Saturday, August 31, 2013

SL DisneyBound - Week 25

So the penultimate week for SL DisneyBounding and we head into Princess territory. I really cannot believe that next week will be the last official week of Disney... Someone has to take it over and carry on, they just have to, or maybe I will just carry on alone, what do you think? 
Anyway, I will also admit that I have kinda cheated this week... Natalee chose her favourite Disney Princess for us, and she chose to portray her as her quiet, gentle, before she becomes a princess self... I wanted to do that, I searched a lot and couldn't find anything that made me feel happy, so I turned to her as a princess and went for something fitting closer to her well known ball room scene outfit lol... 
Week 25 - BELLE (Beauty and the Beast)! 
Belle is someone who, as with Natalee, I felt inspired by when I was little. She was independent, loved curling up with a good book, was a bit of an outsider amongst people and yet still she triumphed over her own fears to fall in love with someone a little different. She has that grace that any Disney Princess is known for while at the same time, she is a little feistier than some of the original old-school princesses and that wins her a thumbs up from me, PLUS she talks to random household objects LOL... Normal people would be seen as weird for doing that, but because she's a princess she gets away with it LOL... 
So my look for Belle was based on the gold dress in the ballroom scene. Had to have something gold, because we are so close to the finish line it needed to be something with a wow factor. Unfortunately I wasn't able to dig through Fledge's wardrobe to find the ultimate Gold Dress, so I had to make do with my own... The gold dresses that I have seem few and far between and as I tried them all on, nothing caught my attention, until I found this one, a tinsel dress in my Christmas outfits folder believe it or not LOL... I completed my look with one of the many hairs I grabbed at the recent 24-hour Ploom sale and these gorgeous N-core shoes which were a rezday present from my very own Fairy BobMother. 
Finally to complete the Belle look I needed a rose, now I have a fair few in my hoard but my favourite roses have always been these crying roses from KOSH. They are available in numerous shades and although they are not mesh, they look as good if not better! 
Now all I needed was a ballroom, there are SO MANY in SL that it was hard to choose, but I eventually found one with a perfect staircase... Que Bella Ballroom has a staircase like something straight out of the movie... It was perfect! 

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Ploom - Jacquie 
Skin: Sugar - Emily in DB and Clear 
Face Wounds: (Forehead) Corvus - Bullet hole, (Right Eye) Corvus - Scarred Face Tattoo, (Left Cheek) Corvus - Cheek Scars 
Piercings: (Forhead) Cute Poison - Stellar Piercing (Past SL Fashion Week Item), AND, (Lip) Cute Poison - Disarray Piercing (August Group Gift)
Mouthie: KOSH - Crying Rose in Red 

Top: BOOM - Midas Touch Swimsuit in Gold
Dress: Lemon Tea - Tinsel Tree Top in Gold 
Bracelets: (Upper) Cute Poison - Dee in Gold, AND, (Lower) Cute Poison - Lucky Star Bracelet in Gold 
Shoes: N-core - OMEGA in Black 
Pose: synt - Little Silver Glint (No Longer Available!)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Horror Haute Nightmares with Goats

So I had this ready to post yesterday, but as it was my rezday I was more than a little side tracked by a surprise party and a performance from my favourite live singer in SL - Mr Anek Fuchs - if you haven't heard this guy perform then you really should, he's bloody brilliant!
Anyway, Horror Haute LOL, that's why we are here right now!!! This is my second look for Horror Haute and I'll let you in on a little secret... I found this one really hard to work on, I don't know why, but I think I just lost all thought of what I wanted to achieve. Though I will say I had a little flash of inspiration and the rest just let itself roll on hehe...
As you might have guessed my overall look is based on the dress from Gloomy Thought, as I decided to carry on with the deadly, ghost girl look. This was something that was actually more easily achieved than I realised because of the Horror Haute item from InSpired Designs, the blind and bloody eyes seemed to match the eyes on the dress from Gloomy Thought, and then it just all seemed to fall into place. As a final touch to my outfit I added the bloody splatter layer from the Pink Latex Outfit that is available at Tasty Pudding... Tasty Pudding is a new comer to the Horror Haute family - welcome aboard by the way - I wanted to try and feature the dress within an outfit, but I have a rather major aversion to pink and will only find myself able to wear it when my brain turns to mush and I get seduced to the dark side lol... For the record, pink is the colour of pure evil! Though I am hoping that in the coming months we will see more of Tasty Pudding and I will get to share their awesome cuteness with you...
Finally, I needed to work out what to do about shooting the photo. I wanted something dark and creepy, and nothing was working properly - until I found the Chaise from Horribaubles tucked away with my Horror Haute items. This chaise has the feeling of exquisit softness, due to all the blankets draped over it, yet at the same time these goats on either end seem like something out of a nightmare... Never had a nightmare about goats, but there is always a first time right?

What is she wearing;
Hair: Truth - Gattina
Skin: REPULSE - Vampire Skin
Eyes and Blood Tears: InSpired Designs - Bloody Blind Eye with Optional Bloody Tears (HORROR HAUTE AUGUST)
Face Wounds: (Forehead) Corvus - Bullet hole, (Right Eye) Corvus - Scarred Face Tattoo, (Left Cheek) Corvus - Cheek Scars
Piercings: (Forhead) Cute Poison - Stellar Piercing (Available now at SL Fashion Week), AND, (Lip) Cute Poison - Disarray Piercing (August Group Gift)
Saw Blade: Death Row Designs - Gore Saw Wound
Blood Splatter: Tasty Pudding - Part of the Bloody Pink Latex Outfit (HORROR HAUTE AUGUST)
Dress: Gloomy Thought - Mistic Red Eyes Night Dress (HORROR HAUTE AUGUST)
Garter: Linc - Bitch Garter
Knife: Yellow Jester - A Tainted Heart Impaled on a Bloody Knife
Chaise: Horribaubles - Goatressa the Chaise (HORROR HAUTE AUGUST)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's My Rezzday!

