Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Horror Haute Tribute

Something about the Horror Haute always seems to bring out the depraved in me, normally I float along on a fluffy rainbow cuteness cloud, but then occasionally something draws out the darkness, and I will admit that this is a side of me that I love and fully embrace.
I find myself laughing sometimes, I've been asked in the past - and in RL too I might add - whether my love of black, gothic, macabre and heavy rock means that I am depressed! LOL I can tell you that if I start dressing SL as something that isn't either scary cute or scary dead then you know that there is something wrong with me, until that point I am doing OK!
Though the Horror Haute - and I have admitted this many times now - always brings out a creative darkside in me that impresses even myself sometimes. I had so much fun playing with the altar from NeverMore that I KNEW it would end up in one of my Horror Haute creations for this month, but I got lucky when I was able to find the summoning circle from nonino buried deep within my hoard - to be honest I'd forgotten it was even there.
Once I knew the prop that I was going to use and had picked out the other various Horror Hautey creations that I wanted to display I was onto a sure thing... The look fell together, I was like WOAH THIS NEVER HAPPENS!
The Altar includes 10 different static poses, perfect for use either as a posing prop or as an altar to lay out a fair maiden and sacrifice her to which ever spirit you wish to appease. I wonder if the SL Gods would accept tribute from here hehe... Might make life in SL a little easier, now if any willing victims would form an orderly queue maybe it is time for us to start appeasing the SL Gods hehe!!!

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Zoey in Ash
Skin: Mystic Canvass - Dreadna Skin (HORROR HAUTE AUGUST)
Necklace: House of Rain - Poisonous Friend
Arm Cuffs: InSpired Designs - I've Got Your Back with blood tattoos (HORROR HAUTE AUGUST)
Rings: Mandala - Motsumame in Black/Silver 

Top: Tyranny Designs - Penniless Slave Outfit (NO LONGER AVAILABLE!)
Stomach Piercing: PIN ME DOWN - Pierce Me with blood tattoo (HORROR HAUTE AUGUST) Boots: COCO - Mesh Suede Boots in fur (cheapie, may have even been free!)
Altar: NeverMore - Badriyah Altar (HORROR HAUTE AUGUST)
Summoning Circle: nonino - Magical Circle 2011

Monday, August 27, 2012

Today I Am 6

Looking at my diary, whilst sitting at work today, I realised that TODAY I AM 6...
I've been using Rudh as a form of entertainment for 6 years now - logging into the crazy world of SL. I've only ever had one avatar - I sometimes wish that I could be one of these people that juggles numerous different accounts, but then at the same time I realise that it could be more of a headache than an escape. This however, does mean that it is my 6th year of my one Secondlife, which I guess in itself could be seen as some kind of achievement - although investment might be a better term to use considering how much time and effort I've invested into my Barbie Doll.
I've met many people - some I've loved, some I've learnt from, some I want to just forget - I've bettered myself by learning new skills and even things about myself that I didn't know. My sister, my best friends and even my partner are all straight from SL and this "game" has even caused me to change my life dramatically, packing up and moving to be with Hell in RL! You don't get this kind of roller coaster ride too often in RL without something like SL giving you a kick up the butt as a starter... So if anyone ever asked me, would I think that I've been wasting my time by playing a game like SecondLife, I would answer with a resounding NO! Sure maybe I should have done things a little differently, spending more time in my RL, but at the end of the day I have some amazing friends, am a little stronger, found the love of my life and have begun developing my skills almost like an artist by playing around with SL photography and Photoshop. I don't believe that there has been time wasted at all, maybe I did things differently to the way that other people live their lives - my mum especially tells me so all the time - but then I'm content and, maybe just maybe, SL is a stepping stone to growing up and getting my working the way I want it?!
LOL PFT who am I kidding... ME, Grow up? LOL Sorry I cracked myself up! 
I thought about making a pretty picture to go with this post, but then I figured 'hmmm, why not make a Rudh collage instead', means I can share some of the randomness that normally lurks deep in my harddrive SL photos folder! 
(F.Y.I - I know that some of these photos are REALLY bad, but then times have changed and for the longest time I wasn't really that bothered with trying to improve my photo skills, OH AND things have definitely got prettier SL wise LOL!)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 35

