Monday, October 31, 2011

J is for Jocund... Alphabet Time

J is for Jocund... My new word of the week, Jocund... I have never heard it before, and maybe that makes me sound a bit uneducated or something, but I was having a mental block this morning whilst trying to think of J words! It is amazing what you can find on the web these days, the lists of J words are ENDLESS!!! I was thinking that I would say J is for Jared Padalecki (mmmm Jared), but I didn't want Hell to get grumpy LOL! 
Anyway, Jocund apparently means cheerful or high spirits, and to me it really fits with the way I feel about Halloween... Nothing makes me more excited than a holiday I love lol so Halloween makes me feel Jocund (so does looking at Jared btw lol)... 
What J's did I dig outta my closet; 
Hair: >Truth< - JOEY
Skin: *JESYLILO* - J2 (past skinfair gift)
Necklace: ***JUST YOU*** - Necklace Spring (past hunt prize)
Dress: [ III ] (now Magoa) - JAZZED DRESS
Bracelet: .:*LouLou&Co*:. - JELLY BRACELET ADDICTION (past hunt prize)

For the location I will admit I cheated. I couldn't find anywhere that I was madly in love with and wanted to rave about for my J place so I chose a colour instead... Jade... Jade reminds me of my travels around New Zealand. I fell in love with the country and the people, and it is somewhere that I would love to visit again, though the 24 hour flight really does put me off... When will they invent TPing in RL?? 
Oh and BTW, if people don't know who the Jared is, google him, he's VERY YUMMY lol!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

One of Many Halloween Looks

Most of you that read this know by now that I love Halloween, and I also love dressing up... The fact that the two things can be combined is just totally awesomely fantabulous for me, and there are SO MANY gorgeous gifties being given out by stores that I am in Halloweeny Heaven! 
I don't ever normally think about showing things off fashion-wise on my blog, I never really wanted it to be a fashion blog, I don't have a set style or anything like that I just wear what I like normally, though occasionally I find something that I feel is worth talking about, something that makes me squee in excitement to see it... 
That's one of the reasons I made this picture, 
First off the excitement is for two key components of this picture, one being the puff on my shoulder and the other being the skin! Secondly, I took this picture and was like WOAH I LOVE THIS PICTURE!
The Puff on my shoulder is one of the Pygmy Puffs from Ohmai Emporium. I'd wanted one of these for AGES as I had been seeing these on blogs everywhere, people were taunting me with them! Lynnie found them today and sent me one, that was it we were both there going for the whole lot! I got a set with a little help from Lynnie (actually it was a lot of help)! The skin is the other thing that had me in fits of gimmegimmegimme, this is part of a set of Sugar Skull skins that are being given out for Halloween as a dollarbie at KOSH! It comes in three different colours - there is a green and red version too, and weirdly enough I wear the purple one, I never wear purple!! Like NEVER! I fell in love with the sugar skull patterning on the face as normally you see it completely coloured, this was a new take on it for me and I was drawn to it! How pretty!! It won't be a dollarbie for long so get it while you can, and hurry the store is closing for a refurb on the 1st!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - Week 52!

Gosh that is a horrible title to write, and I guess the time has come to take my fingers out of my ears and let the tear roll down my cheek as the end of the challenge is upon us. For the last year, I've been getting up on a Saturday full of excitement to see what colour we are working on next. I have to say that when the challenge first started I was still a novice blogger, since then I have found skills that I never knew I could find both as a blogger - leading me to find a job I love in SL working for Seraphim - to being able to get creative in photoshop. I've dressed up as things I would never have thought of and have discovered that my love of dressing up can stretch beyond costume parties into my everyday SL... I have also met some of the most amazing people just by reading their blogs everyday. To those fabulous bloggers, I wanted to say you have all made this last year a brilliant ride, you never stop amazing me with the beautiful looks and photos that you create and I will continue to enjoy reading your blogs every morning with my coffee, even if it does make my inventory hate me!!! To Luna, thank you, there is nothing more to say, you've been the reason that I carried on blogging as I may have given up a long time ago if it wasn't for the challenge, you've helped me to find skills and meet amazing people... You really are like a honeypot bringing all the bees together... Thank you!!! *BIG HUGS TO EVERYONE*
Still before I cry too much, on with the colour hey?
Week 52...
Week 52: Never one to miss a chance for a theme this week I went PUMPKIN CRAZY!
What is she wearing, one last time; 
Hair: JE*REPUBLIC - Happy Halloween Pumpkin Hair
Skin: Frick - Pumpkin Alice
Mouse: {Psycho:Byts} - Trapped Mouse (my new favourite accessory I feel naked without him so he had to be in it hehe)
Necklace: Alienbear Design - Witch Pumpkin Necklace
Umbrella: S by S - Pumpkin Umbrella
Dress: *Epic* - Scandalous Painted Pumpkin Dress
Shoes: Maitreya - SoHo Boots

