Sunday, March 30, 2014

RAWR to the Dinosaurs

RAWR... That's how a Dinosaur says I love you, so I have been told! So I say a very loud RAWR to the Dinosaurs...
I used to love them when I was a kid, and it may be possibly a reason that I was so keen to get into studying Archaeology... I know that Archaeology is based on humans and Palentology is dinosaurs and animals, but somehow the love of finding Dinosaur fossils on a beach when I was growing up led me down a path that would see me finding human remains years later...
Thinking on it now, it makes sense why although they don't have wings, my love of Dragons seems to fit hehe...
So I wanted to salute the Dinosaurs and share with you a photo of me in a Dinosaur Hat LOL... I have had this hat stashed away, I believe that it was something that I picked up at a past Chater 4 event - but don't quote me on that - and the necklace is also another long gone event item and I for the life of me cant remember which but aren't they both SO CUTE! Look at how well they match!!!
The hat is a creation, which was at one time available in a gacha machine, from the minds behind the store Zenith, and the necklace - also a gacha creation - comes from Goth1c0

What is she wearing; 
Hat: Zenith - Winter Knit Dinosaur Hat (RARE) (Past Chapter 4 Item) 
Hair: Exile - Silent Wings 
Skin: Glam Affair - Candy Skin in America 09 (Past Arcade Item) 
Face Wounds: (Right Eye) Corvus - Scarred Face Tattoo, (Left Cheek) Corvus - Cheek Scars, AND (Right Cheek) Little Pricks - Stapled Face Tattoo
Piercings: Cute Poison - Animus Piercing 2 
Choker: The Forge - Torc in Rust 1 
Necklace: Goth1c0 - Dino Necklace in Patchwork RARE 
Top: SAKIDE - Plaid Top 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Even Hell's Demons love Horror Haute!

So my last Horror Haute post was a dead looking one, this time I went for something a little different but still kinda twisted... Oh and some interesting news to share too... The minds behind Horror Haute are in the process of creating a new event, called Escape, it's coming soon and it sounds REALLY exciting... I cannot wait to hear more!
Anyway back to the Horror Haute for this month... Now my goal with events like this is to share as much as possible, even if it wouldn't normally be something I'd choose. I love taking things and manipulating them to fit the style I want to wear, and I love playing with things that are new and different... Horror Haute this month has introduced me to some stores I'd only briefly heard mention and it's making me want to go check them out more closely... Let me share some more of those things with you!
Starting with the Horror Hautey things again, because well that's what this post is all about after all, I had a very strong over-riding urge to go Demon on this look hehe...
Maybe it was due to this awesome set of wings - if you could call it that - the Parasite Wings from The Armpit aren't flight assists but as soon as you start flying with them the wings get bigger and it looks like you are being pulled through the air by the Devil Baby... They have to be one of my favourite things this month, and I have never even heard of this store... Time for some shopping I think! I added not just one, but two pairs of awesome horns, the higher from {W&R} and the lower complete with bloody wounds was from Cain. Also, the eyes, which may not seem very clear but I can tell you are totally gorgeous, are the Horror Haute item from VerseEye
The rest of the outfit just seemed to fall into place, with a dress from SAKIDE and the perfect looking over my shoulder pose from Captivity Co Poses thanks to the Lucky Shamrock poses released for the Depraved Nation recent gacha event. 
The location was somewhere I got very lucky over too... I wanted somewhere that a Demon would feel at home... Luckily I found a place that has spaces to rent where the sim is decorated with lava rather than fields and grass - it's a little slice of Hell

What is she wearing;
Large Horns: {W&R} - Bow'd Horns (HORROR HAUTE MARCH) 
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Lory 
Skin: Glam Affair - Candy Skin in America 09 (Past Arcade Item) 
Eyes: VerseEye - Tetanus Mesh Eyes (HORROR HAUTE MARCH) 
Face Wounds: (Right Eye) Corvus - Scarred Face Tattoo, (Left Cheek) Corvus - Cheek Scars, AND (Right Cheek) Little Pricks - Stapled Face Tattoo 
Small Horns: Cain - Small Horns (HORROR HAUTE MARCH) 
Piercings: (Under Eye) Cute Poison - Tsukimi Piercings, AND, Cute Poison - Animus Piercing 2 
Wings: ArmPit - The Parasite (Devil Baby) (HORROR HAUTE MARCH)
Dress: SAKIDE - Concubine Dress in Crimson 
Pose: Captivity Co Poses - Lucky Shamrock Pose 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Music took my Soul all for Horror Haute!

