Friday, November 30, 2012

Everything including the Kitchen Sink!

Once in a while a friend makes a bet with you about something so random, it slips to the back of your mind and you never think about it again... Well I've been subjected to this sort of torture, yesterday as I was chatting with my friend, sometime Hell replacement and stalker - Miss "Suki" Steampunk of TwoWords... HotMess, a fab blog by some awesome bloggers full of fashion and the events of SL - she took it upon herself to remind me of a bet we'd made in the distant past... How could I say no? I'm not gonna back down and let her be victorious...
I met Suki when I was working for Seraphim, she adored me and my ladypants LOL, and was perfectly happy in declaring her love for me... Something along the lines of "you are like the chocolate on my strawberries and the wind beneath my sails" - our love could be something out of a cheesy Mills & Boon Novel. 
What was the bet and how did it happen? I hear you wondering, I can read minds don't ya know... Well... Basically a long way back in time she was talking to me about making photos of people, about how girls take longer than guys to get dressed. I know I take a lot longer than my male friends seem to lol... My theory is that we have too much choice sometimes - don't get me wrong I LOVE my hoard and will bite the hands of anyone that tries to touch it - but it can take me hours to get dressed.  The challenge was to follow...
I told her I was amazed about how much accessorizing some people seem to do... I love me some accessories but sometimes you see people with something - or possibly multiple somethings - on every single attachment point, which led me to saying something along the lines of they wear everything except the kitchen sink. So I'm sure by now you you can guess where this is going? She challenged me to wear a Kitchen Sink, she even found me a sink on Marketplace... I had no idea where to go with this look... I thought the best plan of action would be to wear EVERYTHING including the sink - I know I cheated but it really looks like my inventory burped on me... If I had put on everything in my inventory, SL might implode! 
Hope you appreciate this Suki! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: bc322 - Ricca in LBPink
Skin: Ploom - Maia in Smoke Honey
Make-up: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] - MAKE ME UP Eyeshadows in PaintBrush 8 AND Punk in Roses, AND, [mock] - Tainted Tears of Love w/ Dark Knight
Mustache: RAW HOUSE - Power Stache in Ginger
Piercing: Cute Poison - Beauty Destroyed
Necklace: PIDIDDLE - Necklature in Pink Sequin
Shoulder pet: Ohmai Emporium - Pygmy Puff
Tops: (Under) Strayer - Octopussy, AND, [F]uchOn - Sponge Bob (Currently available at The Forgotten Closet)
Glove: Intrigue Co. - Shark Gloves
Belt: Melancholia - Belt Quilted (No Longer Available!)
Ring: Mandala - Motsumame in Black/Silver
Skirt: Amerie - LoC Skirt in Black
Tights: Riddle - I Heart You Tights in black/yellow
Boots: (RIGHT FOOT) Little Britain Designs - New Rock Gothic Boots in Red, AND, (LEFT FOOT) Kookie - Pomski Boots (No Longer Available!)
Sink: Gift from Suki LOL!
Wardrobe: GLITTERATI - The Shopaholic Closet
Pose: No Longer Available!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 48

Colour Challenge day... Something a little different from my colour creation of last week, but then again I have never been one for doing something similar week after week! Its a bit like being on swing in my mind, sometimes I'm dark and depraved and others I'm sweetness and light... This week I seemed to be in the pretty part of my brain. That makes me sound like I have a split personality or something, but I don't, I just happen to love blood and gore as well as sparkles and rainbows - what's the problem with that? LOL...
Though trying to write the post has been more than a little difficult, some days I could write masses and talk about nothing much for hours on end, as I am writing this post though I'm thinking "what the heck do I say?" So, have the picture without to much rambling from me... 
Week 48 - Tangelo
Week 48: Let's Go Fly A Kite...
What is she wearing; 
Clouds: Pink Fuel - Happy Clouds 
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Up In The Hair 
Glasses: LiNe - Geeky Glasses 
Necklace: Schadenfreude - Rainy Clouds Necklace 
Dress: Diavolicious - Sun Top 
Top: RezIpsa Loc - Extra Long Sleeve Top in Cloudy Skies 
Pants: SAKIDE - Acidulous Leather Pants in blue 
Boots: No Longer Available
Pose: aDORKable Poses - Kites, Kite 3

The sky is a little orange, I was thinking of a hot Indian summer - ya know where its randomly hot and sunny when it shouldn't be in England at least - yet I ended up with something more along the lines of a weird Mary Poppins style Rudh on a trip to a fantasy land where the sky is orange!
Next Week - Cotton Candy

