Sunday, February 26, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 9

I am still struggling on a graphic glitchy PC... I am not a happy girl, although there is another side of me that is REALLY happy because in just a week or so I am going back to England for 10 AWESOME DAYS spent with my RL family. I don't get to see them very often what with now living in Holland so any time spent with them is great, and this time it is my dad's 60th birthday too so I CAN'T WAIT!!!! The countdown has started! I guess that kinda outweighs the stresses that I am facing everyday on my PC, it is beginning to drive me bonkers. I am using Hell's PC a lot when I can, when he is awake he wants to use it obviously, so I have become something of a cleaning freak in RL, giving my house a spring clean. 
However, after my crappy picture last week I wanted to do something more fitting with the usual Rudh flair... The colour had me stumped until I thought about it literally, and split the word in two lol... Getting the look together was EASYPEASY... Getting the photo, more difficult that I have ever found taking a photo, it took me a few hours to photograph this look... *grumbles about her stupid PC*
Week 8 - Dandylion
Week 9: Jolly good day old chap!
What is she wearing;
Hat: Hairoin - Pimpin' Top Hat
Monocle: Sanu - Earthbound Monocle
Moustache: KUROTSUBAKI - Moustache
Outfit, including hair and slippers: Intrigue Co - Lion Pajamas
Cane: Rasetsukoku - Cane of Hearts

Yes that is right, I am a Dandy Lion... When I found the PJs in my inventory I knew that I would be a lion but then the thought of a dandy came to mind. A dandy is a term from the 1790s that was used to mean a man who placed particular importance upon physical appearance, refined language, and leisurely hobbies, for anyone that thought I was just rambling like normal hehe, it does have a real meaning!!
Next Week - Avocado

Friday, February 24, 2012

All I can see is Rainbows!

Thought I would share with you what my SL looks like on my PC at the moment, this happens after about 15 minutes of being logged in... I am PC juggling, using Hell's when I can and my craptop and desktop to run SL on one and do my Seraphim stuff on the net on the other... 
It would be pretty if it wasn't so damn annoying!!! 
Going to go carry on with my cleaning! Least me not having a decent PC is making my house look pretty?!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 8

I have had the crappiest time lately in regards to SL... I know that opening a post about the colour challenge, my favourite event of the week with a moan seems rather depressing but you wait till you see my colour challenge picture, and when I tell you now that it was the BEST that I could get you will see why I am moaning...
My graphics card is dying... Best way to put it, the worst way would involve many expletives and should not be shared anywhere that people could use it as a form of proof for a character reference lol... It would make a sailor blush! I have managed to keep up with my Seraphim events purely by waiting for any possible moment that I can snatch on Hell's PC, before he wakes up that machine is MINEEEEEE, yet even that has been giving me a headache as his graphics aren't set up with the settings that I would like them to have. So when it came to making my photo for this week's colour, and considering that I knew I was running out of time, I decided to show you all the stress that has had me pulling my hair out all week!!! No amount of relogging helps me, it will be fine for a few moments then BAM! insta-glitch!
Week 8 - Dark Raspberry
Week 8: How'd ya like my new mask?
What is she wearing;
Hair: Ploom - Torti
Dress: Brat! - Cupcake Retro Dress
Shoes: G.Field - Alex Strap Shoes

Believe it or not this is the best of the bad bunch, some of these pics were even coming up like a bad rave strobe lighting effect, and with GREEN in them too, I dunno what graphics the green was coming from. It was all very weird, I just hope that I can get something done about it ASAP, I am starting to go bonkers. Keep your fingers crossed that next week my picture will be back to it's usual Rudhish standard! 
Next Week - Dandelion

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I am a bit scrooge about Valentine's Day, I know I know it should be a day about love but I am one of those weird people that think having a day to celebrate something that should be celebrated always is weird. Don't get me wrong, I love the sentiments behind it but I just feel why one day a year? We should be telling the people we love that we love them all the time right? For the scroogey bit though, this holiday like a lot of others has really been made into a "Hallmark Holiday", I just wonder when they will catch onto other such obscure holidays like International Talk Like A Pirate Day! 
Still I went all Hallmark on you guys, I felt like showing some love...
This isn't just a sentiment for Valentine's, it is a message of love for anyone who knows me, anyone who takes the time out to read my ramblings, anyone who has crossed my path in either life... thank you and love you all and even if you left a bad stamp on me, I want you to know that I am not bitter I am laughing at you and thanking you for making me a stronger person!
Anyone gonna gimme a kiss??

Sunday, February 12, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 7

ARGHHHHHHHHH LUNA LUNA LUNA How you torture me so... this has to have been the HARDEST week so far for me in either challenge... That colour I was having really big trouble with, maybe it was my screen showing me something that it's not, maybe I am having a brain fart moment but damn I was SO worked up by finding something that colour I could have cried... 
Thank goodness I have been hoarding any freebie clothes that I could lay my hands on in the last year and a half lol... saving things for this colour challenge specifically, ordering them in to rough colour groups, I spent a while digging through my hoard, and even had to tint my photo box the right colour so I could stand in it and see what matched hehe, BUT I DID IT!!!! What is more exciting is that after hours of stress and now having a lot less hair in RL, I did it with my FREEBIES so I didn't need to buy anything in a colour that will NEVER COME OUTTA MY WARDROBE AGAIN!! This was worse for me than having to find a new brown every week lol!!! 
Week 7 - Folly
Week 7: I'm a Barbie Girl in a Folly World!
What is she wearing; 
Hair: I have no idea where this hair came from I cant find any names!
Sunglasses: EnvyMe - JO Sunglasses
Lipstick: KOSH - Wet Lips in Barbie
Bag: JE*REPUBLIC - La vie est belle bag
Top: I have no idea where this came from either I cant find the store anymore!
Skirt: paper.doll - Roxy Mini 

I really hope I don't offend anyone being a Barbie this week, I know a lot of hotties who are blondies and that wear pink, but on me I feel it just looks plain wrong... Since when has Folly been a colour anyway, I always thought a folly was a decorative building, I love seeing follies in RL, had to study them as part of my Heritage Conservation Section of my Archaeology Degree... Follies are buildings dammit, not colours!!!
Next Week -Dark Raspberry

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rudhy Box Head!