IT'S BAKKKKKK... Horror Haute has been away for a couple of months but it is FINALLY back! Oh Horror Haute I have missed you so LOL... That little double dose of Horror each month that kept my blog away from being full time rainbows, because we all know that without control my brain could lead me down that path! The first of two horrific looks comes complete with a little musical flair - HellBone has been DJing a lot more recently and I think that this photo really seems to sum up the way in which the music that he has been choosing has affected me. I've always said that music is an important food for the soul... Now you can see that the soul of Rudh, overflows with Music hehe... 
Discuss the photo time however, and I want to start with the Horror Haute items hehe... First up we have this gorgeous vintage - by modern standards anyway - radio from Tasty Pudding. This thing actually works as well as looking pretty... The skirt is also a Horror Haute release from Czarny Kanarek, it is their Serial Killer Micro Mini Skirt and well the blood staining just entertained me... You know about me and the blood... So looking at these two things, I had an idea come to mind, especially when I added the pose prop that I chose to use. This prop comes from Captivity Co Poses, for a new event that begins soon called RAFF, and as soon as I opened the box I knew the kind of photo I wanted to create. Something where Rudh - being the not so smart living dead girl that she is - tried to plug in the old with the new and got a bit of a shock hehe... OH and as for her death, well I blame the music... The Devil's Symphony - an old release from Hysteria that is sadly no longer available as the store was closed - just burst from her chest, showing that music is the true food for the soul hehe... 
The rest of the outfit, as always, was just a collection of goodies from my hoard hehe... electrical wire neck wraps from DRD, a Corvus shirt to match the skirts blood spatter and a few icky looking wounds later and TADA!!! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Magika - Rhyme
Skin: Glam Affair - Candy Skin in America 09 (Past Arcade Item) 
Face Wounds: (Right Eye) Corvus - Scarred Face Tattoo, (Left Cheek) Corvus - Cheek Scars, AND (Right Cheek) Little Pricks - Stapled Face Tattoo 
Piercings: (Under Eye) Cute Poison - Tsukimi Piercings, AND, Cute Poison - Animus Piercing 2 
Necklaces: Death Row Designs - Post Apocalyptic Nerd Neckwraps in Yellow and Green 
Chest Tattoo & Attachment: Hysteria - The Devil's Symphony (No Longer Available!)
Shirt: Corvus - Bloody Tied Top (Past Fi*Friday Item)
Skirt: Czarny Kanarek - Serial Killer Micro Mini Skirt (HORROR HAUTE MARCH)
Leg Wounds: Hysteria - In Painful Stitches (No Longer Available!)
Pose Prop: Captivity Co Poses -  ReAmped (Available soon for the RAFF Event!) 
Radio: Tasty Pudding - Overlook Hotel (HORROR HAUTE MARCH)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Diggin' the Dancing Meme... A Gator8 Dance routine!

This weeks Monday Meme is all about dancing... Now I know that I am missing a week, because I still didn't get a chance to work on the book cover that I have had whirling through my mind since I saw last weeks Meme, but I will come back to that soon - I hope! For now we skip a week and head to the dancing Meme of this week... 
For some reason every time I think "Dancing Meme" it always sounds like "Dancing Queen" - the ABBA song - and well that just shows the craziness that takes you from point A to point B in Rudh's mind hehe... 
So anyway a pretty picture is needed lol... 
From left to right: Rozers (Bee), Eugene (Monkey), Rudh (Lion), Hell (Bull), Jade (Panda), Glides (Lobster), Black (Bunny), DG (Leopard), Mz (Pink), Nikki (Unicorn), Wolf (Monkey) and Kara (Dinosaur)! 
This group of people right here is a group that I seem to spend far too much time with LOL... They are a combined mixture of both the Gators MC and The Crazy 8's MC, - a combination that at times is referred to as the Gator8s - and you can clearly see what big scary bikers they all are LOL... 
What can I say, when you get bored and are all wearing cute fluffy Intrigue Co PJs, there is nothing better to do than dance, and for some reason on this particular day we ended up doing the Harlem Shake LOL... HellBone made a short but cute video - his first and he is very proud of it - so what better way to share it than to use it as my Meme video for this week! 
I also have a confession... I won't be answering the questions that Berry has posted with her Meme because well... I LOVE dancing but I don't own many dances lol... I am like a leach lol, I get myself added to people's dance huds whenever I go dancing! 
I do however hope you enjoy my dance for the week lol!!! 

