Monday, June 5, 2023

Moths love the Lamplight!

It's been a while since I've had a craving to take a chance to do something a little magical. For some reason, I've been finding it hard to focus on blogging lately and have not been able to get in the zone and dip my toes into the fantastical world... 
Today though, as the lights started going down and lamps were lit, the magic of the night starts to come to life.. As beautiful as their daytime counterparts, the moths are the silent dancers of the night's sky... Guardians of the Night Fae, and the messengers of the Eagles, and serenly ghost-like...

Everyone knows that Moths are drawn to the light, they dance from the darkness and seek out any source... The Lanterns in the garden providing the softest of glows, the twinkling into the darkness and as the song goes, my lamp light brings all the "moths to the yard"...

What is she wearing;
Crown: Random Matter - Wren Crown in Cool Tones
Butterfly Accessories: YOKAI - Mystical Butterflies in Mermaid SET
Skin: amara beauty - Freya in Ivory
Ruff: {Junbug} - The London Ruff in Original
Wings: Quills & Curiosities - A Touch of Darkness Wings
Pose: Secret Poses - Tatiana, Pose 5M
Sparkles: Cole's Corner - Starstuff in Negative
Blue Butterflies: {anc} - Picnic in Swallow tailed butterfly sapphire (No Longer Available!)
White Butterflies: LODE - Wild Sakura Butterflies in White
Lamp: The Black Forest - Kerosene Lamp
House: dust bunny - Meadow Hives in Stump Hive (Available until June 30th at Anthem)
Plant: Ariskea - [Rosemary] Fresh Rosemary Terra Pot (Current Group Gift)
Backdrop: BROKEN ARROWS - Ivy Garden Faucet in Reddish Water Moss

Sunday, June 4, 2023

Checking Out Myself

It's the first day of my weekend officially, I've been working so hard, and Sunday has become my Saturday... It means that it's a busy day to get things done. I have laundry, dishes, vacuuming and the dreaded task of cleaning out the cat litter box - who knew that such a little thing could leave such stinky doodies - but I will at some point have to leave the house in order to get some groceries, and that means going through the problems of getting dressed and actually leaving the house... 

Sometimes I LOVE going to the grocery store... I love days when I feel like I can get lots of treats and when you come back you have a full fridge of food so you feel like you can hibernate. The only part about it that is sucky, is that you have to get up and out of the house and be among people... 
Still had to head to the Country Grocer - a backdrop from Synnergy.Tavis - to pick up a few things to last me through my weekend and into the working week... 
Making sure I had plenty of delicious things, and a new pack of loo roll, I stopped at the Self Checkout - from Junk Food - to make a quick exit... The only thing about being in the store I actually enjoyed was the look that people were giving me in my adorable new miss chelsea outfit - available until June 20th at Anthem - because frankly, how could they not check out this adorable look... Now it's home at speed to put the food away and find a quiet place to curl up with a good book... 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Wasabi - Karissa Hair - Offbeat (Available until June 20th at The Fifty)
Skin: amara beauty - Freya in Ivory
Top: miss chelsea - Bela Set in Tank (Available until June 30th at Anthem)
Bag: Junk Food - Shopping Bag in Cereal Red
Shorts: miss chelsea - Bela Set in Shorts (Available until June 30th at Anthem)
Pose: FOXCITY - Coming Home, Pose 6
Cash Register: Junk Food - Self Checkout
White Bag: hive - Grocery Grab in Filled Market Tote
Bread Bag: nomnom - Holdable Baguettes Bag
Loo Roll: RC Cluster- Cuddley Soft Toilet Paper (No Longer Available!)
Candies: Junk Food - Yummy's Jellybean Bag
Backdrop: SYNNERGY.TAVIS - Country Grocer Scene

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Welcome to the Pride

June 1st brings so much fun... It's the start of the Summer, it's half way through the year until everything starts to getting Christmas festive again, it's my Sister's Birthday month and she reminds me again and again and again, but there's something more important that June is the month of... 
Things start to get brightly colourful, rainbows fill the air and equality becomes much more of a discussed topic... June is Pride Month... We let the colours fly in order to raise awareness and promote equal rights because putting it frankly Love is Love... 

It's crazy to think that it's 2023 and we're still having to try to fight for equality... It's not just for the people to have the right to love who they want, but the races of the world to all be treated equally too... It's shocking to think that we can't all just accept each other, understand that if we all wanted the same thing that life would be SO boring, but then basically isn't it what we all want anyway, the right to be able to live a happy peaceful life, no matter the colour, the sex, the size, the age or the person that we choose to love?! 
I am all for supporting Pride Month - and it's not only because the rainbows are AWESOME and I love a good rainbow - but I have many friends both RL and SL that are parts of the LGBTQIA community. I've had relationships with women in the past myself, and although I'm now stuck with a crazy, lump of a man, it was MY choice to love him, and I really feel that anyone should be able to make the decision as to who they want to love, and be accepted for it too.. Heck you even hear stories in the news about people that love innanimate objects, there was a woman that was in love with the Eiffel Tower wasn't there? If it's not hurting or exploiting anyone, why are people still having to fight for acceptance...
So Pride Month is upon us, there are lots of fun, crazy things happening in our little Second Life community and I cannot wait to be a art of some of the festivities... Pride at Home is running again this year, and there will be events, concerts, shows and all different sorts of things happening... So if you haven't already, maybe it's time to remember that Love is Love, and shouldn't everyone be able to celebrate in that?