This week was the same as every week - the ritual of the colour challenge never changes - I looked at the colour and thought OH MY GAH WHAT AM I GONNA DO WITH THAT? This time was some really greyish, greenish, difficult colour, yet like always I threw open my freebie folder where I have been storing anything that I would even possibly wear that might be of any use in the colour challenge and started digging. 
I always change the colour of my photo-box to match the colour swatch Luna provides and then park on a pose stand trying things on... It can be regarded as kinda therapeutic in many ways. Yet this time I hat the jackpot and my thoughts were ringing like "DING DING DING!" I'd stashed away this little number from The Sea Hole for the longest time now, and I standing wearing it in a photo-box with my butt seeming to disappear into the background I will admit I did a little happy dance before I set out to accessorise!
Week 35 - Feldgrau
Week 35: Happy Dancing Rudh = Oh Deer LOL
What is she wearing; 
Antlers: [PERA] - Autumn Reindeer (NO LONGER AVAILABLE!)
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Alice Mesh Hair in Chocolate Mint 
Ears/Skin/Hooves: Quarantine - Part of Freckled Faun Set 
Make-Up: [Pom.Pon] - My Reindeer Accessories Bambi Face (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)
Necklace:  N@N@ - Tracy Necklace 
Dress: The Sea Hole - Stag Dress in Moss 
Ring: Mandala - Motsumame in Black/Silver 
Pose: STaTUS – Edit This 2 

I LOVEEEE this look... I think it might be one of my favourites so far, and OK it was darker than that before I started tweaking at it... but I LOVEEEEE the look lol so I'm not too bothered that it is slightly too pale for the swatch LOL. If you wanna argue it out with me I'll be more than happy to show you in world that it is a perfect match hehe... 
Next Week - Hot Cinnamon

Saturday, August 25, 2012

An August Horror Haute Bedtime

I seem to look forward to the last week of the month when the macabre event is released and designers join forces to unleash their dark wares. Since being asked to stay on as one of the blogging team I find myself chomping at the bit waiting to see what goodies are released and this month the items are AWESOME, I am kinda stuck as to how to put things all together LOL.
Two very different dresses have been released this week, and I may try to use both - one will follow later - but this first dress just caught my imagination. 
It comes with a top hat, but I was automatically pulled towards teaming the dress with the hat that is part of the Wasabi Pills Magician hair. From there though for some reason I ended up bringing out Rudh's dormant vampire side. I've been a vampire for a long time now, but never really bothered with that side of my SL due to the fact that it kinda became a craze for a while due to the bloodlines game.
The dress is so fun, and so very cute too. Available in 4 different colours, each with blood dribble detail - which maybe the reason that I went vampire as she gets drawn out around blood! - I have a feeling that I will be seen in these dresses more in the near future, they are just too cute to bury in my hoard lol. 
 Just a little close up photo so that the awesome armband tattoos from Hysteria and the chest tattoo with piercing from CoLLisions are more visible... All these things may be making this my favourite Horror Haute look yet!

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Magician in Rouge
Skin: REPULSE - Vampire Skin
Fangs: [ni.ju] - Chain Chomp Piercing
Choker: NeverMore - Love in Idleness in Wrath
Chest Tattoo & Piercing: CoLLisions - Machiavellian (HORROR HAUTE AUGUST)
Arm Tattoos: Hysteria - On my arms in cross 1 (HORROR HAUTE AUGUST)
Dress: Souzou Eien - Kureji Loli Dress in Black (HORROR HAUTE AUGUST)
Bracelet: KOSH - EPIPHANY Bracelet in Inverted
Shoes: COCO - Ruffle Ankle Boots in Red
Coffin Pose Prop: GLITTERATI - The Coffin
Planters: KOSH - Ivy Amphora
Candles: (Left) Barnesworth Anubis - Trocadero Candle Trio, AND, (Right) LISP Bazaar - Candles Set (recoloured)

