Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Living Dead Girl Circus Attraction!

Finally I have achieved a strange life goal LOL... A job as a circus attraction, which is weird because well... Clowns are freaking creepy! 
This wasn't a look that I was ever really, seriously thinking about posting. It was just something that I pulled on one day and decided that I rather liked, after wandering around in it for a few hours. The Living Dead Girl is nothing abnormal, I tend to be dead far more than I am alive sometimes, what is unusual is the fact that I actually chose white and pink to wear. Normally I wouldn't go anywhere near pink... It is the colour of pure evil and don't let anyone try to make you believe otherwise, maybe it was the pink that got Rudh put in a cage, it's either that or the Living Dead Girl thing. 
I simply had to get a look together to go with this cute boobtube top from Paper Heart though, and somehow it all fell together that it would be a girlie look with a dead twist hehe... 
I will admit though that I love piling on the wounds... Two bloody face wounds from Hysteria, a band aid from Grixdale and a chest wound from Half Deer, completed the dead look when worn over the Zombie Skin from the Plastik, and I couldn't have been more ecstatic lol... 
Shame I chose to go to the Carneval that day though, I mean I might not have ended up in a cage if I did hehe... Wonder what my talent will be as a circus attraction... Hmmmm maybe lion tamer?

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Truth - Jessie in FairyFloss 
Face Wounds: (Nose) Hysteria - Two Faces, AND, (Handprint) Hysteria - Bloody Christmas II
Band-Aid: Grixdale - OUCH! Bandaids (No Longer Available!)
Skin: [Plastik] - Zombie Skin in Femme Stage Two 

Piercing: Cute Poison - Beauty Destroyed 
Corset Piercing: Cute Poison - Neck Corset Piercing 
Chest Wound: Half-Deer - Cross My Heart Stitches 
Top: Paper Heart - Lungs in White (Only Available on the Marketplace) 
Bracelets: (Upper) Olive - The Refreshed Bear Trap Bracelet Earth Made Set, AND, (Lower) Cute Poison - Dee Bracelet 
Ring: Cute Poison - Diamond Star Ring in Pink 
Skirt: SAKIDE - Silk Tutu Skirt in White 
Tights: Rezipsa Loc - Zipper Stockings in Pink

I'm a Sugar Whore!

Whore Couture is coming... In fact I believe that it is scheduled to start tomorrow... and frankly I am rather looking forward to it! The last one had me working my ass off to get it all covered, but this time I can enjoy it at a leisurely pace and wander around as a shopper YAY! I know that March 1st sees a whole host of fun stuff starting, and I for one, am bouncing around with excitement about a few of these things - Whore Couture Fair included - yet it's not only the big events that have gotten me excited. 
March 1st, sees the store Sugar finally reopening it's doors. Miss Iokko Molko, took a leave of absence from the fabulous store for a while, but was forced by public demand to bring the store back to life and THANK GOODNESS she did! I've missed the cute skins, with their creative make-ups and sugary tones! She timed her opening perfectly - although with all the stressing to get things done, she might not agree - to coincide with the Fair, in what I think was a brilliant move of marketing... A little like "BAM! I'M BACK!"... 
I've been playing around with the goodies that she's created just for the event and let me tell you there are some goodies you won't want to miss, including a gacha machine full of lollipops with a little surprise flavour hehe... Yet it is her skins and rings that I fell in love with most. 
I've been looking for a possible new "all the time" skin for a while now, and I think this one could be a contender. The Ink Skin - in Tone 3 - is simple and has the dark eye look that I favour on my usual skin, but it works well with eyeshadow layers over the top. The Glitter Gun Ring, well it's just CUTE - and it comes with a hud for easy colouring!!! LOVE IT!
Bad girl, Whore Rudh was caught in the headlights of the police car today... It won't be good on her permanent record, but hey least thanks to Sugar, she'll look awesome in her mugshot hehe!

