Saturday, April 30, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - WEEK 26!

This week I had easy... At first when the colours were coming outta Luna's Crayon Box I dreaded anything in this colour range, but when it came out for this weekend I was like a crazy woman with a severe case of the giggles!!! I had already spent time looking for an outfit in this colour, due to a special holiday that takes place on April 30th, here in Holland, and when the colour came up for the challenge in the same week it was like it had been planned this way... 
First off what am I rambling about this time, well... to all the Dutchies out there from a Brit living in your awesome country... Gelukkig Koninginnedag... for anyone that has no idea what that means it is 'Happy Queen's Day' celebrating the official Birthday of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands (basically it seems to be a day when most of Holland is one HUGE PARTY!)
Then onto my colour post hehe, 
Week 26...
Week 26: Lots of people, especially kids, dress in Orange as it is the national Colour!
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Ploom - Dot
Boa: Schadenfreude - Wrapped Feather Boa (this was a white one I coloured)
Necklace: *ICED* - Amber Necklace
Top: .:Acid&Mala:. - Halloween Tanks (past group gift)
Skirt and Stockings: PARADISIS - Part of Sirup Halloween Special
Boots: Maitreya Gold - Shearling Boots

Next Week - Olive... Simple, Easy but still in the veggie draw!

Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Wedding!

Ummmm I think my Invitation to the Royal Wedding has the wrong location on it Wills and Kate... Westminster Abbey isn't on this beach hehe... 
I got all dressed up for the wedding and the least they could have done was made sure my invitation was directing me to the right place, maybe my real one is still in the post, lol... I'm expecting it any day now... hehe... Weren't all Brits supposed to be going?? Lol...
I have to say though, that I love this dress from Diavolicious... and OK I am not into the Royal Family what-so-ever, yet I might tune one eye on the TV to watch it as I'm tidying up today, even if it is just to see what Kate is wearing... 
Anyway, like any couple getting married, I wish them both luck... I hope the English weather holds off and the sun shines on you today!

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Red Eye Kingdom: A gothic accessorizers Paradise!

Not normally a store that would catch my attention, I was recently introduced to a place called The Red Eye Kingdom. It is a place that Hell has frequented for a while now, but recently it fell into my radar as H&C Wheels (Hell and Baco's store) has taken up residence in the sim to create the soon to be opened mainstore, all thanks to his friends, and the stores owners, Lazrith Fardel and Vallay Vavoom.
This place has pretty much EVERYTHING... Avatars, Horns, Cybernetics, Crowns, Weapons, Wings and MORE, it is likely gonna be one of those places that I keep for if I need something specific to accessorize a look... More on the gothic, fantasy, dark side of style, this place offers non highly priced, yet highly detailed goods, and if you are ever in need of any of the above I'd take a looksee!!!
One of the things I fell in love with and HAD to have was this oh so pretty crown! Beautifully created and in a range of colours, I was like GIMME!!!! Oh and yes I have been playing around in Photoshop still trying to learn... lol!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Normal Rudhish Things!

Since I have been participating in the colour challenge, a number of things keep springing to mind about things that I should be sharing... Every week I try to shake up my look, possibly diving into my fancy dress box or failing that at least digging around in my overly stuffed wardrobe to make a colour swatch work. Yet most weeks I don't tend to list a number of things in the "what is she wearing" list, as I am not a fashion blogger, the basics never change very much and so not only would it be boring to read every week but it would get boring for me too... 
Yet in case you were wondering, I decided to share my 'normal' look... Who knows, people might actually wanna know?? LOL, in any case it gave Hell and chance to laugh as I posed wearing only Censor Bars... The hair I was wearing is hair (Jasmine 2, for anyone interested), but my hair never stays the same for longer than about 24 hours hehe!
What does Rudh always wear;
Skin: [rQ] Tan@ TYPE.o2-w.o2
Cleavage: [AYUMI] v 2.6 (comes in 4 preset skin tone shades but it is modifiable, so it can be coloured to match any skin!)
Lips: KOSH (most often in the Wet Lips variety)
Eyes: *Amerie's Naughty* Popstar Eyes
A close-up shot of my eyes... DAMN that makes my eyebrows look HUGE!
So there you have it folks... Rudh's basics! I just realised, I look scarily skinny in that picture of me without clothing, but trust me I am definitely NOT skinny the pose lies, lol, in the past I have been referred to as a 'Chunky Waisted Ho'... LOL

Saturday, April 23, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - WEEK 25!