Friday, November 23, 2012

A Horror Haute Nightmare in the Kitchen

Drama... When it hits you it sucks. You do your best to avoid it - I for example spend a fair of time by myself, and talk to the most important people in IM with the occasional trip into the outside SL world if I'm feeling brave or have to shop LOL... No matter what we do or say however, drama will from time to time raise it's ugly head to smack you around like a cheap plaything. Yesterday was just one of those days, though what started out with me getting a bit of a nasty shock turned into something much more, and without going into details, all my angry feelings were forgiven and replaced by feelings of worrying for my friend. 
During the time I was able to think in the afternoon I set about working on my second look for Horror Haute November - looking at the outcome maybe the worry and drama was playing on my mind - but I think the situation might have influenced my imagination, although the apron was definitely a major factor in that too!
This apron is the offering from Deathrocker Bettie Crocker for Horror Haute, and it just has this retro rockabilly feel about it. I still haven't been to check out the store, but it is somewhere that really looks appealing when you take a peek at the items they've created for Horror Haute. When I teamed it with the Screaming Girl Tea Dress from Candy Mountain and these gorgeous booties from Bax, I scrabbled around trying to find some cute hair to match. I think the retro Wasabi Pills Veronica style fitted the bill perfectly. 
I'd cleaned up most of the blood already but we've got heart for dinner today... I can see the look on Hell's face right now - it would be one of sheer horror and disgust! Not that I'd ever wanna eat heart myself *pulls a face* - yet somehow the inner demon in me thinks it would taste nice!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Veronica in Cinnamon
Skin: [PXL] - Kate in Demon
Choker: Livid - Vanitas Crux Collar (HORROR HAUTE NOVEMBER)
Dress: Candy Mountain - Tea Dress in Screaming Girl
Apron: Deathrocker Bettie Crocker - Killer Cook Apron (HORROR HAUTE NOVEMBER)
Shoes: Bax - Appaloosa Booties
Knife Prop: Yellow Jester - A Tainted Heart Impaled on a Bloody Knife
Head in a Jar Prop: Yellow Jester - Head in a Jar
Kitchen: Concrete Flowers - Country Kitchen (No Longer Available!)
Pose: Juxtapose - High Voltage 2

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Playing in a Graveyard for HORROR HAUTE!

YAY my favourite time of the month is upon us, HORROR HAUTE NOVEMBER is finally here... I always get excited around the end of the month knowing full well that when Horror Haute arrives there will be an assortment of all things gothic, and in some cases a little macabre, thus making me a very happy Rudh!
This month after my massive failure to provide more than one photo last time around - I was in England I blame that hehe - I decided that I was going to give it a massive effort to create photos that would not only please me but also provide a good enough 'Thank you' to all of the participating designers and organisers of my favourite monthly event!
I think my first photo for this round has to be one of my favourite pictures I've created yet, it's right up there for me with the mermaid look I created for the colour challenge and it makes me feel a little pride in myself for the learning that I have done in order to create photos like this! I am by no means one of the best photographers that SL has to offer but I really love the level I can achieve now!!! LOL OK, moment of gushiness over... I went to play in a graveyard in SL for this week's Horror Haute!
I seem to spend a lot of my time around either dead things or sparkly rainbow things in SL, lol you can never tell where I will be at any point in time, but this time I managed to even creep myself out a little. The graveyard location is the Silversmith Haunted Graveyard, and I am not sure if it will be a permanent feature or something just for the Autumn season, but it's very creepy and there are lots of good things to see and places to pose hehe...
The dress is such a pretty one, it is of the old school style, and so mesh isn't a part of it but yet it is still something I would wear regularly. The skirt moves well and it feels like a real party dress - something I used to wear when I was little - the kind that you want to twirl around in because it looks pretty when you do so. Mesh doesn't have that kind of movement yet, so dresses like this really still have an important place for me... who doesn't love skipping around in a floaty dress sometimes? It's available from The Little Bat for Horror Haute November. I also fell in love with the pretty Crux Choker from Livid, from a distance it seems to disappear but up close it's a gorgeous set of pearls, with a pearled bone cross! 
Just to show it off a little clearer, I had to take a close up! 
What is she wearing; 
Hair: DeLa - Sophie in Black 1 
Skin: Tacky Star - Taxidermia 
Eye Make-Up: Hysteria - Latex Rain 
Piercing: Cute Poison - Beauty Destroyed 
Choker: Livid - Vanitas Crux Collar (HORROR HAUTE NOVEMBER) 
Dress: The Little Bat - Sophia Dress in Inner Goth (HORROR HAUTE NOVEMBER) 
Tights: RONSEM - Ripped Leggings in black 
Boots: J's - Studded Long Boots 
Pose: Baffle! - I flutter by (No Longer Available!)

