Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bog Hero... Week 7

A NEW SONG YAY!!! My thoughts go out to the lovely Miss Shay as she heads into some much needed away time, shall miss the HUGE amount of reading everyday, but she's said that there will still be songs and so I'm gonna keep working on them, maybe she'll see them too...
The new song was one that I had never heard this week, though after my first listen I fell in love with it and plan to do some much deeper investigation into their music in the near future. The band is categories as folk rock, a term I have never really gotten my head around, it seems to be a mixture of haunting melodies with beautiful words and a fair heaping of tambourine rattling away in the background. I don't claim to be the most knowledgeable person when it comes to music, but I know what I like and this is a band that I will definitely be looking into in the future. I call myself a Rock music lover when pushed, but my taste is so eclectic it runs down the scale from bands like Lordi and Holyhell to Take That and back up it again, lol - Lordi and Take That in the same sentence - but then isn't that the point of music you like what you like?!
I will admit prior to posting my attempt this week that I did cheat just a little! I used different lyrics to those posted by Shay, from the same song, but I thought it would make my picture look less like hers hehe... 
Week Seven's song... Blackmore's Night - Under A Violet Moon
Fortuneteller what do you see
Future in a card
Share your secrets, tell them to me
Under a Violet Moon
This song had me dancing from the first moment I heard it. Yet when I saw the lyrics and the picture that Shay had put up I didn't want to work on the bridge, it would have been too similar, so I picked different lyrics and ended up running down into the family garden to create a picture. IT took me many tries as rebaking was causing me problems, it's an old outfit from Nicky Ree and it has a glitch skirt, the rebake was making it like one LONG GIANT LUMP and I wasn't pleased... then I had to get Hell controlling Rudh and making the pose ball I'd sat her on move so that I could get some movement. Yet as always, in the end it was a snap and save moment that ended up being the best picture... I didn't even need to do any work in Photoshop, HOW COOL!!! 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Waited HOURS for a Violent Seduction!

Have you ever looked at a photo of a release sent out by a designer to advertise their latest product and gone, OMFG I WANT THAT!!! I do it all the time, sometimes things get bought instantly, other times I store the photos with highly detailed notes in a wish list telling me where an item came from, how much, release dates and the like... Yet this dress was one of those items I had to have NOW!! Little did I think that I would end up spending THREE AND A HALF HOURS waiting for it...
This gorgeous dress is the latest release from the store Violent Seduction. I will admit that I love the store, the stuff that comes out of it is so pretty and high quality, it is always worth the price you pay. I merrily skipped over to the store to be hit by a wall of lag and of people waiting around for this item. It is the latest item to be put in the Lucky Vendor, yet this is a little different from the normal items up for grabs as it was originally due to be released as a sale outfit. Due to the release of the MESH enabled viewer (something that I will admit I am kinda scared of, it's taken me 5 years to get used to prims), she has announced that this will be her last non-Mesh outfit and therefore threw it in the Lucky vendor as a giftie!!! I teamed it with some bright red Maitreya heels, Lionesque locks from House of Munster and a Crown - and BAM, instant smoking hot queen! 
I will warn you, though it is fully mod, it has no resize scripts, I had to resize the skirt a LOT as I am fairly chunky waisted with a fat butt! Took a lot of cussing!! Also, to get the Lucky vendor gifts you have to be a part of the Violent Seduction group, at a cost of 50l, but an outfit like this makes the cost of joining totally worth it!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Today, I am 5!