Little Rudh opened her umbrella as the wind changed, it whipped into the attic through the hole in the roof catching her and lifting her away... In the wind you can hear her calling "Thank you for the ride, when the wind changes look over your shoulder and I will be back to see you again!"See you all on the 1st January 2012 for 52 WOCC part Deux and again soon for the 15 favourites!

Friday, October 28, 2011


My favourite holiday of the year is upon us, if you haven't noticed already are you hiding under a very large boulder, under an avalanche that became the base of a massive city? 
I know that I am posting a greeting a little bit early, as Halloween isn't officially till Monday, but it is the Halloween Weekend and so I want to do it NOW DAMMIT!!! LOL! 
Plus, it gives me a chance to send out the message attached to this post to say that HellBone and I will be having a little party tonight at his store for anyone that is interested and wants to come on down... EVERYONE IS WELCOME!!! The reason it will be at the store is he is also having a sale, 50% off everything in the store, so if you know anyone with an interest in vehicles or are interested in vehicles yourself then please come take a look around tonight. The party starts at 12PM SLT and will run till we pass out! You don't need to be in costume, but if you want to that's fab other than that I will be handing out Tricks and Treats?! YAY!!! So yeah, PARTY TIME WOOT WOOT hehe!!!

Taxi to the party!!!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blog Hero... Week 15

As the colour challenge is drawing to a close this weekend, I am clinging on to the challenges that I have left, the letter challenge and the song challenge! I love blogging as much as anyone, but sometimes I do find myself stuck for ideas. This isn't a fashion blog and so doing a look of the day post won't work for me, I guess I could start talking about more random stuff, but hey I love doing the challenges! 
Blog Hero is 15 weeks old this week, and boy what a corker of a tune, it fits the Halloween feel without being overly cheesily Halloween! It is also one of those tracks that I had forgotten about, and it is brilliant!!!
Week Fifteen's Song... Godsmack - Voodoo
I'm not the one who's so far away
When I feel the snake bite into my veins
Never did I wanna be here again
And I don't remember why I came
To me this song has always sounded kinda trippy, so hallucinogenic, without even suggesting. Though I guess that maybe it is a song that people listen to when they are getting into that kinda vibe. I decided to take the snake bite idea literally, Rudh is in the army in the desert in this picture and I think that is a python wriggling away in the distance, but she's been bitten and has now begun tripping, feeling like her skin is morphing into scales... The green scales matching the colour of the green army humvee...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our Last 52 Weeks Movie!!! *sobs*

I know that this is going to sound very, very strange, but watching this movie actually brought a tear to my eye. Mayala and I got together for our last 52 weeks movie over a week ago now, as we wanted to finish in style. Miss Maya pulled it outta the bag again and created a chic video to end the joint efforts for the 52 weeks, taking a colour that neither of us was overly keen on, creating a location, filming and placing a soundtrack over the top that kinda summed up the working experience with Maya...
So anyway, you may have seen it on her blog, but I wanted to showcase it here also...
I won't be getting soppy till next week really, but I wanted to use this post to say;
Maya, Thank you, you have been fantastic to work with. You have one of the most crazily creative minds out there and to be able to be a part of it's inner working even just for a little while has been a thrill ride... LOL since we've been doing this I've been a cowboy, a blow up doll, a catwalk model and in a video game (ok so we missed a week but SHHHHHHH). I hope that if you ever wanna make a movie again I can be there with you, and maybe on the next round of colours there will be more Maya/Rudh Epics... But for now as we fall from the platform to the Abyss. Thank you Maya!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

