Sunday, May 31, 2015

The end of Horror Haute as we know it... Changes are coming...

Horror Haute comes to a close for this month today, and next month is already shaping up to be a HUGE kettle of fish for the team... We're swelling in size due to the incoming union of two standing events... We had a corporate take over - of sorts - for events known as Spooky Cute and Against the Mainstream... Things behind the scenes of the Haute are also changing... There is much to come and my excitement is building, I CANNOT WAIT TO TELL YOU ALL ABOUT IT hehe.. For that though you need to wait until next month, Mwhahahahahaha... 
Let me talk more about the last of the Voodoo things that you can grab today... Remember the event closes today and these things will go back to main store locations... If you miss them at the event, the prices may change too... DON'T MISS OUT! 
I have three Horror Hauteish things on in this photo... First off the Mask, which I have to say does stand out is the iVoudou Mask from Tasty Pudding. It has a selection of different make-up colours, and a mask that rolls through various different patterns and colours to create a very eerie magical effect! I wore a top from AfterMath Creations with a Damballa print, and then accessorised with some of the coolest nails I have seen in a LONG time... These nails might make you squeamish but the Dark Passions Voodoo Pinned Nails are simply amazeballs!!! 
The last of May's Horror Haute line up that I want to share, I cannot forget and miss this as it is just so cute, is the Thirst Dress from Blue Blood. The dresses are in various colours, with and without the floral prints, but they are a perfect look for a Voodoo dolly, that is if you can ignore the blood LOL... I LOVE blood so I have no issue going out in a dress that is soaked in it however LOL... 
So that's it for Horror Haute May, if you haven't been in you SHOULD... Time is ticking and the event closes today! Next Month, we have something MASSIVE and very special planned... Watch this space I tell ya!! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Magika - Things 
Make-Up & Mask: Tasty Pudding - iVoudou (Available Now for Horror Haute May
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07 (Past Collabor88 Item) 
Lip Piercing: Cute Poison - Wounded Piercing 
Necklace: No Longer Available!
Top: AfterMath Creations - Damballa Wedo Knotted Tee (Available Now for Horror Haute May)  
Bracelets: Kibitz - Chara bangles in Silver (Available Now at The Fantasy Collective)
Nails: Dark Passions - Voodoo Pinned Nails (Available for SLINK and Maitreya Hands) (Available Now for Horror Haute May
Pose: Image Essentials - Accessorise 9 
Hair: Truth - Arianna 
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07 (Past Collabor88 Item) 
Face Bruises: Corvus - Beaten Up Face Tattoo 
Lip Piercing: Cute Poison - Wounded Piercing
Collar: [ abrasive ] - Loose Belt Choker in Charcoal
Body Bruises: Corvus - Body Bruises 
Dress: Blue Blood - Thirst (Available Now for Horror Haute May
Bracelets: Kibitz - Chara bangles in Silver (Available Now at The Fantasy Collective
Pose: Signature Pose - Jewellery 2 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Long Walk Home...

Sometimes when I am working on an event line-up and I get sent items, I have no shame in admitting that I find myself thinking what the heck am I going to do with this... Not everything you ever get sent is to your taste. I can say, with 100% honesty, that no matter what items I am sent to blog, I try them, I take my time to see what I could do with them and if they really don't work for me they are stored for a while in case I get an idea in my head... 
Then again sometimes people come up with the ideas for me! This time it was Lil's idea lol... 
Lil said "Hey I could wear that suit and we could work on something together..." and it was sorted, the idea of a collaboration made it easier and we were so enjoying turning something that had been difficult into something fun! 
The outfit I chose to blog for Horror Haute today is one from Facepalm - called Damballah. It includes a set with top and long skirt, which to be honest brought out a bit of a gypsy style feeling in me! The outfit Lil is wearing is also a Horror Haute release, perfect for guys but also pretty cool on the ladies too!!! 
I kept most of my outfit simple... Featuring just some simple jewellery, although perhaps the yumyums ears and tail were a bit strange LOL but I was thinking Voodoo! 
Who says a Voodoo queen cannot have cat ears and a tail, maybe the magic went wrong? 