Back to School in SL!

School Uniform was never really my ideal choice of clothing in SL, I spent WAY too long wearing one all the way through school, as it's still the rule in the UK! Yet this one from Lamp*Light was rather different from my old school uniform - we had to wear a blazer and a proper tie, was never very comfortable! - it's a little more Japanese School Uniform than the icky one I had to wear! 
I love the cute look to this, and for some reason I found myself needing to have my big fat kitten from Mui Runo as my ultimate accessory. For some reason he blows bubbles, I think the naughty kitty has gotten into my awesome cupcake scented bubble bath - I wondered where it had all gone!
One thing that I will say, and please don't get offended if I say something wrong here, but trying to find a school in SL that isn't for group only RP or a sex place is kinda hard! I crawled around a few, dodging people in some of the sex places and eventually found a place with a set of lockers that were hidden away enough I could stand and mind my own business while I grabbed a photo, or so I thought! You really do meet some interesting people in these places, besides the seemingly stereotypical noobies with their prim bits sticking out on show, and if you wanna get into that whole RP environment then maybe check out this particular school, it is the Soji School for the Sexually Delinquent
My outfit though is something I will be wearing whenever I have to go to school... At least with some of the family that I have in SL green is the right colour for my uniform hehe! 

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Exile - Quiet Dream in Sunset 
Skin: Ploom - Maia in Smoke Honey 
Glasses: Epic - Mesh Checkered Nerd Glasses 
Piercing: Cute Poison - Beauty Destroyed 
Uniform: Lamp*Light - Yamaku Uniform 
Kitty: *M* by Mui Runo - HUG amesho cat 
Tights: RONSEM - Ripped Leggings in black 
Boots: J's - Studded Long Boots 
Pose: Focus Poses - Model Set 50

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

From Ruth To Fab!

The sky this morning is pink, not just the sky, the light outside in general seems to have a very pink hue to it... What was the old saying "Red sky at night, Shepherd's Delight. Red Sky of morning, Shepherd's Warning!" My mum always used to say it to me when I was little, it was always seen as a sign we needed to take our raincoats when we went out, and although the sky looks pretty right now I'm kinda hoping that it doesn't spell trouble ahead... Gee Rudh, superstitious much?!
Anyway, I'm sitting here drinking a cup of tea - procrastinating when I should be working, but everyone deserves a break right? - I don't feel all that great today, I'm having one of those days - well couple of days actually - but I'll feel better soon. Yet I was sorting through the photos that I took last night whilst logged in, and stumbled across a picture that made me giggle. Maybe it's me, maybe I am just bonkers, but it was a laugh that was most definitely needed this morning I'm telling you!
There was I thinking "oh I look really cute in this outfit", something really simple being that it's mostly just a big baggy turtleneck sweater from RibboN, some tights and my favourite boots, but the look on my pussycat Jiffy's face tells a different story. He looks very unamused LOL! 
Jiffy is one of my oldest pets in SL and my first from Zooby's, he was a present for my 2nd Rezday from Suzari - one of my oldest SL and now RL friends - who being a pretty black kitty furry coughed a hairball into my hand saying I could trade it in with her later for a black Zooby kitten!
The pose warranted a cartoon style photo though, the Blogger Bubble pose set from aDORKable is something that I had buried in my hoard, but I have to admit it might come out again later hehe... There are a selection of different slogans in the bubble and five different poses, for some fun cartoony blogging fun LOL! Sounds just like some of the crazy stuff I post that statement right there LOL!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Exile - Betty Lou (Past Group Gift)
Skin: Ploom - Maia in Smoke Honey
Glasses: Epic - Mesh Checkered Nerd Glasses
Piercing: Cute Poison - Beauty Destroyed
Top: RibboN - NukuNuku in Black Check
Cat: Zooby - Ultimate Black Cat
Pose & Speech Bubble: aDORKable Poses - Blogger Bubble 2

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Strawberry Panties!