This week there had been a little confusion as to the name of the colour at the beginning of the week, poor Miss Luna working overtime on a million projects, yet using the colour swatch provided I had created a cute look before the real colour name was even posted... 
I had been treasure hunting and had found some lovely new plants to set out in my secret girlie garden (buried in a cave and hidden from view of the dead garden, lol), and was up in the attic sorting through my wardrobe looking for something to wear... The plants must have decided that my dress made me look like a flower... It picked me up and held me tight and turned me into a part of the plant itself... At first I was shocked, but then I thought 'OOOOOH I could use this'... hehe... 
Week 25... 
Week 25: It's not Ivy so I think I may take the villainous name of Poison Clematis?
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Truth - Cleo
Skin: Nuuna - Halloween Witch Skin
Lipstick: KOSH - Wet Lips
Dress: -paper.doll- - Spring Madness (hunt prize)
Pose prop (including flower attachments): Long Awkward Pose - Seasons Pose Set (hunt prize)

When I showed my sister Fledge this week's picture for an opinion prior to posting she responded, "wow, plant bondage :3"... LOL pure Genius, I never thought if it that way!

Next week - Tangerine... ooooh!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter!!

Here I am sneaking this Giant Egg away from the bunny and planning to hide it from Hell so that I don't have to share, you can tell what kinda kid I was during the Easter Egg hunts of my youth lol... But I just wanted to leave a little message to wish everyone a very happy and chocolatey Easter... I'm not religious, but if you are enjoy that too... I hope everyone gets to eat so much chocolate over the next few days that it makes them bouncy like the real Easter Bunny, hehe... 
Also, please don't laugh at my photo-shopping skills... I am actually learning at the moment how to use the programme and OK it isn't the best picture that has ever been photo-shopped, but I'm trying!! Gotta give me some credit for that, right?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Whats Your Digits... Buggered if I know!

I have been seeing another interesting kinda semi challenge appearing on a number of blogs that I have followed in the past few days, and the idea of it intrigued me... I wanted to join in, but this is one of those challenges I thought that I would have to step back from.
The brain-child of Miss Strawberry Singh (see her original post on this), she asks 'What's Your Digits?' and it has sparked a massive response from people all over SL, shape designers to wearers of their own personally created shapes to buyers of shapes... I personally thought what a fun idea... 
Then I hit a rather large hurdle!
Rudh's wicked curves, or should that be large ass and even larger nunga nungas, are no-mod due to the fact that the shape is a bought one. The shape has become something that originally bugged me, but has now altered my way of thinking... I was bought this shape by one of my first friends in SL way back in 2007, at the time I did not think of it but this guy just wanted to see a Barbie doll with HUGE nungas!
I could just change my shape, believe me I have often thought about it, but after being this shape now for over 4 years I am far too attached to my face... I know that it would be difficult to find someone who could make my face exactly as it is now without the digits... If I could find someone who could help I don't have the lindens to afford it... So I am stuck with the huge nungas, but I learnt now how to dress the shape of them and maybe that's a new skill?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Concrete Flowers and Themory!

Project Themory, one of the best events of the week, when a collection of stores create something to a theme and release it at a mere cost of 75l... Themes vary every week, one week it could be all about the cute, then the next it could be featuring ways to maim your husband, for example... Lol (don't worry Hell that wasn't anything in reference to you - YET anyway!)
This week, week 50, it is Mismatch week... So from 12am on Saturday to 12pm on Sunday, the mismatched items are on sale for no more than 75l...  Concrete Flowers is up for the event this week, and during one of our random chats about nothing in particular and yet everything at once Lynnie said she couldn't think what to create... I suggested Mismatched earrings... Well BUGGER ME, there are some Concrete Flowers Mismatched earrings... NAMED AFTER ME YAY!!!
Have to show them off...
LOL - The professional photo in the store looks better, but for 75l you get not one but two pairs of gorgeous earrings (as Lynaja put a left and a right of each set in the box) I think that is a BARGAIN... Head to Concrete Flowers ASAP this will only be around at this price till Sunday at 12pm!!! There is also a large helping of Miss Bade's Pickle and Fruit pudding, AND some mismatched curtains!!

As a note to Lynnie... I bet the earrings outsell the pickle and fruit pudding!! Thank you for naming them after me *hugs* they are both super awesome and really pretty... I loves my Fairy BobMother!