What is she wearing;
Ears & Tail: yumyums - Friskey Long Hair Set in Blazed (Available Now at Genre
Hair: Catwa - WokeUp 
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07 (Past Collabor88 Item) 
Face Wounds: Utopiah - Excessive Pain Makeup 
Lip Piercing: Cute Poison - Wounded Piercing 
Necklace: Kibitz - Silence Sphere Necklace in Steel 
Outfit: Facepalm - Damballah (Available Now for Horror Haute May
Bracelets: Kibitz - Chara bangles in Silver (Available Now at The Fantasy Collective
Pet: [SWaGGa] - Flutter in Electric Forest (Available Now at The Fantasy Collective
Pose: Bounce This - Long Walk Home (Available now at The Dressing Room Fusion

Friday, May 29, 2015

Stars sparkle for the Goths

The event that is geared to all things goth will soon be coming to a close in SL... For the last month, the SL Goth scene has had a major poke in the fashion department, a HUGE event took over the scene and spread a little gothic love to people who never even experienced the sub-culture before. I'm talking about World Goth Fair - a month long event of fashion specials, music and partying...
Originally this event was a charity one, raising funds for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, but sadly - and at the fault of Linden Labs - this one time mega fundraiser for a great charity that raises awareness of people being harmed because they dress or look differently, has had to remove the charity aspect. LL have made it harder to be a charity organisation in SL, it's harder to set up charitable donation accounts apparently, which to be honest even though it protects people from fraud is still a little appauling. People want to give, people want to support these things, apparently LL thinks we need to jump through a million different hoops to do so!
Still you can take a look for yourself at the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, and when you're done, you can take a look at a few of the things that I grabbed from World Goth Fair - amongst other places - and then head into the event to shop for yourself. It closes June 1st, so don't wait too long though hehe...
The majority of this World Goth Fair outfit comes from the store that is SongBird. It consists of two seperate parts that I have combined to make this look ROCK! The Spiderweb Body Suit is available in black, as well as white I THINK but don't quote me on that, and I wore it with the Eva Outfit that is made up of the frilled jacket and longish - by Rudh standards anyway - skirt. A simple pair of pumps on my feet, that LOULOU&CO Druuna Necklace which is subtle on this over the top outfit and a short wig from Magika gave this look a subtle elegance whilst maintaining a darker and more gothic look...
To add just a little flair, and a nod towards rememberance, I adorned my hair with this gorgeous "I Follow Rivers" Hair Accessory from Glam Affair - yes they do make more than awesome skins! - and I love the way that the red just jumps out at you...
There is just one thing that I need to share, I'm sure you don't really need to be told too much what that is, but the stars that surround me are a Collabor88 release from Kalopsia. These were perfect for the photo, they give the photo an ambience and they really do shine for Sophie Lancaster!

What is she wearing;
Hair Accessory: Glam Affair - I Follow Rivers in Rouge (Past Event Release)
Hair: Magika - Things
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07 (Past Collabor88 Item)
Face Wounds: Utopiah - Excessive Pain Makeup
Nose Piercing: DirtyStories - Heart Nose Piercing (Past Suicide Dollz Item)
Lip Piercing: Cute Poison - Wounded Piercing
Necklace: LOULOU&CO - DRUUNA Necklace (Past Event Release)
Bodysuit: SongBird - Spiderweb Body Suit in Black  (Available Now at World Goth Fair
Outfit: SongBird - Eva Outfit (Available Now at World Goth Fair)
Shoes: REIGN.- Sia Pumps in Black
Pose: Image Essentials - Distinguished 9 (Past Event Release)
Stars: Kalopsia - Hanging Stars (Available Now at Collabor88)

Pop Princess Voodoo LOL...

I'm still working hard to share all those wonderful Horror Hautey things with you... The event wont be around for too much longer and if you're into Voodoo and haven't been yet, WHY THE HECK NOT?! There is a massive bounty of Voodoo based goodies, so much so that I have been kept busy creating looks and organising my collection so that I can show these off to you in the best possible - Rudhish - way!
The next look, although I REALLY tried to make it look horrific seems to look far more teeny bopper princess than voodoo?! *facepalms* I failed LOL Noooooooooooooooooooooo....
Before I start rabbiting on about the outfit that I pulled together I want to share with you this amazing location... It's called Paradise of Fantasy and it is simply gorgeous... There is a medieval themed village as well as lots of natural and fantasy elements, so it would be a great backdrop for a wide range of photos... CHECK IT OUT lol...
Now, on to the Britney Spears of Horror Haute for this month LOL... I cannot believe how much I suddenly thought I looked like a pop princess whilst I was looking at this photo wondering what to write... I certainly didn't think that when I was taking the photo!!
I wore the awesome ImmateriA release for Horror Haute, which looks awesome from the front but even better from the back - hence the back view - and I love that snakey decor to it with those bright colours! I added some non-Horror Haute related items, including these awesome studded tights from Izzie's - which were a bargain price of 70L for 5 different tones at The Dressing Room Fusion - and these awesome heels from HOLLYHOOD - again a bargain price of 55L at a past round of Fi*Friday...
Then there was just ONE MORE THING I needed to make my Snakey Voodoo look complete... A Snake! Luckily *dimma* was there to snatch that challenge up and provide with some awesome poses, complete with pose prop snakes! Now I do have a confession... I hope I don't get into trouble for having done so but as I wanted to use the pose from behind I edited my snake a little... If you look at the ad board for this pose, you will notice that the snake is facing in the other direction... I just realised it looked better from the back... I hope I'm not going to be in any trouble though *hides*...
Anyway, that's it for now on the Horror Haute Pop Princess front... You NEVER know when she will be back to cast a magic spell again... Stay away from snakes people!!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Magika - Surprise
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07 (Past Collabor88 Item)
Dress: ImmateriA - Serpentine (Available Now for Horror Haute May)
Tights: Izzie's - Studded Tights (Available now at The Dressing Room Fusion)
Shoes: HOLLYHOOD - Benedict Heels in Black (Past Fi*Friday Release)
Pose: *dimma* - Snake Pose 5 (Available Now for Horror Haute May)