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Anais in Gingerbread 
Skin: Sugar - Ink in tone 3 (Available March 1st from Whore Couture) 
Piercing: Cute Poison - Beauty Destroyed 
Earring: Cute Poison - Wing Ear Piercings 
Corset Piercing: Cute Poison - Neck Corset Piercing 
Rings: (Left) Mandala - Motsumame in Black/Silver, AND, (Right) Sugar - Mesh Glitter Gun Ring (Available March 1st from Whore Couture) 
Necklace: Olive - the FOX Head Necklace in Bronze (Available at SL Fashion Week
Tattoo: Sugar - Winged Heart Tattoo (Available March 1st from Whore Couture) 
Bra: Sugar - Bra & Panty Set in Paris Beauty (Available March 1st from Whore Couture)
Jeans: SAKIDE - Flare Jeans in Black Ripped 
Pose: STaTUS - Unwieldy 4

Sunday, February 24, 2013

It all starts with a Smile :)

Something as simple as a smile is a great way to open many doors in ones life, not physical doors obviously that could lead to a lot of broken noses, but proverbial doors - a smile can be the determining factor of any conversation, and even when you walk down the street a simple smile is often contagious, in that you see people smiling with you! The best part is a smile costs nothing! 
When I heard through the grapevine that a fellow Colour Bloggerette - Miss Kaelyn Alecto - was working on decorating a sim, I knew that it would be somewhere very pretty, and a perfect location for the blogging community out there to use as a backdrop... Now that it is open, I finally got the chance to go exploring! 
As was expected, the aptly named "It all starts with a Smile" was gorgeous, very natural even with the buildings that surrounded the landing point, and rather feminine in its style... There is a definite feeling of peace and tranquility, and the place really did make me smile! I fell in love with the golden field of flowers behind the mountains, and feel I could spend hours just sitting around in them. Maybe I should do that today as the weather is so yucky in RL for me - it's snowing at the end of February in Holland! If you want to move here, don't come for the weather, seriously! Yet, this field really feels like the perfect place to spend a lazy Sunday! 
There are however, lots of places to explore here, and so I would say it is definitely worth a visit - I know I will be going back at some point in the near future - but umm a little warning... The Merry-Go-Round at the landing point is a little tricky... I got stuck here for hours as the horsey didn't want to let me get on properly! 
Can someone ask Kaelyn to fetch me a ladder? PLEASEEEE?

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Ploom - Fluster 
Skin: Ploom - Maia in Smoke Honey 
Corset Piercing: Cute Poison - Neck Corset Piercing in Black 
Jacket with Shirt: Chandelle - Blazer/Shirt Alinne in Red (Available now at Stuff in Stock
Bracelet: Cute Poison - Dee Bracelet in Silver 
Jeans: Modish - Super Skinnies in Grey (No Longer Available)
Shoes: MonCheri - Mesh Peep Toe Pumps in Black

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Is that ME?

A couple of days ago I took what could possibly be one of my favourite photos that I've ever taken in SL. I spent a long time setting up the shot, working out where I wanted to pose Rudh, what I wanted her to look like, and choosing the right wind light setting for the look that I wanted to achieve, then I decided to take the bull by the horns and learn how to create the "mirror image" style shots that I've seen on various other blogs that I read... So I left Rudh standing in the water, her toes getting wrinkled as the time ticked by and went off to read some of the tutorials... First stop JuicyBomb. I'd been recommended this blog a long while ago now, it really does have some useful insights in the tutorials pages about how to make photography work more smoothly. After finding the specific link regarding the mirror effect, I used the tutorial on the blog of Zonja Capalini, although some of the comments seemed to suggest it wouldn't work well, and the pictorial display was a little bit outdated, I eventually figured out the coordinates and... 
This was the result!
I am absolutely in love with this photo, it is the first time that a photo like this has ever worked in the way I wanted it to. The look is based around the Elodie Dress from Evie's Closet, which is available now for the Pisces round of Zodiac. As I Piscean myself, I was somewhat drawn to this round, and the pretty mermaid style dress just captured my imagination, which of course ran with it! I wanted the feeling of a mermaid with her scaled skin given the ability to walk on land and seeing herself for the first time, the photo wouldn't have worked without the mirror effect!
I accessorized the gorgeous dress with some pretty mermaid jewellery, a headpiece and bracelet from the amazing fantasy jeweller Tekeli-li, and a couple of necklaces - some starfish from [ glow ] studio and a cute little octopus, which one could assume is her pet coming along for the ride, from Weather Or Not...
This little Mermaid is wondering is that me? I am wondering, did I really take that photo? *squeaks and happy dances that I made it work*

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Eaters Coma - Gift 03 (Freebie when you join the store group!) 
Skin: Rasetsukoku - Merfolk in Macabre Siren Clean 
Headpiece and Bracelet: Tekeli-li - Drowned 
Octopus: !Weather Or Not? - Octochoker in Shiny Seagreen 
Necklace: [ glow ] studio - Starfish Pearls Necklace 
Dress: Evie's Closet - Elodie in Blue (Available now at Zodiac
Pose: HopScotch - FabFree Station Gift 4

