Monday, January 30, 2012

HellyWelly the Celebrity Biker

LOL Celebrities in SL - sorry I won't ever get my head around the idea that people think they are SLebrities... What a pile of dog poop! LOL, but anyway I go off the point ALREADY! 
The reason for the title is that my other half, Mr HellBone Barbosa for those of you that don't know, is this week's featured Biker in his SL MotorCycle club's magazine. 
Apparently, SnakeBite is a bi-weekly publication for the Cobra's MC Club... Look there he is on the front cover. That picture doesn't really do him justice, his make-over (with only a little help from me btw he did it by himself!) makes him look much better than this picture gives him credit for. I guess since he has been made a senior road captain, meaning he is in charge of organisation of rides and the like, they felt he was worthy of being posted front and center, and that people might actually wanna read what he has to say hehe... Most of which was written by me by the way!!! He will claim that he dictated and I just typed as my English is better - not much better but a little, lol - but everyone knows that it was him giving me the bare bones of an answer and me writing the actual answer to the questions... Just don't tell the biker club that was the case hehe! I even got to mention me and how we got together! 
I wanted to just show off one of the pictures though because I think it is pretty cool, the photographer did an awesome job in capturing the essence of Helly! 
It catches his "Dutchness" perfectly, as in RL on a sunny day there is nothing that he likes better than getting his bike out of her cover and taking her for a long ride down sunny roads through Holland! 
Means that he gets some time off from me nagging too LOL!!!!
I love you Hellywelly, my widdle Cobra Slebrity hehe!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 5

Last weekend my whole PC seemed to blow what one might refer to as a raspberry at me, least that is what you might call it if you were being polite. At the time trust me the PC was the victim of a stream of words so foul that even a sailor might have blushed! I was even threatening to assualt my PC with a sledgehammer! It was lucky that I had already written the post and could just throw it into published mode on Hell's PC! Was also a weekend that Vix had taken a couple of days off from Seraphim leaving me to "keep the ship sailing!" I owe a LOT to the others for getting everything done without problems *hugs* THANKS GIRLIES!
This colour, however, was the first one that had me thinking HUH WHAT AM I GONNA DO?!  I had no ideas and was drawing a blank at every corner I turned. Fledge and I discussed the colour, and I wont mention what she suggested, don't wanna give away any details that might point to what she will be doing this week, but I was still kinda confused as to what direction my colour look would take me. By now anyone who looks at my blog will know that I have to dress up, a normal everyday look will not do, but where would I end up!
Week 4 - PATINA
Week 4: Such a cold colour that I froze my rose.
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Cherilyn
Skin: LionSkins - Diamond Hunt 2
Outfit, including necklace, and crown: Faster Pussycat - Trinity Graves Outfit
Rose: Made by a friend - Crystal Rose

I don't know what I was going for with this look, it could be some under the sea beauty, yet I feel that with the dark make-up, that icy stare and the fact that I froze a rose by touching it that it would have to be an ice queen look! I did try for a full length photo too but it just wasn't going to do that awesome crown justice! I even out up an icy texture behind Rudh this week... Not all weeks will get a fancy background but I thought that the ice helped the ice queen to pop outta the background more!
Next Week -Alice Blue - so pale it's almost white!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Scared of the dark? Get a Facelight

Normally I wouldn't use a facelight, I used to use one all the time and sometimes even went around glowing when I forgot to take it off after a photoshoot. With the ability to set windlight however you want it, I just play with that rather than think "Oh I must put my facelight on" now, but I was looking through the massive heap of random stuff that I have stock piled in my inventory and found the most awesome facelights in Secondlife... They are just so awesome that it defies belief hehe...
Schadenfreude made these awesome facelights, the set I have includes 4 varieties, and though they could be classed as mouthies, I think these provide just the right amount of light to make pictures sparkle LOL...
This is my afraid of the dark look. I don't know quite why, but sometimes I get a little afraid in the dark. Maybe it has something to do with my re-occuring nightmares, but then other times being snuggled up in bed in the dark can be soothing. When I was younger I used to have a nightlight beside my bed, it was an old school lava lamp and it used to make my room so pretty as it glowed orange - shame my kitty broke it one day... Damn Kitty!! 
Oh and to Miss Nicole, I am working on finding the perfect nose item to photograph just for you... bear with me LOL!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 4