Today I am 7... I have been in this amazing and yet crazy world for 7 years! 
Let me take you back in time; to a time without mesh and sculpties when prims were beginning their early exploration, when no one knew about wind-lights and face-lights were still the in thing to take a picture in the dark, when textures of things made the 2D SL world seem flatter than pictures in a comic book... This was the SL world I was born into, and back then, I thought, THIS... 
looked good!
Admittedly I was working with what was available at the time, and this might have been the best that a poor little innocent newbie could get her hands on! This was in my first home in SL, an apartment that my sugar daddy gave me, he bought my shape too and made me his little princess for a while getting whatever I wanted lol... The hair was one of my first ever purchases for myself and it was from one of the few stores that offered prim hair with flexi-prims *gasps* lol... For the young-ans out there, don't let me hear you mock me LOL and if you are a newbie never let me hear you complain that it is hard to look good for little money, back when I started it was hard to look good for LOTS of money LOL...
Anyway, Happy Rezday to MEEEEEEEE and maybe I'll be looking back in 7 years thinking why the heck did I have to use a screen why didn't I use a virtual reality helmet or something LOL...

SL DisneyBound - Week 24

Another week to play catch up on and this week it's a little hot and rather feisty one... This week's Disney takes us to the lands of ancient China and a time when the mongols were attacking. As with all of Disney's classics it sees a heroine overcome the struggles facing her to win the hearts of many and meeting the man of her dreams on the way, although this is possibly the first Disney movie with some cross dressing as a key theme?
On a sad note there isn't many of these DisneyBoundings left now. I remember Natalee said she would be working on 26 weeks at the beginning and thinking "oh that will be enough!" - well I lied to myself, it's never enough... I WANT MORE! Maybe I will talk to Natalee and see if she would mind me carrying them on for myself LOL!
Still, onto the most recent Disney...
Week 4 - MUSHU (Mulan)!
Mushu is one of Mulan's feisty companions, the other being a good luck cricket, who plays the smart one in the duo. Mushu is a guardian dragon sent by Mulan's ancestors when she decides to replace her father in his armed service call up - I wonder how many other little girls out there would want to do this when their daddies get called away? It's a sad thought isn't it?! Mushu is there as a friend for Mulan in tough times and even though he messes things up, at the end of the day he helps bring things back together and give the film its "awww" factor!
So, my look for Mushu... Had to be taken in a Chinese style surrounding and this Chinese tea house was the perfect place. Yet the look itself screams Mushu without being too obviously dragon. I could have gone dragon, my big sister Fledge is a dragon, but I wanted to keep it me without losing my style lol... Course I had to have the horns and a tail - the tail by the way comes from the Gacha at the Thrift Shop 2 courtesy of Sugar. The dress is an old-school one, but one that I have stashed away for the right moment, well it's time to shine little dress, and thank you to Sassy for offering this dress up as a hunt item a long time in the past now lol... The rest of the outfit is just accessorizing lol... Gotta love accessorizing LOL!

What is she wearing;
Horns: Lemon Tea - Swept Horns in White (Re-coloured by me)
Hair: Ploom - 5 More Minutes
Skin: Sugar - Emily in DB and Clear
Face Wounds: (Forehead) Corvus - Bullet hole, (Right Eye) Corvus - Scarred Face Tattoo, (Left Cheek) Corvus - Cheek Scars
Piercings: (Forhead) Cute Poison - Stellar Piercing (Available now at SL Fashion Week), AND, (Lip) Cute Poison - Disarray Piercing (August Group Gift)
Dress: Sassy - Envy Dress in Red
Bracelets: (Upper) Cute Poison - Lucky Star Bracelet in Gold, AND, (Lower) KOSH - Copeck Bracelet
Tail: Sugar - Demon Tail in Fire (Available now at the Thrift Shop 2)
Pose: Sparrow Tree Studios - Star Signs Pose Set in Leo

Monday, August 26, 2013

A Monster from the Deep of the Horror Haute

It's that time of the month again, the best time when the darkness, the depraved and the macabre comes out to play - forget Halloween - Horror Haute brings out that dark side in everybody. For the last week of every month, Horror Haute draws out some very dark and macabre designers to share their wares... There is always so much to choose from that it gets hard to pick what I want to show off, but for the first photo this month I couldn't resist being a little creative and coming up with something a little strange to look at hehe...
Now first off I have a bit of a gripe about this first item, I really hope that people don't think that I am being rude and that the designer of this gorgeous mask doesn't excommunicate me or something, but I personally feel that the photo used in the ad really doesn't do this item justice. I was intrigued but confused by the item from merely looking at the ad, but when I put it on WOW! It's a gorgeous - possibly ancient Greek style - helmet mask that looks as if it went down with a ship and has become the home to a mini reef... I pulled it on and wow, its so gorgeous when you see it in three dimensons rather than as a flat poster! It brought out the fantasy side of my brain and I developed a look of something that rose from the sea, one stormy night... Something mystical wearing a Greek helm and releasing it's inner monstrosity.
Both of the main items featured in the photo come from ImmateriA and are available now as part of the Horror Haute August line up. There will be more to come from the event but for now I couldn't resist letting these items control my photographic inspiration!

What is she wearing;
Headdress: ImmateriA - Lir Mask (Available now for Horror Haute August)
Skin: [Gauze] - Dragon Born in Sea Witch
Body Tattoo: [Gauze] - Dragon Born Tintable Body Tattoo
Chest Tentacles: ImmateriA - Call of Cthulhu (Available now for Horror Haute August)
Pasties: My PiXeL PuPpEt - Starfish Pasties in Purple Sparkle (No Longer Available)
Pose: PURPLE POSES - Angel of the Apocalypse 3

Saturday, August 24, 2013

SL DisneyBound - Week 23

OK... Second DisneyBounding look coming up... I have been working my little blogger butt off today getting things ready so that I can just post in quick succession these Disney looks. The problem is that once I'm doing one I will get it posted and then get more than a little distracted by other shiny things LOL... Plus this second look for Week 23 is another couple and I don't really feel the urge to do two characters or find some poor bugger to have to do it with me. So this is one half of a look for this week's Disney Bounding.
Week 23 - Carl (Up)!
Alongside Bambi this has to be one of the saddest Disney movies - especially the beginning - and if you haven't seen Up I would strongly suggest that you do with a full box of tissues at your side for the beginning! Though what starts out as a tale of sadness, leads to some heartfelt, sentimental moments and some sheer brilliance of engineering as Carl and his new found buddy Russell head out on an adventure in the clouds!
So my look is a weird kinda mix between Carl and young Ellie (his wife) in a photo that I am not sure I am overly pleased with. I mean I love the outfit but I'm not sure representing an old man in this racy look is a good way of doing things. Still it's supposed to be a representation not accurate...
The look is made up of a short choppy hairstyle, one of my favourite short ones of which I don't own many anyway, from Wasabi Pills. Dressed in his pants with braces style ish, I pulled on a pair of my very, very old faithfuls from Sassy Kitty Designs - known branded as SAKIDE - and then a ripped top from the same place! Then it was really just a matter of accessorising and voila, the old memories were captured in an old photo hehe...

