you had NEVER had any idea of before... It works in RL, it works in SL, sometimes you feel like 'Damn I wish I'd known that before' and other times you are like 'WOAH'... This was one of those times... 
I'd been dressing in SL, one of the things that you HAVE to do, normally it takes me so long that by the time I'm done putting clothes on I'm pulled back to RL to do something mundane like making dinner. Yet this time I had placed, by accident an invisi-prim on the ground, I went to hit ctrl-alt-T to show the transparent, but I missed buttons and ended up hitting ctrl-shift-T for some reason... but I just had to show the results... I think its like Spirograph pictures I made as a kid hehe... 
Before pressing anything and in the midst of getting dressed I had to take a time out to just chillax hehe, getting dressed is just such hard work!
Whoops, what a slip of the fingers but who can really complain, this look REALLY COOL hehe... I never know you could do that... It will definitely help me to locate things that I tend to lodge in walls as I have been known to do, especially when putting up pictures!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Doomed Maid

Ya know how sometimes you get a feeling of impending doom... Well that is how I am feeling right about now, and seeing as I don't wanna burden anyone with it, I'm gonna talk about it here! Look away now if you don't fancy reading my worries, don't worry I will not be offended! 
OK, Here it comes... 
Last week, in RL, I was lucky enough to be given a job - since moving last July I have had real trouble finding anywhere that will even look my way for a number of reasons, but I now have work as a cleaner in a hotel... So I dressed Rudh up in a possible costume to match the reality! 
The BEST Movie Maid EVER... Magenta from the Rocky Horror Picture Show!!!
Yet after today I have this feeling of impending doom... Today was my third day, everyone on the staff was allotted their rooms to clean and I was handed a list of 15! Never done that many before, so it was a rather awesome challenge to start with. You only get a certain amount of time to clean each room, and if the guests are staying then life is a little bit easier as you don't need to change the sheets or do as thorough of a clean as you would if the guests checked out... ALL of the other, more seasoned girls had 20 rooms, and so they joked I was lucky till I looked at my list... EVERY ONE of the 15 rooms was a vacated room, that was a LOT of work... I having still not yet got a rhythm of cleaning and still struggling to make the beds spent longer than I should, and when it was time to pack up I still hadn't done 5 rooms, rather than being nice and helping me I was told I should have let them know before 12pm and that I would have to do them tomorrow... 
Personally I have been feeling like a failure since, I should have done these rooms, but then I haven't got a rhythm going as it was my THIRD DAY... I am all for going in at the deep end but surely they could have done it with a rubber ring as a bit of help?? I'm gonna have to ask for less rooms till I get a rhythm going, *tries not to cry at letting people down* UGH...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - Week 28!

This week was one that I had been expecting to come for a long while now, yet it was one that filled me with dread. It seems to be one of those colours that has caused a split amongst the challengers, some being like YAY and others, like myself, who were found banging their head against a wall shouting NOOO... 
I always say that it is the colour of EVIL, Disney got it wrong making all the baddies wear dark colours, whilst putting their princesses in this colour, lol... But anyway, I had been rather cunning, as a treasure hunt fanatic I had diligently stored away a whole box full of outfits that I would be happy being seen in in a whole range of this colour,well not happy but you get the idea. 
I sat and thought about what dressing up I could do for this colour, things came to mind, Barbies, The Grease Pink Ladies, after reading the olive post of Miss Madison Sullivan I thought Pepto Bismal (pure genius that thought Miss Sullivan!) Yet I dug deep and came up with something that wouldn't look outta place at a weird, twisted carnival (just keep me away from the clowns please?!)
Week 28...
Week 28: I ran away and joined the carnival, Candy Floss anyone?
What is she wearing; 
Hair: *BC322 - RICCA (lucky chair prize in this colour)
Skin: *Crimson + Clover* AFP (past hunt prize)
Outfit: Milly Molly - Easter Bunny Outfit (freebie on marketplace)
Arm Warmers: .:Acid&Mala:. - Knitted Arm Warmers
Shoes: Sn@tch - Pouncer Wedges worn with socks from the PANK outfit (past group gift)
CANDY FLOSS MACHINE: Action - Circus Cotton Candy Cart

As much as I dreaded this colour after seeing it on Saturday, I actually feel pretty pleased with the outcome. Not one to ever wear pink normally this looks pretty cool, but I am afraid to say that I haven't been won over and made into a pink fan! 
Next Week - Neon Carrot... OH MY GOD!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Low Lag Rudh Style!