52 Weeks of Colour - WEEK 24!

Another Saturday rolls in and another week crossed off on the calendar... This week was to be an EASY colour outfit for me... Never normally a colour I would pick to wear, I tended to shy away from anything that wasn't in red or black... I do say tended, since being a part of this challenge I have become someone who will wear colour, it is rather scary but I actually choose colours I would NEVER normally wear (yesterday I was wearing a PINK SHIRT... I was like OMG! hehe) 
Yet I had been sorting out my fancy dress box, and when this colour came up I knew EXACTLY what I was going to wear... This week I became Sleeping Beauty! Well, OK not when she was sleeping, I am the Sleeping Beauty who woke up and even though her Prince Charming had vanquished the Evil Witch, I was still pissed enough to take revenge starting with her Spinning Wheel! 
Week 24...
Week 24: When I wake up I am usually in a pissy mood, this was one of my better days... hehe
What is she wearing this week;
Hair: Magika - Sofia
Lipstick: KOSH - Wet Lips
Rose: KOSH- Crying Rose
Necklace: *Amaranthus* - Flowery
Outfit: Hopscotch - 100 years of Sleep (past hunt prize)

Sssh don't tell Hell that I nearly burnt a hole in the floor of our attic... I'd be in big trouble and wouldn't be allowed to be there unsupervised hehe! 

Next week - Eggshell Blue... Luna didn't change the name by accident so I'm gonna go with calling it that and it may have a name change by post week lol!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rudhbob Shortpants!

Who lives in a Pineapple under the sea? RUDHBOB SHORTPANTS!
For my RL Birthday, my vehicle making other half took my love of Spongebob and brought it into SL. I have loved Spongebob for a LONG while, and since I have relocated to the Netherlands to be with Hell, the language although translated is simple and easy to understand, so Spongebob is helping me to learn Dutch... HOW COOL IS THAT?!!?! LOL...
Due to the fact that I was presented with the one and only Pattymobile to ever be in world under the H&C Wheels banner, I felt that a bit of dressing up was in order... Ok I didn't need an excuse...
What did I put on as Rudhbob Shortpants; (not that anyone will really wanna know but)
Hair: Magika - Glitter Aina (re-coloured from the original Christmas freebie, which was white - SORRY lol)
Skin: The Stringer Mausoleum - Rainbow Skins
Shirt: Last Call - Part of Britney Set (Oh, how I miss Last Call!)
Tie: Paradisis - Part of Midnight Kiss Outfit
Pants: Concrete Flowers - Misha Shorts (modded to be shorter by Lynaja Bade) 
Socks: Sassy Kitty - Sporty White Knee Warmers
Boots: Last Eden - Tall Boots
I could have gone a bit more boxy... but that would be too close to the original Spongebob and I had to keep some of that Rudh Flair in the outfit lol... 
One final thing to mention... Am I weird? LOL Be honest now LOL...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Favourite Places: INTRIGUE CO!

I was thinking long and hard about what places I wanted to feature in the My Favourite Places group of posts within my blog... I have SO MANY places that I could ramble on about for hours that choosing is getting a bit silly, and I do not want to swamp people under a barrage of my favourite places! 
This store, though, called out to me to post about it, because I FREAKING LOVE EVERYTHING THIS WOMAN MAKES... I am talking about Intrigue Co.
Katharine McGinnis, designer and owner, is one of those people that seems to take her amazingly creative imagination and pour out some of the most awesome items for prices that are always guaranteed to get me overly excited and rushing down there like a crazy loon every time she releases something. I posted about my indecision over the Guineasauruses, lol that was the fault of Miss McGinnis!Some of my favourite releases are for the pjs... 
Cute, with some awesome details... These Pjs also mean that I have a low Rez Arc for when I go treasure hunting!! Makes a change from wandering around bald and badly dressed!!! 
Check out Intrigue Co... IT RAWKS!!! (Intrigue Co Blog!)

Monday, April 11, 2011

We'll miss you lil Biko!

Yesterday was a BAD day in the RL RudHELLowen household... The gig that I went to on saturday night, that was mentioned in the colour post was fun if rather weird considering there were only 5 people in the club besides myself, the other band and their one supporter... 
After a week of craziness I had been hoping to relax, but it was not to be! Hell and I were told by his mum to get to her place pronto, Biko (our doggie, more like our baby really) was sick... She has had a rare untreatable cancer and she'd gone down-hill... Sadly to say we took her into the vets, one look into her huge puppy eyes (the type that only a dog can give) and you knew she was asking for help, but we came home without her... 
I had always planned that this blog wouldn't be a space to talk about RL, but I had to share a pic of my doggie looking cute! Biko was the baby of the house - spoilt with her favourite doggie cookies, allowed to sleep on the bed (although we tried to NOT let her at first) and constantly wanting to be near you, she would follow you like a shadow. I'm trying to remember the good times, I laugh at the times she would run upstairs in front of us and fart knowing we would have to walk through it... If she was here now she wouldn't want tears, she would put her paw on your knee as if to say 'HEY don't do dat'... She was Hell's little princess and I am trying to be strong for him, but Damn now that he has gone to work, and I am home alone its hard not to miss you Biko...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - WEEK 23!