Who doesn't love some nice panties, and after the post I did for this week's colour challenge I felt I should put up something a little prettier and not quite so sad or depraved! 
I turned again to Lamp*Light and remembered these uber-cute mesh panties, that come with two different sorts of tops - the set includes a mesh bra version and a sculpted bra version which was really lucky for me as I have nungas of the exceptionally large variety, though I'm sure everyone knows about my rants on that by now. Still, these yet to be released panties made my butt look so good I had to dance around in them for a while, to overcome the macabre that was brought on by the dead photo I had been working on. 
I wanted light and fun and outdoors, and the outfit called for the beach so I hopped around looking for somewhere fun to explore. 
There are so many beaches in SL, its so hard to choose a beach location to play on, this time I just opened search and closed my eyes heading to the one that I pointed at... I ended up at Bamboo Beach Furniture Store, set in tropical islands with lots to see and shop for. There was some pretty awesome stuff up for grabs, but we don't have a beach at our homeland so I had to just save the place... Yet if you like Beach stuff, you should definitely check out the store! 
I will warn you though, they have a bit of a shark problem LOL... 
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Lola Summer 
Skin: Ploom - Maia in Smoke Honey 
Lipstick: KOSH - Wet Lips in rose 
Choker: Rebel Xtravaganza - Strawberry Necklace (No Longer Available!)
Necklace: No Longer Available!
Bikini: Lamp*Light - Pretty Sweets Set in Strawberry (Soon to be released!) 

Pose: STaTUS - Page 9

52WOCC2 - Week 47

Just a warning, after last week this colour went a little differently than the pretty looks I have been coming out with the past few posts. This week's colour although a fairly boring, and similar to somet hat we have had come up before, I have taken it and turned it into something gory and kinda disgusting! 
I found this corset as a freebie at Death Row Designs, the skin was the perfect colour for the challenge, but something made out of skin warranted something a little dark and disturbing. Luckily Fledge was on hand to provide me a noose, and was gleeful as she hung her little sister... I love being dark and gory, I think its a nice balance for the pretty kawaii that I have been posting - though I don't have a happy medium somewhere in the middle. 
Week 47 - Barley Corn
Week 47: Playing on a swing
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Ploom - Hoodoo 
Skin: Plastik - Aleria in Macabre Cleavage 1 
Eyes: Dead Apples - Sinistre Eyes in Lifeless 
Face Wounds: Hysteria - Two Faces, AND, League - Zombie Bite Ripped Cheek 
Chest Wound: Love Zombie - Love Won't Save Me 
Corset: Death Row Designs - Flesh Corset (FREEBIE!) 
Blood Gloves: League - Bloodied Hands 
Skirt: Happy Undead - Mini Skirt 
Bloody Garters: Goth1c0 - Open Wound Garters 
Boots: Death Row Designs - Lazy Boots in Zombie 
Pose Prop: SnowBound - Spooky Sofa with Nooses

I hope this hasn't offended anyone, sorry if it has... It was the gory side of me and I will let you all know that I don't have any suicidal tendencies what so ever! I just wanted something a little different from the rainbow Rudh that I have been showing off recently!
Next Week -Tangelo

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Flying Saucers, Charity and a bit of a Rant!

First off this will possibly be the first and last time that you will ever see me flying around in a UFO style space craft - those of you that know me well will know why and you can ask if you are at all intrigued, but I couldn't help it... This spacecraft was so cute and it called for Captain Rudh to 'come fly me!' 
I noticed it on the Virtual Vagabond blog, and decided that I would love to have one to whizz around the garden in - not that I don't have a lot of choice when it comes to vehicles as Hell makes them, but ya know theses urges cannot be denied. The flip side of this though, is that 75% of the proceeds of sales of these vehicles by Skulprit at the Unhinged Event - that will only set you back 50L to begin with - are going to help raise money for SL Creator Eku Zhong, who needs some serious surgery done (check out the details on the Unhinged Event Blog!)
I know that in recent years some "charity" events have caused much discussion among the SL designers, consumers and bloggers circuits - especially at the moment where so many seem to be popping up - and although some of these events have warranted a great deal of caution, I as a consumer feel that I have little to complain about. I totally understand the caution of designers taking part, if the event turns out to be a scam and people are just trying to use the "charity" term to make a quick profit for themselves that the designers will in fact lose out. 
I feel, as a consumer, that although I am saddened to hear a designer I love has been ripped off, I cannot complain to loudly. Sure I went to the event, and I spent money on an item that was supposedly going to fund a charitable cause, but at the end of the day didn't I just buy the item because I loved it? Haven't I still got the item that I can play with? Sama mentions about it being no different from buying an item from anywhere in SL, and I totally agree with her on that score - though I do feel for designers who have lost out. 
Being scammed in SL sucks, I had it happen to me today outside Wasabi Pills - though for the record it was NOTHING to do with the store - I just happened to meet a noob who claimed to have come back into SL after a meeting with her SL bf in RL went bad and forced her to leave. She complimented me along the lines of "your avatar is really good though truly, one of the best ones I have seen since I have been back, you should be proud of it" - after about an hour of chatting, before asking to borrow 50L - which being overly nice or overly naive, I cannot work out which - I gave to her, and she promptly stopped talking. I have reported her to LL - not that it will do any good - but yea that's some good karma for me no matter which way things go... I just need to remember that although you meet some interesting people in SL, not all of them are out to become your friends, I'm far too naive for my own good sometimes, I always want to see the best in people and I always find it hard when I am proved that there is nothing good in someone... 
Still, I guess, knowing the kind of person that I am, I will always try to see the good in people - whether it be people running charity events, or a noob seeking friends - doesn't everyone deserve the benefit of the doubt?