Friday, February 22, 2013


When it comes to finding new places to explore I am not one of the fastest at finding the interesting ones. I meant to go exploring more, and plan to still, yet I seem to spend a vast amount of my time still standing around on my build platform looking at clothes, and working out what goes with what...
Still it is now my plan to go somewhere different at least once a week... Somewhere just to wander around and look at all the pretty things and there are so many places in the destination guide that I think I will be busy for a while hehe... 
Anyway, I'd seen so many people raving about the Carneval that I decided this would be the next place that I went to visit... 
Never one for exploring on my own, I managed to find time for a trip out with Nick. It seems like we see each other a lot, when it is in fact the exact opposite - RL circumstances putting their foot down - so whenever we get to do something together it automatically seems more special. Yet, even if I hadn't been with Nick, I would say that this place is freaking awesome and definitely somewhere worth visiting. 
Owned by the Mad Pea Group, the Carneval is fair ground that could come straight from your nightmares. Even the entrance, shown in the photo, screams of a fairground right out of a horror movie, and the dark muted colours inside, not to mention the rather strange plantlike life form that has spawned at the centre of the grounds. A site filled with things to see, rides to play on and places to explore, I highly recommend this place to visit, though I would suggest bringing someone big and brave with you... That's why Nick came with me, he needed someone brave to look after him hehe... 

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Magika - Clumsy
Top: Kyoot - And It's Love Mini Dress in Gray
Jeans: Bliss Couture - Paint Splash Flair Jeans

Thursday, February 21, 2013

What Do Shoes Eat?

Gotta love a random post name... Sometimes I get stuck when trying to think of a post title. I like them to have meaning to what I am posting but then I don't want them to sound too weird, they've gotta make people wanna read what you have to say after all! 
This post however, named itself, and I frankly couldn't resist... Though OK it might make my male model feel a bit uncomfortable LOL... 
SO... You might already know this but I have a HUGE thing about shoes in SL... I have far too many pairs and could in some respects rival Imelda Marcos for shoe collection size, yet I cannot get enough of them! Any shoe lover knows it gets like an addiction, you need to have them in various shapes, colours, heights, and then there is the boots vs shoes thing... It can get so tiring LOL!
I love so many pairs that I've seen recently, and I will admit that the Gos shoes - as an example - are very very gorgeous but for some reason I find myself getting stuck when it comes to the price of them. I KNOW they have all kinds of wonderful things to make them look super fabulous, but seriously I am still stuck thinking about what pair and what colour... I know that they compared to RL money, they cost nothing, but then when you see some of the other bright, fun, pretty shoes in SL at half the price, I just fail at deciding. 
These shoes however, were a gift from someone who knows me very well! A total surprise, they just scream Rudh for their random style and monstrosity! I LOVE THEM! I had to show them off, and was thinking it might be fun to try something a little vogue-ish photo shoot wise, but I quite like the seemingly scared pose of the photo shoot's male model as his female counterpart's high heels really take on the role of Killer Heels! 
Boy did I get the giggles taking this picture though... This body is NOT HellBone LOL, this is Nick's hunky body. Hell seems more than a little loathe to be in some of my crazy photo ideas, and when I mentioned I wanted him to wear undies with a bulge he looked at me like I'd gone mental... Luckily though I'd already persuaded Nick - with my powers of being utterly adorable when I want something LOL - to pose! He's a much better model than Hell, he complains a LOT less...

What is she wearing; 
(F.Y.I - I have very little idea what Nick is wearing, although OK its not much, he said that the pants were from the Men's Department... I can get more details if anyone wants them?)
Shoes: VIKA - Monster Sandals
Pose: Bebotes - Love Surprise

Monday, February 18, 2013

Indicator Updates...

