Sunday, February 27, 2011

Helping New Zealand...

Unless you have been living in a bubble for the last few weeks, I am sure that you will have heard about the earthquake that has devastated the city of Christchurch in New Zealand... The news will have affected some more than others, and for a variety of reasons, for me personally it is a place that I travelled around and fell in love with... For anyone with loved ones, or for those that live there, or even for those that have travelled and fallen in love with the city, my thoughts are with you... 
A Candyfloss coloured Kiwi - Good thing they aren't like this in RL or they would be even more endangered than they are now!
I would recommend to anyone to go down to the Garden City Relief - Help for Earthquake Victims event at Copley Square... A handful of designers have put forward some awesome items with all the money you pay going to charity. 
The event is small, but well laid out and creates a serene atmosphere, with space to remember the victims, even though it is located within a bustling mall setting... What more can you want, cute things to buy, in a serene place of rememberance where the money goes to charity... Time to get shopping, like you ever needed an excuse?!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - WEEK 17!

Into the 5th month of Colour Challenge today, looking back over the last four weeks I can definately see a change not only in my photography skills, but also my blogging style has I think developed slightly, its like being a noobie in SL I am still trying to find my feet within the blogging world and this challenge is definately helping me in that! 
I want to take this week's post as a chance to say THANK YOU to everyone that comments, I definately get a kick out of seeing that you like my outfits, I am happy that people like the things I throw on to dress my barbie... I also want to say HELLOOOOOOO to all my new followers (and an I'm Sorry to them for all the crap that I do write about LOL)... Though anyway, onto business... 
Week 17...

Week 17: BIG Shoulder Pads; Check, Messed Up Make-Up; Check, Champagne; Check - Rudh must be in an episode of that 1980's hit series DALLAS!
What is she wearing;
Hair: Fri. - Jasmine.2
Skin: lessthan3 - Glam skins 2 (previous hunt prize)
Necklace: *Ticky Tacky* - A Bitch Can Never Change
Dress: Buttercups - Lime Zipper Down Dress(worn with facelight to brighten up the colour)
Manicure: Skin Within - Magic Manicure
Bracelet: LooLoo&Co - Zombie Popcorn (previous hunt prize)
Stockings: Sn@tch - Part of Grace Under Pressure Outfit

When I saw this outfit on Marketplace, I had to have it, I love the dress anyway but when I teamed it with messy make-up I was told it looked just like I had been in a fight with Joan Collins herself... I felt pleased, cute dress and dressing up all in the same day... YAY! 

Next Week - ECRU... A return to the natural tones, a paleish brownish, how can I describe it?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Skin Fair Disappointed Me...

I know that I am possibly about the 90millionth person to talk about Skin Fair 2011, but I have to say that unlike a lot of people I seem to be somewhat disappointed. 
I love the fact that on entrance they were trying to reduce lag by ensuring people only had limited scripts (aparently you are only allowed 50, I got returned home on my first try as I had 64 due to my Mysti-tool), that was great but still some people seemed to be going overboard on the amount of stuff they were wearing... I like a high majority of people went bald and dressed very very simply (duckie pjs to be exact)...
They even had these walk aids to reduce the walking like treacle effect that sometimes occurs in laggy places, the stand is in the picture above and the outcome of clicking the stand is below, 
This proved to me to be even more difficult than walking, I was trying to move a block in the lag (yes I know my pic is blurry but I didn't really want to hang around there while that rezzed it was hard enough to get posters to rez), it just wasn't gonna happen, so I stuck with my graphics at their lowest possible and walked treacly through the event...
I will say that there were some great skin designers there, I grabbed a handful of demos, but I was irked... WHERE WERE ALL THE FANTASY SKINS? Where were all the skins that didn't conform to the pretty barbie doll look that dominates SL? I was hoping to find some really gorgeous non-human skins as alternatives to my usual barbie look, but they were lacking... it was Skin Fair, not Human Skin Fair, so I am more than a little disappointed...
However, if you ARE going into Skin Fair... I would suggest that you look at this map my friend gave me, it will be very helpful to me to plan a dash and grab route if any of my demos look like I hope they will!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


My SL seems to have been taken over by people with a love of vehicles, not only am I usually seen sleeping or inventory diving on the platform where Hell and Baco build their vehicles, yesterday it was the turn of Connie to get excited over a new vehicle in SL... This one sent a shockwave of horror through me on first hearing it, I thought "oh no - I am gonna be stuck listening to a trainspotter" as I was told how amazing these new trains were, how efficiently they ran and how pretty they were. 
Then the inevitable happened, Connie asked me to go take a ride on a train with her... I could have made my excuses, by this point I was thinking "UGH BORING" but as it was her Rezday I couldn't really think of a way to say no... 
So I went, I sat and we started to move; 
Train Driver Connie...
I was actually pleasantly surprised, if truth be told, just how much I enjoyed it...The train looked pretty, the sim crossings occured with minimal problems just some slightly slowing in speed, the only problem that seemed to affect me was that as we were whizzing past things there was a lot of GREY! Despite that I would definately say to people that they are worth spending some time playing on, I love trying new things in SL and driving around on a steam train like this is definately a new one for me! The headquaters for the trains can be found at H8 Motors Company Train Store - Go there and try it... It was FUN!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - WEEK 16!