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Kumi 
Skin: Ploom - Maia in Smoke Honey 
Glasses: Epic - Mesh Checkered Nerd Glasses 
Piercing: Cute Poison - Beauty Destroyed 
Necklace: Cute Poison - Bitch Necklace 
Spacecraft: Skulprit - Hovercar in Union Jack (Available from the Unhinged Event)

Artsy with Tights?

When Lamp*Light owner, AliceAnn Alter gave me a deluge of stuff recently I was feeling like a kid at Christmas... Only problem was it gave me lots and lots of work to do hehe - not that I am complaining or anything but I was having a bit of a tough time thinking of ways to be creative with some of the different things that she sent. The most difficult of which was the tights - or pantyhose for those of you thinking HUH whatsa thight?!
By now you might have realised that a simple picture of me wearing said tights would be something that just simply wouldn't work, as I have this really big problem of making life difficult for myself. So I spent some time deliberating and it wasn't until I was ruminating over the conundrum with Fledge that an idea came at me - mostly because it was Fledge's idea but it still came at me LOL! 
They have stars on, they come in a rainbow of colours... WHY NOT make a Catherine Wheel. Though I was slightly put out when talking to a friend across the pond in America about Catherine Wheels... He was rather confused - along the lines of HUH WTF IS THAT? 
I hope that he was just being a dumbass, but for in case he wasn't... I found a pretty video!!!

What is she wearing; 
Tights: Lamp*Light - Stars & Tights

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Monsters and Graves...

I'd been wearing this outfit for a while with a view to putting it on display... I LOVE LOVE LOVE this skirt from Whatever, I saw the pattern of it and as soon as I could I was running to the Fi*Friday event to grab myself the skirt at the bargain price of 55L! 
MONSTERS... YES MONSTERS... How could you not be in love with a skirt covered in monsters?! 
It took me so long to find to place to take the photo I began digging through my wardrobe. I had to have an interesting prop somewhere, I managed to find something really cute to play with. to place to take the photo I began digging through my wardrobe. I had to have an interesting prop somewhere, I managed to find something really cute to play with. NeverMore is one of the stores participating by donating prizes to the Resting Place Game, which runs until November 18th - you don't have long and won't want to miss it! This Cemetery Gate was one of the prizes up for grabs, although I will admit that I coloured the letters in red during photo processing so that they could stand out of the background. The pose of Rudh with her itty bitty knife on her way into the graveyard to kill a few monsters, was from HopScotch was also a prize to be found at the Resting Place.
To the designers that took part in the Resting Place THANK YOU... The prizes are brilliant! To the owner of Whatever... I LOVE THIS SKIRT!!!!!

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Ploom - 5 More Minutes 
Top: LOULOU&CO - Jerry Lee 
Skirt: [whatever] - Highskirt in Monster 
Boots: TEN"10 - Megas Boots in Black 
Prop: Cemetery Arch - NeverMore - Cemetery Archway 
Pose & Knife: HopScotch - Hell Hath No Fury 4

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Got Milk for the Moofia?

Whatsa Moofia? I hear what you are thinking "that's it Rudh has finally lost it... Moofia pft!" Well turns out it is actually a word, that is printed on one of the awesome new t-shirts to spring out of the mind of Miss AliceAnn Alter - owner and creator of the store Lamp*Light. As an official blogger I feel really flattered when she gives me things, but yesterday I was drowned in an avalanche of new pretty things and I got oh-so-excited it's like being a kid at Christmas. 
I found heaps and heaps of things that I cannot wait to show off to everyone, and if you love that adorably cute rainbow style then this is a release that will have you rubbing your hands together with glee.
I started to put on things, testing them out, posing to see what they looked like - in RL I'd have been holding my stomach in too (although  if you are like me, I know that's a lie I only ever worry about it in stores in front of mirrors in changing rooms, normally I dont bother LOL!) - I had only opened a few things though when a look started forming in my mind, and I became a member of the SL MOOFIA!! 
I had dressed as a cow way back in time for the colour challenge last year, and so I dragged the skin and ears back out from hiding, but then the rest of the outfit fell into place. I even remembered I had a few awesome plushie milk cartons from Katatonik - hardest part was working out which I wanted to have with me as my travelling companion. Oh AND check out the skirt! So cute it moves really well and I think that this little Sky skirt in all it's different colours may possibly become a new staple piece in my wardrobe - Thanks Alice! Then there was a dilemma of a cow girl in a cow boy hat, too much? Decisions, Decisions... Sometimes I wish I wasn't so random when it comes to pulling a look together - if I stuck with one style it might be easier to get dressed, maybe?
As for a location, I remembered the perfect place - I'd posed in my cupcake dress in front of the cupcake vendor at D-Lab a few days ago, but was there a milk shop? I wasn't sure... Turned out that YES THERE WAS!!!
While I am on the subject of Lamp*Light's new T-shirts though, I thought I better show you the others too - I mean you can kinda tell which one is my favourite, but I'm sure you'll want to make your own minds up, so I put together a little collage! 
Which shirt will you choose?!