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Third Times a Voodoo...

Time for a little more Voodoo magic... I am on a roll this month, three looks in three days, all of them focused on the Voodoo side of SL and the awesome releases from this month't Horror Haute
There is so much choice in this month's line-up that any Voodoo King or Queen would feel right at home and be able to get themselves a new wardrobe all at once!
This look was inspired by one of these outfits... The Ghost Story Releases are a series of three different coloured dress and turban sets called Marie Leveau. I chose a redish coloured one and removed my hair so that it looked perfect with the scarf draped around my head. I kept the rest of the outfit simple so that I could showcase the clothing better, I added a pair of Aftershok VooDoo shoes and a Helian Necklace from KOSH, and then my third Voodoo look was complete!!! 

What is she wearing;
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07 (Past Collabor88 Item)
Face Wounds: Utopiah - Excessive Pain Makeup
Nose Piercing: DirtyStories - Heart Nose Piercing (Past Suicide Dollz Item) 
Lip Piercing: Cute Poison - Wounded Piercing 
Necklace: KOSH - HELIAN NECKLACE in Amber 
Head & Arm Jewellery: Kibitz - Nara Set (Available at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Outfit including Head Scarf: ]Ghost Story[ - Marie Leveau in Blood Moon (Available Now for Horror Haute May
Shoes: Aftershok - VooDoo Shoes (Available Now for Horror Haute May
Pose: Dimma - Ghost Dancing 1 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Missed a damn good Romp...

I am supposed to be working, but have absolutely no interest in doing anything remotely work related... I just want to curl up and read a book, preferably tucked up in a warm blanket... It's cold for May... It should be getting warmer, not wintry again!
However, I've been such a good girl lately that for once I feel like doing something a little less PG and a little more kinky... So maybe the book would have to wait?! It's time to be a little naughty... What a collection of toys I have to chose from LOL...
Toys sound much more fun YAY... Some of these toys look like things I want to get my hands on in RL, not gonna tell you which but I'll leave you guessing... Problem is, I haven't played with at least one of them in SO LONG that the event which it was featured in has now closed... STILL you can get this special toy at the main store, you know you want to LOL... I'm talking about the Naughty Love Paddle from yumyums, the paddle is available in a few different colours and there is also a tattoo you can wear to make it look like the heart has been spanked into your skin... All of the other toys were things I had buried in my hoard... I couldn't choose a favourite, and I won't be telling you which of any I use but a girl's gotta have a toy collection lol, this is my SL one hehe... 
The outfit is made up of old and new things too... I love my shorts, but the BAT lingerie set that I am wearing with it is a release from Static for this round of Suicide Dollz. They seemed to fit perfectly together with my awesome new ankle boots from Riske - I bought these a while back at the Dark Style Fair but they got lost in my hoard until now LOL... I really need to clean that up! 
Time for a little fun, time to slide the pole... YAY kinky pun... I meant the dance pole you dirty people LOL... 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Truth - Arianna in Red 
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07 (Past Collabor88 Item) 
Face Wounds: Utopiah - Excessive Pain Makeup 
Necklace: 7mad;Ravens - Tagged in Psycho (Past Event Release) 
Top: Static - Batty Set in Black (Available Now at Suicide Dollz
Bruises: Corvus - Body Bruises 
Hand Tattoo: Clemmm - Skelly Hands in Mono Outline White (Past Cosmopolitan Release) 
Shorts: SAKIDE - Hallow's Shorts (Past Event Release) 
Boots: Riske - BAMF Heels Ashes (Past Event Release) 
Pose Prop: Image Essentials - Love you Blocks (Past Event Release) 
Pink Dildo: Bishes inc - Dildo Pink (Comes with Top) 
Black Dildo: (epia) - Dildo 
Butt Plug: Noodles - Here Piggy Piggy Plug in Pink (Past Event Release)
Mask: Intrigue Co. - Sleep Mask in Deal With It 
Pole: 3FX - Neon DancePole (single) 
Handcuffs: Instinct Furniture - Handcuffs F 0+ 
Paddle: {yumyums} - Naughty Love Paddle in Mid Wood Silver Tape (Past ROMP Release)