What are they wearing; 
Pyjamas: Intrigue Co - Animal PJs 

Monday, March 24, 2014

My Birthday Fireman Surprise

Sometimes people surprise us, and yesterday night was definitely one of those times lol... Mostly because I thought that it had been forgotten, and due to my bad habit of over thinking things I started to think that no one actually cared. Though yesterday, HellBone started acting strangely lol... He was trying to convince me of something and was very bad at doing so... Conversation went something similar to this... 
Me: Shall we watch the rest of the movie after dinner? 
HellBone: No we can't, we have to be online for a bike ride
Me: We don't ride today, why haven't I heard about this... (Bearing in mind that I am the Secretary of the MC I am supposed to know about EVERYTHING!) 
Hell: The Crazy 8's (One of our close friend biker clubs) are having a ride to celebrate their sim opening this week
Me: Surely they would be doing that during the celebrations, not before...
Hell: It's an impromptu thing, we just have to be there (trying to hide a smile)... 
Little did I realise, that just a few short hours later, I would be sitting on a chair at the Crazy 8's biker bar, with a fireman like this... 
LOL... Surrounded by a hoard of Bikers from H&H, Dark Souls, The Crazy 8's and my own family, The Gators, we set out on a ride, which was cut short and saw DG turning off the road into the Crazy 8 MC Biker Bar - known as the Corner Pocket - the place was full of balloons, cake and yet more bikers lol... UH OH!!! 
The very gorgeous Black made the temperature rise more than a little as he gyrated his way around the chair I had been pushed into, hehe, I wasn't complaining, the guy has a lovely bum! I was even so distracted I forgot to take any photos and had to rely on the others for some... 
I just wanted to send a message to everyone to say THANK YOU for being there for me at the party... HellBone thank you for at least attempting to hide something from me... DG and Mz thank you for putting this on for me and showing me I have my sisters there always... OH and Mz thank you for letting me perv over your man, he really does have a lovely bottom!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mermaid Me

Sometimes I get in the mood to play dress up, and usually when I do, I seem to head in the direction of something fantasy... Sometimes that would be fairy, others zombie and very occasionally mermaid... Today is a day for the latter, thanks to two key reasons - one being that Genre is all about the Mermaids for this round and the other being that a friend of mine owns a store that specialises in Mermaidness!
She gave me something SO COOL that I wanted to take a photo and share it with everyone, but I needed the right things to wear with it. This couldn't just be boring human me sitting on this awesome new toy, no I needed something awesome to wear too!
The awesome from my friend Nikki is this gorgeous Hippocampus... A horse - that is less of a realistic seahorse and something more straight from the minds of fantasy - which is so pretty that you can see Nikki's artist roots coming to life in SL. This in my mind is the perfect pet for any Mermaid, but it is not only the Hippocampus that is worth getting your Mertails to Pacific Sunrise for, this store is filled with a huge collection of all things Mer related! I´ve never seen such a gorgeous collection! 
Though to go with the Hippocampus I wanted something that was Mermaid in style but without a tail... It was pretty hard to find what I was looking for, as I wanted the right colour too... Thank goodness for this month´s line-up of Genre! 
The outfit that I am wearing, including the body attachments and scales, comes as a set from Sweet Lies, and can be found at this month's Genre collection. I just loved the fact that you got so much in one package. The tattoo layer scales are gorgeous and really well put together, and the dress is both sexy and highly detailed, and I fell in love with the colour! I teamed it with some mermaidish accessories, including the amazing - but past hunt prize - from CIRCA and then enjoyed a ride under the sea with my new friend hehe... 

What is she wearing; 
Hair: [CIRCA] - Sparta in Deep Sea Army (Past Hunt Prize) 
Skin: Glam Affair - Candy Skin in America 09 (Past Arcade Item) 
Eyes: IKON - Witch Eyes in Defeat 
Face Wounds: (Right Eye) Corvus - Scarred Face Tattoo, AND, (Left Cheek) Corvus - Cheek Scars
Piercings: (Under Eye) Cute Poison - Tsukimi Piercings, AND, Cute Poison - Animus Piercing 2 
Outfit, including full boy scale tattoos: Sweet Lies - Marina Outfit (Available now at Genre
Choker: Weather or Not - Octochoker in Seagreen (No Longer Available!)
Necklace: On A Lark - Enelya Pendant 
Bracelet: AngelsDemons - Fork Bangle (No Longer Available) 
Horse: Pacific Sunrise - Hippocampus 
Pose: Captivity Co Poses - Lucky Shamrocks Pose 3 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Short Hair, Cute Poison and a little Blah Blah Blah