What is she wearing: 
Moofia Photo: 
Hair: elikatira - Claim in Black 02 
Skin and Ears: Raspberry Designs - Raspberry Black Cow Set 
Necklace: Ongiri - Cowbell Choker 
Top: Lamp*Light - Moofia Top 
Plushie: katat0nik - Milk Doll in Strawberry Sky 
Skirt: Lamp*Light - Sky Skirt in Blue 
Shoes and Socks: SeVered GarDeN - Zombie Popcorn (Past Hunt Prize) 
Pose: FLY LILY - Caliope Set 3 
Tops Photo: 
Hair: Truth - Sam in Crow 
Choker: {Psycho.Byts} - Black Choker + Studs 
Beaded Necklace: Onyx Wear - Sugar Skull Necklace 
Tops: Lamp*Light - (Big Picture) Framed, (Small Pictures from top to bottom) Brain, Missed Turn, I Love Coffee AND Vegas Girl
Pose: BENT - Lookbook 1

52WOCC2 - Week 46

This week I have been a busy, busy girl... Took part in the Pulse team's creation - The Resting Place, which I cannot stop telling everyone about (if you haven't been over yet you have till the 18th to do so!) and I have been working a little extra in RL, so when I finally sat down to work on my colour challenge photo I seemed to get stuck. Is it me or have we had a lot of the same kinda colours this year? I seem to be running out of things I've saved up, and I will admit that I cheated just a little and picked an outfit that had the colour in it somewhere, though I will admit that I kinda kicked myself when I spotted something that I believe my big sister Fledge will now be using!
Still the outfit I created I LOVE and I am sure that I will be wearing it more this upcoming winter season... 
Week 46 - Juniper
Week 46: Goodbye Autumn
What is she wearing;
Hair: Truth - Snow Kitty in Pearl
Eyes: Kunstkammer - Button Eyes (Store Closed!)
Skin: Heartsick - No Longer Available!
Nose: Reasonable Desires - Carrot Nose (From the Frostie the Snowgirl)
Snowflake Tattoos: Sn@tch - No 2 Alike Tattoos
Tops: Quarantine - Winter Sweater in Teal
Skirt: SAKIDE - Silk Tutu Skirt in White
Shoes: MIEL - Snow Shoes (Past Group Gift)
Pose: Magnifique Poses - Into the Wind 

I was feeling the whole 'Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter'... The snow girl came out to play as the weather seems to be getting colder here in Holland, and I LOVE this time of year. I wish that I could hibernate, but I instead I'll curl up with a cuppa tea, a blankie and my cloggie slippers! 
Next Week - Barley Corn

Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Piece Of Cake!

MMMM Cake... One of those simple things in life that I will always enjoy. Maybe it's the RL fat girl in me, but my collection of cupcake stuff has spread from my RL into my SL, and here I am indulging the cupcake passion to the fullest I possibly can - least in SL you can walk past a bakery without gaining an extra few pounds on the scent of the air alone! 
You might also have realised by now that, although I am human in SL and have a barbie doll as my look of choice, I tend to have a rather random fashion sense. Some days I dress in black and could be classed as "goth" whereas others I dress in full out cuteness and pastel colours... 
Today was one of those days! It wasn't my fault, I couldn't help it, I was drawn to this collection of dresses from Candy Mountain like a moth a a flame... 
It's a CUPCAKE - I mean come on how could you not be drawn to this dress! It comes in a set of 4 different colours for 300L, and as soon as I saw them on the marketplace I couldn't wait to get my hands on them. They didn't seem to be available on the marketplace though, so I ran into the store to get them... I just couldn't wait! I teamed it with some equally gorgeous sugary pink hair that reminded me of candy floss and some rather girlie accessories and look everyone... Rudh can be a girlie girl! 
Then as I skipped over to get this week's FLF item from D-LAB a thought struck me, I should go and get a cupcake from the cupcake man... If you haven't been behind the store at D-LAB you should! There is a whole little world back there, something akin to the Small World ride from Disneyland. There are lots of hidden goodies back there, but it can be a little like a maze, and if you do go say hello to the Cupcake Man from me... He makes yummy cupcakes! 