Voodoo can be a little fast too...

I'm back with a little more of that Horror Hauteish Voodoo today... There is SO MUCH good stuff that let's face it, there may be a little more yet before I let you forget about the mysterious religion! OR before I let you forget about that song that, if you're anything like me, will have been stuck in your head any time someone mentions the word Voodoo... I'm not kidding, as soon as I hear or see the word, I get all "I'm not the one whose so far away, when I feel the snakebite enter my veins" LOL... Check out the Godsmack Voodoo song if you have no idea what I'm talking about, then you will feel my pain... 
Still, I have decided that this time the Voodoo needs to be able to go a little faster - maybe that will leave my head quicker? I dunno, anyway - it's also my darling Hubby's first time in the Horror Haute Team... I can use the idea of fast Voodoo to give him some shameless promotion hehe... 
Seeing as I mentioned him, the first thing in this photo that I really want to point out is the Bike. It looks a little small as I stand next to it, but it's a Race Bike and I am wearing some incredibly tall heels - from Eccentricities as part of their Hogun release for Horror Haute by the way - when you sit on the bike you lean quite far forward hehe... This Voodoo Race Bike from H&C Wheels - my hubby's store - is a lean, mean, drifting machine, complete with it's own skulls and shrunken zombie head to make it the perfect high speed transport for any Voodoo king or queen... 
Anyway as I was riding around in the swamp, looking for potion items, I spotted a newly cleaned human skull... YAY!! To make it seem even better, my necklace REALLY seemed to like the new skull, this is one of those Salem Madam Layaux Necklaces - it glows in the eyes when it's happy hehe... 
The skull around my neck seems to really love the new skull I found, but I AM IN LOVE with the rest of my Voodoo styling too today. Starting with the outfit, it's made up of bits from Horror Haute, the boots I have mentioned, but the dress and legstraps are items from {LUNAtic} simply HAD to be worn. I LOVE the patchwork dress and the pin straps are so handy, as you never know when you need to stick one in a doll hehe... Not that I'm that malicious, well not often anyhow lol... Normally I carry a doll with me everywhere, but not this time, not since I pulled on a new Voodoo Skin from [Stargazer Creations]... As always the Stargazer skin is amazing. Aggie really knows how to create gorgeous fantasy skins! I mean REALLY KNOWS! 
But I think I've stood here long enough yammering on about things, it's time for this Voodoo Biker Chick to raise some hell in the swamp... Till later, I WILL BE BACK hehe... 

What is she wearing;
Hair: CATWA - Daizy 
Skin: [Stargazer Creations] - Voodoo Doll Skin (Available Now for Horror Haute May
Eyes: Zombie Suicide - Wrath Eyes 
Necklace: Salem - Madam Lavaux's Necklace (Available Now for Horror Haute May
Dress & Straps: {LUNAtic} - Voodoo Mini Dress in Patchwork & Voodoo Pin Bands (Available Now for Horror Haute May)  
Boots: Eccentricites - Hogun Boots (Comes with outfit) (Available Now for Horror Haute May
Bike: H&C Wheels - Voodoo (Available Now for Horror Haute May
Pose: Dimma - Poor Yorick 1 (Past Horror Haute Release) 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I Doo Voodoo...