Short hair and Rudh never really seems to look right in my opinion. Maybe that is because I am so used to seeing myself with long hair, although sometimes twisted up into an up do, it is always on the longer side. So when I saw the Maiko hair from Truth that is available at The Arcade this month, I was a little dubious. I thought, what the heck and slipped my money into the slot machine and BOOM as luck would have it a red colour fell into my lap...
It actually looked OK, so I messed around with my wardrobe and decided to do something a little unusual for me and play about making a look of the day!
I wore the hair and thought well I need something to wear that my hair would normally cover, and randomly enough I had just bought this adorable sweatshirt from Corvus - that has been released for this week's Fi*Friday - with a VERY low cut back... The slogan on the front, well that pretty much sums up any given morning too... Then it was onto the accessorising... I've worn most of the accessories before, besides ONE!
Cute Poison released new piercings... Three straight to stores, that are simple and match but come in three slightly different styles.
The Animus Piercings - as I said before come in three slightly different styles - each one has varying numbers of studs and spikes, and this being the Animus Piercing 2 is somewhere in the middle of having a lot and not a lot of those. I will admit, though I know I have said it before, Cute Poison still makes my favourite piercings... They are not too much like you have been hit in the fact with a bedazzler, while at the same time having more than one piercing which looks great together, AND the textures that Sae uses are subtle yet have just the right amount of everything to make them look realistic and cute... I am addicted and won't be buying piercings anywhere else! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Truth - Maiko (Available now at The Arcade)
Skin: Glam Affair - Candy Skin in America 09 (Past Arcade Item) 
Face Wounds: (Left Cheek) Corvus - Cheek Scars, AND, (Bullet) Corvus - Bullet Wound 
Piercings: (Under Eye) Cute Poison - Tsukimi Piercings, AND, Cute Poison - Animus Piercing 2 
Choker: SAKIDE - Attitude Collar in Black 
Top: Corvus - Naya Sweater in Morning (Available now at Fi*Friday)
Nails: KOSH - Colour Tip Fingernails 
Stomach Wound: REPULSE - Zombie 
Pants: EVALE - Mesh Skinny Black Jeans 
Pose: PRETENSE - Kitty Pose 5 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

I should be so Lucky surrounded by Critters!

It's that time of the year again, when people start going St.Patrick's Day crazy... I've never fully understood why St. Patrick's day has become so popular, I mean really when you think about it other patron saint days are never really celebrated, no one ever seems to think "Oh Yay St. David's Day" or "St. George's Day, BRILLIANT!" So why has the Irish Patron Saint Day become so popular?
Now I know that St. Paddy's Day isn't actually until Monday, BUT I bring you a post with clovers in honour of that event - yes I jumped on the green shamrock day bandwagon lol...
The reason for all of this green - a colour which NEVER normally gets a look in on me by the way - is that the Depraved Nation is hosting it's own Gacha Event called "Luck of the Irish"... The dress from SAKIDE and the pose from Captivity Co Poses were just two of the many that are available, and I do have to say that I think I will be going to try my luck on a few more gacha machines as soon as I am done posting this...
The other important item to mention in this look however is the gorgeous eye make-up from Elephante Poses - YES I KNOW Elephante Poses, I thought they just made poses too! - I was surprised at the fact they are now within the line-up of this year's Skin Fair, but walking into their booth that initial surprise saw me get really excited. I fell in love with the Critters Eyeshadows... How to share them and their awesome colours in a fun and interesting way... GIF TIME!
I learnt to make a GIF using the helpful tutorial from Miss Strawberry Singh, and played around with the eyes in various ways... Starting with the gorgeous Peacock Eye Shadow that I wore in the big pretty picture I included all of my favourites from the Elephante Poses Critter Collection, available now at this years Skin Fair! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Truth - Haters 
Skin: Glam Affair - Candy Skin in America 09 (Past Arcade Item) 
Face Wounds: (Left Cheek) Corvus - Cheek Scars, AND, (Bullet) Corvus - Bullet Wound
Eye Shadow: Elephante Poses - Critters Eyeshadows (Available tomorrow at Skin Fair 2014
Dress: SAKIDE - Ailis Dress (Available now at Depraved Nation Luck of the Irish Gacha Event
Teddy: BoOgErS - GoZEEra Bear (Available now at The Arcade
Pose Prop & Shamrocks: Captivity Co Poses - Lucky Shamrocks Pose 2 (Available now at Depraved Nation Luck of the Irish Gacha Event

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Freak Out Your Friends - Touchy Fingers and Mask Play!

Rachel Breaker is a store that is filled with the amazingly random... A look inside her mind, must be something akin to following Alice into Wonderland, only maybe with a touch more random if that is at all possible! The weird and wonderful definitely makes me get a little over excited, as well you know me I love things that seem a little crazy, but even I was a little weirded out by one of the items that I have to share with you today. 
The Luchador Masks are something that remind me of either wrestlers masks or extreme gimp wear LOL - I cannot decide which feels more apt to be honest. I actually really loved these, they made me smile, especially the Duck mask LOL.. Could so have done with this back when I did the Donald Duck Disney Bounding hehe... 
The thing that freaked me out just a little were the gloves... They freaked out my friends too! Looking at the pictures you may well think, what are you talking about woman, but these babies MOVE! The fingers wriggle... I guess she called them TOUCHY Gloves for a reason!?!

What is she wearing;
Masks: RachelBreaker - Luchador in DUCK, ROBO, and ZIPPR 
Skin: Glam Affair - Candy Skin in America 09 (Past Arcade Item) 
Tops: Apple May Designs - Barely There Tanks (Available now at Whore Couture 3
Gloves: RachelBreaker - TOUCHY Gloves 
Pose: PRETENSE - Kitty 3 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I'm too sexy for my Blog, too sexy for this Meme, too sexy for a Monday...