What is she wearing;
Hair: Doe - Samora
Skin: amara beauty - Freya in Ivory
Face Paint: No Longer Available!
Collar: Kibitz - Roxy's choker in Silver
Dress & Shirt: miss chelsea - Elle Dress in Pride Pack (Available until June 30th for Pride at Home)
Bracelets: miss chelsea - Elle Shag Bands (Available until June 30th for Pride at Home)
Pose: Secret Poses - Mario, Pose 2
Flag: AsteroidBox - Pride Flag
Dog: JIAN - Great Danes in Puppies Poseable Harlequin
Head Accessory: miss chelsea - Rainbow Deely Bopper in Classic (Available until June 30th for Pride at Home)
Confetti: [Bad Unicorn] - Pride Party Gacha in Confetti
Balloons: hive - Grouped Balloons in Bold
Backdrop: Synnergy.Tavis - Happy Pride  Backdrop

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

The Best Kind Of Advertising!

The first time that I get myself a day off, I find myself getting sick. It always happens that when you take a moment to slow down, your body seems to catch up with a bang. On the same day, my first to rest in a few days I got shark week and a terrible cold, without warning... I've been feeling shit since... 
Though I did find a little strength to get into SL and at least try to make myself feel glamourous. If I can't feel good about myself in RL, due to the fact I have a head full of snot and I'm feeding the sharks, at least Rudh can look good and make me feel better lol... 

I guess you could call it a look of the day, but it's definitely an outfit that I've been wearing for a while now and wanted to find a chance to share because frankly I'm obsessed with it... 
It all started with the release of a new set of Baby Tee's from the amazing collaboration between Neverwish and The Horror - which is available until June 18th at The Warehouse - that comes in 4 different style sets, each with 4 different colours and/or prints... I LOVE all of the different designs, but for some reason the "Professional Goth Girlfriend" spoke most to my former life before I married my hubby... 
All it needed was some amazing things to wear with it and although it could have been dressed up and glam, I guess because I've been feeling so run down that that it's casual, cool, for today, and now all I want to do is sit around and eat Candy - like this bag of candy from Sakura - while my protector watches over me from a safe distance... 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Wasabi - Latte Hair in Offbeat
Skin: amara beauty - Freya in Ivory
Collar: Kibitz - Kyra's Collar in Silver
Necklace: Kibitz - Tia's necklace in Silver
Top: NeverWish x The Horror! - Baby Tee (Available until June 18th at The Warehouse)
Cardigan: TETRA - Off-shoulder cardigan in Onyx
Skirt: Mug - Lipa Skirt in Pale
Legwarmers: AsteroidBox - Blake Leg Warmers & Boots
Candy: {Sakura} - Bag of Candy in Red
Pose: Secret Poses - Mallory, Pose 4
Cat: Mutresse - Witty Cats in Arrogant (No Longer Available!)
Backdrop: PALETO.Backdrop - Narrow street

Monday, May 29, 2023

Hidden in the Dark

 When the lights go out and the world goes dark, as the sun dips behind the horizon and the skies grow darker the only lights sparkling across the sky are the stars that twinkle and dance in the darkness... It's at this time, when the darkness falls that the bad thins happen... 
Nothing so brutal as some of the macabre things that the little demons get up to, but Satan's on a reruitment drive, he's luring angels to the dark side of things and there are plenty of them that seem to want to fall... 

The angel converstion process it multi levelled, with various intricacies and tests for the angels to pass as they fall slowly through the clouds from heaven... One of the stages is a little more devious than others, it's hidden in the clouds, the darkest of the clouds shields this intimate level from view... 
A rainbow provides the perfect bondage frame - which is actually a Rainbow Arch from Violetility - to seduce these little angels and let them see how much fun the dark can be... 

What is she wearing;
Big Halo: Random Matter - Deucalion Halo in Silver Tones
Small Halo: Random Matter - Inaya Halo in Cool Tones
Hair: Wasabi - Iliana Hair in Offbeat
Skin: amara beauty - Freya in Ivory
Top: CryBunBun - Cardinal's Meretrix in Raindrops
Ring Aura: SEMPITERNAL - The Throne's Halo (No Longer Available!)
Wings: Blueberry - Icon Angel Wings
Pasties: Converge - Leather Pasties (No Longer Available!)
Corset: CryBunBun - Amy Baker's Secret in Black
Sparkles: Cole's Corner - Glitterati
Aura: Quills & Curiosities - Borealis Aura (Available until June 18th at The Warehouse)
Bondage Toy: Violetility - Rainbow Arch
Toy Box: Short Leash - Playtime Bondage Toy Box
Backdrop: Synnergy - Starbright Backdrop

Friday, May 26, 2023

A Sparkle in the Club

Saturday Night and some people are heading out for a night on the town... I wish that after a day like today that I could do exactly that. I used to love being a happy-go-lucky, party-animal, I'd be out on the town, I'd be surrounded by friends and I'd hit the center of the danc floor and would be there till the sun came up... 
My, my how things change... Now I'm old and work far too much for a living, I find myself wanting nothing more than a night curled up on the sofa, under a blanket with chocolate and a cup of tea... I'll just send Rudh out to do the partying for me... 