A new week YAY, I freaking love Saturday, not just because it is the weekend but because of colour change over day... I found myself thinking last night, what the heck will I do when this challenge has ended someone is gonna have to come up with something new, I mean ok now its week 16 and that means that there is only 36 weeks left (but if you look at it another way thats still about 9 months, which makes it sound longer lol)...
Anyway, onto my colour post itself for this week... I loved my outfit last week SO MUCH that I don't think anything that I came up with could top it, and so this week I decided to take a major step back from the coolness that was dressing up like Minnie Mouse and slip into something casual... My jeans were calling me, in RL I tend to be a jeans kinda girl, never ever would you catch me wearing a skirt let alone a micro-mini like Rudh tends to wear, so this week I let my RL me do the dressing, and the result wasn't too bad.
Week 16...
Week 16: A shout out to those who love BLING... A note to them, a teeny weeny bit is ok but Bling that makes someone need sunglasses to stand anywhere near you is NOT!
So what is she wearing this week;
Hair: [rQ] - Yen (Past Group Gift)
Piercing: .::Delirium::. - Unisex Sweet Decadence Piercing
Top: .:It's CAKE:. - I love Blingtards Tshirt
Bracelet: KOSH - Tear Bracelet (Hunt Prize)
Jeans: Miu' by Zoex - Bastard Diesel Jeans
Boots: Last Eden - Tall Boots

Next Week - ELECTRIC LIME - Back to thinking OMG WTF I better start looking!!!!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Something onto something its not...

Today, I was reading a copy of a magazine and an article contained within it freaked me out so much I had to share it here... It is a similar principle to the pixel face onto a RL body (which I will say I think is freakish rather than making a great picture no matter how good the photoshopping, I much prefer to see avatars as they are and as snapshots of people's SecondLives), but this case was something that was messing about with characters that I loved dearly in my childhood... 

I'm talking about a set of pictures called "MUPPETS WITH PEOPLE EYES"... 
Seriously, am I the only person that is freaked out by this?? This is just damn creepy, Kermit should NOT look like this... It isn't just Kermit who has had this treatment, there is a collection of them at the website Muppets with People Eyes (click the link and have a looksee)... 
Where do people come with ideas like this?

My Favourite Places: Traum

This week I have kindly given over my favourite places post to the place that is the favourite of my partner, HellBone... His favourite things to do in SL involve building vehicles (which I keep saying I will talk about but I am NOT doing that till there is a store ready) and avatars. His collection of avatars astounds me as there are so many that I think he could wear a different one a day and still not have worn them all in a year, he is the only person that I know who could possibly rival my sister Fledge's avatar collection, though seriously I don't think either have the time to count them all... Anyway I'm rambling (can you see why my blog is titled like it is lol) the reason that I have given this post over to his favourite place is due to the fact that I find these specific avatars insanely cute and think that everyone should know about them...
The store in the spotlight this week is Renn's Traum... 
Just part of the sprawling store that is Traum...
Renn Yifu, the creator of Traum has an incredible eye for making avatars of all different shapes, sizes and styles ranging from his evil and warlike dark animals (such as the evil Bunny you might see Hell pictured in), to the new breed of puppet dolls to the Glubsch... It is the Glubsch that I think are the most cute, although I am not sure that Renn created them to be seen as cute!?!
Fairly recently Hell took part in the creation of a movie about the Glubsch, along with a number of other Glubsches (if that is, or if there is, even a plural for them), you can see the fun outcome on youtube -  Renn's Glaubsch Movie - but there is such a variety that Hell couldn't resist showing them all off... 

I think that although it isn't one of my personal favourite stores, Traum is well worth going to see and who knows maybe there is a Glubsch in you lol... (btw that sounded a LOT less kinky in my head as I was typing it than it appears when written down lol)
Where will we end up next on the tour of Rudh's favourite places? Who knows?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I think I created a Mini-Rudh!