It's a perfectly dark, and mysterious lifestyle to fit perfectly into the Horror Haute event theme, although this isn't always the case and there can be lighter forms of voodoo too...
I mean OK I don't know a lot about Voodoo - other than what Disney's Princess and the Frog, and the Godsmack Voodoo song tell me, which to be frank isn't all that much LOL - but there is such a wealth of information on the internet - some of it more reliable than others - I guess I should do some research before launching into the ramble about Horror Haute's theme this month huh?!
Apparently - and it's lesson time with Rudh lol - Voodoo comes in 4 slightly different forms depending on your location, but it seems that one which is most well known would be the Louisana Voodoo...  It's the one I have associated my Horror Haute stylings with, its the one in which it is believed that Voodoo Dolls originated and as it is Louisiana the swamp vibe I have going on totally fits...
End of lesson for today... Let's talk about HORROR HAUTE MAY!!!
I took a little break to relax in my tree in the swamp whilst I was working on the Voodoo me and thought wow this would work for what I wanted in a photo...
My voodoo look was made up of a layering of skin from [Stargazer Creations], with tattoos from [Gauze], a face and neck tattoo laid over the top from Ama and then a smearing of red lipstick too...
The rest of my outfit and props are items for the Horror Haute this month... The dress and pin jewellery that I am wearing is from Brick-A-Brack, and the props - including the flag, staff and skulls are all releases from Lilith's Den. I'm even smoking a Facepalm Cigar that I stole from the Son of Samdedi!!!
I have my doll out ready though, so who shall I play with for a while, whilst I sort out my next look... OH HELLBONE!?!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Magika - Friday
Skin: [Stargazer Creations] - Plagued Skin (Past Horror Haute Release)
Black Eye Make-Up: Gothica - Lost Souls Face Tattoo
Eyes: Laudanum Lollipops - Death's Stare (Past Horror Haute Release)
Face Tattoo: Ama - Twisted Soul Eater in Turquoise
Lipstick: [Stargazer Creations]  - Lip Set in Red Pentagram 3
Dress & Pins: Brick-A-Brack - Voodoo Doll (Available Now for Horror Haute May)
Tattoo: [Gauze] - Idra Tattoo in Cauldron
Bracelets: tapi - Hammered Blanc Cuff
Cigar: Facepalm - Cigar (Included in the Son of Samdedi Outfit) (Available Now for Horror Haute May)
Pose: Signature Pose - The Von Schnitzel Series 2
Flag, Staff & Skulls: Lilith's Den - Voodoo (Veve, Staff and Skull Stands) (Available Now for Horror Haute May)
Doll: No Longer Available!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Working the YumYums Night Shift...

Sometimes I put on an outfit and think that I am going to do one thing, but then I end up wandering down a completely different path.
This was one of those times... I was sent an item from one of the awesome stores that I blog for and suddenly an anime character was forming in my head... I think it was the HUGE bow... I covered myself in blood, and fully intended to do something horrorifying...
Yet I ended up taking a part time job in the store where the shirt came from LOL...
OK so not really but this picture did make me feel a bit like the new girl coming to take over the night shift... I'm not so sure that the kitty behind the desk likes my bloody anime girl look, but I am loving this...
The HUGE bow shirt - called Bows Before Bros - is a release from yumyums for IDK this month... It comes in a huge range of bow colours and is perfect to rock that sailor moon style outfit! I accessorised that with a gorgeous pair of SilentSparrow Luna Antlers... The pretty butterflies adding something extra and the tiny BOOM Precious Bow Choker... 
But that was where the pretty stopped... I had - for some totally unexplainable reason other than my mind is WEIRD - wandered down a slightly darker path with the look than I intended... I wore dark make-up, a splattering of blood which even covered my white Czarny Kanarek mini skirt. 
Still the show must go on... One quick close-up snapshot for my employee of the month photo and voila... The Night Shift has started hehe... 

What is she wearing;
Antlers: SilentSparrow - Luna Antlers in Natural (Past Event Release) 
Hair: Magika - The Wish
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07 (Past Collabor88 Item) 
Make-Up: Corvus - "Gone Mad" Face Tattoo 
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard - Valentine Eyes 
Blood: Ama - Blood Splatter 
Nose Piercing: DirtyStories - Heart Nose Piercing (Past Suicide Dollz Item) 
Lip Piercing: Cute Poison - Wounded Piercing 
Choker: BOOM - Precious Bow Choker/Collar 
Top: yumyums - Bows Before Bro's Tee in Saturn (Available Now at IDK)
Necklace: ANE - Bony Heart Necklace in Silver Ruby Heart (Past Event Release) 
Skirt: Czarny Kanarek - Serial Killer Micro Mini Skirt 
Pose: Signature Pose - Lizz 5 
Close-Up Pose: Signature Pose - Ben 4 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Swinging through my dreams