Skin and Shape fair being on at the moment, Shoe fair being just around the corner and then will come the turn of Hair fair, for a shopaholic life is grand... Well it would be if Lag wasn't the biggest pain in the arse since severe constipation was invented. I love these big events, wandering around grabbing demos all over the place, getting excited when you locate a freebie, it all adds up to show that SL can pull off a kick ass event! 
Yet I have one MAJOR complaint... WHY DO PEOPLE INSIST ON GOING TO THESE EVENTS COVERED IN HIGH PRIM LOOKS, WEARING STUFF THEY DON'T NEED AND REFUSING TO TAKE OFF HUDS?? I just don't get it... OK they might have the best super computer at their finger tips that means no lag but what about the rest of us? No one gives a flying rats testicle what other people look like at these events, I mean I'd have thought that like myself people would be too busy looking at the products on offer to bother with wondering what other people were wearing?
I went into the event prepared, and stayed in the outfit all day as I decided to treasure hunt in it too... It was low prim, I allowed myself a rez arc of 263, and I wore no A.O. or Mysti-tool, and ya know what I didn't give a monkeys what people thought of my outfit. Anyone that wanted to mock me fine, but I would like to thank those people who actually IMmed me to say they loved my Box, LOL... 
The box is available at Grendels, in the freebies section, there are 15 different faces that you can wear depending on your mood and these are not only a low prim alternative to hair, they can hide it when you have a bad hair day LOL. Top it off with an awesome pair of PJs and BAM instant low prim fun outfit for busy events!

Monday, May 9, 2011


I just noticed as I was editing a post for my blog, Oh my gosh I never thought that I would keep up blogging for 100 posts when I first began, I thought that it would be a phase that I fell into and out of with maybe a month or two of crap written by me, about... well about junk that people don't wanna know or could find expressed better by the more seasoned bloggers!
It seems like I have traveled a long way since my first post back on September 11th, 2010 and as a path I chose to meander upon, I have been able to stretch my photography skills, my wardrobe has been increased immensely and I have been able to meet and follow the lives of many interesting and new people, who I may never have had the pleasure of meeting if it hadn't been for blogging.
I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who takes an interest in reading my ramblings, thank you for the comments, thank you for following my progress, thank you for being a part of this with me... Oh and thank you for making my wardrobe groan with the overstuffedness of it!! LOL! I brought Cake and Balloons to celebrate, though if you want the cake its in my hair hehe, had to find somewhere to carry it didn't I?! Here's to many more Random Ramblings and many more shopping sprees... ROCK ON and LET THEM EAT CAKE!

Open and on sale!

H&C Wheels' official opening party went without a hitch... I have to say that although I was fairly busy meeting, greeting, ensuring a good time was had by all, and fielding questions in IM from interested parties, I had a brilliant time. Hell stepped up to the plate playing a somewhat eclectic mix of tunes that ranged from Cradle of Filth to a punk cover of the Fraggle Rock Theme Song, and a few of my best friends managed to make it.
The calm before the craziness, the store about half hour before opening, I wanted a photo that showed the store as much as I could hence the somewhat aerial view, and I, even though I say so myself looked AWESOME!!!!! I LOVE MY OUTFIT, so I am gonna big it up! (OK this post was gonna be about the store, but Hell has his own blog for talking about that lol)
I found this AWESOME high-waisted skirt in the Sn@tch sale, added a chemise under the zebra print from Linc and then topped it off with a freaking awesome jacket from Cipher! I spent AGES looking for something to wear and Ivey, if you ever read this, YOU WERE MY INSPIRATION AND A LIFE SAVER!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Online Name predicted my FATE?!

