Monday, August 2, 2021

She's a little Dandy...

I've been seeing everywhere about the changes the LL are making to SL in regards to the Gacha policy and I have to admit that I'm on both sides of the fence... I know I can continue to resell my Gacha extras since I will be advertising EXACTLY what people will get, but I'm kinda glad too because I will admit I have a bit of an addiction and can blow thousands of Lindens needlessly on things I don't want anymore! 
To distract myself from all of the talk on Facebook though I decided to slip away and be one with the fairies... 

I really can be all over the place when it comes to blogging, but I LOVE playing around with things... 
I was planning on writing a pretty story, but right now I'm thinking about the Gacha thing and I just love this hair from analog dog that as soon as I tried it I was thinking DANDELION in the blond colour... 
I also know it's TEENY in the picture but I have to show you something AMAZING... The recent release from Celeste - and I have to admit here that I forgot where I bought it but may be able to change that later hehe - is SO FREAKING GORGEOUS I had to add the store add to show it off in the bestest way ever... Isn't it totally gorgeous?! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: analog dog- Arra in Alt
Skin: amara beauty - Freya in Ivory
Eyes: Madame Noir - Cosmic Eyes
Wings: ((Lovely Alien)) - Shimmer Fairy Wings
Outfit: INFINITY - Love Summer Outfit in Green
Rings: CELESTE - Crystalline Ring Set
Flower: [vaak] - Dandelion Blower
Fairies: !Ohmai - Fairy Companions in Tulip & Dandelion (No Longer Available!)
Pose: -Extra- - Working Hard (Part of a Group Pose)
Dandelions: LOVE - Dandelion Dreams
Other Flowers: Heart - Wild Summer Meadow 

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Look into my Crystal Ball...

I got home, I did something a little pretty and then it was almost fate that the dark side of me wanted to come out to play a little too... Neither of my sides can be kept hidden for very long, especially since an anniversary of a very special event is taking place right now... 
The details can be seen all over, but if you've missed the memo, you might want to take a little peek into my pretty Crystal Ball and see if the spirits will tell you where to find the darkest, and most macabre little corner of SL and the party that it's throwing... 

Look into my crystal ball, I borrowed it from a Fortune Teller - at #LuluB! - you'll discover that there is a special little event that is open now and it's celebrating it's 2nd anniversary... Necrosis has turned 2! Hopefully later we will be able to get ourselves to the celebrations... 
I'm dressed and ready to go as soon as I'm invited... An amazing "Xeno" top - from Six Feet Under - which I'd normally avoid because of the name and what it relates to, but I couldn't resist this top it's SO gorgeous that is now available at Mainframe Event

What is she wearing;
Hair: Moon - Luna
Bindi: Six Feet Under - Odyssey Bindi (Available until August 20th at Midnight Order)
Skin: amara beauty - Freya in Ivory
Collar: Ama - Cole Collar
Tattoo: GERMINAL - ARCANIA Tattoo in Faded (Available until August 13th at Necrosis)
Top: Six Feet Under - Xeno Top (Available until August 20th at Mainframe Event)
Ball: #LuluB! - Fortune Teller in Horror
Pose: FOXCITY - Why Not, Pose 6
Backdrop: FOXCITY. Photo Booth - Surrealism in Halloween EDT (Past Group Gift) 

Saturday, July 31, 2021

Time for a Wild Pool Party!

 Guess who is back?! That's right it's ME... I'm bak after the much needed break to visit my family in the UK... It;s recharged my batteries and I am ready to start working my little butt off again... 
Though as I'm back I think that it might be a little fun to welcome myself back to RL with a little party. I'll warn you now though, it could get  little wild...

Before any other guests could arrive, my little animal buddies had made themselves very comfortable! The tiger cubs - from JIAN - and the adorable pygmy hippos - from Foxwood - had a great time exploring the pool in our garden while I was setting things up for the arrival of my other guests... I think they seemed to like the awesome Safari Sprinklers - from Krescendo at Man Cave - maybe it reminded them of their natural wild habitats hehe... 
The place was ready... I had a tub of Summer Sodas, ready and chilling from Junk Food, and everything was set for a water fight of epic proportions. The Let's Play! Water Balloon Fight - from peaches -  and I've even pre-filled a couple of buckets of squirt guns - from Junk Food at The Warehouse Sale
Let the battles, and the party, commence... 

What is she wearing;
Hat: Boutique #187 - Summer Vizor 
Hair: Wasabi - Teagan in Fireworks
Skin: amara beauty - Freya in Ivory
Shorts: Ananas - Wild Ones in Tiger (Available until August 9th at Kustom9)
Phone: Boutique #187 - PinWheel Phone Case
Pose: FOXCITY - Getaway Group Pose
Water Gun: Junk Food - Squirt Gun Bucket v2 (Available until August 17th at The Warehouse Sale)
Hippos: Foxwood - Pygmy Hippos (Available Saturday July 31st for The Saturday Sale)
Sprinklers: Krescendo - Safari Sprinklers (Available until August 11th at Man Cave)
Hose & Balloons: peaches - Let's Play! Water Balloon Fight
Drinks Cooler: Junk Food - Summer Soda Tub (Available until August 10th at The Liaison Collaborative)
Water Pillows: Half-Deer - Mini Star Float
Tiger: JIAN - Tiger Cub Collection
Chairs: CHEZ MOI - Maluma Beach Chair
Parasol: Dust Bunny - Bunny Bakery Umbrella
Pool: Trompe Loeil - Eloa Rainforest Pool PG 

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Can I Go Now?