I is for Intellectualosity! Alphabet Time

Yes ladies and gentlemen you did read that right, I said Intellectualosity. I have put on my smart hat this week and become a smart girl, although I think my PC decided to take a break and make crappy pictures, which makes me sad... 
Not matter what I did this week I could NOT get this picture working right, and it made me wanna throw my PC outta the window!!! The background was fine, but maybe it just didn't like my outfit!!! 
What I's did I dig outta my wardrobe;
Eyes: No idea where these came from sorry, called INSANE ARCANE FIRE
Skin: INSULA DEMON SKIN (created by Pamagester Darracq)
Outfit (including hair and slippers): INTRIGUE CO. - Lobster Pjs

For the location of this picture, to go with the pyjamas I chose Intrigue Co. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS STORE. I get nervous going there Katherine McGuinness releases something because I know I will simply HAVE to have it... This weekend I even bought a typing animation of the flying monkies, because well FLYING MONKIES are cool and they were cute!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - Week 51!

*still has her fingers in her ears singing LALALALALA I CANT HEAR YOU*
OK another Saturday rolls around, another colour challenge post must be done, and at the same time I've started thinking about my favourite 15 weeks as Luna suggested last week. There are just SO MANY that I love, I hope I can pick out 15. There are definitely a few that stand out for me like the house, and the ice cream, this new picture could also potentially be in there too... 
Still anyway, onto this week, when I saw the colour swatch (or the word at least seeing as the colour swatch looked white LOL) I instantly had an idea and unfortunately it was one that just wouldn't get out of my head... 
WEEK 51...
Week 51: Bloomin MOOOvelous!
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Mirai Style - Meto
Ears: Raspberry - Black Spot Ears
Skin: Raspberry - Black Cow Spot Skin
Necklace: Ongiri - Cowbell Choker (makes noise AWESOME!)
Outfit: [Sassy Kitty Designs] (now SAKIDE) - Cute Cow Outfit (past hunt prize)
Bracelets: Sinistyle - Strap Bracelets
Cow Tail: NO IDEA sorry all I know was it was with a freebie cow avi??!
Boots: Burning Chrome (not sure if this store exists anymore?) - Daemons

Lemme hear ya say MOOOOOOOO lol... Cream and Cows, why couldn't I get that image outta my head!!! Maybe I was hungry at the time and fancied a proper Cornish Cream Tea with LOTS OF CREAM... 
JUST LIKE THIS ONE!!!! MMMMMMMM, is anyone else drooling?? 

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Flesh Game

OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR... Everything about the Halloween period makes me all giddy with excitement. I love the hunts, I love the goodies, and I love the dressing up - though OK I do that a lot all through the year anyway! 
Yet one of my most looked forward to things to do at this time of year has to be the major events run by Sn@tch and friends, the mammoth challenge games that they have hosted every year! I FREAKING LOVE THEM!!!! 
This year's is no exception, but if you wanna give it a try you might wanna hurry, I think it's only open till the 31st?! 
The Flesh Game is this year's offering...
OH MY GOD it is the creepiest one yet! I was so lucky that I was able to hold Lynnie's hand as I was walking around. There is even a space that is straight out of my nightmares that I had to run through pretty much with my eyes shut because I got really scared! I have had re-occuring nightmares since I was 15, and somehow the creators of the challenge managed to hit the nail on the head hard, and actually exactly replicate it!!! Imagine that, being totally scared outta my wits because of something created in SL, it was terrifying... Though anyway that is what Halloween is all about and after I spent a good five minutes trying to distance myself from the nightmare, I will admit that it was a feeling of elation and I actually enjoyed (the majority) of the challenge!!! 
So thank you to the designers and creators of these challenges, THEY ARE AWESOME, bring on next year's challenge... Make it scarier I dare you!!!! 
If you haven't been to the Flesh Game, what are you waiting for!!! Go Here. Go Now! You don't want to miss SecondLife's Scariest Halloween Event!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blog Hero... Week 14