Today, I am 5... 
A dream-like photo that took me hours to create, these are the many Rudhmellowen's through my 5 year stay in SL...
The addiction, the ever changing thrill ride, the soap opera that is SecondLife, has kept me within it's grasp for the last 5 years. RL people have told me that it is a waste of time, that I will never achieve anything by spending my free time sitting in front of the computer and moving a  character around. Yet they have been so wrong, on so many levels. 
Since I first started SL way back in 2006, I've discovered a love of zebra print, and shock horror, COLOUR... I ran a club, and now a store... I've been a fae, a walking rainbow and a vamp, now I seem to have managed to subdue these although sometimes they become apparent, and sure there have been more break-ups than I care to remember, relationships that withered and died within days, friendships that turned out to be more fake than friendly, yet I have been lucky to find people who have become friends, stayed friends and will likely be there always, and on top of that I met the man I want to grow old with!
There are so many people that I want to thank for sharing my SL with me, I don't think that I know where to start... Dare I list people? Would that cause more trouble than it was worth? Everyone that has been a part of my SL I want to say a big THANK YOU for the ride, it has been tough at times, but it has been so worth it! Though to Fledge, Hell, Lynnie, Zak, Fire and the rest of my SL Family I have to send special thanks to you guys, you've been my rocks (Fledge especially you - you've put up with me for almost as long as I've been in SL... Dunno how you've managed without needing to be taken away by men in white coats). I know that sometimes I have driven you guys crazy, but thank you for sticking by me!! I love you guys, and everyone that is still a part of my life, no matter how long I've known you!!! 
I wanted to put together a little slideshow of photos, of people that have been on the ride with me... Some are still there, others have moved on but each was important, there are also people that I haven't included, I have my reasons, they probably know them!

Time to start the next chapter, I wonder if I will still be doing this in another 5 years? Gosh 10 years in SL that would feel like an eternity, 5 already feels like a Lifetime!

52 Weeks of Colour - Week 43!

TODAY IS A SPECIAL DAY IN RUDHLAND (keep your eyes open for a post to follow this later), but first of all I had a bit of an OH MY GOD NO moment this week lol... I tend to work on my photo and even write the post so that it is all ready to go and I can just hit upload on a Saturday morning, yet this week instead of saving I hit PUBLISH POST... I will admit this was followed by a NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, and my deleting skills not working fast enough lol...
I had trouble with the challenge this week, the colour of the Swatch was NOT the same as what I thought that the colour would be in my head. In my head this colour is like a very deep red almost brown, yet this swatch was more of a very dark grey... I spent ages looking for an outfit that satisfied in a reddish brown colour to match the one in my brain to no avail, then I began to think that I should try to match the swatch as I have done all along. I haven't always agreed that it is the right colour, but the swatch is the one I was using... This proved to be something I could be more creative with!
Week 43...
Week 43: You summoned me, you better have a good reason or I will rip your LIVER out!
What is she wearing;
Hair: creatives! - hera (past group gift)
Horns: Ezura - Macabre Horns (past hunt prize)
Skin: Idiosyncracy - Timeless Fantasy
Ears: Wolves' Escape - Ears Escape
Choker: .:Acid&Mala:. - Messed Memory Wire
Necklace: :::LiNe::: - LemmeGo Necklace
Bracelets: Digit Darkes - Couture
Bodysuit: Violent Seduction - Boudoir (past group gift)
Shoes: Relentless Couture - Spiked Ankle Boots

One thing that I have to ask is where are you getting these colour swatches Luna? Seriously if your liver is that colour you might want to see a doctor hehe... I loved the fact it turned out to be another monochrome colour though... 
Next Week -Firebrick... YAY a red tone, I love Red!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blog Hero... Week 6

Week 6 of the Blog Hero Challenge rolls around... I am falling in love with this challenge more and more each week. Miss Shay took us in the direction of the Eurovision Song Contest this time, for those of you that don't know, this is a singing competition where the countries of Europe work with their neighbours in a bid to beat all other countries, in a song contest where normally many of the performers would NOT be allowed to be seen singing in public. Maybe I am biased because I am English and we seem to send in crap year upon year just for the fun of it, this year we sent in newly reformed boy band 'Blue' though I guess we got beaten in our coolness by the Irish who sent in Jedward... Occasionally though something good does come out of the Eurovision (though nothing English I will say AGAIN), I love LORDI who won a few years back and who were the first heavy metal band to do so, and now this year's Turkish song has actually grown on me since I watched it this morning aghast that Shay would pick something from the EUROVISION... I was thinking OH NO CHEESY POP, but I was pleasantly surprised... Don't think I actually remember this song!
Week Six's song... Turkey Eurovision 2011 - Live It Up
 Hey it’s time to live it up my friend
Put the record on
Sing it loud and let it out life is beautiful
My friend let it out life is beautiful