A little later than usual for me due to the Royal visit, but none the less I put together my look well in advance so that I could just come online and throw it up into the comments box of Luna's Colour Post. The last few days have been crazy, and I love having them come to visit and don't take this the wrong way but it is always nice to have a bit of peace and quiet and the house to ourselves again! This time tomorrow I'll probably be missing them like crazy (or quite possibly hung-over as it is the last ever Wild Sugar (Hell's RL Band) gig in this current line up *sad* - the band get free beer, and I'm with the band, so therefore I get free beer YAY!)
Working through what appears to be the contents of the fruit and veggie store in the kitchen... Luna did you come up with these colours when you were cooking perhaps, ya know banana splits? asparagus to feed Express (I hope I got your other half's name right, lol, sorry if I didn't) as an Aphrodisiac?
Week 23...
Week 23: Rudh joined a chain gang LOL
What is she wearing;
Hair: AOHARU - Nina
Lipstick: KOSH - Wet Lips
Piercing: Acid&Mala - Shut Up! Piercing
Dress: [Muted] (now rebranded as mocha) - Chicka Dress
Bracelets: Sorry I dunno where theses come from they were buried within the deep recesses of my inventory

Kept on telling everyone that this week is Avocado, but I suppose the colour of an avocado is kinda almost the same as the colour swatch put up by Luna... Maybe?

Next Week - EGGPLANT... A purple I think I know exactly what I wanna wear too!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


It is 5.30am and I am once again wide awake, and have dragged myself to the PC as staring at the ceiling in my bedroom is just not gonna work for me any more today... I had decided to present an award! 
Congratulations Mr HellBone Barbosa, you win the award for being the most annoying alarm clock in the history of the world! I am thinking of contacting the manufacturer as you were provided with a faulty snooze button... 15 minutes extra is NOT ENOUGH at 4am! The award represents all your hard work in making as much noise as possible without even trying, and as a mark of your amazing skill I present you with the "Rudh's Gone Crazy Award!"

In other news, I won't be around for the next few days now till Saturday, so don't worry if you aren't able to spot me around... I'm off in RL for a few days as I have a visit from the Royal Family (aka my RL mum and sister hehe)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Who needs breedable pets?!

I wanted to start breeding the kitties, but after the saga of the neighbour with her gajillion horses and remembering how laggy life got when having 10 chickens around, I thought the better of it! I don't think that Hell would have approved at all... I was treasure hunting earlier, and damn in one store I realised they have even started with BREEDABLE DRAGONS... I love Dragons... Yet, I don't have the time, the lindens or the drive to bother with all that again, the chickens were great to start with but after a while they drove me round the bend! Plus, I NOW HAVE SOMETHING BETTER Mwhahahahahaha!!!!!
For Themory last Saturday, Intrigue Co released the Guineasaurus (there where three but what the heck is the plural of Guineasaurus?), when I saw them I wanted them all and was having a small moral dilemma as to which one I wanted most... Hell made my decision for me by "donating" the cost of all three - smart move on his part otherwise it could have been the breeding dragons LOL...
Riding a guinea "Aramis" in my fae disguise!
Yes - he is Aramis, no guesses as to what the others are called... 
I love the fact that in a place like SL I can dress as a fairy and ride around on a GIANT Guinea-pig, named after a musketeer, that squeaks and is dressed like a dinosaur which stomps around... How else in life could I achieve this?? If I wanted to I could breed cats, or chickens (wait I do), or rabbits in RL, but when could I ever have a pet like this?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - Week 22!

The colour challenge, week 22, who'd have thought that I would still be here, religiously working every week to come up with an outfit that not only shows my own sense of style, but also matches with the colour swatch posted by Miss Luna... Most weeks I try to stick as close to this colour as possible, yet this week everything I tried on seemed to be a total miss match for the colour. Then as I was pulling on an outfit that seemed to be more of a banana-ish colour, the weirdest thing happened... 
A HUGE VANILLA ICE-CREAM DROPPED OUT OF THE SKY... It seemed to match the colour given by Miss Luna, and I knew it was a sign... Probably dropped from the building platform by Hell who was sick of me complaining that I couldn't find the right colour, but still a sign!
Week 22... 
Week 22: Once I had cleaned all the ice cream off my hair and skin then this was the look I was left with!
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Exile - Elena (past TDR)
Lipstick: Kosh - Wet Lips
Necklace: Bliensen+MaiTai - Shooting Stars
Outfit: (sorry to say but I have NO IDEA where this stuff came from, I've had it for about 4 years now!)
Shoes: CONCRETE FLOWERS - I Scream Boots
Ice Cream: Trashtastic - Drown in Icecream Freebie

Next Week - ASPARAGUS... Well Luna did say that the next few weeks were open for interpretation lol!