Week 14 of the Blog hero challenge and I am still going strong. This, unlike the colour challenge, I find a little harder, something that I have to put a lot of thought into and something that I try to get creative on.These pictures are the one time in the week when I let my attempts at playing with Photoshop run riot, I crop and post process and often end up with something only I could say I like looking at just because I know of the sheer effort that I put into making the picture in the first place... 
This week though was the first time that I actually said "UGH I don't like this song", I don't know why, I have no reason to not like it, it just seems like one of those songs to me that has no appeal. Maybe it's because it was before my time but that's not likely, it may be more likely due to the fact that I'm not keen on that synch music sound?! Anyway, I still did the picture, I get brownie points for that right... 
Week Fourteen's song... Ultravox - Vienna
The music is weaving
Haunting notes, pizzicato strings
The rhythm is calling
Alone in the night as the daylight brings
A cool empty silence
The warmth of your hand and a cold grey sky
It fades to the distance
The idea behind this picture has nothing to do with the song as a whole, some weeks I go that route but as I wasn't keen on the song I went with the lines more poetically. I used a past gift prize from Hysteria called "The Devil's Symphony" that looked as though music was being stabbed into Rudh, weird but awesome I have to say, and then took the haunting strings creating a picture that I hope suggests the haunting music being played and forced into Rudh. I'll call it the song of the haunted violin" hehe... What do you think? Did I pull this off?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

H is for HYPER! Alphabet Time

H could also be for Hunting, which I am doing SO MUCH of these last couple of days what with both the Seasons Hunt and ZombiePopcorn Hunt starting... I LOVE these two hunts, and am a little sad for the Seasons hunt as it is to be their last one, but people move on and I believe that the  organiser is doing just that so good luck to her! 
Yet I took a brief break to post my Monday showing of my letter of the week look... So this week it is the letter H and for the location I didn't have much choice!!! LOL! 
What H's did I dig outta my wardrobe;
Hair: .ploom. - HOODOO
Skin: [mpq] - HARD LONG NIGHT (can't find the store at all!)
Necklace: [Flox] - HEART MACABRE (past hunt prize) and *Boom* HYPNOSIS CHARM (Ring worn matches necklace)
Top: ..✗Shush ✗.. - HOOKER
Outfit (Corset, Skirt, Gloves and Socks): Paradisis - HATRED
Boots: ..::Beauty Killer::.. - HOOKER HEELS

The location for this photograph had to be Hell's store, HOGS AND CART WHEELS. I know before I was talking about the fact he had a store called Hell&Co Wheels, but that was closed  a couple of months ago and Hell decided to go alone due to a dispute with his business partner. Hogs and Cart Wheels was chosen as a name as it means we can keep the H&C Wheels abbreviation, thus meaning it is easier for people to still find the store. He is working like a demon to get things out (lol Hell, Demon, lol I make myself laugh), and has just completed what could be my favourite car yet... THE MUNSTER KOACH!!! I love it!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


At the weekend the blogs are so busy with interesting posts that it is hard to keep up hehe... but my eyes were drawn to a post of Miss Laura18 Streeter, one of the most regular blogs I look at, to see what the interesting quiz post was about... Let me add a link to her post, as her results are interesting and give a bit of insight into the Lau behind the Lau!! LOL!!!
It was a simple test run by Firefox, that gave some interesting comments, some of which related more to my RL than others. It didn't take long to do and was kinda entertaining... 
My results looked like this; 
But to see the information you'll have to look at my Webify Me to see what each of these items says about me, and maybe take the test yourself... 
Thanks Lau for pointing this out it was fun, and the perfect waste of ten minutes hehe!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - Week 50!

Still not thinking about how little time we have left... *puts my fingers in my ears and sings LALALA I CANT HEAR YOU!*
This week was one of the tenth weeks, that meant only one thing!! MAYALA AND RUDH DUO COLOUR WEEK!!! Now OK in the past we have found it a little difficult to get together on this, there is still one of the five missing I think, yet this week we did it on the weekend that the next colour was announced... That took a LOT of sorting out work schedule wise. We had to do it then, there would have been no other time for it, as she's been away all week! But still... I have a teaser for you, you'll have to wait till Mayala loads the complete thing to her blog like always!
Wooooh that looks exciting doesn't it hehe... You're gonna have to wait and see the rest. Oh and to Anichka Savira, whom I had the pleasure of meeting this week and who likened meeting me to a screaming teenage girl meeting Justin Bieber, this was my Bieber Celeb Moment for the week, lol I'm dedicating my role in this movie to you LOL! *hugs*
Week 50... 
Week 50: I became a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing!
What is she wearing;
Hair Flower: Clawtooth - Fancy Pants Hair Flower
Hair: Ari - Hannnah
Eyeshadow: KOSH - Metallic Eyeshadow
Jewellery: Lazuri - Classic Pearl set
Clothes: CaTwA - Unique Dress
Shoes: N-Core - Eternity (past group gift) 