Yesterday Hell and I were sorting out some stuff within his store, Hogs and Cart Wheels, a bit of basic cleaning and tidying needed to be done as well as updating all of the vendors as all of the cars had had their scripts updated! 
Seriously a job like that takes FOREVER, and by the end of the evening I was so glad to not have to think about marketplace anymore that I actually did a happy dance, until I spotted the outdated photos that we had on the wall for our online/offline indicators... I almost fainted at the sheer horror of them! 
These were fine-ish last year, before I got into taking photos, or should I say actually have any semblance of a skill at taking photos, but this would NOT be sufficient for me anymore, and I couldn't leave these monstrosities hanging on the wall lol... No something had to be done! Hell grumbled but it was time for a photoshoot, right there on location in store! 
He was photographed doing what he loves best, tinkering with a Bike! 
I on the other hand had to do what he doesn't wanna do, curse those oil spills... Why can't we get a cleaner? LOL I know it's cheaper to have me do the work, but if his car's oil ruins these pants, he is in BIG trouble!

What is she wearing; (By the way I couldn't tell you exactly what he is wearing, but if you see anything you want details for please feel free to ask me!) 
Hair: Magika - Nine 
Skin: Ploom - Maia in Smoke Honey 
Piercing: Cute Poison - Beauty Destroyed 
Top: Crazy - Thin Shirt in White 
Pants: [LeeZu!] - Indiana Tic Toc Pants in Grey 
Bracelet: Cute Poison - Dee Bracelet in Silver (Available now at SL Fashion Week
Rings: (Left) Mandala - Motsumame in Black/Silver, AND, (Right) Maxi Gossamer - Shanghai Daisy Flower 
Shoes: Pixel Mode - Baby T's in Black 
Scrubbing Prop and Animation: Sway's - Cleaning Bucket with Sponge 
Puddle Prop: WetCat Poses - Sculpted Puddle from Come the Rain Pose Set

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Exploring A Garden Of Jasmine...

Jasmine Ballinger is my favourite Veggie Burger - she's the veggie burger to my meat burger - a long story that dates back to the colour challenge and the festival of sin event... She's also a very talented blogger, photographer and garden designer, creating whimsical and girlie garden spaces - kinda like what I would LOVE to live in if Hell didn't want us to have a dead garden! 
Yesterday Jasmine gave me the honour of being able to wander through her new garden that she plans to open up to everyone, and I instantly fell in love with the girlishness off it all... Although not usually a word I would associate with a garden, I have to say that Jasmine's garden is simply delicious... 
The colours give it that feeling of femininity and it could almost be a country garden you might see in a quaint cottage painting. There are tons of hidden secrets, and places to play, and I for one know that I might well frequent the swings on numerous occasions... 
To go with a pretty, girlie location, I needed to find something cute to wear. Luckily the new hair release from Wasabi Pills, with its huge curls, and the adorable deer plushies that were released from Silent Sparrow for Fifty Linden Friday. Team those new things with some of my olders favourites like the rainbow dress from Candy Mountain and the diamond star ring from Cute Poison, and girlie Rudh was ready to beat Living Dead Rudh back into her dark place and take the limelight for once! 
To anyone looking for a pretty garden to take pictures in, I'd advise you to come look at Jasmine's Garden, I know I will be coming back there more... Veggie B your garden is gorgeous honey, it was worth having no furniture for a pretty space like this hehe... *hugs*

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Momo Hair in Ash 
Skin: Ploom - Maia in Smoke Honey 
Piercing: Cute Poison - Beauty Destroyed 
Dress: Candy Mountain - Rabid Dress 
Plushie: Silent Sparrow - Deer-ee! Buck Plush in Sweet&Heart 
Ring: Cute Poison - Diamond Star Ring in Blue
Tights: Riddle - I Heart You Tights in Green 

Boots: Bax - Prestige Boots in Red 
Pose: HopScotch - Fab Free Station Gift 4 

Friday, February 15, 2013

An Eyeful of Hearts...

Not overly a fan of Valentines Day, but I won't ever be someone to complain about the gifts that are given out by stores around the holidays and Valentine's is no exception. One such gift, which I will admit was one I picked up from a store I loved and instantly knew I would be discussing this particular gift in my journal.
The eyes are a group gift from Candy Mountain, which happens to be one of my favourite stores for stocking up on the brightly coloured, fun clothing, such as the original cupcake dresses!  
These eyes are a special edition of the new Zommie release, and I have to say for pink eyes, I am rather taken with them. I love the cute little hearts and the vibrant colours. 
So I had to create two looks to showcase each eye style, yet how to show them off in one photo... Simple - bring the two sides of Rudh together into one picture! The first and possibly only time that the two sides of Rudh will be shown as one, with girlie, kawaii Rudh taking over the left side of me whilst living dead Rudh took over the right... To be honest it's kinda funny seeing them together like this, the obligatory Cute Poison being the only thing that is present on both sides of me - to be honest I feel naked without it lol... 
Strange thought though, which side of me do you like best? I am strangely drawn to the dead side, with her coldsore on her lip and shiner around the eye... Yet maybe that shows I am more than a little twisted, but what do you think?