Marshmallow Moves In

I always, always, always said no to being an owner of any type of breedable pet anymore. Hell pretty much put his foot down that I couldn't have Booshies or Meeroos, but the KittyCats were also well off limits - I'm pushing for a real life kitty to be a friend to Izzy yet so far limited success on that front. However, I went to visit Lynnie the other day, and she gave me an amazing gift - a cute pink Tom Cat (not sure if it is a boy or a girl but I just like the idea of a male being this colour) called Marshmallow, would make a PERFECT addition to my Wendy House style home with all its cute toys and rainbow colours, or to quote her "its pink and cute and matches you haha". 
I didn't want to agree at first, I was worried because I simply couldn't afford to keep paying for food for a kitty - especially when there is so much shopping to be done - but I was informed that Lynnie had changed the kitties so that they became perma-pets, meaning you don't need to do anything they just wander around being cute! 
So welcome to your new home little Marshmallow... 
Lynnie I will look after your "pink pussy", as I believe we originally dubbed him at the time he was born, but if you ever want to come visit him you know where we are, though if you wanna kidnap him back lemme know first OK? LOL! 
If anyone else wants to come say Hi, just let me know, I'm sure he'd be more than happy to meet lots of new friends!

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Magika - Draw
Skin: Ploom - Maia in Smoke Honey
Piercings: Pekka - Milla
Necklace: [glow] Studio - Starfish Pearls Necklace
Dress: fllo - Beach Towel Dress in rainbow
Bracelet: SIGMA Jewels -  Layered Bangles
Ring: Mandala - Motsumame in Black/Silver

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hiding From My Shadow In Some Lamp*Light

When I was asked recently to become a part of the official blogging team for the store Lamp*Light, I was asked by AliceAnn - owner and creator of the brand - for a photo of Rudh that she could display in the store...
At first I was thinking OH MY GAH Why would someone want to put my face up on the wall of their store, but then she prompted me to get my creative juices flowing and come up with a photo that I felt both did the brand justice and represented my usual random style, without making the designs seem cartoonified.
I found the dress I wanted to pose in, a cute little mesh number that is a perfect addition to my dressing up box, but then what to do with it... I found my idea when perusing the Marketplace - thank you LISP Bazaar - and yes I know the outcome could be called cheesy given the name of the store but that was just calling out to be shot like this... I couldn't help it, my imagination wouldn't let me go in any different direction.
So I'm dancing in the Lamp*Light, and I hope that I can do your brand justice AliceAnn!! It's so cute and it deserves to be shown off... These dresses bring out my inner child, so I need to go find a jungle gym to play in hehe!!!

What is she wearing; 
Ears: Atomic - Panda Set
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Cherilyn Mesh Hair in Grass
Skin: Ploom - Maia in Smoke Honey 

Necklace: House of Rain - The Luxury of Tears in amethyst/peridot
Dress: Lamp*Light - Swing Dress in Crazy 

Shoes: I Love Fashion - Wedge Eccentric in Orange/Cork (No Longer Available) 
Lamp Post Pose Prop: LISP Bazaar - Streetlights & Umbrella

Monday, August 20, 2012

The fROCK Princess Gets Her Revenge!

When making a movie with Mayala, I always have such a great time and barely need to do anything other than set off an animation when she says "NOW" - normally I spend my time trying not to talk too much so that she can concentrate on getting the shots she wants.
The last movie, fROCK PRINCESs has to have been my favourite movie to date, and I feel honoured to have been a part of something that was just so cool! Maya had me cracking up and her animations of the frogs was a classic example of the LoonAtic genius.If you missed the movie it is definitely one that you will want to go back and watch, I wrote a post about it previously... 
Yet this weekend, Mayala surprised me with an awesome present! A LoonAtic Wear Top featuring The Frog Princess Rudh!!!
Anyway, now that I got back into human form, I was chilling out by the swamp in our back garden when I noticed a certain little "Frog Prince of Rock" looking up at me... Time for a little revenge! 
I turned him into FROG ICE CREAM, and had a bit of a relax on the jetty over the swampy water! 
I will warn you now that Frog Ice Cream is rather gross and luckily the alligator was there to finish the ice cream for me and stop the whiny frog talking about how he could be a rock god I dreamt of! 
Just for a little close up of the awesome shirt... THANK YOU MAYA!!! *hugs* 
What is she wearing; 
Ears: Atomic - Panda Set
Crown: PERTURB/ation - Tommelise Crown
Hair: Ploom - Tart (From Collabor 88)
Skin: Ploom - Maia in Smoke Honey
Eyes: IKON - Horizon Eyes in Dark Verdigris
Eyelashes: LeLutka - 2011 lashes/curl
Choker: PSYCHO:Byts - Black Chocker+Studs
Top: Made for me by Miss Mayala Loon of LoonAtic

Bracelets: LOULOU&CO - DIMH Bracelets
Ice Cream: Boof - Hopping Frog Cream (No Longer Available!)