This week has to have been the EASIEST week ever, I love it when you can know exactly what you wanna play dress up as and find the entire outfit including hair first try, then get the snapshot you want first pose and all it needs is a little cropping! That happens almost never for me, normally I spend ages picking and poking at different things, tweaking them and changing them about a gajillion times. BUT THIS TIME, I got lucky lol! For some reason I get an idea in my head and then it won't shift, as happened last week with the Frankenstein's Roller Disco Bride look, yet this week I knew the kind of direction that I would be going in as soon as I read what colour we were facing this week... 
Week 3 - IRON
Week 3: Why does this pose and this outfit make me laugh so much?
What is she wearing;
Hair: ARI - Hannah
Outfit: Bare Rose - Armor of Ordeal

Shortest outfit list ever too... I am on a roll lol, I am writing this post on MONDAY MORNING lol... How advanced am I? 
Next Week - Patina, it's like pale teal?!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Getting an Eyeful!

This is becoming a pattern, I seem to buy or find random things in my inventory and I think DAMMIT I MUST SHARE THIS WITH EVERYONE! Then I can't get the idea outta my head until I put a look together and get myself photographed. I will admit that I don't take the world's best photos, I want to play with shadows but my PC hates me at the moment, I think the graphics card is dying. It keeps cutting out and my PC just goes blank, I can hear it working but then cant see anything, and what with SL being one of the world's most abusive to the graphics cards programmes I am pretty much left to scream at the PC, breathe and restart!
So you get pics from me without shadows, but I will try to make them as interesting as I can... Like this one...
Yes I know after that post about tongues I go and post myself in a picture wearing a tongue, but it went with the eyeball theme and was straight off after I had taken the picture. Yet I do have SO MUCH WEIRD STUFF... Maybe I should save it all for the colour challenge as you never know what will come up, but then I think what is the point in having it if I don't share it?! So anyway "EYE SEE YOU" lol. Thank you Magoa for this amazing dress lol, I know it was released for the Modiva Fashion Week last year, but fashion and Rudh don't really go hand in hand, and whilst I was posing in the dress Fledge asked me "why are you wearing an eyeball dress?". To be totally honest I don't know, was just something that I found that I wanted to wear, and hey it kinda fits with the weird Rudhish Quirkiness and my collection of body parts dontcha think?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Into the Blackout!

Showing my support for the Blackout today - I wonder how I will cope without the Internet? Might have to find myself a book?!
To find out more about the SOPA/PIPA debacle - check this out... and other than that... RUDH OUT!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Your Tunes - Mr Sandman!

This week's song was chosen by my adoptive parent in SL - Connie. Connie has come up in posts on my blog randomly and if you read my blog you might remember that I wrote a post all about SL Boxing due to her and her passion and winning of championships?! 
When Connie was asked it took a while to get an answer that I could actually use. The first song was one written by a RL Nephew and there was no way that I could find it hidden away on you-tube... The next song that was offered up was one that I could find and was a song that always makes you want to sing along to no matter how old you are, it is such a classic song!
As I always do when I am asking someone to pick a song I asked Connie why that was particular song of choice... The response I got was a good one "Every once in awhile, there is a song you really like that you always have liked and not necessarily in a special way. It's a song you've heard in your life for years and sort of put it to bed. Still it hangs in your memory waiting to looked at like an old photograph. I had forgotten about this particular old song until I saw it on YouTube in an update cover by some new artists who made this marvelous video for it and presented themselves, and the old song, in a delightful new wrapping that is a treasure to unwrap and enjoy." I went with the old school pictures of the Chordettes, as I love the original version but Connie did share the link with me of the cover that rekindled a love of this song - find it here!
This picture was fairly easy to get right when I knew what I wanted to do... 
I think Hell is gonna get a complex though lol every time I have pictures with any kinda dream guy I always end up with pictures of Jared Padalecki, LOL. Luckily he knows that I wouldn't ever replace him and that I am just into the prettiness that is Mr.Padalecki! Besides pretty men like that can only exist in fantasies for most of us mere mortal woman and in RL I would probably be highly put off, all men no matter how gorgeous have their stinks and their quirks... least I know what Hell's are now hehe!!! Better the devil you know right?
Actually while thinking of interesting things like is it better the devil you know, I'd like to ponder who will be next? WHO KNOWS? 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 3