What is she wearing;
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Cookie 
Skin: Sugar - Emily in DB and Clear
Face Wounds: (Forehead) Corvus - Bullet hole, (Right Eye) Corvus - Scarred Face Tattoo, (Left Cheek) Corvus - Cheek Scars
Glasses: ellemeno - Dirty Glasses
Face Piercing: Cute Poison - Zephyr Piercing (Past Group Gift)
Necklace: BOOM - Precious Bow Choker in Pitch
Top: SAKIDE - Tear Apart Top in White
Bra: HooT - Confetti Bra in B&W (No Longer Available!)
Pants: Sassy Kitty Designs -  Sassy Overall PinStripe Black Suspenders (Now SAKIDE)
Boots: J's - Studded Long Boots in Black
Pose: Label Motion - Linda Pose 4

SL DisneyBound - Week 22

SL DisneyBounding has taken a bit of a back seat recently due to the hectic RL schedule of miss Natalee, but she's back on the band wagon this week with not one but THREE weeks of Disney to catch us up on... SO expect a few and don't be too mad that it will be all Disney all the time. She did mention too though that the SL DisneyBounding will be only 26 weeks - that makes me feel really sad, and I wonder if she would mind if I carried on doing them without her setting things up. I will miss my Disney looks every week... I might have to chat with her a little LOL!
Still onto week 22... This was a duo, but being honest I could only find an outfit I liked for one of the characters, so maybe I will try Cinderella at a later date...
Week 22 - Gus (Cinderella)!
Gus is one of Cinderella's mousey sidekicks... He's the food obsessed, Lil fat guy that is so much more cute than any mouse should be... He and his best friend Jack form a support for Cinderelly when she needs a little boost, and who wouldn't want a little boost of friendship like Gus?!
So my look for Gus led me to a kitchen lol... A mouse in a kitchen, what a coincidence lol... This kitchen is one for sale at the La Galleria Furniture Store, and there were plenty to choose from I just had to pick one at random to be my backdrop hehe...
I kept the outfit fairly simple... I wanted to bring the yellow into the brown, hence the cute dress from Candy Mountain - it's actually a cake pattern, I thought Gus would approve LOL - I teamed it with a short old but snugly sweater from Paradisis and then added some army style boots for good measure. The hat was an issue - I'm not very good with hats LOL - but I found this cute past group gift from Dolle buried deep in my hoard and my look for Gus was complete!!!!!

What is she wearing;
Hat: dolle - Horn Knitted Hat in Green (Past Group Gift)
Hair: Truth - Arianna in Reds
Skin: Sugar - Emily in DB and Clear
Face Wounds: (Forehead) Corvus - Bullet hole, (Right Eye) Corvus - Scarred Face Tattoo, (Left Cheek) Corvus - Cheek Scars
Face Piercing: Cute Poison - Zephyr Piercing (Past Group Gift) 
Sweater: PARADISIS - Sin: Roll Neck Brown
Dress: Candy Mountain - Puddi Dress
Boots: +ILO+ - Work Boot in Bloodsucker (Past Arcade Item)
Pose: Starry Heaven - Momo 4

Friday, August 23, 2013

Rainbows and Ice Cream!

What a loverly combination that is LOL... Loverrrrrrrrrlyyyyyyyyyy LOL... Rainbows sparkles and ice creams are like two of my favourite things, and then when you add in some uber cute stuff on top of that it forms a veritable explosion of AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!
I got so excited when I was playing with this stuff that I simply HAD to blog it, I created the photo and it has taken me till now to get round to actually blogging the stuff LOL...  I LOVE everything about this look from my cute outfit to all my little props hehe, but where to start in telling you all about these pretties!
SO starting with my outfit, and working up from my feet... These shoes! I love the Mary Jane style of them, and these from DRBC seem to fit the requirements for my black and white outfit perfectly. This entire black and white look was due to the uber cute panties, that are part of the Ripple Outfit that is a current hunt prize from SAKIDE. I kept the top fairly simple, but also some might say scantily clad to match my panties, in this cute vintage-ish top from DeeTalez, and then accessorised in my usual way, only stopping to add the cute necklace from Sugar that is their female prize for the Homeless Hunt - both the top and the necklace can be seen better in the close-up shot below! Oh AND, while on the subject of Sugar, the skin that I am wearing is the latest skin release - Emily, a brilliant name that, although I am somewhat biased LOL - this as usual comes with a whole heap of extras including the new collarbone shading and as always there are 5 different tones available too!
Then comes the fun stuff... First the little cutie on my shoulder, he is available now along with his brown version friends from the Acid Lilly event by one of my favourite designers of the cute - MishMish. The naughty little thing has been joined by the giant grumpy bunny from D-LAB, that was released as a past FLF item last week - geez it's taken me so long to get this post up lol! We all spotted this adorable rainbow pose prop - that can be picked up from the Taste the Rainbow Hunt at the WetCat stop - and decided that it would be the prefect place to stop and have some ice-cream. Now I don't know if the event is still running but there is an Ice Cream Festival being run by Atelier Kreslo at the moment, and my goodness some of the ice creams are freaking cute! I wanted to show off my favourites - in the collage below - but we couldn't resist hanging out on the cloud for a little ice cream snack!