Rings: (Left) Mandala - Motsumame in Black/Silver, AND, (Right) bellballs essentials - Chained Sins Ring
Stomach Piercing: No Longer Available

Pants: SAKIDE - Acidulous Leather Pants in White

Sunday, August 19, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 34

This was one of those weeks when at first I thought YAY a colour that's not a range of pink, aqua or buttery yellow! Little did I realise that it would give me a bit of a headache trying to find something that I would be happy using as my colour outfit! MY CRAZY ASS HAIR FOLDER LET ME DOWN!!! I am majorly disappointed in the folder for not being there for me, holding some hidden gem... So I kinda cheated LOL! I found something that fitted the colour, although there wasn't much of it on display, then I built the background up to fit the colour LOL! This is gonna have to be the 52WOCC2 Background Edition LOL - even that I cheated on too because the giant teddy needed to be modded to fit the colour hehe! I was going for a weird Teddy Bear Army look, but then I kinda ended up with something more like me sitting on a TeddyBear throne... Maybe I helped win the war and they made me their leader? Kinda looks a bit darkly dominatorishly evil... Maybe it's my staring eyes! LOL...
Week 34 - Russett
Week 34: Like A Teddy Bear Horror Story!
What is she wearing; 

Ears: Atomic - Panda Ears (Worn with tail, not visible!) 
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Brrree in Ash 
Eye Wound: REPULSE - Clawed Eye Mask 
Face Mask: Rotten Defiance - White Bear Mask 
Top: amerie's NAUGHTY - Girlish Army Jacket in Red 
Necklace: CONCRETE FLOWERS - Grandads Old Compass (Store Closed In-World but available on the Marketplace!)
Ring: Mandala - Motsumame in Red/Gold 
Pants: KOSH - Linen Shorts in Chestnut  
Boots: hoorenbeek - Military Boots in Loose Used Brown 
Bears: (Shoulder) Sugar - miNi i-Loo Pet in Golden, (Giant Bear in Background) Curio Obscura - Teddy Scare, (Left Foot)  No Longer Available!
Pose: GLITTERATI - Floor Cushion in baroque (available at Collabor88 until Sept 7th) 

I was advised to try taking this picture in a higher resolution than I might normally... It seems to have worked well at cutting out the pixelation on the edges of the photo, so thanks Lynnieloo for the tip... More tips will always be appreciated! I really want to improve my SL Photography! 
Next Week - Feldgrau

Glittery Shadows

The heat is getting to me at the moment, I am at a point now where I am only wanting to sit in the shade at our big garden near the water and do nothing but read, as I have never been a lover of heat... Gimme a cool rainy day any day! Our computer room has been more like a sauna than anything else, so I have been a little less interested in sitting at the PC to even check my emails, let alone spend hours in SL like I do when it's cooler! 
However, that said, I found a new place to add to my list of favourite places in SL, my friend Vir is re-organising his land and the gazebo filled with yummy foods and big snuggly chairs will definitely be one of those places I go to just chill out. I've put a photo into Flickr, I should put things there more but then unless I'm writing a post about it I tend to forget LOL... 
I also had a bit of a chat with AliceAnn - designer and owner of Lamp*Light - if you don't know her store but love the anime style, you NEED to check this place out! She's asked me to be one of her official bloggers... I AM SO EXCITED LOL! Not everyday do you get the honour like that, and her stuff is so cute, and she's so nice how could I say no!! LOL!
So I was feeling in a particularly sparkly, happy, although far too hot mood when I took this shot, which OK I have modded a little LOL... I love the way that the floor seems so white and the shadow picks up the colours of the glittery rainbow layer... But yea, as you can see I'm still playing around with photography. Lynnie suggested that I try to shoot the photos in higher resolution - I've done that here - my PC nearly broke but I think she's right about the lines being smoother! Looks like when I'm taking fancy pictures I'll be going high resolution from now on... Although I can't do that all the time, my PC gets cranky LOL! 