LOL sorry about the title of this Meme... As soon as I saw what the Meme was based on this week I got the OH-SO-Annoying to get out of your head "I'm too Sexy" song by Right Said Fred in my head and well I couldn't resist making my post title fit it LOL...
Berry is finally revealing a little more of an intimate - or should that be naughty and perverted - side of herself, but getting lots and lots of random people to talk about their sexual lives and preferences... I have no problem talking about this and will most likely enjoy getting sexified...
On a side note, Berry may or may not stop with the Memes soon, have to make the most of them while I can lol... I voted on her poll and would love to see her carry on, as they really do seem to bring the blogging community together and push us all to persevere just a little more, but after a whole year of Memes I can understand that Berry is getting worn down by them. You don't need to force yourself to do them every week Berry... We'd all understand if you wanted to stop, you've been a guide and leader for a year now, people won't be mad if you need a break!!
Anyway back to the Sexy...
Sorry if it offends anyone who reads this by the way... It's not my intention!!! Blame Berry, she made the questions up, LOL...
What is your sexual orientation or do you not like to label yourself? – Like Berry I am not sure what to label myself. I am, I guess, Heterosexual - I love men... I too though have been with women in the past in both lives - maybe not relationship wise but definitely as playmates - so I cant really say that I am Bi-sexual, maybe I'll just say I'm not picky LOL...
Name a physical attribute that you find attractive or sexy. – Hands, definitely. In RL I am always looking at people's hands. Eyes comes a close second, because they can tell you a lot about a person, but for me it has to be hands... OH AND long hair LOL!!! In SL though, it's going to sound weird but I like being made to feel small and dainty, I don't want carroty guys that are hugely muscular but it's nice to feel a little bit smaller considering I am a bigger girl in RL!
Are you promiscuous, a prude or in between? – In RL no, I have never been very good at that lol... In SL, I am not anymore either, HellBone and I are RL and SL, and I am happy with that... OHMYGOSH I used to be though lol... One of my old friends and I used to have a house together that we loving referred to as "The Slut Hut" - LOL and that is all you need to know to know what went on there LOL...
What turns you on? – Berry you are SO RIGHT... When someone whispers in my ear, it gets me going lol... I won't go into RL, HellBone knows what he needs to do, I hope LOL... But in the past in SL, someone who could hold an interesting conversation was more likely to get into trouble with me... Accents help a lot too... I have one guy friend now - not mentioning any names here btw lol - who can talk to me about anything - he could be reading the traffic reports for all I care - and if I was single he would be getting into a LOT of trouble LOL...
Are you dominant or submissive? – That's a tough one for me... At one time I was more dominant and had pets, at another I was a lot more submissive... I guess depending on the mood I can switch between them. Sometimes it's nice to be told what to do, others well... Who doesn't love taking the lead once in a while?
Are you into sexual role-play? – In SL yeah I was... You can be who you want to be in SL and it was fun to be someone else for a change. The only problem for me, with sexual role-play, was that dependant on your partner it could be great or it could be pose ball bouncing and that to me gets boring LOL... People who can emote, definitely won me over LOL...
Which sexual position is your favorite? – Wait there is more than just missionary?? LOL, hmmm that again is a hard question, to be honest it depends on my mood and the moment... I couldn't choose just one!
Do you have any fetishes? – BERRY OH MY GOD TOES?? REALLY?? *shudders* There are lots of things that I like but I wouldn't necessarily call them fetishes... Maybe I shouldn't tell what they are LOL... Maybe I'll leave you guessing hehe...
Have you or would you do porn, amateur or professional? – Maybe in SL I would... In RL although I don't hate my body - I'm a big girl and I dont mind saying so - I don't think I would be body concious enough to do it!
Do you consider yourself sexy? – Definitely not. In RL, I would consider myself far from it, cuddly yes, sexy no lol... In SL, well maybe... I love the way Rudh looks, I don't know if people like the wounds I tend to wear a lot, but then without them I wouldn't be my living dead girl self... Maybe the wounds are the thing that stop my look from being seen as "sexy"? Though apparently, for some people my British accent is apparently sexy...

What is she wearing;
Hair: Exile - Shine 
Skin: Glam Affair - Candy Skin in America 09 (Past Arcade Item) 
Face Wounds: (Right Eye) Corvus - Scarred Face Tattoo, (Left Cheek) Corvus - Cheek Scars, (Bullet) Corvus - Bullet Wound, AND (Right Cheek) Little Pricks - Stapled Face Tattoo 
Choker: SAKIDE - Attitude Collar in Black 
Necklace: Cute Poison - Tagged Necklace (Available now at Depraved Nation Luck of the Irish Gacha Event
Shirt: Corvus - Bloody Tied Top 
Stomach Wound: REPULSE - Zombie Stomach Wound Tattoo 
Pants: PANIK - Destroy Leggings in Noir 
Pose: Captivity Poses - Throes of Passion 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Twisted SongBird summoned me!