This morning I feel like I am wandering through a dream... It feels like a very vivid dream but at the same time I don't feel like I am actually awake whilst doing the normal everyday things... It's such a strange feeling... I even tried to use my work key card - the thing I use to operate the doors in my work office - to try to check out of the bus!
So the photo that I have chosen to talk about - although I keep reading this OVER AND OVER because I forget what I am saying so fast lol - is one that kinda fits with the dreamy feeling that I have today... It's a totally different picture than I would normally make because it is very feminine, there's a lack of blood, no gore and I'm wearing pastels with floral print...
Thinking about it there must be something a little strange going on, I wonder, perhaps I have been possessed or something?!
Anyway, I would LOVE to be sitting right here right now in RL, just as much as in SL... Gazing at the clouds, surrounded by the pretty scent of cherry blossoms, watching the branches sway in a gentle breeze and every-so-often if the mood hit me I'd swing my legs to get the seat moving just a little... It sounds like a little slice of heaven, doesn't it? All I need now is a sexy - and perhaps dark - angel to push my swing, and maybe a cup of tea LOL... I am so Rock'N'Roll... LOL...
The swing itself is a pose prop from Signature Pose - called Spring's Swing - although it has been released at an event I've never heard of called Le Petit Faire... It includes a number of different poses, including some for couples, so I would be lucky if the hot Angel boy did appear, then he'd be able to push me at least LOL...
I'm wearing a variation on a dress that I have been wearing a lot recently too... The SAKIDE Bloom dress, is a variation on the Dip Dress that I wore in a recent post about bubbles hehe... I just felt really drawn to these dresses and have been wearing them so much recently, even though they are not my usual style!
All in all a very non-Rudhish but so pretty girlie photo... I LOVE IT, it's different, and it really fits the dreamlike mood I am in today LOL... Someone wake me up?

What is she wearing;
Hair: Truth - Sukie (Available Now at Uber)
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07 (Past Collabor88 Item)
Nose Piercing: DirtyStories - Heart Nose Piercing (Past Suicide Dollz Item)
Lip Piercing: Cute Poison - Wounded Piercing
Necklace: (Kunglers Extra) - Finrod necklace in Fire Opal (Available Now at Cosmopolitan)
Dress: SAKIDE - Bloom Dress (Available Now at The Depraved Nation Thrift Shop)
Heels: Sky - Tenacity Ankle Shoes White (Past Event Release)
Pose: Signature Pose - Spring's Swing (Available Now at Le Petit Faire)

Do You Voodoo?

It's coming... Ever Closer... Can you hear it creeping it's way in? The dark magic is drawing closer and closer, and it's time that everyone made sure they are prepared for this month's dark power to take over and throw open it's doors to lure you into the mist and darkness...
Just one question for you... Do you Voodoo?
LOL, so overly dramatic am I sometimes... LOL really, I could win an oscar perhaps?! No?! Oh well it was worth a try...
Still the entire point for that overly dramatic and somewhat pitiful performance is that I wanted to let you know that HORROR HAUTE MAY IS ALMOST HERE!! I wanted to, as was decreed by the bosses of the event, and as we tried last month with LOTS of success, let you in on the secret which is that the theme of the upcoming round is VOODOO!! YAY!! There are so many awesome Voodooish things that you will NEED to check the event out!
Just as an F.Y.I however, the things in the photograph above are not available at Horror Haute but come from buried deep in my hoard... If you're like me you will be itching to get your hands on something new, so I will have to stop talking about it or I will make myself insane hehe... All I will say is check back in a few days, you never know what I might do when I voodoo!!

What is she wearing;
Headdress: Spyralle - Crown of the Bayou (Past Event Release)
Hair: Analog Dog - Wound Up in Paprika
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07 (Past Collabor88 Item)
Arm Band: Yellow JesteR - VooDoo Right Armlet
Pose: Sparrowtree Studios - Princess 2
Doll: No Longer Available!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Fears of an Evil Dead Queen...