What is she wearing; 
Ears & Tail: Atomic - Panda Set
Hair: DeLa - Sophie in White
Skin: Ploom - Maia in Smoke Honey
Shirt: Rotten Defiance - Punked (Part of Set)
Ring: Mandala - Motsumame in Black/Silver
Pants: SAKIDE - Acidulous Leather Pants in White
Shoes: Pixel Mode - Baby T's Plain in Black
Pose Chair: ILAYA - Damask Chair  

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gimme Some Sugar!

I've been a strong supporter of the store, Sugar, for a while now and so recently when I was chatting with it's designer - Iokko Molko - about the upcoming changes that she was planning on making, I was pretty much salivating at the chance to be able to get my hands on some of her latest releases... I know for a fact that I am making a shopping list while I'm looking at the sneaky peeks that she is loading into her Flicker gallery, but when she said would I be interested in seeing some of those sneeky peeks on Rudh and would I blog them for her I had a little happy dance with excitement! 
There are a few things that need to be discussed in this photo... Firstly OH MY GAH I got Rudh with a shadow - first time it's worked properly for me without my computer saying no. Secondly, thank you to Iokko for allowing me the use of the store logo in this picture, and for giving me the opportunity to try! 
Things of note that I simply couldn't stop getting excited over are the gorgeous skin and the oh-so-cute tail! The skin is from the new line of Fuze Skins that will soon make an appearance in store. The one shown can be seen more clearly in a raw shot I put on Flickr, but I love the subtle flash of turquoise in the eyeliner. I will also admit that one of the weirdest things I look at when buying a skin is it's knees, and that's not so weird as it seems. I tend to wear a lot of short skirts and a skin with dodgy looking knees really bugs me, but rest assured even though you can't see them the knees are good! The skin tones have been re-named too to match Sugar types - something I thought was REALLY clever - and as there are 6 different tones available there should be something to suit everyone's tastes! 
The other thing I want to point out is the FREAKING ADORABLE TAIL! These are mesh tails, which should be released soon, and this one comes with colour change HUD so you can match your skin and colour the bow, but I hear a little rumour there may be more tails to come... I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE!!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Exile - Silent Wings in Sunset
Skin: Sugar - Fuze in Seaspray Demerera (SOON TO BE RELEASED!)
Eyes: IKON - Horizon Eyes in Dark Verdigris
Eyelashes: LeLutka - 2011 lashes/curl
Piercings: Pekka - Milla, AND, HoD - Celtic Swirl Dimples
Bodysuit: Orsini - Rockstar in blue
Ring: Maxi Gossamer - Gigi Shimmer Bow in Large
Tail: Sugar - Mesh Tail with Bow (SOON TO BE RELEASED!)
Pose: Art Body Store - My Cute Wings 09

Emporium Rudh Pin-Up

Just a little picture to say THANK YOU FOR THE SHOES... 
LOL, that possibly doesn't make sense because I mean why would I need to make a somewhat, borderlineish, pin-up style picture to say thank you? It is a bit of a long story, but I'm thinking that I can condense it down drastically so that it won't start to bore the heck out of anyone who wants to read my ramblings lol. 
Basically, I met Noelle a while ago now - can't remember exactly when as time flies so fast. Anyway, Noelle is a friend of Lynnieloo and at first even though we would say hi if we were ever around at the same time, we didn't really speak all that much.  Recently though, we've been chatting a little more - slowly at first but now fairly regularly, and I have to say it has been really good fun getting to know each other. Noelle has a very flirtatious side LOL - brings out the devil in me too - but sometimes the flirtations are more than a little mischievous!
For example, the reason I spent time making a photo like that is down to mischief... I was chatting with Noelle one day about shoes, I admit I am a shoe whore nothing wrong with that after all, but then I spotted the amazing N-Core heels that donned Noelle's feet. I loved these, but being as I have so many shoes I sometimes feel a little weird about paying so much for one pair. OK by RL standards they are like 3 US Dollars, but still... Anyway, once again I am rambling lol, Noelle sent me the money for these awesome shoes, it was jokingly - least I think it was jokingly - on the basis that in return I would take a sexy photo whilst wearing them! LOL, I put it off for a while as I couldn't think when I was working, but then last weekend I came up with this shot and so the Rudh Pin-Up modelling the Emporium Heels was born LOL!