This photo caused me problems, I got in fights with friends whilst making it because I'd had a bad day and they kept poking me about stupid stuff that didn't really matter, so it did get put on the back burner a little. Yet when I read the lyrics I instantly thought of being in my bedroom when I was younger singing into a hairbrush, this photo evolved from that. Rudh in a dream like state, set up in what could have been a new bedroom, having a daydream about singing somewhere fabulous. When I first moved into my flat at University, the first thing that I did was get my CD's out and play them, but in this case I went with a retro record player to fit the lyrics. I love the way that this photo came out... 
OH AND MISS SHAY... Good Luck with whatever you are going into hospital for, you'll be missed, keep smiling and it'll be the end of October before you know it *hugs*  

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Zombie Pin-Up Moment

It is amazing what you can find on the internet seriously... Hell is redecorating the store, he has decided to go it alone and create for himself - a long story, one that may come up later - he wanted me to help with the decorating, and so as I was setting out a little garage area I came up with the idea of needing a pin-up poster. I love the classic and demure, yet sexy, pictures and so I set about searching for something appropriate. My search lead me to some weird inspiration for a Rudh photo hehe... 

I knew I had to create a look for this when I had discovered it. It was just FAR TOO AWESOME! I am Rudh, the Zombie Pin-Up. Missing half my face, covered in blood and bruises, wrapped in roses and laying glamorously amongst the plants in the garden... I make Zombie chic look awesome hehe! 
The inspiration for this picture came from this...
It was hidden in the results that came up after searching for Pin-Up on Google... Following the link I realised that there has been two zombie pin-up calendars... HOW COOL IS THAT?? I recommend you taking a look, it is brilliant,, "Where beauty eats BRAAAAIINNS!"

Saturday, August 20, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - Week 42!

Another week, another colour and another ARGH moment in the RudHellowen (our Celebrity couple name, lol Cool huh?? hehe) household, as I discovered last Saturday that this colour was one I had secretly been thinking PLEASE DON'T LET IT COME UP... Luckily, Luna's swatch is nothing like the colour that I envision this particular colour to be, I have the vague idea that in a less neon and more neutral shade this colour resembles a gross slime colour kinda reminiscent of snot... Yet Miss Luna has given us a very neon version of the colour and so I breathed a slight sigh of relief, until I realised "wait a minute what the heck am I gonna find in my inventory in that colour?!" 
Once again, as luck would have it, I have been storing a multitude of different coloured outfits within my freebies to sort folder, within a sub folder called "Clothing Possibles for the 52 Weeks Challenge" and there sitting in my Green sub-folder was the top that I found for this week... The rest just seemed to fall into place, I LOVE it when that happens! Just so you know, for those of you that don't know me in world, I spend a lot of time sorting through anything new that I collect (as a treasure hunting freak it tends to be a vast amount of stuff), I always have to know where everything is so that I can find it easily, and even still I will often be like hmmmmmm I have nothing to wear!
Week 42...
Week 42: Noooo, Please don't plug me in!
What is she wearing; 
Hair: -dDx- Nethead (past hunt prize)
Skin: -=Fiction and Chaos=- - Vert (past hunt prize)
Tattoo: B[u]Y Me - Twisted Cyber Tat (past hunt prize)
Necklace: +>A&A<+ - Rave Candy Necklace
Jacket (including shoulder and elbow pads): +DV8+ - CyberJammer
Top: Beautiful Disaster - Green Dress (past hunt prize)
Skirt: *Linc* - Low Rise Mini Jeans Skirt
Boots: Last Eden - Black Junkers