(From top and left to right: U.F.O (Charming Meiler), Sleepy Bones (Octagons Yazimoto), !Ohmai (Anya Ohmai), anc LTD (Aki69), MishMish (Aime Takaai) and Lark (Sienia Trevellion))
What is she wearing;
Hair: Exile - Midnight in Paris in Frost
Skin: Sugar - Emily in DB and Clear
Face Wounds: (Forehead) Corvus - Bullet hole, (Right Eye) Corvus - Scarred Face Tattoo, (Left Cheek) Corvus - Cheek Scars
Face Piercing: (Forehead) Cute Poison - Chimerical, AND (Lip) Cute Poison - Zephyr Piercing (Past Group Gift)
Choker: Psycho.Byts - Black Choker + Studs
Necklace: Sugar - Hope Necklace (Current Hunt Prize item for the Homeless Hunt)
Racoon: MishMish - My Cute Raccoon in Silver (Available now at Acid Lilly)
Top: DeeTalez - Hot Vintage Top in Black (Available now at Black Fair)
Bracelet: Cute Poison - Lucky Star Bracelet in Pink (Available now at Black Fair)
Rings: (LEFT) Mandala - Motsumame in Black/Silver, AND, (RIGHT) Remarkable Oblivion - FAMOUS Ring in Silver
Panties: SAKIDE - Ripple Panties (Part of the Ripple Outfit)
Shoes: DRBC - Mary Janes Wicked Shoes
Rainbow Pose Prop: WetCat - A Rainbow (Available now in the Tastes Like Rainbow Hunt)
Evil Bunny: D-LAB - Rabbit in Black (Past FLF Item)
Gingerbread Ice Cream: !Ohmai - Gingy's Neopolitan (Available now at the Atelier Kreslo Ice Cream Festival)
Blue Ice Cream: anc Ltd - anc's Bubble Gum (Available now at the Atelier Kreslo Ice Cream Festival)
Close-Up Pose: Starry Heaven - Cocoa 1

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Groups Groups Groups... We Want More!

This week with Miss Berry, she is talking about groups... I remember way back in the day when we only had an allocation of 25 groups, and oh we ranted and raved about never having enough group space. When they opened it up to 42 it was like "HALLELUJAH" for all of 5 minutes till we realised that we needed more - least that was the situation for me LOL...
Now the photo that I've chosen is a special one for me because this is part of my extended family. I talk about the Gators MC a lot - and I'm afraid it gets a bit boring - but joining this group definitely gave my friends list a boost as well as allowing me to meet some crazy fun people! LOL...
We took a long - and by long I mean epically long - ride on Sunday up the Doom Crew Mountain!
Still onto the Meme for today... Miss Berry released here Meme questions about our SL groups. Hence why I was rambling earlier about wanting more LOL, but let's just see where these questions take us this week huh?
Have you reached the 42 group limit? Pretty much straight after the 42 groups was allocated, yeah I reached the limit!
Do you do a lot of group hopping to keep up with all the groups you want to stay a part of? I do sometimes yes, I don't have an alt like Berry that I can allocate different groups too, so I am stuck hopping. I've started recently trying to keep at least one free slot so that I have the ability to join groups at ease, but it never really works LOL...
What makes you want to join a group? A few of my groups are blogging groups, and I do have a number of groups for non-shopping related stuff - gasps, I KNOW RIGHT! Shock Horror lol... Now we have the magical subscribos I try to be in those so I have space but if it's a store that I totally love and cannot get enough of I will always try to be in their group so I am up-to-date! Plus I love it when my favourite stores send out goodies! It's always nice to get presents!
A lot of store VIP groups have a group fee which you have to pay to join. How do you feel about paying group fees? I like Berry feel similarly about group fees. I have no problem in joining a group of a store that I love, and will be happy to support that designer in anything, yet when they have a group joining fee it does make me feel a little disheartened at times. Don't get me wrong I have and will possibly in future pay a little to be in some of the store groups, but when you get promises of regular group gifts that will be exclusive to the group and they stop materialising after a while it does feel a little bit of a let down, especially when I know that I would be paying for their items too... I do understand that some stores with VIP groups do this to stop people from joining a group just so that they can get a freebie before they leave it again, I understand that must be somewhat frustrating, yet sometimes it feels like a shame that certain - not all by any stretch of the imagination - groups promise rewards for their genuine fans and then do not follow through.
Name a few groups that you are a part of that you feel everyone should look into joining and share your reasons behind that. Hmmm now this is a tough one... I don't know if all of these will be stores actually, but lets see... I'll try to pick a few... I'm not sure if these groups have joining fees anymore, but these would be groups that I would definitely pay to be in...
* D-LAB Group is one of my absolute favourites to be in. I love the cute lil things that come from this store, and every time there is a release - such as the regular FLF releases - there is always a cute little group gift available too!
* Hogs and Cart Wheels Group is one that I really have to promote as it's Hell's store group. He gives out random gifts to his members, and these things tend to be fun, crazy vehicles!
* Snatch VIP is a group that I have been in for a very long time now. I love this group because every week there is a huge boatload of things released, as well as items being changed in the lucky chairs and fishing game to catch outfits... The gifts are gorgeous and of a high quality, and the prices for the stuff in the store are really very reasonable! I've been a Sn@tch fan for a long time and Ivey never disappoints!

Monday, August 19, 2013

A Gator with a Bite!

I seem to be collecting family at a super fast rate since being a member of the Biker Community - if anyone ever tells you these people are not nice then I'm telling you that a lot of the time they are wrong - and I will say to each and every one of my new Brothers and Sisters that I love you all to bits!
Though there are a few in particular that stand out from the crowd. I won't be naming names of most of them, there are too many to give names to them all here anyway and you'd get bored looking at a list of names lol, but there is one person in particular that stands out from the crowd, and since I recently worked on a photo of the lady in question with HellBone and myself, I thought I should mention her here.
Julz is, in a word, irreplaceable. A lot of people have come into and gone out of my SL in all the time that I have been here, but I really hope that Julz is one of those people that perseveres and remains with me. There are so many reasons that Julz is now an important person in my SL and in my RL too... Being a biker has never been my intention - as I am sure I've said before - but when Hell dragged me kicking and screaming into the crazy world of MCs, Julz was there to pick me up and dust me off and kick me in the right direction. She is a mentor to me, a guide through the black leather world of the MCs. She has been there to pick me up in times of stress and sadness, and more importantly she has been there through the good times too... Someone I can both laugh with and lean on, and she has a very uncanny ability to make HellBone roll his eyes. 
She's been going through some nasty stuff recently with her RL health, but she carries on being a rock star, always making time for others - I just hope she learns to make time for herself, especially now there is someone new and fun on the scene!    