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Truth - Bunny in Fairy Floss 

Skin: Ploom - Maia in Honey 
Eye: Candy Mountain - Zommie in Valentine 
Eyelashes: LeLutka - 2011 lashes/curl 
Cheek and Lip Hearts: duboo - I <3 u tattoo 
Lipstick: Insufferable Dastard - Valentine Lips in Soft Pink 
Piercing: Cute Poison - Beauty Destroyed 
Hair: Truth - Bunny in Espresso
Skin: Plastik - Aleria in Macabre 

Eye: Candy Mountain - Zommie in Dying Valentine
Shiner: oddment - Facials in Shiner 
Eyelashes: LeLutka - 2011 lashes/curl
Plaster: Grixdale - OUCH! Bandaid (No Longer Available!)
Lipstick Mark: Delusions - Dirty Mind (kisses xo) 

Coldsore: oddment - Facials in "coldsore" 
Lipstick: Insufferable Dastard - Valentine Lips in Deep Blush 
Piercing: Cute Poison - Beauty Destroyed

Thursday, February 14, 2013

There's a New Cupid in Town!

Move over Cupid, your work here is done... Today might be your special day, the day when large parts of the world become swathed in copious amounts of pink and red, secret admirers come out of hiding and love becomes the theme of the day, but right now you can put your little feet up and find a cloud to snooze on. Don't get me wrong, I think celebrating love is great, but there are reasons that I get scroogish over Valentines - mostly because I feel that love is something that shouldn't be limited to just one day a year - but I always find getting into the Valentines spirit more than a little difficult, unlike Halloween, Christmas or International Talk Like A Pirate Day (September 19th) - which are holidays I never miss lol! Valentine's Day does always seem geared towards to girlies too, I mean OK I'm sure there are guys that enjoy it, but I know for a fact that a mens magazine in the UK agrees with me on this, and thus turned March 14th into Steak and Blowjob Day, but still if you enjoy the romance, and like me love the colour red, then I suppose we should YAY about today!
Still, living dead girl Rudh is NOT into the romance, and wanted to find a way to celebrate the day for herself... It was time for a little angel hunting trip...
As always she gets what she wants, today it was all about a search for Cupid, and when he was found, the poor little tyke was replaced hehe... I spent a long time thinking that I wanted to dress all girlie, and pretty, when I was putting together a Valentine's themed outfit. I even decided for a while that I was going to dress in my Intrigue Co Giraffe Pyjamas and be the Giraffe Cupid - with my flying Giraffe minions, just for Nick because the poor guy never did understand flying Giraffes LOL - yet I was drawn away from the pretty and the cute, and more towards the direction of Dead Girl! I always seem to wind my way back to that LOL... So what was once going to be a picture of Rudh looking elegant and graceful as she let Cupid have a vacation, turned out in actual fact to be living dead Rudh giving Cupid a permanent vacation hehe! Does that make me twisted? Besides, the little man was wearing one of those special get into heaven Angel Keys, and I wanted to be able to get in and out with ease, it was getting tedious climbing over the fence each time!
Anyhow, for those of you that celebrate Valentine's Day, have a fab day today... If you're single, go knock them dead and break a few hearts. If you're taken, go wow that love of yours. If you're like me, there is plenty of shoe shopping to be done LOL... Hell will no no doubt have his mind in building more vehicles all day... Anyone want a shopping buddy Valentine?

What is she wearing; 
Floating Hearts: amplify - lovely hearts (No Longer Available!)
Hair: Exile - Wide Awake in Frost 

Hair Accessory: Half Deer - Birdcage Veil (Available now at SL Fashion Week
Skin: AKA - Epidemic Skin 
Lipstick: KOSH - Wet Lips in Blood 
Face Wound: League - Zombie Bite Ripped Cheek 
Mouthie: [Virtual/Insanity] - Gotcha Arrow Mouthie Arrow in Cupid 
Necklaces: (Shorter) Cute Poison - Love Necklace (FREEBIE for the Atooly Hunt), AND, (Longer) KOSH - The Angel Key Necklace 
Outfit including lipstick marks: SeVered GarDeN - Severed Cupid 
Arrows and Entry Wounds: Tarnished - Love Struck 
Shoes: Pixel Mode - Baby T's in Snow 
Cloud Sofa: !Weather Or Not? - Little Fluffy Cloud Couch 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Can't Choose Your Family...