THREE WEEKS ALREADY, oh my gahhhhhhh!!!! I can feel the end drawing closer and damn it makes the year seem shorter when we talk about weeks lol... Should I start my weeks to Christmas countdown? LOL... After my collaboration last week it was good to be able to dive through my wardrobe and dig out something interesting to wear! But what would it be? I have SO MUCH, yet purple is not a colour I normally bother to go anywhere near. I don't like purple, almost as much as I don't like pink... But that I guess is part of the challenge. 
Week 3: Rock and ROLL hehehe
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Ploom - Bride of Frankenstein
Skin: [sYs] - Crystalline Skin (past hunt prize)
Top: BeBe Doll - Rock-N-Roll Top
Shorts: Maai - Candy Shorts
Bracelet: SIGMA Jewels - Layered Bangles
Ring: Rangs - Curves Ring
Skates: CS Design - Roller Skates 

For some reason when I thought dressing up and lightning I couldn't quite get the thought of Frankenstein (or Frankie Stein lol I love Monster High, I'm so lame but I wish those dollies had been around instead of dumb old barbie when I was a kid!). Then though I found the adorable sparkly hot pants in my inventory and as they fit the colour I wanted to use these too... so how was I going to incorporate both... the answer was simple - Frankenstein's Bride at a Roller Disco... TADAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!
Next Week -Iron! (kinda pale grey!)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Addicted to the Gatchas...

Hello Everybody. My name is Rudhmellowen and I am addicted to Gatcha Machines! 
It's not my fault... There are jsut so many awesome things that can be found in a gatcha machine and then you think oh I want it in this colour or this style and you just keep putting money in till you get it... I was worst with the Pygmy Puffs from Ohmai Emporium, but then the Gatcha Events always seem to draw my attention... 
This one happened to me just now... 
The Seasons Gatcha Event for WINTER has started. There were at the time of posting around 80 plus gatcha machines, varying in price from 10L to 100L and as I was allowed in early to cover the event for Seraphim I got to scoop up and bankrupt myself in the process kinda early! 
There is so much on offer at the event though, I have four items on in this picture; Concrete Flowers Ring and Necklace, Illusory's Scarf and Lark's Top, but if you like a little game of chance this is one of the places that you NEED to visit... I'll even be helpful and put up a URL - here!. OH and because I am so lovely, and because it took me flippin ages to get done, and because I am a lazy shopper really I'll give you the direct Seraphim link where you can see all the event pics - here! 
It's sad when a great hunt stops but this event made up for it in my eyes... I LOVE a game of chance!! hehe.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Tongue Thing...

There are lots of fashions in SL that I love. Here I can fully explore my inner skanky, gothic, grunge and rainbow clothing styles that I wouldn't be able to pull of in the real world, without getting some weird looks or having trouble finding clothes that fit me, but there are a few trends that still totally allude me!
THE TONGUE THING! I don't get the tongue thing AT ALL!! Why do people wanna walk around with their tongue hanging out all the time? OK I can understand having a tongue in certain photos is great but I've seen people walking around shopping with their tongue out. It's even lead to a mass of stores dedicating sections to tongues, and at certain events you can be sure to find a tongue or two. They are available with masses of different things on them too, for example my teddy bear, but what I don't get is why people would wanna walk around with their tongue hanging out? I tried it once in RL, I had been watching people in SL with the tongue thing and thought how would that work in RL... first it makes your jaw hurt from keeping your mouth in this position and then your tongue gets all dry and starts to hurt... 
I'm OK with them as modelling props, but why walk around wearing one all the time? what is with that? Can someone tell me please?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Your Tunes - Boulevard of Broken Dreams!