Sometimes I get inspired by outfits and other times I get inspired by props... This was definitely a photo inspired by the latter... My outfit too had been something that I saw and loved but wasn't sure what I was supposed to do with, and well the accessories just seemed to fall into place and match. Sometimes it will also lead me down a fairly creative path, especially if the outfit seems to fall together as something somewhat fantasy styled... A certain store in the Twisted Hunt, always gets my creative juices flowing...
The Twisted Hunt, SL's very own self proclaimed hardest hunt, has launched it's spring edition, and my favourite stop on it's route SongBird has pulled out the stops to create not just the prettiest prize, but also a gorgeous collection of gacha prizes. The Arcane Consecration summoning circle is this Twisted's official hunt prize, and not only do you get the awesome circle complete with pose, but you get a set of glowing pink eyes and a pretty purple face tattoo...
SongBird's creator, Miss Nimil Blackflag, also stepped up and created a special set of Gacha prizes for this month's Twisted Hunt... The Solomon's Key Eyes come in 4 different designs, each in a bright neon pink colour, and as a rare prize for a very lucky winner you could grab the fatpack! I wanted to show them off, but decided to just include a close up with my favourite of the designs - why spoil the surprises? 
The rest of my outfit just seemed to fall into place once I was hanging in the summoning circle... I wore my favourite hair of the moment, the Exile Rain or Shine hair, that is currently available from The Arcade - which I still haven't been to by the way and I am itching to get into hehe... I added just a little more pink to the look in the form of two large bead pendants from Maxi Gossamer and these awesomely high - I would break my neck in RL - heels that are a current group gift from N-Core. Weird how I went so pink with this, I mean pink and I don't always - or ever- go together! I blame Nimil! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Exile - Rain or Shine (Available now at The Arcade
Right Eye: SongBird - Solomon's Key (Gacha Prize) 
Skin: Glam Affair - Candy Skin in America 09 (Past Arcade Item) 
Face Wounds: (Right Eye) Corvus - Scarred Face Tattoo, (Left Cheek) Corvus - Cheek Scars, AND (Right Cheek) Little Pricks - Stapled Face Tattoo 
Piercings: Cute Poison - Agelast Piercing 
Necklaces: Maxi Gossamer - Giselle Opal Set in Hot Pink (Past Group Gift) 
Bodysuit: LE FORME - Electric Bones Body Suit in Blue (Past Fi*Friday Item) 
Shoes: N-Core - Vertigo in Pink Glitter Zebra (Current Group Gift) 
Pose, Face Tattoo & Left Eye: SongBird - Arcane Consecration (Current Twisted Hunt Prize)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Oooh That's New... Monday's Meme

OK so, time for another Monday Meme I think, breaks up the woe-is-me rambling and adds something a little different to my brain to think about LOL... So thank you once again Berry for providing me a much needed distraction, you're Memes are always most handy!
This week we were asked to try something new... It was a photography based challenge, and the basis of it is that we all - even though we may not admit it - spend the vast majority of our time in one shape, one skin, one style... Now it's time that we reached outside our style box... 
Well I've done just that, kinda sorta... Basically I wanted to keep the majority of my personal style the same but there is one MAJOR difference... Normally I choose to wear a pale skin. Being fair skinned and a red head in RL, Rudh seems to have developed into something similar - although it took a long time being a raven haired Rudh for me to get to this point! Though the one thing I chose to try as my something new might seem a little strange to others. 
I think this might well be the first time that I have worn a darker skin tone. I really hope that my new for me item doesn't cause any offence by the way, it's not what I intended, but to be honest seeing myself like this is a little strange. I love the colour of the skin I've chosen to use, and it looks awesome with my usual Rudhish crazy accompaniments, but for some reason seeing me in a skin this dark is a bit of a shocker still. 
I like the way it turned out but I think I agree with Berry, I'm not sure it is something I could do often... I feel more comfortable slipping into a strangely coloured fantasy skin than wearing a darker human skin tone, but it was fun to try something new for a change! 

What is she wearing;
Horns: Aux - In Dreams Horns in Gold 
Hair: Exile - Rain or Shine (Available now at The Arcade
Hair: IrEn - Shane in Zombie Raid 
Face Wounds: (Right Eye) Corvus - Scarred Face Tattoo, (Left Cheek) Corvus - Cheek Scars, AND (Right Cheek) Little Pricks - Stapled Face Tattoo 
Wings: Death Row Designs - Mechanical Wings 
Pose: Starry Heaven - Come Skate Away 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Psycho in Chains...