What is she wearing; 
(For details about Julz and Hell's outfits please feel free to ask me!) 
Hair: Magika - Rhyme
Skin: Sugar - Chloe in Clear 
Eyes: n-creation - Fantasy Eyes Set in Ghost Eyes 
Face Wounds: (Forehead) Corvus - Bullet hole, (Right Eye) Corvus - Scarred Face Tattoo, (Left Cheek) Corvus - Cheek Scars 
Choker: Pekka - Spiked Collar in Black/Copper Metal (Available now at Mes Brics a Bracs
Top: Forever Young - Cuddle Tank (Available now at Black Fair
Stomach Wound: REPULSE - Psycho Stomach Wound Tattoo 
Pants: One Bad Pixel - Skinny Leathers in Black 
Pose: PURPLE POSES - Friends 90 (Past SL Fashion Week Item)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pile Ups

I love seeing the way that people take someone's somewhat blank canvas of an avatar on a plain screen and turn it into something beautiful. I've seen it happen so many times that when you see the final results, it is often hard to believe that the background was once a plain and desolate colour. Now I have never felt brave enough to actually try to edit anyone's for myself, I feel that if I do and make a bad job of it that people will laugh at me, and I get really upset when people laugh at me! LOL - I'm such a sad sack aren't I?! 
But anyhow, I wanted to try and see if people would take the time to work on a photo of me... I'd love to see what people do with it?! 
That was my photo, maybe a little mad but I don't like to be too normal too often LOL... Then I realised I should at least have a go at working on it somehow... I sat and played with it in Photoshop and played and then played some more, till it finally felt just right! 
Voila, my attempt... I have a high pixel version of the blank screen photo available in my Flickr Photostream, but I'd love to see what your versions turn out like if you do decide to work on me! 

What is she wearing; 
Crown: GSpot - Winter is coming in RARE (Available now at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Zoey Mesh Hair in Ash 

Skin: Sugar - Chloe in Clear 
Eyes: n-creation - Fantasy Eyes Set in Ghost Eyes 
Face Wounds: (Forehead) Corvus - Bullet hole, (Right Eye) Corvus - Scarred Face Tattoo, (Left Cheek) Corvus - Cheek Scars 
Face Piercing: (Forehead) Cute Poison - Chimerical, AND (Lip) Cute Poison - Zephyr Piercing (Past Group Gift) 
Choker: Pekka - Spiked Collar in Black/Copper Metal (Available now at Mes Brics a Bracs
Necklace: KOSH - The Toothfairy Necklace 
Feather Boa: Schadenfreude - White Wrapped Feather Boa 
Bodysuit: SAKIDE - Fur Overall 
Pose: Sparrowtree Studios - Libra

Oh my gosh I am actually blogging Aliens!

As the title of my post today shows, this is a very, very, very strange phenomenon as I am normally one that shies away from Aliens... I HATE aliens... I should in fact say I have a phobia... I break out in a sweat and shake, but they are normally the scarier versions that do that to me. I don't like E.T and or the vast majority of the Star Wars style aliens (with the exceptions of the furry ones that look like teddybears), although I am totally and utterly in love with Disney's Stitch, and even the cute little green ones from Toy Story LOL... Maybe I am just a sucker for cute things! 
Now the reason I am laying myself totally bare and telling you all this is due to this new round of The Garden - something which one of my favourite stores for the adorable is taking part in. MishMish has made aliens! 
HellBone had to be there with me when I opened these, in fact I couldn't even look at the screen before he had checked to make sure they weren't anything horrible! Why MishMish would make something scary is beyond my imagination, it would be taking the store in a whole different direction LOL, but he said they weren't something that going to scare me before sloping off to his own PC and complaining about 'pain in the butt women'! 
The Aliens, when I did look at them, are so freaking cute there is no way that I could be scared of these... I stood in the garden looking out over the sea and watching the recent meteor shower cross the sky when a teeny tiny green man came over to take me for a ride... 
Luckily I looked cute, I was very lucky in my wardrobe choice hehe... Don't you think?

What is she wearing;
Hair: Exile - Midnight in Paris in Frost 
Skin: Sugar - Chloe in Clear 
Face Wounds: (Forehead) Corvus - Bullet hole, (Right Eye) Corvus - Scarred Face Tattoo, (Left Cheek) Corvus - Cheek Scars 
Face Piercing: (Forehead) Cute Poison - Chimerical, AND (Lip) Cute Poison - Zephyr Piercing (Past Group Gift) 
Choker: Psycho.Byts - Black Choker + Studs 
Top: Forever Young - Cuddle Tank (Available now at Black Fair
Bracelet: Cute Poison - Lucky Star Bracelet in Pink (Available now at Black Fair
Rings: (LEFT) Mandala - Motsumame in Black/Silver, AND, (RIGHT) Remarkable Oblivion - FAMOUS Ring in Silver 
Stomach Wound: REPULSE - Psycho Stomach Wound Tattoo 
Pants: Sn@tch - Bomber Latex Pants in Pink 
Aliens: MishMish - It's Aliens in UFO and Mini Ufo (Available now at The Garden
Pose: (Beamed up) Rook Poses - Delirium 8 (No Longer Available!)
Alien: MishMish - It's Aliens UFO in Blue (Available now at The Garden), AND,
Close-Up) Starry Heaven - Aya 1

Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday's Meme got lost in my inventory!

First a pretty picture... 
Now it's that time of the week again, the time when I devote my attention to the fabulous blog of one miss Strawberry Singh... This week her meme leads us into the dark and mysterious world of our hoards. My inventory is a sacred place, mess with it and I will bite your hands off, and woe-betide anyone that tries to come between me and my warehouse wardrobe. I might look like an angel in the picture but seriously, when it comes to matters involving my hoard you can tell that I am the little sister of a Dragon lol...
I organise my inventory like my life depends on it, everything new will be put in places for easy location of things... I delete duplicate LMs after checking that I already have one stashed away, I don't tend to keep photos saved in my SL folders - most of my pics are neatly organised on my hard drive - and I am ruthless when it comes to deciding what note cards to keep! I have folders, within folders, within folders and everything is organised by brand, colour and style, and I know it sounds anal but it really makes looking for something so much simpler.
But anyway, Berry poses some interesting questions - short and sweet this week - all about our hoards...
What is your current inventory number? - 48,487 after a weekend of intensive cleaning!
If you had to delete your whole inventory and could only keep one thing, what would it be? – Thing hmmmm... OK probably my shape. You might have heard the saga of the Rudh Shape - if not I posted about it here - seeing as it's no mod, no copy and I could well be one of the few people in SL that still uses it after almost 50 years, it's become who I am in SL!
What is the last thing you purchased? - Scrub's Rosa-ae Pants in Black, that are available at the Black Fair

Which item do you wear most often? - I have my basic every day items - sometimes these things change but that won't happen for a while yet, though I am never really seen without my face wounds or my piercings of some kind. I feel naked without them!
When you search for the word penis, how many items pop up? - OOOOH now there is a telling question LOL... In my warehouse wardrobe I have *counts* ooooh 11 things, including a penis pop gun and a BLINGER - which claims to be SL's blinggiest penis LOL... FYI - it REALLY is one big bling, like a glowing staff LOL...