I saw this on the blog of Miss Mayala Loon this morning as I was going through the list of new posts that appear in my blogger dashboard and I wanted to know more... Mayala created a selection of square faces, each one cooler and cooler with her final face being freaking brilliant!!! You need to check out her selection to get the full understanding of just how cool she is, I would urge you to go check her faces out on the Loonatic Blog.
Then when I saw the link to the site I HAD to make one for Rudh... 
I love it when you can make stuff like this, I spent hours doing it when I found the South Park one, and will always play around so if you ever find any of these things PLEASE LET ME KNOW! This is perfect for Rudh, green eyes and a gap in my teeth, just like I have in RL, though the goofy face is all Rudh hehe... I love the heart glasses, I have been wearing crazy glasses a bit in SL recently and of course I am never seen without piercings in my face. I had to go without them all the way through the ZombiePopcorn Hunt and it was like being naked in every photo on the Seraphim hehe!!! 
To make one of these for yourself you need to head over to the Tetocarres Website, I think I will be there for a while creating these crazy faces!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Awesomest Sweater in SL!

I never normally post about fashion on here, or if I do I do it badly... As anyone who reads my rantings will know I don't want this blog to be about fashion, but man sometimes when you get something that you fall in love with you just HAVE to share it... THIS IS ONE OF THOSE TIMES! Oh and, I am wearing PINK out of choice!!! *Dun Dun Dunnnnnnnnnn* You can tell it is the year that the world is supposed to end, lol I started going wacky and wearing pink on purpose LOL... 
This awesome sweater was something that I stumbled across when doing some work for Seraphim... It was a prize in a hunt called The Dangerously Cute Hunt, but I was visiting the store as they asked to be part of the next Seraphim Secret Event, which will be announced soon!!! The store is ChiChi's Pocket. This is a kid's store, least it seems to cater mostly for the kid's market, but on talking to the owner there are resize scripts in all her products, meaning that big kids like me can wear them too, and clearly they fit LOL! 
I will admit that I have been wearing this outfit for a few days now, and will no doubt wear it for a little while longer - you may see it popping up in Seraphim Posts all over the weekend LOL - but when I teamed it with a Paradisis Falls Skirt in brown, the metallic glow leggings in pink from that were a prize in the ZombiePopcorn hunt, a pair of brown Death Row Designs BoundCuffed Boots (that you can't see but I guarentee you will have to bury me in, maybe not the brown pair but I am always in DRD boots hehe), and then some recoloured Lola Hair from Exile, I was like DAMN I LOVE THIS OUTFIT lol!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 6

Last week I became the Ice Queen, I wasn't sure of the look. I spent a lot of time thinking that it wasn't good enough, but I guess I should have had more faith in myself, everyone else seems to really like that picture...This week the look of the picture that I managed to create for this almost white colour feels like I have escaped from the Ice Queen's Palace or something... It was my first thought after taking this picture when I sat back and looked at it, and to be honest I love the way that it seems to follow from one week to the next! This is Rudh on her daring escape from many years of servitude in the cold and dark world of the Ice Queen!
Week 6 - Alice Blue
Week 6: A Dare-Devil Escape, lucky it snowed here yesterday!
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Truth - Velvet
Skin: Al Vulo - Chen Skin in water dryad
Make-Up: Concrete Flowers - Ice Queen Make Up
Outfit, includling necklace: SWEET ANTIDOTE - Crystal
Skates: V-Style - Skates

As soon as I saw this dress from Sweet Antidote I thought of an Ice skater, and I love how the two weeks have tied in together... I guess I got lucky, never knew I had this much patina coloured stuff in my wardrobe! Hopefully though there won't be much more of this colour?! 
Next Week -Folly. It's kinda Pink!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Luna's Love Challenge

Never one to resist a challenge no matter how big or small it might be, I saw the mini challenge that Luna posted this morning and HAD to take part. I know that there is a 12 days of lingerie challenge that is going on now too but I will be missing that one, I don't think that I even own 12 lingerie sets in SL... I just don't ever tend to wear the stuff! Hell wouldn't notice if I did either, so I'm skipping that one!!! 
BUT, this love one was too easy to resist, and like Luna said in her post for this challenge, which you can check out here by the way, things have been a bit meh for me in both lives recently so I needed a little love pick-me-up!
The things I love then, in no particular order, with the exception of the first and most important; 
1. My Friends and Family - they know who they are, but I couldn't face either life without them in it! 
3. Dressing Up - if you have seen my blog ever you will know that I like to play dress up! Though oddly I am in normal clothes in this cake hehe!
4. CAKE... Who doesn't love cake... I like it as a design and to eat... mmmmm I'm hungry. 
5. Blogging - I love working for Seraphim and my own rambling posts, I love reading people's blogs and I love using them as lazy shopping guides hehe!  
6. SHOPPING!!! Buying stuff that I wouldn't be able to in RL for not a lot of monies, YAY!

There are lots of other things that I love in Secondlife... i just wouldn't be able to ramble about them all, we'd be here all day otherwise hehe!!!