A moment of prettiness, and calm, before I unleash the monster of a RANT... To avoid the rant please look away now, if you wish to see the rant, I warn you... It ain't pretty! 

What is she wearing (before the rant, in case you don't wanna read it hehe...)
Hair: Magika - Clumsy 
Skin: Ploom - Maia in Smoke Honey 
Eyes: IKON - Horizon Eyes in Dark Verdigris 
Piercing: Cute Poison - Beauty Destroyed 
Necklace: KOSH - Pivot Necklace (Available now at the Men's Department
Top: LOULOU&CO - Jerry Lee 
Arm Warmers: Distorted Dreams - Panda Armwarmers 
Ring: Mandala - Motsumame in Black/Silver 
Pants: Six Feet Under - Rogue Jeans in Grey 
Chair: Waterworks Island - Skull Aiderondak Chair in Aged  

Well I guess in RL the title statement for this post is true, you can't chose your family and you are stuck with what you get given... Yet in SL the opposite of this is true. It seems like you can pick and choose, you can mold your ideal family into it's correct shape, have babies, adopt kids of all ages, adopt siblings, pets or slaves, and even your group of friends become your family...
However, one of the biggest things that confuses and makes me laugh at the same time, is the apparent way people can claim to be family one minute and the drop you like a stone when they are bored of you the next.
I have a rather large family in SL - not by some standards of course - and I say family in a loose sense of the word, more like I have a collection of brothers, sisters, a parent, daughters, and close friends that I count as family. I don't see all of half as much as I like, and talk to them less than they deserve, but we're always there for each other and I would drop anything if one of them needed me and my full attention.
Recently I have seen the imminent collapse of one so-called family and to be frank it disappoints me on numerous levels. A group that I've been watching is heading for it's demise, and as an outsider I can see that fairly clearly, yet I get the feeling that this group will collapse with all the drama of a soap opera.
With so many people in one group, it is a sad fact that there may well be power struggles on odd occasions. People claiming to hate their rank within the group, yet not willing to give up that position when they miss out on the chance for an elevation in status, have already set the changes in motion. Yet the promotion of a RL spouse within the group has also caused a great shift in the way members of the "family" are being treated, to such an extent that former in-crowders are now being treated as outcasts, bringing pain and tears to the victimised parties. It seems to have become a little like a popularity contest, or even a competition about who can suck up to the "top dog" in the right way, and that to me is the total opposite to what the term family should be. Members of the group declare their love for each other in a way that would make you think they are accepting an Oscar, yet once backs are turned the bitching begins and people draw their knives out, and that is a saddening thing to watch. If you don't care for a person, why lie and make them think that you do, sure be polite or friendly even, but outright declarations of love when you know deep down that you will be picking sides later on and turning your back on the person just seems like something petty that would happen in a school yard, not in a group of mature adults.
The ones I feel bad for are the victimised parties... People that dedicated a lot of time and RL money to something that can be snatched away from them so easily, just because the new "top dog" or in this case his RL wife with her senior position in the family, has decided to make it a personal vendetta against them... Twisting their words, so she can feel like it is a personal attack, as the ass-lickers have blinded her to the truth behind the ins and outs of all the problems. I also feel marginally sorry for the "top dog" who seems to be rapidly losing his "family" all because he made a poor decision.
In RL you can't choose your family, but thank goodness we can in SL... There is no way that I would want to be stuck in a family like that, and to those people who are involved that feel saddened by it, maybe you should just smile, nod and think "thank goodness I saw the light and didn't get stuck in their little bullshit games any longer"...