Check out Mayala's blog to see the final effect of what could be our last colour challenge movie *pouts*... I hope it won't be the last Mayala/Rudh movie project... I love working on them with her! 
Next Week -Cream

Friday, October 14, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness

At Seraphim we support Breast Cancer Awareness... This was a photograph that was set up a while ago at the launch of this campaign, but due to the time schedules of the 12 members of staff it took a little longer than originally planned... 
Sophielle our resident photographer stepped in and created the photo, squishing the 12 of us into one shot. Though we weren't all skantily clad at once in the same place. 
From Left to Right: Cham, Morgana, Becca, Ellie, Conor, Vix (aka BOSS LADEH), Mikel, Soph, Kat, Rudh and Jules
Even though we were all "requested" to be wearing pink panties and the ribbon, the boys included, we still managed to show our individual styles. That has to be one of the things that I love about working with Seraphim, although we are all different, we all get along and form a fun and friendly team!
There is one person from the team missing for this picture... Miss Lashae is not there as she is uber busy in her RL and has barely been seen in weeks... the reason I hear is a good one and I'm happy for her. Good Luck Lashae! See you soon!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blog Hero... Week 13

The challenge picture for this week was posted yesterday, and OH I HAD SO MUCH TROUBLE creating a look I had to just go to bed and sleep on the idea. I cheated just a little as I didn't really focus on the lines posted, I looked more at the Video. I LOVE the video, where Amy Lee is walking around a house and things are melting and burning, must be some really powerful demonic forces in there somewhere hehe... Evanescence were one of those bands that I loved when they first appeared on the music scene, as I have said before I love the female voice over a rock music track.
Week Thirteen's song... Evanescence - Good Enough
And I'm still waiting for the rain to fall.
Pour real life down on me.
'Cause I can't hold on to anything this good enough.
Am I good enough for you to love me too?
I love the way that this video shows signs of the demonic without being overly obvious. The burying the picture, the melting objects and peeling paint and then the room of fire... I love that image of her playing the piano surrounded by fire, I tried to replicate that feeling with the picture this week. I wanted something slightly distressed looking, Lynnie had made the most gorgeous kitchen for her store Concrete Flowers. It was old country kitchen, the paint was flaking and so calling out for me to set fire to it... I'm sorry Lynnie I love it but it just had to be done LOL!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Bring Back Surnames?!

I, like most people, get a LOT of notecards on a daily basis from stores and groups, you name it everyone seems to be sending out notecards! Though a couple of days ago I was given a notecard that people are sharing in the hopes that LL might change things and bring back SL Surnames... It made for some very interesting reading! 
 When LL first introduced the policy of all new residents only needing to choose a first name it seemed like a good thing, it meant that there was an option in world to be able to change your name to whatever you wanted. If you were married you could easily take your partners name, or if you weren't happy with your name you could use a nickname... it was easy and fun! Yet there have been found to be problems with this system... People taking names of others and pretending to be something they are not, constant changes of display names causing difficulty for people to find others in friends lists, a feeling of being second class citizens when entering contests or trivia boards. Many things such as the trivia contests and the sploders, which are still around will not recognise the display name and so people lose that feeling of Yay as they win by the board telling everyone that someone who isn't their chosen name is the winner...
There is now a Jira report in place for you to vote to bring back the use of surnames in SL. The creators of this report are not in anyway suggesting that the use of display names are stopped but they are suggesting that any new resident should be given the right to choose a surname if they wish to have one! To view the full details of the Jira report, you can look at the BRING BACK LAST NAME OPTIONS on the website, or if you want to IM me I can send you a copy of the notecard! 
As a longstanding member of the SL world, I voted for this. I don't think that display names should be scrapped, and as in RL we should all be given the right to change our names if we wish, but after reading the notecard that was passed to me in SL I think that they do have a point. I am a Laguna, there aren't many of us around anymore, and I wouldn't want to give up my surname for anything. It is a part of my identity... I think that new residents should be allowed to have the rights to the same kind of identity as I've got, why should I be allowed to have a surname just because I have been here for 5 years when they are expected to be a Resident? 
I hope that this idea gets passed and that last names for new residents becomes a feature again... As for me I will always be proud to be a Laguna!