Fears about things can be controlling and all consuming at times, and I know that everyone has their own fears and ways of dealing with them, be they phobias - like I have with aliens - or be they those things that keep niggling at you in RL... Financial worries or worries about people... All of these things can affect your mood in so many ways... Right now I am worrying about the latter, trying not to let it affect me but still hoping that things remain as they are and should be... 
Luckily when I am feeling this way, the one thing that really helps me is putting together a look to reflect that mood... It helps me to channel all of my thoughts and feelings into something positive - you've no doubt seen photos when I've been totally empty and can tell when my mood becomes lighter again... This is one of those times when I feel pretty bleh... 
Can you tell?!
Of course it has nothing to do with the things featured in the photograph - I blog what I love and these things are no different - but the fact I'm not in a kawaii crazy mood does give the game away a little... I won't go into details but yea, at the moment things are a little bit tough!!
Still let's focus on the pretty, seeing as that is what makes me happy at times like this, and boy the things I have in this photo are VERY PRETTY!!
The starting point for this look was a new release from Lassitude & Ennui - for The Secret Affair this month - I was stuck to chose the metal tone that I wanted to use, it is just a gorgeous set! It comes in three tones - silver, gold or black - and includes not only the tiara, the short necklace and the nipple covers, but also a longer necklace too...
I wanted to keep the look simple, but decided that I needed something a little bit more to complete the somewhat dead queen look that I was going for... Thankfully I had the gorgeous Akasha Necklace from DirtyStories that would be perfect! 
Then as per usual, when I am going dead, I went to town on make up! I was already wearing Insufferable Dastard's Zombie Eyes, but then when I surrounded them with eye make-ups from Gothica - the black look - and PixyStix - the red liner, it looked more evil than I could have hoped for... YAY I was pleased... All I needed was a massive scar, thank you antielle, and the evil dead queen who represents my fears at the moment was complete!!! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Truth - Neria
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07 (Past Collabor88 Item)
Eye Shadow: Gothica - Lost Souls Face Tattoo (No Longer Available!)
Eye Liner: PixyStix - Red With Envy Makeup Layer Only 
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard - Zombie Eyes 
Mouth Scar: antielle - Kuchisake Onna (Past Event Release) 
Necklace: DirtyStories - Akasha Necklace in Silver (Past Suicide Dollz Release) 
Crown, Necklace & Nipples: lassitude & ennui - Foreboding Jewelry (Available Now at The Secret Affair)
Pose: Signature Pose - Lizz 5

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Asking the Spirits for Inspiration...

Today is the last day of The Witching Hour, and what a month for the event it has been...
I have to take a moment to step into the role of Blogger Manager here and share with you how proud I am of what the Blogging Team has become. Everyone works their butts off to bring some amazing looks, and everything within the event gets covered! If you have time, you should check out their photos - most of them can be found in The Witching Hour Flickr Pool - and enjoy the way that other people make the items work to fit their styles!
That would be one of the things I love about The Witching Hour. I am fully able to admit that not all of the items are things that I would normally play with, but for me one of the challenges is trying to make things work into the ideas I have in my head for photographs hehe... Keeps things fresh...
Sometimes it helps for me to commune with the spirits over what I want to do with certain items, but even that in itself can make for a very good photo!
While communing with the spirits about how to include the pretty Arched Shelf - this one decorated with roses and thorns - from DressME Designs, the picture just seemed to happen without me even trying. Helpful those spirits aren't they? These shelves are a available in a set of different designs, but come without the skull candle... That was my addition for the purposes of the sceance, which thankfully I was able to conduct without any problems hehe...
Maybe though it was because of the things that I chose to wear, maybe the ouiji board accessories helped keep the spirits giggling rather than making them angry... I wore an ALTAIR* Ouija Necklace in white, as well as a pair of matching shoes from Aftershok - that you can win yourself at this month's round of The Witching Hour!
These things looked SO CUTE with the brand new dresses that have come from dimma for the World Goth Fair - I still plan on talking a bit about that later hehe - but there are 5 different designs to choose from, I just loved the simplicity of the moons!
I leave you with one last, close-up look at the awesome shoes I chose to wear, and whisper to you that the spirits tell me there is still magic in the air... Something a little like old-school magic this way comes?!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Catwa - WokeUp
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07 (Past Collabor88 Item)
Eyelids: SLINK - Mesh Eyelids Photo Prop
Face Wounds: Utopiah - Excessive Pain Makeup
Nose Piercing: DirtyStories - Heart Nose Piercing (Past Suicide Dollz Item)
Lip Piercing: Cute Poison - Wounded Piercing
Necklace: ALTAIR* - Ouija Necklace in White (Past Event Release)
Dress: * dimma * - Little Gothy Dress in Moons (Available Now at World Goth Fair)
Shoes: Aftershok - AZ Spirit Board in Coconut (Available Now at The Witching Hour)
Pose: Signature Pose - Von Schnitzel Series 3
Table: CONCRETE FLOWERS -  Ouija Table
Skull Candle: Bacwoods Mafia - Skull + candle.
Shelf: DressME Designs - Arched Shelf Rose and Thorns (Available Now at The Witching Hour)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Oooooh that's cold...