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Demonic Lullaby for the Dead

Yesterday evening I was playing around in my wardrobe looking for something to wear... Do you ever get days where you pull things out and put them on only to realise that they don't match other things you have on, but then you prefer this item and so you have to make an outfit featuring this particular item? I was having one of those days, pulling out random things and thinking "YAY" until I found something I wanted more that didn't match the first thing... Then I remembered the new piercing from Cute Poison - a corset lacing for the neck - and my outfit seemingly began to fall into place from there... In fact the whole idea fell into place, the pose, the location and the look just kinda tumbled into an idea in my head... Getting it in print was almost easy, except for a bout of severe lag!
I took myself to a cemetery, I seem to be drawn to them in times of dead or demon Rudhness, to play a demonic lullaby for the dead... I got rather inspired, and what started out as a look with Rudh wearing a few spikes on the awesome dress from SAKIDE and mask from Inside Lab, with the Cute Poison Piercing, but it kinda spiraled into this photograph that I LOVE from there...
I have used the Devil's Symphony attachment from Hysteria before, but it seemed to fit the feel of the demonic look I was going for, when I teamed it with my horns, eyes and simple make-up, all I needed was the right pose. Then I remembered this past group gift from !bang - the store owned by our long suffering Colour Commander, miss Luna Jubilee... All I needed was the location...
For an abandoned graveyard, there was only one location that came to mind... Very small and sweet, graveyard called The Forgotten Graveyard... Such a pretty graveyard, a great location to make some awesome photos or even sweet music for the dead?!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Ploom - Gigi
Horns: AUX - In Dreams Horns in Copper
Skin: Plastik - Aleria in Macabre
Eyes: Dead Apples - Sinistre Eyes in Angre
Mask: Inside Lab - Carnival Mask in Grey (Released for last week's SL Fashion Week, in-world store coming soon!)
Piercing: Acide - Mike (No Longer Available!)
Lip Tattoo: Pin Me Down - Lip Markings 1
Corset Laces: Cute Poison - Neck Corset Piercing in black
Chest Tattoo and Musical Attachment: Hysteria - The Devil's Symphony
Dress: SAKIDE - Arrogant Dress in Silver
Ring: Mandala - Motsumame in Black/Silver
Pose and Violin Prop: !bang - Strolling Violin

Friday, February 8, 2013

A Rudhful of Sugar...

Recently I was given the honour of being added to a blogger group for a skin store... I never really change my main skin - maybe like once every year or something I will upgrade lol - so why was I so willing and excited to be given the chance to show off these skins?
The store in question is Sugar... I may or may not have mentioned this before, but even if I haven't you might have guessed somehow, that I am a huge fan of dressing up and creating looks that change depending on my mood. Well I have always been a fan of the Sugar brand - since I stumbled on it last year - due to the simplicity of the skin, which looks both natural and realistic, whilst rocking some awesome make-ups in various colours, styles and patterns. 
As always though when playing around with photography I like to try something a little different...
Just briefly I want to say "EEEEH I can make my own Motivational Posters, I found a website for it in Google! YAY for Google!" They are so easy to make, all you need to do is upload the picture and put in the text and TADAAAAA Motivational Posters at the click of a button... Try it yourself here
The main reason for this post though is to say "HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SUGAR!" and I guess Happy Anniversary to the store's most awesome skin creator lady, Miss Iokko Molko. To celebrate the special occasion, she has updated this gorgeous Cry My Heart Out Skin, in its 5 different tones, and has sent it out as a FREE GIFT in her store group! The store isn't currently open, due to a brief but oh too long hiatus, but it will reopen again on March 1st *happy dances*, until then get in the group for some skin and sit twiddling your thumbs... It's not long now!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Magika - Nine
Skin: Sugar - Cry My Heart Out in Tone 3 (GROUP GIFT FOR SUGAR'S 1st ANNIVERSARY) - Store Reopening March 1st
Eyes: IKON - Horizon Eyes in Dark Verdigris
Eyelashes: LeLutka - 2011 lashes/curl
Piercing: HoD - Celtic Swirl Dimples in Slide
Lollypop: Pink Fuel - Poison Lolli
Jewellery Set: LOULOU&CO - EROS (Available now at the PERFECT WARDROBE)
Ring: Mandala - Motsumame in Black/Silver
Top: MarieDoll - Peplum Top in Adams 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Protegee For A Day!