In Zorrita's Bar - a backdrop from The Bearded Guy - the little demonness comes out when she hears the music... The club is lit tonight with pinks and blues, which definitely affected this little demon's fashion choices. She likes to sparkle in the club, she likes to be the center of attention and well, sometimes wearing pinks and blues brings out the fun in her... Dancing away between the exquisite George Vamp Lavalamps - from Beauty of Darkness at Ritual - she guards the sofas and tables while her friends hit the bar. She may look cute, but our little demon is more than a little fierce... 

What is she wearing;
BIG Horns: NeverWish - Spike Horns
Little Horns: Dazed - Lucy Demon Set Fatpack
Hair: Wasabi - Lollipop Hair
Skin: Wyrd -  Tovi in Pewter (no Longer Available!)
Eyes: Mana - Daemon Eyes
Eye Wound: WarPaint - Possession
Eye Make-Up: alaskametro<3 - "Space Unicorn" makeup, in eyeshadow 02
Nose Piercing: Six Feet Under - Spur Nose Set
Bubblegum: [Pink Fuel] - Yum Bubblegum! (No Longer Available!)
Neck Tattoo: Rekt Royalty - Here in Choke Here
Necklace: AsteroidBox - Spike Pendant in Holo Version
Wings: Sweet Thing - Demon Wings
Outfit: Normandy - Lithe Dual Pack
Sparkles: Cole's Corner - Glitterati
Tail: Sweet Thing - Demon Tail
Pose: Secret Poses - Greta, Pose 2M
Tables: [Krescendo] - Fluffy Bench
Sofas: NeverWish - Lip Couch in Holo-Iridescent
Glasses: LEMME - Let's get drunk!Gumball Machine: Caboodle - Miniature Gumball Machine in Pink
Lava Lamps: Beauty of Darkness - George vamp Lavalamp (Available until June 12th at Ritual)
Backdrop: The Bearded Guy - Horny Cravings in Zorritas Bar *RARE*

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Falling into a Dream

I've had a LOVELY lazy day... I don't get them very often at the moment considering how my work schedule has been and although the shop has been calming down, I don't think that I will be getting many more relaxing days for a little while yet... So whilst I've been relaxing, lazing and generally letting my mind wander, I'm lost to a perfect daydream... Wasting the day, spending it dreaming...

Dreams are such strange things... Some nights I can have a really deep sleep and dream of nothing, others I am so restless that the dreams are kinda vivid and make me wake up wondering what the heck I've done to cause the strangeness... There are very few days that I ever have the kind of dreams I want to have again and again, although those little fantasies are the ones I find myself falling asleep to... I am SO exhausted at the moment I tend to have no trouble falling asleep... 
As I'm falling asleep it feels a little like I'm falling down into a rabbit hole, just like Alice did into Wonderland... As I fall, the magic sparkles around me and so many weird, wonderful and pretty things float on by... Some adorable new friends, some amazing new furniture and the silliest new sets of eyes to watch my fall... I just hope there is something soft to land on and that it doesnt turn into one of those nasty dreams with a feeling of a surprise fall... Ugh how I hate those!!!!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Tableau Vivant - Water lily Past Gacha Item in Flowing Colors
Skin: amara beauty - Freya in Ivory
Collar: Kibitz - Yaniko's collar in silver HENTAI
Top: Mug - Valentina Tank in White (Available until June 10th at Kustom9)
Cuffs: Palette - Sweetie Cuffs (Past Gift)
Skirt: SEKA's - Waist High Skirt in YELLOW
Boots: CULT - Nahilla
Pose: FOXCITY - Free (Past Group Gift)
Sparkles: Cole's Corner - Glitterati, Heavenly Ranger & The Fantastical Nebulous Aether & #LuluB! - Invierna
Bunny Stool: [Krescendo] - Rabbit Seat
Clock: [Krescendo] - Critter Clocks in Cow
Burger: Hangry - Ham Bo. Combo (Available until June 5th at Equal10)
Flowers: [high v.] - Balloon Flowers
Can: Junk Food - Ex Boyfriend Tears
Dog: MishMish - Tiny Cars in Corgi Edition Sky
Eyes: [high v.] - Googley Eyes
Lights, Star & Sign: BackBone - Daydreamer's Den Items
Televisions: NOMAD - Wired Monitors
Backdrop: The Bearded Guy - The Inception Blue