And just because this week my hair is THAT cool, I had to give you a close-up shot!
Next Week - Liver... WEIRD name for a colour I must say! But, its in the monochrome scale so shouldn't be too much of a problem!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blog Hero... Week 5

Wow 5 weeks already... pretty cool huh?? So far I have to commend Shay on her taste of fabulous tunes to get our creative juices flowing, mine have really tried to flow with this challenge. I am slightly concerned by the fact that until now the songs have all been so good, I spend the entire time I am working on these photos listening to that song on repeat just so it keeps my mind on that project, and the day that something really bad comes up I think I may end up being committed - Hell also has to hear it, not the actual song on repeat, me singing it on repeat, as I try to stop torturing him by using my headphones, so he may be the one actually persuading an asylum to commit me?! 
This week I tried to be a bit artistic, Fledge says that she wants to plug I-Pod headphones in to each of the different Rudhs, on closer inspection it does have that look to it hehe, but I ensure you it wasn't my idea. I wanted to pose Rudh in a striking way, and as I was looking through my photo set to pick out THE shot, I found myself thinking of my new city home. I've been living in Amsterdam for a while now, instead of red doors, there are a lot of red windows...
Week Five's song... The Rolling Stones - Paint it Black 
I see a red door and I want it painted black
No colors anymore I want them to turn black
I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes
I have to turn my head until my darkness goes
 I know that on Shay's blog post, the video of Marc Almond's version of this song was her choice, and it does seem like a good version, yet to me NOTHING will ever beat the original Rolling Stones version. My Dad is a Stones fan, I was brought up on their music and alongside my mum's love of bands like Guns 'n' Roses and Def Leppard, I attribute my love of Rock Music to them! It even shocked my first school teacher once when I told her, aged 5, that my favourite song was Sweet Child of Mine lol...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

An opinion would be much appreciated!

I've been thinking recently about my blog banner... I love the picture that was created for me by my friend Vix, but that was about 6 months ago or so now, and in my eyes it is starting to look a little dated... I've moved on a bit since then! 
At the end of last week I sat and created a potential new banner, something that I put together and is by no means a great work of art, but after I was done I sat looking, and couldn't make up my mind about whether to change my blog banner or not... Stupid huh?? Why can't I just do it? I asked Hell and he said I should, but still I am not sure. SO, I have decided to post it up here and ask for opinions... 
Do I change my current banner, or do I stick with it and throw this one in the garbage?? Answers on a postcard please lol... 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - Week 41!

This week there is just 11 weeks left of the challenge, when you say 11 weeks it seems a lot less than if you call it about 3 months... Let's stick to talking in terms of Months rather than Weeks shall we... otherwise I might have to start running a countdown to Christmas LOL, when thinking of weeks it's only what 20 weeks? LOL... Time to start writing my list of demands... I mean Wishes... to Santa! 
But anyway, that aside, this week's colour was REALLY hard for me, I have a problem with anything in the pink range, but once I had found my outfit I loved it so much that I wore it for a week and will probably wear it for a little while yet! It did get me some funny comments whilst I was out shopping though, one noobish male avatar who shall remain nameless Im'med me to comment that I looked like a crazy person! He said my hair was weird, I asked would it have been so weird if I had had a mer-tail instead of legs, but he didn't respond... It always makes me laugh when people try to comment negatively on the way I dress Rudh. I dress the way that I want to, most of the time she's a bit of a skank, other times she can be a walking rainbow, and there are even times when I look a little eccentric, but in my eyes Rudh is a barbie doll. Even when she is in jeans it is a look that I couldn't or wouldn't even try to wear in RL, if I showed as much flesh in RL as I do in SL I would probably be arrested for indecency! It won't be the last time that someone in SL feels they have the right to comment on another's appearance, but at the end of the day people like that are just jealous they haven't got the imagination, or have way too much free time on their hands!
Week 41...
Week 41: That is the last time I wash my hair with Sea Water... LOL
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Ploom - Jinx
Tentacle Hair: + Panda Express+ - Tentacle Hair
Jewellery: (I cant find the store ANYWHERE sorry guys)
Dress: (including leggings): The Sea Hole - OCTO-dress

I loved this outfit, I keep saying that the colours I think will be hardest tend to be the outfits that I love most, this proves that for me!!! 
Next week - Chartreuse...

Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer Spell Practice

Today, whilst getting dressed in a new top that I discovered on a random trip to Candy Metal, a store that I recently discovered through the Beauty Circle. Their latest release was a cute badly buttoned cardigan, worn with or without a bra on show underneath. As I was dressing, I for some reason ended up looking like a rather skankish version of a school girl, the kind of uniform that is only present in porno, and then from there I got this weird desire to take a photo of a school girl with a twist hehe... 
This is a picture for two members of my SL family, I guess you might call them Uncles, Remus and Severus. Remus has been like an uncle to me for the longest time, he's always made sure I had somewhere to call home, and he has been there with words of advice as well as the odd "Rudhmellowen is that a skirt?" comment. 
The green on my socks and the bow in my hair show that I have been assigned the house of Slytherin, it is the only place for a "bad girl" (LOL I'm far too innocent to be a bad girl lol), yet I think it might have been a plot by my darling uncles to make sure that I am behaving what with Uncle Severus being the House Master... When all the other kids go home for the summer, I get made to practice my wizardry... Just great living with professors huh?! 
LOL - btw I don't really know much of anything about Harry Potter, I'm not a fan! The only things I do know are things I have heard from friends and family...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blog Hero... Week 4

Wednesday again... Time for another installment of Shay's challenge BLOG HERO... I've looked forward every week so far in anticipation of what song lyrics we will be assigned. This week the lyrics were recommended by Callie Cline, and I have to say I love her choice, it was instantly easier than last week's Love in an Elevator! This song like last week's is a bit of a classic, instantly recognizable and a golden oldie, like the song's for the last few weeks I have had this tune stuck in my head, going round and round in my noggin as I put together a photo. I am dreading the day something overly cheesy, bubblegum pop-ish comes up, the songs seem to be so varied, that I am sure at some point something will... but Shay that was not a request hehe! 
This week I pulled some old friends out of their hiding place deep within my clothing warehouse, they are uber laggy but as of today I get the feeling that they may be out for a while LOL... I can't bare to lock them away again!
Week Four's song... Tom Jones - What's New Pussycat? 
What's new pussycat? Woah, Woah
What's new pussycat? Woah, Woah
Pussycat, Pussycat
I've got flowers
And lots of hours
To spend with you.
So go and powder your cute little pussycat nose!
Pussycat, Pussycat
I love you
Yes, I do!
These three pussycats are my pets that have been gifts from my awesome SL family... Jiffy is the black one, he was first and a gift from Suzari - he's called Jiffy due to an old family joke about sperm in a brown jiffy envelope, it's a long story and one that is better not asked lol. Then there is Boner, he's my lil dead, gay cat that Hell bought me when I moved into the house with him in SL, and last but not least Lord Weehead - another family joke lol - that was a gift for my 23rd birthday... Like I said before I think that I will be leaving them to roam about a bit, especially since my brother Zak is using our place as home for a while and Weehead is so hungry LOL...

Come on England, Get through this Crap!!!!!