Ever have one of those days when all you want to do is run out of the office screaming "Lalala I can't hear you"?
I'm having one of those days today, and it may be because I can see the sun trying to break through the clouds outside and I know that I am stuck in here doing NOTHING... That's right NOTHING!! The amount of work I have to do at the moment means I can just sit and twiddle my thumbs - OR in the case of right now, I can sit and share some of my ramblings with you!
I think the outside has inspired me to choose this photo to post now... I'd like a lazy day on the beach... Chasing the surf - or maybe that should be surfers LOL - feeling the sand between my toes...
The outfit that I chose to wear was the reason for my trip to the beach this week... I was lucky the beach was secluded and private, thanks to my sister Solde allowing me to use the beach at her home. I can say I'm not sure it's the sort of thing that I would buy myself often, I don't tend to be a beach go-er in either life but this bodysuit and it's matching wrap called Adi Collector from Paper Moon, which you should go and grab too from We <3 RP this month, just draws the attention. I love that bohemian print in it's summery colours... Perfect beachwear if I ever saw it!
To go with it, well in my head it just seemed to match pretty perfectly anyway, I added this amazingly pretty collar from Zombie Suicide... I fell in love with it at the Dark Style Fair, I couldn´t resist!
I ran into the sea fully ready to relax and have a fun day at the beach, but DAMN it was SO cold... Well, scratch that idea... Anyone got any thermal undies?

What is she wearing;
Hair: Truth - Octavia
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07 (Past Collabor88 Item)
Face Wounds: Utopiah - Excessive Pain Makeup
Nose Piercing: DirtyStories - Heart Nose Piercing (Past Suicide Dollz Item)
Collar: Zombie Suicide - Dark Collar (Past The Dark Style Fair 2 Release)
Body Suit & Wrap: Paper Moon - Adi Collector in Maillot & Wrap (Available Now at We <3 RP)
Pose: Signature Pose - Kinky Bunny 1 (Past Pose Me Amazing Item)

The 90's had the Spice Girls...

Now my sister Lilian and I are proving that the 21st century predictions were all true... 2015 is the year that we're able to explore in space - provided that we are wearing the obligatory space suits - and so the 90's may have had the Spice Girls, the year 2015 has the Space Girls LOL... So long as we don't see any aliens, we will be fine, otherwise Lil will have to handle them on her own as I run away!!
The inspiration behind the space girl look came about because of these very risque, very sheer and so very sexy latex body suits - with their matching boots - from r2. As soon as we saw these at Collabor88 this month, Lil and I had to have them... Me chosing Black - no surprise there - and Lil chose a vibrant metallic silver colour, she decided to match me on the dark make-up look too, which makes me think no matter what we'd win a war in space! Any male opponent would fall to his knees at the sight of the pair of us... Surely?! Failing that I am sure we'd be able to get any of those lonely astronauts to go weak at the knees - if a lack of gravity hadn't done that already hehe... If you're a lonely astronaut and feel brave enough maybe you should come find us at the Larisa Incident Sim!
During our explorations, Lil and I landed on the Moon to take a walk around and check out the Moonbase as well as the Moon's Surface... Now I know, I know I don't have a helmet on, well being a Space Girl gives me special powers LOL... I don't need one!! Or at least that's what I'm telling people, and it's my story LOL...
Just for interests sake by the way, I decided to keep my hair short in this older style by Truth, I pulled on a studded bracelet from tapi and even had myself tattooed with this dark spiderweb print from White Widow... All older items in my hoard but they just looked so awesome with my space look, I couldn't bring myself to change out of them hehe...
Today I am also going to do a little showcase of someone else's talents... Lilian Howley, my darling sister, has recently decided to open a photography studio, so it's time for some promotion...
Lily like me was a bit unsure of her talents, but I know that when I see her photos I am in awe... She does no post editing, and only uses windlights to capture her gorgeous photos. You should DEFINITELY check her out!! She's on Flickr, you have no excuse now... Go check out Lilian Howley on Flickr... Do it now... Or the Space Girls will come and get you lol...

What is she wearing;
Hair: Truth - Nova
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07 (Past Collabor88 Item)
Eye Make-Up: Corvus - "Gone Mad" Face Tattoo
Face Wounds: Utopiah - Excessive Pain Makeup
Nose Piercing: DirtyStories - Heart Nose Piercing (Past Suicide Dollz Item)
Lip Piercing: Cute Poison - Wounded Piercing
Tattoo: [White~Widow] - Spider (Past Event Release)
Outfit & Boots: r2 - Rikka in Black [A] (Available Now at Collabor88)
Bracelet: tapi - nailed stud wristcuff
Pic 1 (With Lil): Image Essentials - Women's Stand 33 (Past Event Release)
Pic 2 (Solo): Image Essentials - Playmate 5