What is she wearing;  
Halo: Remarkable Oblivion - Homemade Halo in Gold (Available now at Mes Petits Brics a Bracs
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Sarah (Available now at Fameshed
Skin: Sugar - Chloe in Clear 
Face Wounds: (Forehead) Corvus - Bullet hole, (Right Eye) Corvus - Scarred Face Tattoo, (Left Cheek) Corvus - Cheek Scars, AND (Lips) [mock] - Tainted Love Zombie Makeover 
Wings: The Stringer Mausoleum - Springing Heart Wings in burnished 
Top: Corvus - Bullet Holes Top 
Bracelet: Cute Poison - Lucky Star Bracelet (Available now at Black Fair
Ring: Remarkable Oblivion - FAMOUS Ring in Silver (Past SL Fashion Week Item) 
Shorts: LRH - Frayed Medium Denim Shorts 
Socks: League - Thermal Stockings in LGrey 
Boots: TEN"10 - Megas Boots
Pose Prop: aDORKable Poses - Ringer

Sunday, August 11, 2013

MishMish and a Surprise

First of all, lets get down to business... MishMishy business! MishMish has released some adorable stuff as of late and I've only now found the time to sit back and talk about them LOL... Firstly there are some adorable moon seats, you can actually curl up and snooze on the moon, that are available from Limited 50... Now I am not sure IF there are any of these things still available, but they come with poses for normal and kiddie avatars, and well they are just so cute!!! The second MishMish that I needed to share was this adorable peacock, that is now available for Collabor88's special birthday round. I LOVEEEEEE how cute he is, and he will definitely be a firm fixture in my garden from now on. There are white versions available too, that you will no doubt have seen on other blogs, but I have always loved the colours of these gorgeous birds. 
What am I rambling about I hear you wondering, well the photo is coming, but I wanted to let people know that there is much more to this post than just sharing awesome pretties... 
Basically I have gotten back into contact with someone that I had a major confrontation with a while back - I won't be naming names, and I won't be going into my reasons behind the fall-out - but recently bridges that were burnt are slowly being rebuilt, and life is moving on. We've both since gone in different directions, but when she heard about my engagement to Hell, she broke the walls down and came to speak to me - shows she reads my blog sometimes LOL I better watch what I say about her LOL... Anyway she and I have been chatting on and off, busy RL schedules permitting, and it has been kinda cool to find my feet with her in that kind of friendly relationship again. The reason I am rambling about this now is because I used this absolutely gorgeous dress from WTG, that I stumbled on whilst shopping on marketplace recently, and the person mentioned before actually gifted the dress to me. Flabbergasted was the closest possible word I could come up with to how it felt when this dress landed in my lap, I fell in love with the lace and the tier effect and the sultry way it clung to my curves, the Hud that is included with so many different colours too adds to my adoration of this pretty dress... Though because it came from the person it did, and the fact that it was a total suprise, makes this gorgeous dress just that little bit more sparkly... It's the perfect dress to laze on the moon and gaze at the stars, but it's also the perfect way to start buying your way back in LOL! 
Thank you! *hugs* 

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Lory in Iceberg (Past Arcade Item)
Skin: Sugar - Chloe in Clear 

Face Wounds: (Left Cheek) Corvus - Cheek Scars, AND (Lips) [mock] - Tainted Love Zombie Makeover 
Dress: +:+WTG+:+ - Fairy in the Light II Gown 
Moon Pose Prop: MishMish - Sitting on the Moon (Available now at Limited 50
Peacock: MishMish - Blue Peacock in the Razzle (Available now at Collabor88)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The softer side to the MC World

Honesty time once again, and I am back to ramble on about the MC community in SL - I know it may not be of interest to many people but as it's something that I am surrounded by at the moment, I have discovered that the community is filled with a lot more than black leather, scary looking men and even scarier looking ladies!
Even though it may be hard to believe, I am fairly shy when it comes to meeting new people, and there seems to be a lot of incidences when I find myself standing around like a lost lamb. It takes a while for people to talk to you - be that due to not wanting to share secrets of the community with a stranger, shyness or even in some cases pure and unadulterated rudeness (though that is avoidable lol) - and I am never fully able to thrust myself into a conversation. I feel uncomfortable and like I don't fit in, although that is slowly changing due to meeting some very lovely people as of late and learning to be a little more forceful.
Though, I will admit that when I originally thought of bikers I was more than a little uneasy and would try to avoid them. I'd heard stories of some of the bad thing that went on, it made drama that I'd experienced look like a walk in the park, and to be totally truthful I was really unsure about getting involved!
Recently, that image has been altered - I'll agree you do still get a little of the scary, but not as much as I had originally thought - and the people within these MCs not only find companionship by joining a group, they become part of a family within a large family umbrella. These families are a close knit group, and although I've been part of a SL family before this system is totally different with so many different levels of rank. Presidents with their supports guard and protect each and every member, no matter how long they have been within the group. Everyone has a voice and every voice is heard, no matter if you are the newest member or the president, all within families that are founded on respect and friendship. Now I know that this is the basis of any family, but in this case it becomes a necessary to deal with all the turbulence that comes with the tag of MC - no matter how drama free you intend to be. 
One of the MCs that is close to the Gators have shown me what it's like when these large families rally round each other in times of need. Drama and other such stuff aside, there are times when such a large family can be the best support... I was honoured to witness this on Thursday at a sim dedication for Lacie Roxan of the Dark Souls MC. She was one of those people that was deeply invested in the goings-on of her particular MC and from what I can tell she was a support to other MCs too. Yet in April this year she passed away under some very difficult circumstances, something which has clearly affected many members of the MC. This family, however, provide strength for each other, supports when times are hard and laughter to try to move on from the pain of losing a sister. Tears were shed at this memorial - not just by people who knew Lacie either, I shed a tear or two as their President, Hope, made her speech - and later those with tears in their eyes were scooped up and carried so no one was left behind whilst the group that was present rode out in honour of a fallen sister. 
The fact is, however, that there are tons of things going on everyday to create happy memories, which will in time fade out the sad ones so only the good remain. The MC community knows how to party like no other I have been involved with - I used to be deeply involved in a well-known club's main in-crowd - and luckily things like the sadness that came with Lacie's passing are few and far between. 
Parties happen on an almost daily basis, and I would strongly suggest that if you want to find out more about being in one of these families, that you try to make a visit to one. Everyone is welcome and each of these MC families is slightly different. Tonight at the Gator Sim - aka my home -  we are hosting a party, with one of my personal favourite - and I think best - live singers in SL, Anek Fuchs... I think it's time we woke the gators at the swamp. So come and meet us if you are interested, bring people that are interested, or just come to see if what I've said about the MC world is true... You never know who you might meet! 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Do you see it in the Stars? Monday's Zodiac Meme

