Saturday, June 25, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - WEEK 34!

Another week rushes past and since last week's post my feet have barely touched the ground, caught up as I have been in the craziness of RL - dealing with traveling and getting used to being in my old home again, fighting with the cat about who gets the most space on the bed, worrying about Hell being home alone and wondering if there will actually be a house for me to come back to lol... Yet I have decided that I can not let myself get behind on the colour challenge, I've seen how hard it has been for people to try and catch up, and after coming this far I will not let myself get behind! BUT I will be honest and admit that this week's colour gave me a REALLY big problem, I was stuck, I couldn't think of anything very creative, I couldn't find anything in my inventory that I felt matched the colour very well and I wasn't about to go out and buy something in this colour! Then as always, like a lightning bolt, it came to me, I put together a Rudh-ish version of the Cheshire Cat, does it work?!
Week 34...
What is she wearing;
Ears and Tail: Twisted & Spoiled - TTLG Cheshire Cat
Hair: Magika - Diamond
Piercing: [Acide!] - Mike (past hunt prize)
Lipstick: KOSH - Sweet Lips
Necklace: KOSH - Nebula Necklace
Dress: -paper.doll- -  Blair (past hunt prize)
Leggings: Miu' - Legging NewAge (past hunt prize)
Boots: :)(: Pixel Fashion - Miss Arch Boots

I have to add here, the necklace isn't really clear in the pic but it is my new favourite jewellery set... From KOSH it is the Nebula Necklace, there is also a ring and a bracelet available... and its GORGEOUS (thank you miss Lynnie! <3 Luff Ya!) 

Next Week - Electric Blue...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Please don't miss me...

RL is calling me back to it again, but for a fabbity fab reason this time rather than the usual drudgery of cleaning or work... I will be taking some time out, although there may be minor appearances in world, from SL as I am going home to visit my family... 
It is Soph's Birthday, I want to take the long trip to see Fledge and Bean who I haven't seen in about a year, I am gonna be traveling around to see family and such like, OH and I am going to see TAKE THAT at Wembley Stadium... 
For those of you that don't know Take That were THE boy band of the 1990s in the UK (Boyzone didn't count they were just there to set things up for Westlife LOL). I am, and always have been, the kinda person that has a rather eclectic taste in music naming bands such as Marilyn Manson and HolyHell alongside Take That as favourite bands, or can be heard singing Disney songs as I am cleaning at work... Yet Take That were my first loves, I fell in love with them aged 8, they were the first band I ever saw live that same year, I had notebooks at school that declared my schoolgirl crush for Mark Owen and I cried a LOT when they broke up. So now that they are back together, and this time that includes Robbie Williams, I have been to see each tour and cannot wait for this one!!! 
Think they need a 6th Member? We can change their name to Rudh That? I'm just so cool lol! See they are listening, waiting for your response to the idea... (btw my first love for those of you that don't know Take That is second from the left LOL)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - WEEK 33!

Week 33 rolled around and for the first time since, well since ages, I kinda felt more than a little uninspired... The colour that has come up seems to bring to my mind images of aging furniture... I used to be surrounded by furniture of this type when I was working as part of my studies at a number of historical manor houses, owned by the National Trust and English Heritage, that are spread across the UK and contain furniture that looks like it could have come from an antique furniture store similar to IKEA as the majority of pieces look the same! 
I needed to think of something that actually made me wanna try to put a look together, so in desperation I threw open my freebie clothing folder where I have a stash of things waiting to be filed away in the warehouse, a folder that I have been neatly adding too on the off chance that I want something in a certain colour, believe me it has been a lifesaver in this challenge! I pulled open the brown folder and began adding clothes to a Maybe and a No pile, referring frequently to Luna's blog for the swatch, and then I found it!!! It is PERFECT and its making me hungry lol... 
Week 33...
Week 33: I have chocolate on the brain!
What is she wearing; 
Hair: .ploom. - Farrah
Skin: *Something Different* - Amethyst Skin
Outfit: (including all ruffles, hair bow, gloves and stockings) Ruru Pino - Chocolat au Rhum (past hunt prize)
Shoes: Ladies who Lunch - Cupcake Shoe
Chocolate Bar: Triadtown

I found this dress in the deep recesses of my warehouse and it made me think of Cadbury's Chocolate, hence the purple skin!
Next Week - Mauve

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Today I was playing around with my latest favourite toy from Intrigue Co... A Rideable Rubber Duckie available from Depraved Dealers. I LOVE the things that Intrigue Co's owner, Miss Katharine McGinnis, creates, I love to be able to play with toys that I couldn't have in RL and that includes this creation... 
As I was messing about, riding my giant rubber duckie, wearing my jammies and curling my hair in a Lady Gaga-esque fashion, I also set about doing some Spring Cleaning of my inventory warehouse. I happened to rez two soaps and BOOM, it was like an explosion in a bubble machine! Hell wasn't very impressed as the bubbles were nuts and blocked his view of the bike he was building, but DAMN I couldn't waste the opportunity to make some pictures... 
I just love the effect of the bubbles, the way that they appear to warp the way things look just like real bubbles!!! I think that these soaps with their bubble explosions may come out again in the future LOL!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - WEEK 32!