Counting down the number of people I actually wanted to ask for this personal challenge of mine, I got to the bottom of the list and ugh the last person that was on it is my "amazing" big brother Zakora... Dammit I knew having him on the list would be a bad idea as he is totally lame but oh well beggars can't be choosers!
LOL - only kidding (or am I Zak, am I?)
Zakora and I seem to have been adoptive brother and sister for what seems like forever now. We met way back in a club that shall not be named here - but it is in fact what could be described as drama central - and after spending some time as a ranking officer in the Brit Army of said club, Zak and I just kinda seemed to adopt one another (though he may tell you otherwise!)
So, when he was asked he didn't need to think for a second, though to be honest I should have guessed this was coming as he has had the lyrics in his profile for a long, long, long time;
Greenday was a band I loved growing up, I used to love dancing round to "Holiday" on my first day off from school. Boulevard of Broken Dreams is definitely a modern classic, a song that will be known for many years - least that's my opinion! Plus Billie Joe Armstrong is really rather yummy in this video, I don't always feel that way about him but there is something about him here!! Typically Zak wasn't around when I wanted to ask him why he likes this song, but to me it feels a lot like a pick-me-up, when I am down I listen to the song and it seems to have the power to boost my spirits and tell me that I am strong enough to do anything - I moved to another country where English isn't the first language, if that isn't strong I don't know what it would take?! 
So the picture might need some explaining, it's a walk of broken dreams. Not Rudh's, but my RL dreams... In SL there would be no broken dreams for me, all my dreams come true here because they can! I can have the dream job, the money, the house, the man I want but in RL that is a different story, although I still have the man. The first no-through sign is about an archaeological job, I don't have one of those. Then follow the piles of money (which seems strange considering that there is no real money for archaeologists!) and the big house, but the question mark leads to the future. I am only 26 in March, so I have a LONG way to go yet, at least I hope to have a long way to go. 
Who knows what the future may hold for anyone? I know I'll be rocking out to this tune for a long time to come, but like I tried to capture in this imagery, life is full of mystery. One of the biggest mysteries should be, WHO WILL I ASK NEXT?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 2

Yay another week, another colour and this time a collaboration. Maya may or may not be chipping in and out of this challenge, I wonder if I can poke her into participating in the 10th weeks or something, but for this week I have created a collaboration with the one person who helped me so much last year with ideas for outfits and has since decided to try to participate in the challenge herself this year - Fledhyris Proudhon... My Big Sissypoo! 
Fledge and I have been sisters in SL almost as long as we have been friends, we have over the years woven a complex family history, involving a shape-shifting mother with a penchant for men of all different races - my father being the human conquest. Fledge got all the shape-shifting attributes so you never know what she will wear on any given occasion, whilst I seem to have taken on more of my fathers likeness hehe... Told you it was complicated hehe - one day I may get to writing it all down, but I may leave that to Fledge as she is the better writer hehe...
Week 2: Weird that I'm wearing tentacles and Fledge isn't (you might need to click to see it better!)

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Magika - Kyoko
Tentacles: Panda Express - Tentacle Hair
Mouthie: Evie's Closet - Catch of the Day Mermaid (from Gatcha Machine)
Necklace: Bedlam - Fish Charm Necklace
Pasties: My Pixel Puppet - Starfish Pasties (5L on marketplace)
Tail: Taliesins Tails - Chakras Lotus Special Edition (FREEBIE!)
Posing with Fledge was fun... I couldn't get the idea of mermaid out of my head as soon as I realised that the colour was coral. I kept thinking what do I think of when I think of coral and it was mermaid all the time, don't ask me why! 
Up next week -Electric Indigo

Friday, January 6, 2012

Pictures of Izzy!