Tomorrow is the day of reckoning for my chance to see the family in the UK... It's been a LONG, crazy, stressful few days of discussion of should we or should we not go to the UK. The Netherlands declared itself in Code Red and therefore if England took that into account we may have trouble crossing the borders and therefore we cannot get home to see my family. 
We've decided to give it a go, we won't know unless we try... I need everyone to wish me luck! It's either going to go really well and we'll be on our way to see my parents this time tomorrow, OR I'll be a wreck... 

No matter what I think that I will end up crying. We're not going by plane, but crossing the border always makes me nervous but this time I think it will be doubly so. Even if I make it onto the ferry, I won't feel comfortable until I cross the UK border and am driving towards my parents house!
I got so stressed at the anticipation that I accidentally pulled the head off my teddy... Least that's my story, I actually got so frustrated with all of the paperwork and the fact that the people were allowed to go into the UK so easily for the football matches but I can't get in to see my family... These things happen "accidentally"... 

What is she wearing;
Hat & Hair: Wasabi - Estella Hair in Fireworks (Available until July 30th at Anthem)
Skin: amara beauty - Freya in Ivory
Eyes: Izzie's - Lua's Teary Eyes in Green
Eye Make-Up: Izzie's - Smeared Mascara
Jacket & Top: Ascend - Isla Crop Denim Jacket in Grey
Bear: Sakura - Tantrum Gacha Collection Items (Available until August 12th at The Epiphany)
Bag: REIGN - Weekender Bag in RoadTrip
Pants: E.K - Nikkie Baggy BF Jeans in Grey
Pose & Suitcases Prop: FOXCITY - On The Go, Pose 1
Backdrop: Pseudo- Airport Scene RARE (Available for use at Backdrop City)

Friday, July 16, 2021

Puffin... Nuffin...

When I was younger, my parents took me on holiday to a place called the Scilly Isles in the British Channel... It was such a lovely holiday and I guess since things have been going crazy all over the place I've been thinking back and reminiscing! 
Today I was super excited to see that we'd had some new friends move into our beach... Little Puffins, there one minute there's a Puffin, then they fly and and we're left with Nuffin... 

Puffin... Nuffin... It was a joke that tickled me and my mum for hours, I even treated her to a tea towel with the pictures on it LOL... Nothing so British as buying a tea towel as a souvenir! 
My Puffins flew in from Puffin Island - a release from TLC Home Collection - and I hope they are here to stay. 

What is she wearing;
Hat & Hair: Moon - Summer Breeze in RedHeads
Skin: amara beauty - Freya in Ivory
Top: (fashionably dead) - BB Wrap in Aurora (Available until August 6th at Collabor88)
Bikini: (fashionably dead) - BB Swimsuit in Green (Available until August 6th at Collabor88)
Leg Wounds: Ladybird - Ariel in Scar
Shoes: CULT - Eva Tip Toe
Pose: Secret Poses - Aruba, Pose 1
Puffins: TLC Home Collection - Puffin Island Set 

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Gimme the Gummies

You know sometimes that they say "Life is sweet"... Right now the only thing that is sweet in life is the bag of candies that I am currently stuffing in my face in an attempt to cheer myself up! Right now, I'm not in a happy mood, I don't feel like being happy and smily and sunshiny, all I feel like is stuffing my face and hiding away... 

Even on a trip to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, an awesome place to visit in SL, I was more interested in eating the candy than actually exploring... I think my shirt made that totally clear! I wasn't in the tour party for the tour, that's for sure! 
I LOVE GUMMYBEARS, I love those candies with the foam on it even more... I love the delicious candies, and I think I just ran out. I wonder if I have some more... The Gummi Takeout - that I got from Junk Food - and the Gummy Bears - from [NoRush] - on her tongue are making me want candies more than anything! Candies are much easier to get hold of than what I really want right now... I have to remain strong, and snagging myself a bag of candies will definitely make things a little better! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: TRUTH - Curious (Current VIP Gift)
Skin: amara beauty - Freya in Ivory
Glasses: (Yummy) - Sugar Rush
Tongue Candies: [NoRush] - Gummy Bears
Top: Vinyl - 3am Knotted Tee in Here for the Candy
Candies: Junk Food - Gummi Takeout in Gummi Bears
Pants: miss chelsea - Dana Jeans in Vintage
Pose: FOXCITY - Cotton Candy, Pose 7m 

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Fishin' for Rabbits!

Tired, and sore, I got home from work... Wanting nothing more than a delicious vegetable pizza - which I'd been dreaming about all day LOL - and to veg on the couch... Then I noticed a little problem in my garden! You see I went outside to collect some toppings for my pizza - nothing much just some peppers and some onions and tomatoes - but there was already someone making use of my vegetable garden... 

There was a little furry friend, right out in the open... EATING MY CARROTS!!! Plans had to change, I needed to find a way to get him out of my garden... I ran back inside to grab some of the carrots that I'd already harvested, thinking smart I grabbed a stick and tied a carrot to then end of some string... I was going fishin' for bunnies!
As a proud plant parent it's the right thing to do, I mean my shirt says so, thanks to the AMAZING new release from Ananas at Equal10...

What is she wearing;
Hair & Hat: Wasabi - Aqua Hair in Fireworks
Skin: amara beauty - Freya in Ivory
Top: Ananas - Plant Parent (Available until August 5th at Equal10)
Dirt: Izzie's - Face & Body Dirt BoM
Pants: E-Clipse Design - Solo Jeans in Black
Carrot Stick: Schadenfreude - Motivation on a String in Carrot
Carrot Bunch: Tentacio - Fiesta de verano in Carrot Bouquet
Pose: Secret Poses - Sparklers, Pose 4