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Exile - Violetta in True Colours (Past Group Gift) 
Skin: Ploom - Maia in Smoke Honey
Piercing: Cute Poison - Beauty Destroyed 
Jewellery Set: Maxi Gossamer - Pink South Sea Pearl Set 
Dress: Candy Mountain - Tea Dress in banana cupcake 
Shoes: Pixel Mode - Baby T's Plain in Snow 
Pose: No Longer Available!

Friday, November 9, 2012

A Resting Place... Or is it?

OH MY GAHHHHHHH, I've finally been and played through, in my opinion, the best planned, executed and most interesting game in SL. Every year this team seems to pull out all the stops and every year it shows. I´m talking about this years current scaretastic adventure game that is The Resting Place.
The Pulse Team, that have created over the past 5 years some of my favourite events, have gotten together again to bring us their 6th Halloween Horror Game Fest, and what a game it is!! The Resting Place takes you on a journey through some deadly nightmares, that can boast not only some of the most eerie effects but also some of the most jump-out-of-your-seat shocking, and as always you really get the feeling that you are in the game.
Not only is it something fun to explore, the event is stuffed full of awesome gifts from designers within the Pulse Team - but as a word of warning, if you are out for the freebies and don't want to put in the time to look for them this might not be the best place to try and get them. You can't grab and dash here - with the exception of a free wearable wheelchair in the lobby!  
Without giving too many details, as I really don't want to give the plot of the game away, it is your first day of work at the Koszmar Institute of Sleep and it seems that there are some strange goings-on in the research...
The game takes a good few hours to complete - I took HEAPS of photos and looked at everything, so you could do it quicker if you wanted to I'm sure. Yet it is simple enough to dip in and out of when you have some time as there is no set path and you can easily get to the central location! I will mention though that this place is only open until the 18th of November! 
Only one question remains - Can you work out what is going on here? I think I did!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Magika - Faint 
Skin: Ploom - Maia in Smoke Honey 
Eyes: IKON - Horizon Eyes in Dark Verdigris 
Eyelashes: LeLutka - 2011 lashes/curl 
Piercing: Cute Poison - Beauty Destroyed 
Jacket: cheeky - Denim Biker Jacket 
Top, Pants and Staff Tag: Resting Place Uniform and Employee Badge by Ivey Deschanel (For The Resting Place Game)
Pose: No Longer Available

Sunday, November 4, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 45

Not long now till we are all left wondering "what the heck are we going to post today?" I always get a feeling of something being missing when there is no colour to work on... What are we going to do? Will the colour challenge run again for a third year or will we be without something every week?? So many questions, I guess only Luna can answer about the colour challenge, but someone must know of something else we can do challenge wise hehe! Anyone? 
The colour this week had me wracking my brain, I looked through a ton of pink and found nothing, likewise with a mass of peachy colours, it wasn't until I opened my orange folder in a last ditch attempt to find something matching the colour that I found this shirt. I think after working on colours for so long they are all becoming much of a muchness and I am having difficulty discerning any differences in shades lol! Still I found something... 
Week 45 - Bittersweet
Week 45: Think eating Brains will make me smarter?
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Ploom - Hoschie in Ash 
Skin: PETRICHOR - Zombie Skin Leech (No Longer Available!)
Make-Up: (Eyeshadow & Throat Wound) Fallen Doll - Stitched Throat & Dead, (Veins) Hysteria - Running through my veins in Red, AND, (Mouth) REPULSE - Cheshire Smile Face Tattoo 

Scarf: Izzie's - Little Silk Scarf in Orange 
Tattoo: (Bruised Skin Effect) Kaotik Kreations - Decay All (No Longer Available)
Top: [trs] - Foot 'n Mouth Tank 

Ring: Mandala - Motsumame in Black/Silver 
Pants: Static & Co - Dungarees in Curvey 
Pose: (No Longer Available)

I took the whole Bittersweet thing seriously as you can tell LOL... I mean aren't I sweet? I look so adorable! It was the slogan on the top though that prompted the zombie monster look, my mouth operating quicker than my brain. It does happen in RL too, I sometimes say things without thinking - especially around family! Still... I'm so sweet hehe! 
Next Week - Juniper

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Perfect Seat for a HUG!

