Monday, March 28, 2011

A severe case of Yoyoitus

Yoyoitus seems to be an affliction that affects everyone in SL at some point or another... Hell, our land guests and I have been suffering terribly with this problem for a few days now... People would come over and crash instantly, building has been a no-go area and even trying to get dressed in the morning has been a near impossibility. Yesterday, however, we discovered why.... Hell was in our garden taking in the scenery, when whilst camming around he spotted this, 
It would seem to me that our neighbour has started a horse farm...
Ok in the past Hell and I did have chickens in our garden, the Sion variety the first of the breedable type pets, they were laggy enough as each chicken had a couple of scripts, and we had ten but did reduce the number when asked... This lovely neighbour seems to have started a horse farm on residential land, they are only ever there to pick up stuff to take for sale it would seem, probably cos the lag is too high... they have 88 HORSES at last count, each with at least 14 scripts, and most of these are flipping pregnant... 
True Lag Reporter v1.0: Lag test starting....
True Lag Reporter v1.0: Sim Speed = 10.000000
True Lag Reporter v1.0: Sim 9.000000 times slower!
True Lag Reporter v1.0: Terrible
I understand that people love the breeding factor of these things, I used to love breeding the chickens, but seriously 88 highly scripted horses in a sim that is residential and where other people are present, is that really fair?

Sunday, March 27, 2011


For week 20 of the colour challenge, Mayala Loon and I worked on another collaboration. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these joint projects, I don't ever do much of the work but Maya's ideas always leave me both smiling and in awe. As part of the colour challenge, we have planned to do a joint venture at least every tenth week, though there may be more come up at random, and as week 20 started on my birthday, on the day itself at my party I, along with everyone that was present, was shown a short version as a teaser... 
If you haven't see this on Maya's blog then, Ladies and Gentlemen this is the FULL VERSION of the latest in the collection by Mayala Loon, starring awarding winning actress Rudhmellowen Laguna, I only say award winning as in the Oscars Movie I beat Maya up for it hehe...
Another Classic movie to add to the collection Miss Loon!!! Don't ever stop making movies they are HILARIOUS!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - WEEK 21!

Ok so a new week, a new colour, but a cheating outfit for me this week... I jumped for joy when the colour was announced last week (thank you for all the birthday wishes btw) as I realised that I wouldn't need to dig for an outfit, the outfit that I was going to wear to my SL/RL Birthday party was the exact colour...
I have to admit that the outfit I had chosen was something I would never normally have worn, but with fancy dress I like to push the boat out a bit so I went as a Unicorn, there were parts of it that caused quite a stir amongst my friends and family,
Infy: You look... amazing.
Rudh: Rudhmellowen Laguna smiles
Infy: I never put you down as a unicorn but BOY WAS I WRONG
My SL family is a crazy but fun mixture of humans and furries, hence why it caused a stir as I had always said that 'No I am not one for wearing a tail'...
Week 21...
Week 21: Good for the colour challenge in every way, as Unicorn's fart rainbows!
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Exile Artemis (past cheapie possibly freebie?)
Skin: [Skin Deep] - Starry Eyed Skin (past hunt prize)
Horn: Boof - Prancing Unicorn Horn (store closed sadly)
Necklace: Lacie Cakes - Lucky Necklace
Outfit: Sassy Kitty Designs- Tied Up White
Tail / Hooves: Chez Barbara - BW Unicorn (only available on marketplace, but a BARGAIN at 10l$)

I can't see myself wearing a tail full time in SL anywhere in the near future, but it was fun to dress up in, and it allowed me to try out something new! Only problem is as I was making this picture in my little attic I had the 'My Little Pony' theme tune going around and around in my head!

Next week - BANANA MANIA - This colour seems to be back in that range of mud colours, its not quite yellow, not quite nude, not quite cream... *sighs* Oh well!

Friday, March 25, 2011


I haven't posted a favourite places post for a while now, but I felt that it was time to get back on the band wagon and rabbit on about the places that I highly recommend...
This time we delve deep into the awesomeness that is Concrete Flowers and Kosh... Yes I know it is two stores, BUT the owners are one couple and they run the stores together, plus I wanna pimp them out this way so *pokes her tongue out*

Owned by super couple, Lynaja Bade and Daizy Dumpling,  these stores are normally my first stop for when I am looking for something with out a specific store in mind. They create gorgeous skins, interesting furniture and household furnishings, awesome and useful clothing to mix and match, jewellery that I wear almost constantly and some wacky stuff that you don't even realise you need until you see it there in store. 
From Concrete Flowers, just a mere hint of the wild and wonderful
From Kosh, a taste of the darker side of life
If you haven't been to Concrete Flowers or Kosh then you damn well should... Lynnie, I had to put pee and poo in the blog, you know I did they are my FAVOURITE plushies ever!!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Albero Kawaii Hunt - A good pain in the butt!!!

Everyone should know by now that I am a serial treasure hunter, if I run out of hunts to do I find myself shopping at stores that I have discovered while on hunts, and OK that is a good thing as I get new stuff but when you have a limited $L account then it can be a real problem lol... I have started using the SL Hunts Website as it seems to be the most up to date information about hunts that are currently running complete with links to blogs for more details. 
I noticed one there yesterday that was for a Kawaii Hunt at Albero... 