When the shit hits the fan in my everyday SL the one thing that I want to do more than anything else is to retreat back to my personal rambling space and hide, focusing on something that is relaxing and allows my mind to drift into the fun stuff again, rather than as I have a tendency to do... Over think!
The last few days have been nothing but drama in Rudhland. I've been made to feel depressed in RL by it, and the simple fact is that at least one of those people will be very much missed for a while. I am never going to know why they did what they did but all I will say is that I have very much re-evaluated my close friendships and removed the rose tinted glasses... People wear a mask, especially in SL, and are never entirely what they seem...
Normally I might rant, write something long and rambley about my feelings on the matter... This time though, you know what, I am done with the drama and they can all go enjoy their SL without me wasting another moment of my time on them. From now on, I am focussing on the friends that I have that are worth keeping... I have so much to look forward to... My birthday is coming up and I am going to be married in RL in a month or so... I'm not going to let people bother me!
Still the chained psycho look works for the way I am feeling right now LOL... Chained and tied so I won't share any of the secrets of the people spreading lies and drama about me... The psycho part matching my emotional roller-coaster mood...
The other subtle hints towards how I feel are less obvious but still there, with my hair being held in place by the Haters Hairband that comes with this adorable Truth hair, and these awesome Bad Luck Rings that Cute Poison has released for the new Bi-Monthly One Word Event...

What is she wearing;
Hair: Truth - Haters
Skin: Glam Affair - Candy Skin in America 09 (Past Arcade Item)
Face Wounds: (Right Eye) Corvus - Scarred Face Tattoo, (Left Cheek) Corvus - Cheek Scars, AND (Right Cheek) Little Pricks - Stapled Face Tattoo
Necklaces: (Gray) (flaunt) - Chained Rock (No Longer Available!). AND, Death Row Designs - Chain (Group Gift)
Rings: Cute Poison - Bad Luck (Available for One Word)
Wound: REPULSE - Psycho
Shorts: Razor - Vas Macro Shorts in Black
Pose & Chain: [Captivity Co.] - Wrapped Up
Rug: KOSH - Damask Rug in Cianti

Monday, March 3, 2014

Spring is coming, time to plant the baby plants...

A new round of The Arcade has finally opened and everyone under the SL sun seems to be fighting to make their way inside. There is a list as long as my arm of things that I want, but luckily very few in the way of rares so I could hopefully I can make it out with some of my wallet intact.
Though thankfully I can say that I can avoid one of my guilty pleasure stores machines because there is NO WAY in heck that I would come out with any money after looking at both gachas from MishMish. First, Miss Aime Takaai shared the adorable food buddies and now it's Plant Babies!
Dammit... I have never been one for gardening, but I think now might well be the time that I start LOL...
Of course, me being me, I couldn't just do the gardening... I had to become a fairy to do so LOL... I guess the garden needed some tweaking, since HellBone dragged everything in my house to the other end of our garden and tried, but kinda failed, to deposit my random toys in a pretty way LOL...
Still, I fell in love with these adorable little plant babies, and at only 1LI each, I can have as many as I want out to play with hehe...
It felt good to dress up in something a little fantasy again though, and I have to admit that I fell in love with that too. I used to be a fae all of the time when I first started SL, and whilst cleaning my inventory recently I found I was playing with my wings that I'd loved all the way back then. One of the older, but still really pretty sets, has to be a pair of my favourites - Wishbox's Dusk Wings! Then it was a matter of digging out some fairy wear... I found this Minuet Fairy dress from Evie's Closet, buried in my hoard. In my personal opinion, if you want to go Fae, make Evie's Closet a store you visit! Then after pulling on some pretty hair I remembered the perfect accessory, the Enchanted Poppy Headband from OrsiniSun that I won in a Gacha at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival recently. Perfect for the Fairy in me!

What is she wearing;
Hair Accessory: OrsiniSun - Enchanted Poppy Headband in Violet
Hair: Clawtooth - Windswept
Skin: Al Vulo - Chen in Waterdriad
Piercing: Cute Poison - Hush in Neons
Wings: [Wishbox] - Dusk Wings
Dress: Evie's Closet - Minuet Fairy in Blue
Pose: Starry Heaven - Airi 3
Plants: MishMish - A Baby Plant (Available Now at The Arcade)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Getting lost in a good book... Monday's Meme!