G is for GIANT!! Alphabet Time

*Finally breathes out and relaxes* This weekend has been SO BUSY!!! Saturday was the opening of the Seraphim HQ in world and boy did people seem to enjoy the goodies that we had on offer... Thanks to all of the designers that helped us out and showed masses of support for that by the way... But as well as that I covered Project Themory, a Cupcakes Bake Sale AND The Fashion Garrett... I will admit though, I LOVE working with the others they are all so nice! On top of that Mayala and I fit in a photo shoot for the upcoming colour...Still now it is time to sit back and work in my own Ramblings, and the Alphabet Challenge calls...
I went with GIANT as my G word this week due to the size of my hair... I love this hair but very rarely get a chance to wear it, you're all so lucky that you get to see this hehe!!! 
What G's did I dig outta my wardrobe; 
Hair: <<GRIDDIE>> - 89 (past freebie)
Skin: -GLAM AFFAIR- - Layla (past hunt prize)
Outfit: *Fishy Strawberry* - GRANNY KNITTED DRESS
Ring: $GANKED$ - Robyn Knuckles

The location I chose to photograph this look in is actually a glimpse at my home. The name of our land is the Grounds of the BoneCrusher, as HellBone and I own it and he got to chose the name hehe... Our house is simply gorgeous - well least I think so anyway - it was one of the creations of Julia Hathor of Creative Fantasy. She makes some AMAZING HOMES! I live here with HellBone and the rest of my SL family, you never know who you will bump into when you're here, though its invite only to come in so if you're wanting to see it you're gonna have to beg nicely LOL...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - Week 49!

I've been a busy bee this week... Last weekend was crazy hectic as I was asked to cover my first big hoppy aroundy event for Seraphim and so by Monday I was ready to relax. Though there have been so many awesome events starting and treasure hunts too I just haven't had a chance to sit my avatar ass still... PLUS Halloween is coming, Halloween is THE BEST holiday of the year I am so excited!!! 
Still when I finally sat down to attempt this week's colour I hit a wall, wasn't the colour so close to the Liver colour we did... and while I was thinking about it what the HECK was the colour anyway?? I did some research, had a heated discussion about it and planned to stick with the rule of following the swatches... I TRIED SO HARD to stick to this, but it just wasn't working... I don't think I am very happy with the outcome of the photo even now, but really it was the best I could come up with for this colour... I kinda veered more towards the fact that it is a woody tone... Where are the easier colours to find, where is things like turquoise or gold?? I will keep asking LOL!!!
Week 49...
Week 49 - Wenge got me whinging... This was so FREAKING HARD!
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Caverna Obscura - Oak Dryad Hair
Eyeshadow: KOSH - Metallic Eyeshadow
Sweater: Paradisis - Sin (past group gift)
Tree Accessories (including horns, branches and sign): Boof - Tree Costume
Outfit: Twisted and Spoiled - Jumpsuit (past group gift)
Shoes: Sn@tch - Squeeky Sandals

I SO didn't like this weeks colour... Brown is O.K. but this shade to match the swatch almost had me institiutionalised till I gave up the swatch matching and just went with the fact that Wenge and tree are synonymous! 
Next week should be better, its a tenth week that means WORKING WITH MAYALA!!! YAY!
Next Week -Mulberry

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Blog Hero... Week 12

This song is by one of my favourite voices...As a lover of Rock music, I will definitely say that a female voice in an operatic style over a rock music track is a style that I LOVE! Within Temptation seems to be one of those bands that can really rock that style, and the voice of Tarja Turunen is beautiful! If you haven't ever heard them you NEED to check them out!
This post took me a little longer than planned, I just had to keep tweaking the photo as there were things that weren't working right every time I looked at it... Now though, I love this photo! 
Week Twelve's song... Tarja Turunen - I Walk Alone
My winter storm
Holding me awake
It's never gone
When I walk alone
The video for this seems rather confusing, it's like a forest spirit protecting a lonely, lost girl?! Yet reading the given lyrics, they seem to be sadder, darker and when you combine that with the overall feeling of the video the way the girl constantly feels the need to look over her shoulder, it just gave me the feeling of being watched and so I created this cute yet scared Rudh, with her dark, sinister self watching from a distance. The darker side of Rudh tends to come out occasionally, then I can be seen running around as a vampire or a zombie. I love dressing up, it's Halloween soon but I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DRESS AS!!! Ideas on a postcard please?!