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Wasabi Pills -  Anais in Ash
Skin: Ploom - Maia in Smoke Honey
Eyes: IKON - Horizon Eyes in Dark Verdigris
Eyelashes: LeLutka - 2011 lashes/curl
Piercings: Pekka - Milla, AND, HoD - Celtic Swirl Dimples
Necklaces: PSYCHO:Byts - Black Choker+Studs, AND, LOULOU&CO - BLING BLING
Corset: The Abyss - Prirency Corset in Black
Bracelet: Bracelet: LOULOU&CO - LONDON CALLING
Ring: (Left) Mandala - Motsumame in Black/Silver, AND, (Right) Maxi Gossamer - Gigi Shimmer Bow in Large
Shoes: N-Core - EMPORIUM in Black

Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Loonatic Original Movie... fROCK PRINCESs

It's been a year or so in the planning phase as we were originally going to get together to begin the creation process for another Loonatic Original Movie... We got together a couple of months ago and I did the work that was required of me LOL... Being fairly honest it's not really a lot of work, Maya tells me exactly what I am supposed to do, I show up and then leave her to the hard graft that goes into one of these movies... If we ever won an academy award - and with this one we might - the trophy would definitely have to sit on her mantlepiece hehe... 
Without further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen... 
Maya I LOVEEEEEEE being a part of your movies, they are always so much fun and this one is definitely my favourite to date!  Narrated by the awesome DJ - UC, with a backing soundtrack from one of my favourite groups - HolyHell (although it is a cover of the original by Aerosmith). The epic tale of two rock queen wannabes kissing frogs is a must have in your movie collection hehe - beats the one that Disney made on the same theme a few years ago by a million miles. This movie even has a cameo appearance from James Hetfield of Metallica!
Check out the original post on Maya's blog, and show her a little appreciation - I think she REALLY deserves it for this movie... MAYA this is my favourite movie yet!

52WOCC2 - Week 33

Can you actually believe that we only have 20 weeks of the colour challenge left this year... Blimey Christmas is coming faster than I ever thought possible! I personally don't know how I managed to get to this point lol, I never thought that I would do this challenge once but twice WOAH!!! I always thought I would get bored during the first round and stop, I am actually feeling pretty impressed with myself and even more impressed with the creativity of my fellow colour bloggerettes!
This weeks colour was HARD though, I mean it's borderline pinkish similar to colours we've had before, and it is a colour that I own VERY little of. I mean OK it calls itself a purple and I guess in some lights it could be seen as such but I was like 'ARGHHHHHHH' when I saw the little colour box that Luna had shown for the new colour. 
Needless to say I dug into my Crazy Ass Hair folder AGAIN! What came out of it was some kinda weird candy demon - as Fledge suggested by the way, prior to that I had no idea lol I was just wearing random hair - and so I went with it!!
Week 33 - Tyrian Purple
Week 33: Gimme all your candy!

What is she wearing;  
Hair: GaNKeD - Space Vomit Hair (can't find the store)
Skin: No Longer Available
Eye Make-Up: h.m.a.e.m - Trocadero (on upper eyelids), AND, [ni.ju] - Kumi in Purple (on lower eyelids and cheeks) 
Lipstick: KOSH - Drama Lips in Berry 
Necklace: PIDIDDLE - Necklature 
Dress: Retro' - Dress Mesh in Pink 
Ring: GaNKeD - Robyn Knuckles in Purple (can't find the store)

I procrastinated a lot this week too when it came to writing this, for some reason I just felt like I couldn't do it. I was able to blog other things but just sitting down to write my colour challenge post felt like a challenge in itself! Weird huh? Oh and dammit, it actually seems pinker than it should be... I guess this week I feel like I made a colour challenge fail LOL! It was originally a LOT darker looking than this! I promise!
Next Week -Russett