 I am not a particularly patriotic person, I will confess that I miss England dearly since moving to Holland to be with Hell, but I never was one of those people that was deeply interested in the royal family, or politics, what I miss most are the silly things... Being able to buy English Chedder (yes, I know that seems silly in a country who can claim a main export to be cheese), or watching the news on TV in English, or the charity shops and carboot sales (oh my god they were like little treasure troves!) We seem to have a collection of Union Jacks around our house now hehe...
Yet for the last few days I have been concerned, more so about friends and family, but England seems to have gone into self-destruct mode and it is freaking scary! What started out as the police trying to stop some guy involved in gun crime, seems to have now become a free-for-all display of what would seem like stupidity and nonsense violence. People on the radio saying "we cant afford a new TV, so we just took one", since when was that the way that the world worked? Damaging other people's property and livelyhoods, for what purpose other than to just be able to say "hey look at me I'm so cool I started a fire!" What started out as a family protest about the death of their son (the man shot by the police that was involved in carrying arms in the first place) has spiralled out of control over the past three days, people organising rioting using modern technology such as Facebook and Twitter or their Blackberries, young children following their parents examples and getting involved, the police having to let mob rule continue as they are so short handed?! It is truely shocking!
So far my parents and grandparents seem to be OK, I have family in Croydon (one of the areas suffering), and Fledge, Zak and Fire are all up north, where the rioting has spread too... I just hope that something gets done about this soon... To anyone that is caught up in the affected areas, stay safe, I have my fingers and toes crossed for you, and they will stay like that till all this chaos is over!

Monday, August 8, 2011

SL Weekly Words... Week 2

Still giving this new challenge a chance this week. This challenge seems to be a little easier to create something for so far, as you can use whatever you want.. it can be an old photograph or something totally non-SL related, it doesn't have to be a new look that you create just for this challenge - though I will admit I LOVE making pictures now. Who'd have thought that blogging would turn me into someone who likes taking photos hehe... But anyway, the words for this challenge have been up on the previous post all week and I have had some serious thinking to do, delving deep into my inner psyche to find the perfect idea. Recently photos of Rudh seem to have been a little bloody and kinda had a depressed feeling to them, but this idea really struck... 
Week two's words are: 
So I put together this picture... Thing is, I am totally happy being a fat girl in RL. I have no problem with it, and my need for some Bridget Jones Undies. I joke about the fact that I am a fat girl, I tell people I have "more rolls than Sainsburys" (an English Supermarket for those of you that don't get the joke), I have a man that loves me the way I am and so I am totally happy. Yet I have my barbie doll in SL, who can get away with wearing the teeny, cute panties and sometimes I think maybe I actually want an ass like that? 
But anyway, next week it is the turn of the word "deliberate", I have no idea what I would create for that, if I can even think of something to post for that... we shall have to wait and see! 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - WEEK 40!

OH MY SHINYBIGBALLS WE'VE MADE IT TO WEEK 40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm not sure that I can quite believe it that I personally have made it this far, but the challenge is like a drug, every week I seem to be craving my next colour hit more and more lol... I can't think about the end, fact I refuse to right now, I am just gonna carry on like its never gonna end, there are SO MANY more colours out there than 52, we should just keep going LOL... Anyway, this week...
This week is supposed to be another collaboration week between Mayala and myself, the last one is still in the process of being created (and by in the process I clearly mean 'We haven't had time to start it yet!'), and this week's epic has also been put to the back burner a little as Maya is away on a holiday. We've been in email contact however, and I have thrown down the proverbial gauntlet for her on this one! I created a look for this colour a while back, it's slightly darker than the pale swatch issued, but I am kinda allergic to pale shades! So, I have sent a copy of the picture to Maya and issued the challenge, "I bet you can't come up with an idea using this photo!", apparently her lil "pea-brain" (her words not mine) is working overtime to come up with something... Should I be afraid?? Quite possibly YES! 
Week 40... 
Week 40: I came up into the attic and found Hell had acquired a new toy hehe! (damn he's gonna kill me for titling this picture that lol)
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Ploom - Dusty Beehive
Dress: Rock Me Amadeus - Hollywood Dress
Bracelet: Twisted and Spoiled - Part of Have a Heart Set
Sex Doll Avatar: Dark Delights - Real Sex Doll

Yea that is me in the Sex doll avatar too lol... Lynnie found them on the Marketplace and we spent a good few hours running around in them at her place, before she dared me to use it in the colour challenge! But now that Maya has seen the look I am more than a little scared of what she will come up with LOL!!
Next Week -Jazzberry... Maybe that is raspberry but Luna was trying to avoid the fruity theme?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Just a pretty picture!