A new Monday has come and gone, and a new Meme has been set up by Berry... This one seems that it will definitely be giving a few insights into the bloggers that take part, and I totally agree with Berry that the things you read can often be a good indicator of some of your personality traits.
I also know just how Berry feels in regards to curling up with a good book... I do exactly the same when I am in need of cheering up and solitude all at once... It really is a simple way to let your mind drift into another world, and if I am being honest with myself, I do find it much more relaxing than social interactions of another world like SL.
So let's get on with Berry's questions for this week, shall we? Looking through the questions has helped remind me of books that I have forgotten... Must see if I can find them after this...
Are you a bookworm? – I used to think that I was, but I find myself reading a lot less than I'd like to these days. I sit everyday to read blogs and news online, I read magazines and even archaeological journals too, but I find myself less and less with a book in my hand... I should change that!
Which do you prefer: hardcover, paperback or electronic? – Oh my god give me a real book any day... Hard cover or paperback I don't care, but for me there is nothing better than curling up with a proper book... I don't know why and this might sound SO WEIRD, but I love the smell, and the feel of turning the pages as much as the actual reading!
Which book is your favorite? – Hard one to answer that really, I couldn't say just one! I LOVE anything by Tolkein. Sounds cliche like one of those things that people just drip off their tongue since the movies have come out, but I have read them many, many times since the time my mum read it to me as a bedtime story when I was kid. Another book like this has to be Gormenghast by Mervyn Peake... My copy of that is so well read that it looks like it would fall apart in a gust of wind hehe...
Which children’s book is your favorite? – Ooooh tough one... I think when I was little I was really into the stories from Bramley Hedge by Jill Barklem. I loved the stories about a village of little mice that lived in the countryside... The pictures that accompanied the stories - like this one from The Spring Story - were always so enthralling that as a child I would sit and look at them for hours... Then as a young teenager I discovered a book series by Louise Rennison, about a character called Georgia Nicholson... The first is called "Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging" and it struck a chord with me as a young teenage girl that matched the main character in age LOL...
What’s the last book you’ve read?Erotic Lives of Superheroes by Marco Mancassola... Not all kinky as the name might suggest - although there is some sex in it - this is more about the Superheros as they age and how they change... It was interesting!
Name your top five favorite writers: – Top 5 dammit that's bloody hard Berry LOL... I guess in no particular order I will say... Tolkein (Fantasy), Gregory Maguire (Fantasy), Freya North (Chick Lit), Terry Deary (Children's History Books), and ummmmmmmmm I cant think of a last one... I love all kinds of different authors, I dont have a specific one that I have to read everything by.
Favorite & least favorite book genres? – Berry I haven't read Harry Potter either, you're not alone hehe... I think though and people might laugh but I will admit I read a fair amount of chick lit usually because it is so easy and fluffy and something I can dip in and out of. I LOVE Fantasy too... I never read Sci-Fi though, I have a bit of a phobia about aliens as I have mentioned before and that could be too much for me as my imagination tends to be fairly vivid...
Favorite & least favorite book-to-movie adaptions? – I think that my favourite has to be the BBC adaptation of Gormenghast... It is a few years old now, but it was simply stunning. The costumes, sets, and characters were brought to life in a way that both mirrored the story AND allowed the director to get a little creative along the way. I'm not sure about a least favourite... At the moment one doesn't come to mind...
Have you ever bought a book based on the cover alone? – Yes... It's a bad habit that has sometimes made me realise I shouldn't do it but I carry on doing so all the time LOL...
Where do you usually buy your books? – One of my favourite places to go shopping in my RL is the second hand stores. I love exploring them and finding treasures and bargains, but the book section is always the biggest lure of them all... One of the main reasons being that English books are so expensive for someone living in Holland. Also, on that score, we have a store here in Amsterdam called the "American Book Centre" and once every 6 months or so they have a Books By Weight Sale... You can buy a kilo of books for 5 euros (roughly 7 euros). The last few times I've bought 4 or 5 kilos and have saved myself hundreds of euros...
Do you go to the library? – I used to, but I don't so much anymore!
How many books do you own? – I own a lot... I seem to stock pile a collection of books that I find at second hand stores so I have a collection I can choose from when it is time for a new book. I have a smaller collection of about 30 or 40 books I keep, and the rest I like to donate. Sharing the stories I enjoyed is always a good thing I think.
If you were to write a book about Second Life, which topic would you focus on? One of my family in the past was talking about writing a fantasy novel around our SL family - that have since dispersed - but I still believe this would make an epic fantasy story. I mean we were lycan, dragon, fae, feline and a few other things in between... True fantasy writers couldn't think up better plots than some of the hijinks we got into!!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Exile - Rain or Shin in Rain (Available now at The Arcade
Skin: Glam Affair - Candy Skin in America 09 (Past Arcade Item) 
Face Wounds: (Right Eye) Corvus - Scarred Face Tattoo, (Left Cheek) Corvus - Cheek Scars, AND (Right Cheek) Little Pricks - Stapled Face Tattoo 
Dress: Mag<3.B. - Care Sweater in Wish 
Pose & Book: Sparrowtree Studios Poses - Dear Diary Pose Set
Lap Book: RC Cluster - Emo CryCry Diary 
Dinosaur: RACHEL BREAKER - Rockin TREX