Sometimes people do the sweetest things... When this happens you feel all gooey inside and your outside glows and sparkles... Maybe I am over emphasizing the feelings, but that was how I felt upon reading one of my blogging buddies blogs yesterday. I've been a little sick in RL - have a stubborn cough that hurts every time one forces it's way to the surface - and it's making me feel weak and more than a little bleuch, yet Miss Eliza Quixote - of Fashionista Wannabe Blog and Colour Challenge Bloggerette fame - brought a huge smile to my face and a little bit of a blush to my cheeks!
Let me explain hehe, basically a few weeks ago now Eliza came to me asking if she could try to replicate my style and pose with me as a means of spotlighting other bloggers. Already I was flattered that someone enjoyed my blog enough to want to mention it on their own, but a spotlight feature on me... OH MY GOSH! 
So after a few weeks of passing like ships in the night, Eliza came over to my little corner of the family garden and shot me, hehe! To see her gorgeous photos, please take a look at her Rudh-tastic post - you'll also be able to see the list of what she is wearing there too... Yet I wanted to try and capture us together in my own way too, so here's to my little protegee for the day hehe... 
Seeing Eliza like this was more than a little shocking for me, normally she is elegant, graceful, and though her gorgeousness is still present in the "Rudh" look, she does look totally different! She pulls off my look well, I feel, but I on the other hand think I would struggle to dress like she does on an everyday basis... Her lack of huge boots aside, I think that this is a pretty impressive attempt and it flatters me that she would be wanting to try and replicate my style. 
I was thinking about doing a list of reasons that I love Eliza, like she did for me, but aside from the biker style and the no-mod shape, I think the reasons she's put for me would work easily well for her. She regularly gives people positive feedback on their blogging, always knows how to make people smile and genuinely seems dedicated to doing things for herself  - her style, though totally different to mine, is carried off with her own unique flair by a woman who knows what she likes and doesn't try to fit a mold...We look so very different, yet there are a lot of similarities in the way Eliza and I blog, both doing our own thing and enjoying doing so... I personally feel incredibly happy to have met such a lovely lady, and hope that she will remain in my circle of friends for a long while to come... 
Thank You Eliza, it was an honour to be the first in your bloggers spotlight, I can't wait to see who you dress up as next hehe... 
As always though, I needed to be able to tell you what I'm wearing (as I said before if you want to see Eliza's list you will need to check her blog hehe), so I made a little extra picture with the details... 

What is she wearing;
Hair: DeLa - Shell in Red
Glasses: (flaunt) - Spiked Sunglasses 
Skin: Ploom - Maia in Smoke Honey 
Piercing: Cute Poison - Beauty Destroyed 
Top: RoTtEn DeFiAnCe - My Glitter Dress in Black 
Pants: One Bad Pixel - Skinny Leathers in Black 
Boots: [sYs] - DOOM Boots in Red Spyker

Friday, February 1, 2013

Cica, the Land of the Stickmen!

I've become a bit more adventurous recently, exploring away from our land and my little photo box on the build platform... I think now that the Colour Challenge is over, I have been looking for some new challenge to fill my time. I guess I am enjoying exploring places that I have seen in so many different blogs and thought "I wanna go see that", yet never really ventured out to... 
The place that I went last night was simply amazing... The creativity to make a space like this is simply astounding, and if you haven't ventured over there, I would really suggest that you take some time and head to C i c a... The land of the stick-men
My creative juices were flowing, inspired by this place and I loved the look that I had put together on Rudh, so I spent ages taking masses of photos... Then I was creative in how I worked on them, and finally I got stuck choosing between which photo I liked better, so I decided to show both hehe... 
Have another photo, LOL... 
Today has been more than a little busy, I've been a bit of a naughty girl by lying to Hellywelly about what I got him for his birthday. I've been on a roll being slightly evil - Fledge dubbed me the Queen of Evil and bowed down to my super villainy LOL - but maybe it's due to the fact that the little dead girl is the one in control at the moment. She pushed the kawaii version of me way down deep inside and has been dancing around with stick-men and playing in the falling heart rain before being attacked by birds!
If you haven't been to C i c a, don't miss out on it, and don't forget to grab your free butterfly pet by the main landing point - rescue one from the cage... I did!!!

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Magika - Nine 
Skin: Modish - OneWay in Captive Crema 
Face Make-Up: [mock] - Tainted Love Zombie Makeover 
Choker: {PSYCHO.Byts} - Black Choker + Studs 
Tattoo (with face tattoo): Hysteria - Messages From Hell 
Top: R.icielli - DEADMM Sweater in White 
Rings: (RIGHT) Mandala - Motsumame in Black/Silver, AND, (LEFT) Cute Poison - Star Ring in Silver 
Skirt: Lamp*Light - Sky Skirt in Black 
Boots: J's - Studded Long Boots in Black 
Poses: (Pic 1) Hello Dolly - Pink Ribbon Fair Hunt 2012 03, AND, (Pic 2) Lolapop! - El Cucuy 4 (No Longer Available!)