So this week's Meme comes up and someone seems to be feeling astronomical... This week Berry turns her attention to the starsigns. She got inspired by events and sparklies, but for me I can say that I have never really paid that much attention. They are fun to look at but come on, I am a fish! Who wants to be a fish - besides well... a fish!
Anyway, never one to drop out of a challenge, although some research was necessary to complete these, I give to you my ramblings in answer to Berry's interrogation!
What is your birthday and/or Zodiac sign? – My birthday is March 19th and I am a Pisces.
Do you believe in or follow astrology? – Not perse... I know that I am a Pisces and sometimes for a bit of a giggle I will read my star sign and think hmmmm I hope that I come into money today, or meet a new love interest lol - not that Hell would approve of course!I have always had a love of my birthstone - as every month has it's own gemstone - March is aquamarine... So pretty! 
Do you feel your sign’s attributes reflect who you are? – I had to do some research to answer this one... Thanks for the link Berry, made life easier! There are things I can see in myself such as some of the strenghts and weaknesses - Fishes are supposedly compassionate, accepting and imaginative, whilst at the same time being oversensitive, indecisive and self-pitying - I am ashamed to admit to those last three but thinking on them I can see myself like that sometimes! I've heard it said that we are also extremely loyal and will go out of our way to help a friend, and that they trust their gut feelings, well I would say I've never let a friend down and my gut hasn't let me down either lol but maybe let me know if I'm wrong on this. The only one thing that I will say I've read on a website that Berry linked us to, is that they claim feet are an errogenous zone for Piceans - STAY AWAY FROM MY FEET ughhhhh!!!
Have you ever been to a psychic or astrologer either in RL or in SL (are there any in SL?) I haven't been to either in either life for myself. A while ago some of my nearest and dearest in the biker community went to see one in SL, and the results they got were scary... I think it made it worse that they were talking to someone through the anonimity of a virtual world! In RL you can read body language! One of my friends even decided to go back for a second time on a completely unrelated alt, and she gave him pretty much exactly the same reading... HOW CREEPY IS THAT?!
Do you read your horoscope daily and try to follow any advice, recommendations or warnings it may have for you that day? Some days when I am travelling into work on the train with a free newspaper in my hands I will glance at my horoscope. I am trying to work on learning Dutch - seeing as I am living in Holland and engaged to a Dutch man - but I never really put much faith in it, sometimes I get a giggle out of it, but otherwise I am not too bothered.
Do you have very strong feelings about astrology, either negative or positive? I have no really strong feelings about astrology... I am interested by the workings of it in a historical context - being a bit of a history geek - and I love the way that sometimes it can animate people into interesting discussions, but personally for me I can either take it or leave it. I guess it's a very personal thing, like what kind of reading genres do you prefer or how do you like your eggs cooked - each to their own!

What is she wearing; 
Hat: Olive Juice - FishHat (No Longer Available!)
Hair: Ploom - Fluster 

Skin: Sugar - Chloe in Clear 
Face Wound: Corvus - Cheek Scars 
Mouthie: Evie's Closet - Catch of the Day in Goldfish Mer Munch 
Neck Piercing: Cute Poison - Neck Corset Piercing 
Top: SOAP - Cap Sleeve in Tie 
Gloves: Intrigue Co - Fighter Fish Gloves 
Skirt: Lamp*Light - Sky Skirt in Black 
Boots: J's - Studded Long Boots in Black 
Pose Prop: Sparrowtree Studios - Pisces Book Prop Pose 
Fish: Pink Fuel - Fishie 
Fish Sign: Fish! Sign (No longer available)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Oh my gosh does this make me almost "famous"?

So... Famous in SL... I don't get how that works... BUT I will tell you a little story and bounce around like a crazy overly excited person...
Before I went on vacation I met a woman called DoraMaar, we were both just dancing around at Wet Willies - the rock club - and I happened to mention that I liked her skirt. From then on the conversation flowed to talking about other things, and I mentioned to her that I love taking photos in SL... She wanted to see and then got all excited but the photos that I had created. I love the pictures that I take but someone else getting that excited did shock me a little... When I take pictures I don't expect people will like them, I do it for myself as a record of my time in SL and although I get a thrill when people like something, to see them get as excited as I do about my photos makes me feel rather humbled.
BUT, I was about to get even more humbled...
DoraMaar is someone who knows people in the art industry in SL. She liked my photos so much that she shared them with some of her arty friends, and NOW as you can see above, some of my photos are on display at the Lyrica Gallery! I am going to be included in their up coming gallery event! So excited, I mean I know not all people will like what I create, or even think it's worthy of being displayed like this, but the fact that some people do... I am flattered and blown away to the extreme!! 
Thank you for believing in me!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Crying Pool and the Mysterious Fae

Throughout my time in SL I have been through many different guises, ranging from a vampire to a human to a zombie, but when I first came into SL I had a bit of a love of dressing like a Fae. After a while that stopped for some reason, I began to play more with my dead girl side, but anytime I get given a pair of wings I cannot help getting a little buzz of excitement. 
However, I am rambling as always, the reason I am talking about my love of wings is entirely due to the look I pulled together for this new round of Total Anarchy. Total Anarchy is currently on it's third outing, and as always it is stuffed full to the brim with some fun dark, punk and alternative style goodies! 
The look I created doesn't really seem to represent the theme of Total Anarchy, I mean OK take me out of the setting and put me on a plain background and it could be somewhat anarchic, but in this setting it seems more fantasy than anarchy hehe...
The pool is one of the releases from Kita's Sideshow for Total Anarchy. Now I know that crying statues are not for everyone - Shiny being an example that comes to mind with her fear of the Doctor Who variety - but I just loved this little fountain! For the outfit I wanted something a little fantasy too and the wings - that are also available from Kita's Sideshow - really fit the bill of what I wanted. A fae in a fantasy photo... PERFECT. Then it was just a matter of putting some clothes on that looked cute! The dress from The Little Bat in a blue colour - although a few colours are available, yes I know I picked blue lol... Shock horror! That I teamed with a cute face tattoo from Tribal Burial some random geometric tights, the right piercings as I feel naked without them and this freebie hair that was available from red(MINT) for the Hair fair, and my little fairy at the crying pool was complete!