Friday, August 10, 2012

My New Lil Sister and I

One of the things that I love most about SL is the way that people can connect with each other. Relationships form with people that you would never have the chance to bump into in RL, and even if you did things could not always build enough to form a lasting friendship. SL seems to bring people together in a concentrated friend making soup, where although you find some rather unsavoury types at times - and I feel that I've met a fair few of those - you also find some real gems of people that you will feel eternally greatful for. 
I have a lot of friends, and even more acquaintances, that have really provided me with a solid friendship base that has been more than a little necessary since I moved to Holland, and though I rarely allow myself to be adopted by people as family it seems to have become more of a prominent thing as of late. As far as family in SL goes, I'm part of a large extended family that has been there for me throughout my entire SL almost, but my partner HellBone, sister Fledge, brother Zak and two crazy daughters Niki and Shiny are the ones I seem to talk to most often. Yet NOW I have a new sister to add to that list, I think I've mentioned her before but recently we got together for a photo... Hers has been on flickr for a while... Me, I'm just lazy and have only just created a little something hehe... 
Morgana Hilra is the latest addition to my SL family. She's my new little sister, and being the big sister feels REALLY strange especially considering that I've pretty much always been the younger sibling hehe... 
Morgs was someone that I worked with on Seraphim, she like Niki is someone who I am glad I would keep as a friend but I never ever believed that we would become family! She's a fighter - always getting what she wants, even if sometimes I have to help give her a little push, and she has a sense of style that I truly admire. She can make anything look good and her blog - SoHawtSL - is brimming with fashion hints in her usual nonsense free blogging style. Morgi is one of the bloggers that provides awesome commentary on the things she covers, if she has criticisms she says so, she doesn't sugar coat things but at the same time she's not bitchy with it too. As well as suffering through some pretty icky RL ups and downs with her health, Morgs has always got time for the people she cares about and despite the fact she should sleep more, she never turns down a cry for help! I know I couldn't have gotten through the drama of leaving Seraphim without her, I just hope that I can return the favour enough to help her out sometimes! 
Still, enough soppiness... The sun is up now, and Izzy wants to go outside... Check Morgana's blog and you never know I might even play here some more a little later hehe!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Gah this is rapidly becoming an obession... One that I know I won't be allowed to actually indulge myself in - Hell won't let me because when we had chickens we had SO MANY lag issues it was unreal, I shouldn't let myself on the other hand because I won't just be able to have one and our land would become filled with them! I'd be all like "we have half a sim here, we can take it", but then I'd get all conflicted because I couldn't have the pretty garden and the masses of pets and it would be a bit nightmarish lol! Gah - I just realised that letting people see my reasoning might not be the best way to seem sane, but oh well, ya win some ya lose some! 
The reason that I am spouting these ramblings is that when I logged into SL this morning I had the MOST AWESOME items waiting for me... 
The Felitera (kitty style) pet for on your head and the Ibstomp (rhino dino style) shoulder pets, are available at the Menchy's Goods Galore Store at Booshtopia. These adorable little friends will set you back 100L, but they come in 6 different colours, are only available in the gacha machines and are limited editions... Who knows how long they will be available! As with the majority of gacha goodies, these adorable little pets are transferable, so they will make awesome gifts for the people you know and love!
Needless to say, I'm in love with them... Aren't they just adorable!!!!!

What is she wearing; (I should probably put this on every post I do, better start now hehe)
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Anais in Ash
Skin: Ploom - Maia in Smoke Honey
Eyes: IKON - Horizon Eyes in Dark Verdigris
Eyelashes: LeLutka - 2011 lashes/curl
Piercings: Pekka - Milla, AND, HoD - Celtic Swirl Dimples 

Necklaces: PSYCHO:Byts - Black Chocker+Studs, AND, LOULOU&CO - BLING BLING
Ring: Maxi Gossamer - Gigi Shimmer Bow in Large

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Opinions Please

Though I mention it many times, in case you haven't heard, HellBone (and I kinda) own a store in SL called Hogs and Carts Wheels. In September 2011 we officially launched the company, although we'd been in the business for a while previously - Hell decided to step out on his own dragging me along behind to make sure all the boring administrative stuff got done!
Anyway, recently Hell and I had been discussing the store ad displays. He felt that it was time our ads were updated, and I knew I wanted something clearer, preferably without me posing in them. I also wanted something a little simpler to create whilst at the same time giving a uniformity to the design of the store.
The original posters looked like this...
 The  new posters may quite possibly look like this...
What do you think?
I don't really wanna share my opinions with you as I don't wanna affect people's opinions, but I'd love to know what you think... Answers on a postcard please! 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 32