I like Kawaii, it brings out my cute side and Albero is just such a cute place anyway, I teleported myself over there to get hunting... On arrival you get a HUD that gives you a link to a picture clue, when you find the place the picture was taken then you find a little log, which will give you the next clue... As this happens the HUD will fill up and once this is filled, it's like being a kid at Christmas time.
The collection of prizes is essentially a kawaii lovers dream, and I was loving everything that I pulled out of the prize boxes... My favourite being a desk from Cheeky Pea. 
I had wanted to create a blogging space for myself for a while, somewhere that I could sit in peace... I snuck up to my hiding place in the attic and put out my desk, then with a little Shakespeare for inspiration, I settled with this, 

A Down on the Rollercoaster

Picture called Sad, can be seen here
Things never turn out how you want them to be and SL is known to be a roller coaster at the best of times. Today was probably one of my lower moments, and gee it isn't even 8am! I logged in this morning to a land where there was drama pouring out of the seams, I had been caught up on the periphery for a couple of days but yesterday I thought that I had managed to sweep all that under the carpet and move on. Unfortunately, SL didn't get the memo, guess it serves me right for not leaving a note on the fridge or something, but the carpet had been moved and I was plunged into the middle of the drama. 
Being accused of something that really was not my fault, I began to feel bullied, the person in question would not stop trying to justify the things that were being said to me even when I had obviously asked him to leave me alone, he even threatened to report me to LL if I showed anyone the conversation. I was in IM with him, I had no idea where he was and I couldn't find how to mute the person just from the IM - thank you LL for being so helpful there and if anyone knows how to do it can they PLEASE let me know for future reference. 
The cyber-bullying has got to stop... People can not be allowed to carry on doing this... OK for me this was a one off event from that person, but there were other people that I called friends involved, so where the heck is my escape from reality if my escape is marred by this kind of bullshit? SL isn't the place I want to feel victimised and bullied, I want it to be fun and laughter and crazy stuff that I can't do in RL... 
My heart goes out to anyone that is being bullied, be it in RL or via cyberspace, I hope that you can find the strength to get help, and that the bullies take a long look in the mirror and realise that it is them that is the weaker person... Question is once I report this jerk, will LL step up and do anything about it?

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Yesterday, March 19th was my RL 25th Birthday... I will admit that I have been feeling a bit down on the run-up to my special day as it was to be the first that I have not been surrounded by my RL family and that money is a bit tight in RL which meant I wouldn't be going out dancing... Yet my SL friends and family pulled through for me and helped me celebrate in style, and at the same time proved to me that my best friends are always with me through the magical internet!
The party was a costume 'come as whatever you want' party with Hell as a DJ... and everyone pulled out the stops looking awesome... My outfit I cannot totally reveal as I am holding on to it with just a hint at the overall look till next week's colour posting,  I was wearing white which I got all excited to discover is next week's colour... My outfit had me giggling though when HellBone and I were there together, he was Marilyn Manson and I was something so uber cute that I think the real Marilyn would have had a fit at being seen with it... 
I just wanted to say to everyone who came, thank you for helping me celebrate my quarter of a century, and for all the lovely presents (I got a few pairs of shoes, everyone knows me so WELL hehe) and for making me feel special when I had been feeling so low!! For those of you that couldn't make it I still love you too, but you really missed out hehe... Here's some pretty pictures, I know that some are blurry but people weren't rezzing well and they were all jiggling lol... 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - WEEK 20!

BIG WEEK THIS WEEK... Miss Mayala Loon and I have teamed up once again to create something bigger than, I was going to say both of us, but Maya does tend to make movies (though she was saying this would be the last one for a while, let's see how long that lasts). Maya and I have decided to do a joint venture at least every ten weeks so there are a fair few more to come, but this week she was planning something so secretive, even I couldn't know what it was... The creation of this movie made my eyes go funny...
My eyes went all funny when I had to stand my Barbie in front of this for half hour or so it took for filming.
To see the completed movie, you will have to tune into the blog of Miss Mayala Loon, I am gonna have to look there, she wont even hint as to what it is about, I tried everything, begging, pouting, making jokes... NOTHING WORKED... So all I have to show this week is the picture above and my outfit...
Week 20...
Week 20: Went girlie for a change, its kinda scary and OH MY GOD IS THAT PINK?!
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Crimson + Clover - Vian (the store sadly is no more)
Lipstick: Kosh - Hawt Lips
Piercing: [[Sweet Nirvana]] - Ughly Betty(past hunt prize)
Necklace: [bubble] Bright Memory Necklace
Outfit: (including skin) Gehanna - Tea Party Dress (past hunt prize)
Shoes: [Virtual/Insanity] - Lady Valentine Flats

I will have to wait till tomorrow now to see all the pretty pictures of everyone else. It's my RL Birthday, so I am gonna spend the day doing something nice and eating cake! I'll be having a party in SL tonight though, if anyone wants to come hehe... But like Guenevere said in her Umber post last week, I too will be having to create my outfit soon, I'm addicted to the colourful drug, I feel your pain Guen!!!