Sunday, October 31, 2010

This is Halloween, This is Halloween, Pumpkins scream in the Dead of Night!

I swear Halloween is my favourite time of the year, the leaves on trees are that pretty golden colour, we're heading towards a visit from Santa (though hopefully not the Supernatural Santa!) and yes it is time to get dressed up and look spooky, time to perfect our evil cackle and eat sweeties till we are sick... 

This year I decided to dress up as a Zombie... 

He was a clown, it was scary, so Zombie Rudh fainted (either that or I was feeling too lazy to walk down the stairs lol (taken by HellBone Barbosa)).
For some reason, Hell took it upon himself to dress up as one of the things that I am most freaked out by (a clown!) and as a result I haven't really been able to look at him all month! 

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYBODY... There will be more pictures to follow, as there's a party Hell, Fledge and I are having tonight... Hellish tunes, Zombie Rudh and well who knows what Fledge will be... That's the Trick or Treat part!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

I cant believe how long its been!

Rudh this year has turned FOUR... this is crazy, I started out in SL thinking it would be just a quick look due to the fact that two important people in my life, Pamallamadingdong and Kregantis, were both in world... Yet somehow I got pulled in so deep I found myself staying! 
Granted I wouldnt want to be without it now, I have some of the best friends a person could ask for... some of whom are so important they are family...
The reason I got around to thinking this was because I was looking through my old SL piccies the other day, I was never a photographer in SL really when I first started out, so there are a lot of memories that I failed to get pics of, yet I managed to take some and OH MY GOD... Rudh looks so weird in her first style now lol... 
Lemme show you (these are from modeling pictures that I have done)!!!
Earliest modeling photo (see even back then Rudh was a bit of a skank lol). There were even times when I was a redhead in this early stage of my SL! 
Then I went from being a skank, towards being a pretty girlie girl... Still that same raven haired look and dark makeup though!
To something like this, as I headed into my Fourth year in SL, wearing one of what Fledge would refer to as my hankie outfits, and actually being more covered than usual, LOL
Rudh is now and will always be my Barbie Doll... She has always looked fairly similar, and many people will know that I would never change her shape, it was bought for me as a gift (plus I love the way she looks, even though her boobs are too big). Yet there have been times I looked a little different!
Rainbow Rudh was common, as was Vampire Rudh (before all the Bloodlines rubbish)  
What can I say... I LOVE dressing up... LOL!!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Poem For Imma

Argh - Not been posting (not that anyone actually reads this anyway), busy treasure hunting... Though now that Imma has seen her special RL birthday poem (for her 25th again birthday) I can post it here with all my other random ramblings... 

I will warn now though that I am NOT a poet, nor will I ever be... I just wanted to try to make something special!!!!

Here goes:
Immaling that’s her name,
Rudhie met her in a game.
Fledge the Queen with a love of gold,
Helped us meet, if truth be told.
Sisters three we became,
The Dragon, The Witch and the Skankish Dame!
Through many trials the sisters did struggle,
Even though Rudh was a Muggle.
Rudh loved to collect sexy men,
So Imma rounded them all up again…
There was Remus, the Woobies and Adrian and Roger,
They even tried Severus, though he was a Dodger!
The sisters they shopped, they danced till they dropped, they spent many hours just chatting,
and sweet lil Rudh tried hard to be good as her eyelashes at boys started batting.
The discussions we had,
Sometimes good, sometimes bad,
Could often lead to a fight.
A kitty and dragon was fairly common,
Though the dragon was usually right.
During one of these fights, about wrongs and rights,
A comic discussion took place.
The cave on the hill, Moonie’s space if you will,
Full of lunch bones and a Dragon Queen’s hoard,
Could it withstand an explosion, or lead to implosion,
So we’d be squashed flat like a board.
To finish my rhyme, as it is party time,
There is something I wanted to say,
Thank you for all that you’ve done, we’ve had so much fun, now let’s go and boogie, OH YAY!