One of the things that I love most about the colour challenge, is the way that different people get affected by the colours. This week I groaned inwardly, it was a yellow - don't get me wrong I love yellow, it's such a summery colour - but this was one that was so very similar I felt sure it was the same as Dandylion even Unmellow Yellow... Fledge seemed to find this one a little easier, but turns out the Chirag colour finder thingie that we both use had suggested that it was a slightly different tone, she'd gone with that one but even that was equally difficult for me... I was at a dead end.
Then, there as always, my Crazy Ass Hair Folder was shining, calling to me like the mermaids called to the sailors... You never know what you will find in my Crazy Ass Hair folder, but I thoroughly recommend that everyone should have one, they prove to be lifesavers in situations like this hehe!
This time the butterflies matched the colour perfectly and in that second it was on my head and rezzed in properly this week's picture had sprung to life in my head... 
Week 32 - Jonquil
Week 32: Glowing Butterfly Trails
What is she wearing;
Hair: Yasyn - Effervescent Chrysalis 

Mask: Mad' - Vindula Deione #5 (including orange eyeshadow) 
Eye Tattoo: White Widow - ABBH in Gold 
Jewellery: Purple Moon - Frozen Due Set 
Bodysuit: Leri Miles Designs - Catherine Body Suit in Gold 
Pose: Focus Poses - Model Set 23 
Rug: KOSH - Hokus Rug

Hell wasn't keen on this picture because of the plain look of the background, but I don't know for me there was just something about the way that Rudh has it behind her and the luminescent butterfly trails driftingly lazily around over the rug she's laying on. 
Next Week -Tyrian Purple

Walking with the Trees

One of my favourite places to go find some awesomely interesting to add to my hoard is the blog, Virtual Vagabond... I look there every day to see what goodies, it's author - SpaceCase Munster - seems to dig up some amazing goodies, through her own investigations and via the discoveries of others there is always something interesting to be found here! 
Today she posted an 'I-MUST-HAVE'... 
The Ent Travelseat is available from OMC, at the low cost of 45L... It was something that I couldn't turn down. The beauty carries you around and helps the weary traveler though the forests of SL. The eyes and gentle glow she gives off, give a kind of eerie feel to the Ent in the darkness, but in daylight she makes me feel serene hehe. 
I need to go to bed, I'm falling asleep, but I just had to share her!!!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lazy Panda

Been a lazy blogger, been a bit lazy in general... Since I've been working I have been spending more time being lazy, getting off the train from work, getting into my over-sized baggie nightshirts and vegging out in front of the TV. Hell has been cooking dinner, the house work has been done only to a certain degree and I haven't ventured out of the house for anything more than to walk Izzy. My SL time has been pretty limited too, I don't know why but my brain has been failing to function and only yesterday was I able to really think 'yeah I wanna go do something in SL'. 
So I went digging through my inventory, which I have been a bad girl with and not tided up in a while, I had better do that or it will get outta control and that never happens LOL! I put on an outfit I LOVE and will no doubt be wearing for a while, and then found my new D-LAB PANDAS! 
Seems like every time D-LAB releases something I have to have it... Maybe I should start referring to it as an addiction - some people get addicted to skins or hair or whatever, I get addicted to cute LOL! When D-LAB released these adorable pandas for Fifty Linden Friday a couple of weeks ago now, I couldn't get to the store fast enough, yet they have just sat hiding in my hoard until I found a place for them. I think this place near the waterfall in our garden is the best place - though he wont stay there as Hell doesn't want the cute invading too much of the dead garden lol - and I just love the way the light is falling on our faces... Gives me that feeling of peace and relaxation that I needed after my hard few days at work hehe!
The peace never remains for long - my two beautiful daughters and the updating of store posters for H&C Wheels made sure of that this time - but those ten minutes of serenity really push the motivation button somewhere inside me and give me the boost I need... Question is now, where do I start?