I made a discovery that kinda shocked me a little bit just now... I always prided myself on being one of those people who knows EXACTLY where everything in my inventory is. If someone wanted something specific I used to think that I could find it without having to use the search, just by knowing the organisation of my hoard. I could make a million excuses but the big issue is that my inventory is slowly gaining a life of its own and so I am having to do some serious digging deep to make sure that things are stowed away in their correct location. 
HOWEVER, it does have an upside because, as some of you may well have realised, I can be a little bit random in the things that I have buried in my inventory and this will give me a chance to show off some of the more "interesting" pieces that may never normally have seen the light of day... 
Today I dug out this rather interesting chair... 
It looks like the perfect chair to give you a hug hehe... Katlien spotted this awesome piece of furniture when she was trawling SL looking for freebies, she showed it to Fledge who in turn got all excited with me about an actual ARM chair! The thing is a touch of genius, and OK I have had it stashed away in my inventory for a while now but this felt like a perfect excuse to put it on display! It's a piece of mesh artistry! The chair was available at the 19MC for free, but as I buried it a while ago I cannot work out if it is still even available, if you want to find one for yourself feel free to ask me and we can go hunt them down together... 
OH AND... My awesome new super cool, kick ass hat is from Epic! It caused much discussion when I went to visit the family with a turkey on my head... Best part of it - FREEBIE!!! Awesome and Free - two words that should go together a lot more hehe!!! 
Fledge and Katlien - thank you ladies for finding this awesome piece of furniture... Now where the heck do I put it hehe?!

What is she wearing; 
Hat: Epic - Kawaii Turkey Chapka (Freebie Prize in The Dirty Turkey Hunt) 
Hair: elikatira - Caramel in Red 05 
Sweater: SAKIDE - Irish Dropshoulder Pull in Chocolate 
Pants: SAKIDE - Casuality Pants in Red
Shoes: Cracked Mirror - Autumn Flats 
Chair: 19MC - Arm Chair

Thursday, November 1, 2012

I'm Back - Just in time for Horror Haute October!

HELLOOOOOOOO... I'm Back. My vacation in England with my parents was lovely, there were a few things that I could have done without but I won't be complaining about them as they weren't really that important. Yet all the good stuff went off without a hitch, my Grandma's birthday was brilliant and if you ask nicely enough I may well post the pictures of Hell and myself that were drawn by the Caricaturist we'd organised to come and draw everyone for her Birthday Present - my Grandma is the kind of person that has EVERYTHING! So what do you get someone who has everything? A book of caricatures of her family of course hehe!
Still I got back just in time to bring you a little Horror Haute Fabulousness... A lot of the items were themed around the Halloween Holiday that passed like lightning yesterday! I was sad that I wasn't even around, but hey I cannot complain... 
The items on offer for Horror Haute this month are awesome and there is SO MUCH CHOICE that I was hard pushed to pick a look to wear for this post... Some of it is Halloweeny but for a girl like me who loves the macabre, you could wear most of the creations at anytime! I know I'll be keeping things around for a long while... 
So what am I wearing that is specifically Horror Haute... The skin, the eyes, the make-up that form my pretty day of the dead girl look are from the artistic minds of Mystic Canvass, REPULSE and Love Zombie respectively... I pulled on a really cute skirt from Death Rocker Bettie Crocker, which is a new store to me but I will be heading over to her store as soon as I have finished posting today, and I added a little jewellery glamour in the form of a web collar from Scrub, along with an almost matching ring from Hysteria!
The setting I chose for this look is the Zain Ruins, and it fit my idea of an "I'm Back and the place is a mess" style I was going for. Though thinking about it, it also seems fairly poignant considering the destruction that has occurred due to the Hurricane Sandy Frankenstorm that recently hit the West coast of America... To anyone that has suffered or knows someone that does, my thoughts are with you, I hope things get cleared up quickly! 

Hair: Exile - Betty Lou in Horizon (Past Group Gift) 
Skin: Mystic Canvass - Silver Skin (HORROR HAUTE OCTOBER) 
Make-Up: Zombie Suicide - Day of the Dead Face Paint (HORROR HAUTE OCTOBER) 

Piercing: Cute Poison - Beauty Destroyed 
Choker: Scrub - Web Collar (HORROR HAUTE OCTOBER) 
Top: SAKIDE - Grungy Summer Vest in Black 
Ring: Hysteria - This is Halloween (HORROR HAUTE OCTOBER) 
Skirt: Death Rocker Bettie Crocker - Trick 'n Treat Ruffle Skirt (HORROR HAUTE OCTOBER)
Pose: POSIES - Rustic Impressions