People have been asking so I thought OK I better put up something about Izzy!
For those of you that don't know what I am talking about, I have recently been able to pick up my adorable 4 month old puppy from my parents and sister in England. I wrote a LONG post about her when she was just born back in August, and pretty soon she will be 5 months old and NOW I HAVE HER WITH ME! But if you want to see the original post you can check that out here...
Stealing the Bed!
Izzy is a cheeky lil thing, with a love of squeaky toys, sticks and pigs ear snippets (doggie treats), and who has a mission in life to get under the duvet of our bed whenever it's cold and then attack the feet that are hidden within. Her dislikes include; being in the car, being alone anywhere and when she is made to leave the kitchen as I am cooking! But she is settling in well, she hasn't had any accidents in the house (YET - touch wood that she doesn't!) and she loves her new playmates in the garden! Hell and I have three chickens too, they are in their pen but Izzy likes to try to get them to play with her... We haven't let her meet one without the fence in the way yet but I get the feeling that if one of the old girls got too close all that would remain of Izzy would be a dust trail! She is SUPER FAST, she ran round our allotment garden for an hour at full speed yesterday and wasn't even tired - still she's part greyhound so what did we expect really?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Your Tunes - Sir Psycho Sexy!

Ok so I got my head down and did some serious blogging this week, the 52 Weeks of Colour Challenge is back with it's part deux and as that is a favourite of mine I think that it will be getting fairly high priority when it comes to blogging. Blog Hero is back, and I will be trying to join in in some of that too as I really enjoy putting the song lyrics into pictures, it was kinda why I started running my own personal challenge that is Your Tunes. Not sure as yet whether I will be continuing with my personal challenge or blog hero, I may try to do both?! Maybe though that would be expecting too much of myself? At the moment I am undecided, however I have been working on a picture for Your Tunes as it was a song that was given up over a week ago now by my boss Vix from Seraphim, as it is my boss I can't really say no I am not gonna do it, or can I? 
The Red Hot Chilli Peppers are a band that I am not very keen on AT ALL... For me they rank with other bands that create songs that ALL sound the same, such as Coldplay (who have the funniest joke song about this ever, if you haven't seen it you need to lol) or Radiohead! In the past these bands have created great stuff, it's just now the songs all seem to sound the same to me! Argue if you will, lol, it's my blog and my opinion so *blows raspberries at you*. Still Vix chose the song "Sir Psycho Sexy" by RHCP, the lyrics for this song if you don't know it are VERY Explicit and I personally think that Vix likes this song because it allows her to show off her inner kinky girl!
I had to be very careful when making the picture and it did take me a LOT of thinking about, I didn't want something too porno on my blog, but then Fledge suggested that I just went hot sexy cop, so... 
I went Hot Sexy Cop... and did some shameless promotion of HellBone's store when I tell everyone that the police bike was a special item created for Hogs and Carts Wheels for a mere 1000$L! LOL!
Who will I ask next? Will there even be a next? Stay tuned campers hehe!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 1

OH MY GADDDDDD THE MOMENT WE'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR IS HERE... Move over New Year Celebrations, this is much more important... LUNA IS BACK WITH THE COLOUR CHALLENGE. 
There have been a lot of challenges that I have participated in, but this one beats them all hands down as my favourite! I have been so excited about this one I'm like a kid at Christmas! I just hope that I can actually find something in this round that will rival the house from last time? It is possible, least I hope it's possible! 
Week 1: Popping My Cork! hehe!
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Griddie - 89 in blonde
Outfit: Simply - Pop My Top Outfit including dress, bubble collar and cork hat
Body Bubbles: GLITTERATI - from the bath pose prop freebie on marketplace
Shoes: Adoring Charms - Bondar Pumps

Oh my GAH - YAY LUNA thank you so much for doing another round of Colour Challenge, it has really started 2012 off with a bang, or should that be a champagne cork pop? I can't wait to get started on next week's colour I am gonna do it NOW!!!
Up next week... CORAL!!!