Last night, I was able to hang out with my sisters Fledge and Imma, mostly due to the store opening (which I will post about later hehe), but Imma mentioned something that had both Fledge and I in a severe case of the giggles... Apparently my online name predicted my fate?! 
Since I can remember I have been using the name Rudhmellowen as an online name, although only really stepping into my Rudh boots when I was shown SL, yet Imma is a very knowledgeable person when it comes to the language of Elves (if I remember right from reading Tolkien), or Sindarin least I think its from Elves? Could be from Hogwarts knowing Imma hehe. We were discussing names... Imma is more formally known as the Immacolata, Fledge to use her full name is Fledhyris and I, well I'm Rudhmellowen but on meeting anyone will always get them to shorten it somehow...
Apparently, and I always kinda knew it was almost Celtic or even Elven think I must have just read Lord of the Rings or something when I picked my name, I had no idea that it would have a meaning... 
Imma clarified that it did and DAMN its funny... 
Rudhmellowen... Friend or dear of baldness (or should we even say 'lover'?) *g*
Rûdh: Bald (Sindarin, adjective)
Mell: Dear (Sindarin, adjective)
Mellon: friend (Sindarin, noun)
-wen: A common Sindarin suffix to female names
Why is it so funny... WELL... My lovely HellBone looks like this; 
But in RL he's more like this; 
See the funny, Rudhmellowen meaning basically "Lover of Baldness" fits the bill with us lol... and yes that is a Chicken Bone in his beard, part of his rocking stage look for when he played with his former band "Cavemen"

Saturday, May 7, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - WEEK 27!

Stepping over the halfway mark was fairly easy for me, given that I cheated on my Tangerine and doubled the outfit up for Queens Day, but the next step onto week 27 seemed to be somewhat harder... Well actually a LOT harder. I don't know why but anything in the green tone and I have never really quite seen eye to eye, and well it took a lot of digging and pouting and general moodiness, mostly aimed at Hell with complaints of having nothing to wear, until I came up with something that could pass as alright... I keep complaining about finding nothing to wear, though my inventory if it was in RL would be something resembling a rather large, warehouse that you need several elevators and miles of walkways with a map to navigate... Anyway, onto the important stuff... 
Week 27... 
Week 27: Dress like an Assassin, get used for holding boxes as Hell fills up the attic! Awesome huh?!
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Magika - Sophia
Blindfold: K_gs - Strait mask-1eye (past hunt prize)
Necklace: .:CORE:. - tags necklace
Top: .::Tyranny Designs::. - The Army Tramp
Arm Straps: (left) Phoebe ~Piercings&more~ - Arm Dagger Bands, (upper right) KOSH - Rapture, (lower right) Digital Dragon Designs - Ladies Aggression Arm Bands
Belt: KOSH - Jaw Vice Belt
Pants: KOSH - Dare Pants
Boots: Last Eden - Tall Boots

Was thinking Lara Croft, ended up looking like something kinda different from a tomb exploding archaeologist... That is a rant that does annoy the crap outta me, but you don't wanna hear about that LOL... 

Next Week - Pink... Not one that I have been looking forward to, but better to face it now I guess hehe

Friday, May 6, 2011

Why do we keep getting all the pain in the butt neighbours?

Since the last horse incident that I ranted about, we've had two more sets of irritating neighbours... The second set was another horse breeder, who let her 60 odd horses roam about thus causing major lag from all the scripts at play, and NOW we have another new neighbour, this time on a different plot who has taken the whole Residential land thing and torn it up and thrown it in the garbage... 
Our latest neighbours are bloodlines players, which is fine and has even caused us a few giggles as we are a family of mythical beings, with a number of Lycans in our midst... The Phoenix users amongst us noticed they were watching the other day and instantly became their Huge Wolfish selves, which seconds after had the new neighbours tping away hehe... Cant be sure the change was what caused it, but it was highly funny at the time!
Today we logged in and wandered around the garden near the houses, I was looking for photo opportunities as I wanted somewhere to capture the awesome new outfit I put together for the H&C Opening event, and whilst camming around through the wall I noticed that the vamps had a new castle, behind which was... 
A CLUB!!! I mentioned it to the owner of the land and she denied that it was a club, merely calling it a 'hang out spot"... 
This looks like a freaking club to me... Hang out Spot, Club, both seem to have DJ booths and will be having music and possibly tipping staff and the dancers upstairs who will be using the dance poles... In my days of hanging out in a club, this would be called a club, not a good one but a club all the same... 
Can someone tell me HOW this is supposed to be RESIDENTIAL?? Anyone?? 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Favourite Places: BC322 Skull&Bones