Monday, October 3, 2011

F is for FAIRYTALE!! - Alphabet Time

My SL has been and will probably continue to always be a bit of a Fairytale. Since my early days in SL, I have had a family here that are not only some of the people I have been closest to in the last five years, but they are also some of the most creative, imaginative and honest people I've ever met. The family is lead by Queen Fledhyris, a golden dragon with a penchant for hoarding shiny things (or anything for that matter) and a flair for dressing in the most beautiful and exotic outfits when in human form! The rest of this family rabble is made up of dragons, furries, witches and werewolves, with the odd Hogwarts wizard thrown in for good measure. I started my SL as a Fairy, dressing in the pretty floaty dresses and wings. Later, and before all the bloodlines started up, I was bitten by a Vampiric Pama and ended up heading from the lightness of the Fairy realm to the darkness of Vampire blood. That was until I finally managed to subdue both forces and become the barbie skank that I am now... Very occasionally one of these feelings come to the surface, this letter was one of those times! 
What F's did I dig outta my wardrobe; 
Hair: FRI.DAY - Tatum
Skin: {FRICK} - Autumn's Fell (store closed *pouts*)
Necklace: Magika - FEATHER NECKLACE
Bracelets: .:*LouLou&Co*:. - FALL BRACELETS
Outfit (including Wings): ..::Beauty Killer::.. - FAIRY GOTHMOTHER
Leggings: { birdy.} - FLY AWAY LEGGINGS (store now closed)
Shoes: FLAX PYE - Amsterdam

The place in the photo is Fledge's Floating Island. This is like a second home to me, and it is a place that I will often retreat too if I need to get away from home. The island decor changes for the season, and sometimes if she just wants a new look too I guess, but it is always pretty, and always fairly natural. The perfect place for a dragon to call home, floating in the clouds!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Official Staff Mugshot

Taken by Sophielle, one of the awesome photographers for Seraphim, this is my staff photo!! Pretty picture huh? Seraphim’s Biggest Fan and Newest Addition; Blogger, Stress Reliever, Grunge Rocker and Last Member of the “Dirty Dozen” what a write up LOL!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - Week 48!

*Refuses to think about how little time we have left in this challenge*
A green tone this week, ugh I don't get on well with green... I know that it is a colour that looks fantastic on some people but Green and Rudh just never seem to work! As a result I have so little of it in my inventory that every time a green tone comes up I head to somewhere bordering that of mild panic, and dive head first not only into the bargains bin that is my freebies folder - saved up from many hunts and random moments of freebie grabbieness - but also into the Marketplace...  Looking at the colour it did seem to be more of a minty tone, I had a thought, could I pull it off... I tried, it worked, I nearly fell off my chair laughing!!! 
Week 48... 
Week 48: Hope I don't sit here too long or that green skin will make me like the Wicked Witch of the West, ya know "I'M MELTING, I'M MELTING!" 
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Concrete Flowers - Plem Plem (no longer available)
Skin: *The Stringer Mausoleum* - Pastel Skins
Bikini: .::DELISH::. - Brown (dollarbie on marketplace)
Necklace: ::69:: - Rattan (the hair store used to make jewellery and boots too - sad they stopped!)
Bracelet: .::Atomic::. - Army Bangle (past group gift)
Anklet: *ZhuZhu* - Anklet (dollarbie on marketplace)
Feet: SLink - Jolie Pied

I is an ice cream LOL, Mint Chocolate Chip to be exact, I love that flavour, though I am partial to cookie dough or even just a Mister Whippy... Mmmmmm Ice cream!!!! *goes off in search of the freezer* 
Next Week -Wenge... What the heck is that for a colour name?? Its like Very dark Grey/Brown Mud colour?? What about all the pretty ones left like turquoise or gold?!