What is she wearing;
Hair: red(MINT) - Goody Hair (Past Hair Fair Gift)
Forehead Tattoo: Tribal Burial - L on your Forehead (Available now at Total Anarchy
Face Woundss: (Forehead) Corvus - Bullet Hole Tattoo, AND, (Cheek) Cheek Scars
Neck Piercing: Cute Poison - Neck Corset Piercing 
Dress: The Little Bat - Skully Babydoll in Blue (Available now at Total Anarchy)
Wings: Kita's Sideshow - Charm Wings (Available now at Total Anarchy)
Nails: SLink - Enhancement Fingernails for Default Hands, WORN WITH, KOSH - Glitter Nails
Ring: Mandala - Motsumame in Black/Silver
Tights: Q - Geometric Tights (No Longer Available!)
Pose: PRETENSE - Ticky Tacky 3 (Available now at FLUX)
Pool Prop: Kita's Sideshow - Woeful Fountain (Available now at Total Anarchy)
Scarecrow: HerbalyS - Scarecrow

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Tiki Tiki Time at FLUX

A new month brings us a new round of one of my favourite events in SL - some people chomp at the bit for Collabor88, or FaMESHed, and I think we all get overly excited about the Arcade - but for me FLUX has always been one of the events that I most look forward to. I love the themes that are chosen each month... Things that are different and sometimes outside of the box... 
This month we take on the Tiki Lounge, a trip to the tropicana and some freaking awesome pink flamingos! Gotta love pink flamingos hehe... 
So this photo lets me show off my evil side - drowning myself in a pool on the beach... As soon as I saw the flamingos from Weather or Not I knew that I would be blogging them, but the pool - from Horribaubles - caught my attention too... By now you might have realised that I like looking dead. A pretty duckie pool to drown myself in, seemed like the perfect toy. 
Though I made two different outfits and then cheekily combined two seperate pics hehe... Let me show you close ups to talk more about the outfits, though just a quick mention about the location. This is the FLUX Tiki lounge set-up, and I LOVE the look of this place. The items are all available to buy from Tiki Heads on the beach, so don't miss out shopping in a relaxed beach environment and maybe stop off at the bar for some cocktails. 
Let's talk about these outfits then... 
First the Left... Or the Drowning Girl look hehe... The flamingos that feature predominantly in the first photo are supported in this look as they are dotted all over my dress. This dress, made by Moonstone, is really cute - a pretty summer dress that is longer in the back than at the front, making it seem like adorable beach wear or something that could be dressed up for the evening! Accessorised with this simply gorgeous necklace from DownDownDown and a cute ring from SAKIDE, that you can find in one of the Gachas at FLUX, and the look was complete!
Then the Right... Or the Limpet Queen look... This was the look that I actually threw together first. I loved the huge tropical print of this dress from Dead Dollz, and then I opened the jewellery set from AZE Designs, and loved the pretty and different look to it - luckily for me it went together fairly well. I used to love being on the beach in England when I was little and collecting lots of pretty shells, a fair number of them being limpets, so it took me right back to my lazy days in the sunshine as a kid! I also wanted a slightly sun tanned skin for this look, and found just what I was looking for in the form of this skin from Sugar, that is available now at the Thrift Shop's second outing. It comes with the vibrant orange and yellow eyeshadow, but for a subtle flick of colour to pull in colours from the dress, I found the eye shadows from KoKoLoReS, with its pretty floral design fitted perfectly!

What is she wearing; 
Drowning Girl:
Hair: Ploom - Billie (Past Hair Fair style) 

Skin: Sugar -  Chloe in Summer Lovin 
Face Piercing: (Forehead) Cute Poison - Chimerical, AND (Lip) Cute Poison - Zephyr Piercing (Current Group Gift) 
Cheek Wound: Corvus - Cheek Scars 
Necklace: DownDownDown - Kitsch Flamingo Pendant (Available now at FLUX
Dress: Moonstone - La Rosa Flamingo Dress (Available now at FLUX
Nails: SLink - Enhancement Fingernails for Default Hands, WORN WITH, KOSH - Glitter Nails 
Ring: SAKIDE - Dolphin Rings (From a Gacha at FLUX
Shoes: Whatever - SL Fashion Week Group Gift (Past Group Gift
Close-Up Pose: Starry Heaven - Kenta 5
Limpet Queen:
Tiara, Necklace and Bracelet: AZE Designs - Coral & Copper Striped Limpet Jewelry Set (Available now at FLUX

Hair: Magika - Moment 
Skin: Sugar - Steffi in Tropical Sunset (Available now at the Thrift Shop
Face Piercing: (Forehead) Cute Poison - Chimerical, AND (Lip) Cute Poison - Zephyr Piercing (Current Group Gift) 
Eye-Shadow: [KoKoLoReS] - Flower Eyeshadows in Aqua (Available now at FLUX
Cheek Wound: Corvus - Cheek Scars 
Chest Piercing: Cute Poison - Ephemera Piercing 
Nails: SLink - Enhancement Fingernails for Default Hands, WORN WITH, KOSH - Glitter Nails
Dress: Dead Dollz - Hawika Dress (Available now at FLUX)
Shoes: [Gos] - Mae Platform in Red 

Close-up Pose: Pretense - Ticky Tacky 5 (Available now at FLUX
Flamingos: Weather Or Not - (Prop) Pink Flamingo Lawn Ornament, AND, (Pose) Mega Pink Flamingo Pose Prop (Available now at FLUX

Pool: [H]orribaubles - The Dead Man Floating Drowning Pool (Available now at FLUX
Ukulele: Enchant3D - Ukulele (Available now at FLUX)