When it comes to hair,  I tend to be pretty fussy... I seem to prefer either long hair trailing all over my face, or swept up into a ponytail of some sort, yet so long as the hair looks good, I am never too fussed about where it comes from. I'll admit that I am a Ploom hair whore, as I have way too many sets of Ploom Hair, yet another store that caught my attention thanks to the Crazy Ass Hair Hunt was BC322 Skull&Bones.
This store, seems to sell a wide variety of stuff from urban/grunge accessories to clothing, yet it is the hair department that always gets me excited... 
The hair here is fun and different to what you find at the majority of other stores, it is usually accessorized in some way, and the design team always manage to impress... Not only do the styles come in regular colours, after occasional releases, they place the latest style into the lucky board, shown in the picture and that hair is usually one that wont be sold in a special colour... more often than not that special colour is PINK... I wouldn't ever normally wear pink but for this hair I'll make an acception...
Makes me feel like a real cartoon character this hair!!! I LOVE IT... Check out BC322, it's AWESOME!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hell&Co on Wheels GRAND OPENING!

I have NEVER been interested in cars or bikes in SL... That's a fact. Yet HellBone is a builder of them, so in the last few weeks I have hinted at a connection between me and vehicles, I have been living in a mass of car and bike parts, been around men who are greasy from building vehicles and have even been roped into doing some of the behind the scenes work for their store, but now I can finally throw on a pretty dress and get ready for a party! 
Saturday 7th May, at 12pm SLT, the Main Store for H&C Wheels is opening, and even if you like me aren't interested in cars or bikes, these are fairly impressive... Hell and Baco, the design team, create High-Prim vehicles that they as RL Vehicle lovers (both are bikers in RL) would be happy to put their name on, both as a gorgeous and possibly realistic design, but also for the vehicles ease of handling when driving.
PLEASE tell anyone you know who has an interest in vehicles. There will be the possibility that we reduce prices of random vehicles in the store, ONLY for this event. There will be the possibility that there may be special group freebies, ONLY for this event. There will be a discounted, Limited Edition GTO Cabri on sale, ONLY for this event... 
As someone who was a bit like "HUH?" when it came to recreating cars in SL, I will give the boys an impressive amount of respect... My sister, Fledge, had been looking for a 1967 Chevvy Impala that came straight out of the TV Show 'SUPERNATURAL', everyone always said it couldn't be done or wouldn't even attempt it... Not only did Hell and Baco recreate the vehicle for her, they made it look JUST AS IT IS IN THE SERIES... I didn't think they could do it... Don't believe me, come look... SATURDAY 7th MAY, 12pm SLT! 

Monday, May 2, 2011


I do have to admit that I love the rain... I love the sound of it as it hits the roof or windows, I love the smell of the air after spring rain, I love the feeling of a HUGE raindrop splashing on my nose and jumping in the biggest puddle when I'm in my wellies... I'm not so keen on it when my jeans soak up the water, or when its that fine drizzly crap pretending to be "rain"... The event hosted by MiaSnow, is a celebration of all things rainy, with a few not so rainy items hehe...
A small select group of designers have come together to celebrate the rain... nothing on sale is over 150$l, and OK it is not one of the charity events taking place, but it is cute and well worth a visit... 
I  found this pretty hat by JAStore, and I couldn't resist... It seems to sum up SL pretty well... The tea is something I would take for relaxation, I love a nice hot cuppa tea to wind down in the evening, and then the storm is drama... Storms are both beautiful and dramatic in my opinion... So a storm in a teacup is like us coming into SL to relax and in some cases being caught in a drama storm!!! PLUS this necklace from Schadenfreude is just too adorable, dontcha think??
Go to the event, it is SO worth it!!! Click here!!! GO NOW!!!