WEEK 32 means that there is ONLY 20 WEEKS LEFT, what the heck are we gonna do from here??
I don't wanna think about a time when I am gonna have to start actually working out what to blog for myself again, so I am keeping my head focused on the pretty colours... 
This week's colour is something that suggests to me a feel of beauty, and history, I don't know why but I have put it down to the travels that I have been lucky enough to have embarked upon! Deeply involved with Asian art and culture, the stone that this colour is based on varies so dramatically, yet it is not just associated with Asia. During University I was able to travel to New Zealand, home of the Maori who refer to the stone as Pounamu and treat it as a treasure! I knew as soon as the colour came out that I wanted to do something reflecting that for my photo series, it took me a while, and MANY combinations of hair and clothing before getting a look that I was happy with, I just fell in love with the facial tattoo art when I found it on the marketplace and bam! that was it I HAD to try out this look! 
Week 32... 
Week 32: Watching a training video to learn how to do the Haka! Didn't wanna pull the face, was afraid the wind might change LOL!
What is she wearing; 
Hair: .ploom. - Lila (past gift)
Tattoo: HUZ Tats - Hunapo
Lipstick: KOSH - Wet Lips
Necklace: Beadrez - Jade Swirl Pendant necklace
Top: ::BirdNextDoor:: - Green Top
Bracelet: Tekeli-li - Ouroboros Bracelet

Next Week - Mahogany...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Having a craving...

Cravings have been driving me nuts today, I have been on a desperate search in our kitchen cupboards and found nothing to calm my sweet tooth and OK I'm not technically on a diet but I shouldn't be raiding the cupboards like a mad woman... 
I got lucky, however, I needed something to do to rid myself of these cravings, and so I dragged my butt into SL and decided to dress-up both taking my mind off food and at the same time giving me a giggle about my cravings...
The outcome:
Can you tell what kinda food I was craving as I dug about in the cupboards?? Some thanks must be given out to the bakers who helped me beat said craving... Concrete Flowers for the plateful, Acid&Mala for the Dress, BC322 for my wig and Canimal for my Donuts that I am currently wearing as jewellery but secretly stashing for later LOL... MMMMMM uh oh, Craving is BACK!!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - WEEK 31!

As soon as I logged in to post my colour for last week and I saw that this colour was on the table this week I KNEW what I was going to wear... Well not so much the exact outfit, but I had my idea stashed deep within the history of my RL and when the idea started knocking I just couldn't get it to go away... 
Not so much the colour, more the fabric that this colour takes its name from (or was that the other way around?) had my brain going into turbo drive as when I closed my eyes and thought about it there was a specific 90's girl band from Ireland that had adorned the walls of the bedroom that I shared with my younger sister, Sophie, at the mention of 90's girl bands a few spring to mind, the Spice Girls, TLC, Destiny's Child, but this one was favoured by my sister, this one being the all Irish girl band, B*Witched
B*Witched were normally seen wearing this week's colour, in some form or another... It actually scares me that I can STILL sing along every word of this song, even though it was around 13 years ago that a 9 year old Sophie played this CONSTANTLY around our house!
So I took them as inspiration... This one is for you Soph!!!
Week 31... 
Week 31: If they EVER have a reunion, they MIGHT want a 5th member!
What is she wearing;
Hair: Tiny Bird - Sky Might Fall (past hunt prize)
Skin: Skinthesis - Geekgasm (past hunt gift)
Necklace: .:Acid&Mala:. - Cowrie-shell Necklace (past hunt prize)
Jacket: *Short & Sweet Mannequins* Denim Jacket Medium Wash
Shirt: Sn@tch - Vernal Tank
Skirt: SG Fashion - Baloon Skirt

Bit of a difference from me discussing Avril Lavigne last week, lol, guess that is one of the best things about this challenge and about SL in general, a person can be whatever they want to be! 
Next Week - Jade... A pretty colour, whatever am I gonna do with that?

Friday, June 3, 2011

I'm in LOVE with my new pants!!!

The last few days have been like some weird twisted torture for me, watching Miss Lynaja Bade of Concrete Flowers and KOSH creating these awesome short pants! They are exactly the kind of short pants that I have been searching for to wear this summer, it's like she read my mind! Linen pants complete with a belt, rolled up cuffs and pockets for holding all of life's little necessities, not my usual skankish style but damn I don't think I will be prising myself out of these much for a while. Teamed with my favourite boots from Last Eden, a strappy top from LouLou&Co (thanks to the Depraved Exclusives) and a gorgeous red wig from Magika, I am ready to take on the world... The pants worn here are the black version, but there is a FREEBIE pair available at KOSH for the ZOMBIEPOPCORN HUNT!!!! Go get them, get them in every colour, these pants are lush! 
Oh and Miss Lynnie, if you read this... this proves you are definitely my Fairy BobMother!!! LOL *hugs*