Taken by my bestiepops, Lynnie. We had wanted a picture together for a while and it seemed to have taken us some time to get our asses together and pose for this shot. Lynnie took it and worked her magic, I don't know what she did, but it's purdy and I wanted to share it hehe...
I've noticed people posting photos for a challenge about our inspirations. Something I thought about doing, but realised that would end up being the world's longest post as I have so many people around me who inspire me on a daily basis - I'm sure you will have heard about them all at some point and maybe I will talk about them as inspirations in future, but for now that is a post best left in my head! However, I will say that Lynnieloo happens to be one of those people that inspires me. She is a kickass, amazing person, who rarely has a bad word to say about anyone ( I say rarely as we ALL do it sometimes hehe!). She's a top notch designer, running two awesomesauce stores in SL - Concrete Flowers and Kosh. Oh yeah, AND she's my fairy bob mother LOL!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blog Hero... Week 3

It's Wednesday, and that means that it is time for the song lyrics of the week! My week's blogging is slowly becoming fairly structured hehe, Saturday I'm working on the colour post and then Wednesday it's time to get a song stuck in my head as I put a photo together for Shay's Blog Hero Challenge! I'm enjoying this one, it's becoming another addictive drug almost like the Colour Challenge. Though, when I saw this week's lyrics I did think "Dammit Shay that's freaking hard", it was such a specific set of lyrics there didn't seem much room to play around with the idea, I thought that I might have to skip a week already, and I wasn't pleased that my brain was drawing a blank... Not one to be defeated I sat listening to Steven Tyler rock out these lyrics and was struck with the idea that eventually came to life with a little help from Hell! 
Week Three's song... Aerosmith - Love in an Elevator
"Love in an elevator
Livin' it up when I'm goin' down
Love in an elevator
Lovin' it up 'til I hit the ground"
Hell created this elevator shaft for me, as my plan was that I wanted Rudh to look like a cheap hooker who'd been having fun with her client in an elevator, until he refused to pay and instead pushed her down the elevator shaft, the red tinted light under the elevator itself providing the only light in the shaft... I have NO IDEA where the idea came from, but it just struck me taking the words from the lyrics literally rather than their meaning of stopping at the ground floor...  

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I love the idea of a challenge as much as the next person, and if I see them being created then it makes me want to at least have a go... Never sure I will complete any that I take on, they have to catch my attention as much as the Colour Challenge did to be able to keep me creating something every week, yet while they are new and fresh then I can at least attempt them. So this new challenge then, this is a challenge that has been created by Gidge Uriza for the It's Only Fashion Blog, and it came to my attention in the blog of the awesome Miss Laura18 Streeter... 
This is the SL Weekly Words Challenge, and the idea behind this challenge either a word or phrase will be issued up by Gidge each week, then you can blog about anything that for you personally fits the given word or phrase - it doesn't have to be SL related, it can be anything it would seem, so you never know what I might pull out of the Mary Poppin's style bag of mine (in case you don't get the reference she carries EVERYTHING in her bag hehe)... The Original Post by Gidge is worth checking out if you are interested, oh and Laura's post, which is where I found this challenge!
So it's week one, the words for this week are: 
I decided to create a picture like this because Hell represents the faith (OK and the desire too) as he is someone I can depend on, someone I love deeply and someone I would trust to stand beside me in any situation. He would always catch me if I fall! The desire part he knows about and even laughed at when I told him my plans hehe, Rudh is daydreaming about an episode of my favourite Television show, Supernatural, as I have more than a little bit of a crush on the half naked, Sam Winchester!!! LOL!
So that folks, is what Rudh has in her mind when she thinks of Faith and Desire... The words for next week are on the original post... Next week it is the turn of our Wants and Needs!! That could get a little bit saucy hehe!