As I was looking through my SL pics last night, to find a place that I wanted to blog for my this weeks Favourite Places post, I noticed a picture that struck me as something familiar about one of the people in it... Besides the fact that it is my RL Sister in her SL form, Titiania looked very similar to something from my SL past, then a very funny realisation took place in the cogs of my mind... 
SHE LOOKS LIKE RUDH USED TO WHEN RUDH WAS YOUNGER lol... Oh Dear I really hope that she doesn't evolve to become more like Rudh, I dont think SL could cope with two of me?! 
Comparison Photos, are you ready;
I really can't believe that I am showing this lol I had been in SL about 8 months in this pic, I was still learning but hey its not a bad photo?!
TITIANIA (with Rudh as of a couple of weeks ago) 
Ok I did show her stores that she might like, and she was lucky to have gotten into Canimal before it closed, but seriously I think all those times she ever watched me dressing up my barbie in her early days have had some traumatic effect on her... She does look rather cute though... Awwww lookatthatcutelilnoobie!!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

HellBone was made to do this picture can you tell lol, I dragged him away from building and made him wear a soppy shirt lol!! (I said we would never dress Matchy LOL uh oh)
I know that Valentines has become overly commercialised in recent years, but I got swept up in the reds and pinks swirling through SL like a tumbleweed through a Western Movie... 
I just wanted to send a HUGE HUG to everyone, whether you celebrate the day or not, Love is the most powerful drug on the planet and a hug even from a stranger can make you sparkle and feel great... I plan to spend the day talking to the people I love, giving out lots of hugs and maybe if I am lucky spending some time with my man, though as it is JUST Valentines Day who knows if I will be able to tear him away from his bike building LOL!!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - WEEK 15!

Another Saturday rolling around can only mean one thing... COLOUR CHANGE OVER DAY!!! YAY!!
This week is Valentines Week - a time when either cupid comes calling to shoot you with his love arrows or you shoot him with a bazooka before he gets there (depending on your view of things). I had planned to do a colour post that was FULL of hearts, yet I began thinking of other directions to take this week's colour... I thought about happy, loving couples that were present in both RL and SL, I thought of numerous "celebrity" couples and then it hit me... One of the longest relationships I could think of, a couple whose love is pure, romantic and longlasting, the best kind of love there can be for the 83 long years that they have been together, PLUS she is commonly pictured wearing Red... If you haven't guessed by now I am talking about Minnie and Mickey Mouse!!! So this is a valentines colour post in honour of them... 
Week 15...
Week 15: Two weeks ago I was off to see the Wizard, now I am married to the Sorcerer's Apprentice!!
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Exile - Bianca
Helmet: Aglaia - Mouse Helmet (bow added by me)
Outfit: Shabby Cat - Kitten Dress
Gloves: Part of Set from Rose Petal Creations
Necklace: Boing Fromage - Promo Big Cheese Necklace (dollarbie)

I totally loved this outfit, and walked around as Minnie Mouse(ish) for nearly a week! I think I loved it more than my last weeks black one even... 

Next Week -TEAL... I like this colour but it will be interesting to see what I come up with... it is not a normal colour for me!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

House of Champions: Championship Fight!!!

Some of you might remember the post I did back in November regarding my experience as a spectator in the world of SL Boxing... A sport which is taken just as seriously in SL as it is in RL with the stakes being pretty high... Little did I think that I would be having much more to do with that world, once was enough as far as I was concerned I mean if anyone had messed with my hair they might have lost an eye LOL... 
Yet today I knew I had to say something about the sport, my reason, well Conrad Negulesco aka Connie, the star of my previous boxing post and someone very close to me, is to be challenging the reigning champion for a chance at the title... 
I am so excited for Connie, she has been training hard, taking the knocks and I dearly hope that she has a chance of winning the title, she seems to think otherwise however... She is ready to kick butt tonight, she's had new gear made up bearing her logo, the Killer Tomato; 
which I will admit did take some explaining as I didn't see the significance... 
Rudhmellowen: why is your logo the killer tomato though?
Conrad: cause that is my nickname
Conrad: I'm the Killer Tomato
Rudhmellowen: lol why
Conrad: a tomato is a slang term for a girl and a killer is obvious - I thought it was funny

However, enough of me rambling on, I wanna say a big GOOD LUCK TO CONNIE and send her millions of hugs... Duck and Dive girl, Duck and Dive... I'll post later to let ya know how it goes?!

My Favourite Places: D-Lab

Time now for another look into the brain of Rudhmellowen, a rare glimpse into the chaos of grunge barbie meets rainbow kawaii cuteness, as we take a look at another one of my favourite places in SL...
This week, we head to the UBER-CUTE store that is D-Lab, and unless you have been living under a rock I am sure that you will have at least heard of this place... 
D-Lab, owned by dazai Voom, is a store full of the cute and creative... I am totally addicted to the multitude of cute animals that come out of this place, not to mention the plushie style furniture and the fantastic plants that might be more at home within wonderland. I get excited everytime there is a release from here, HellBone had to create me a secret fairy garden under our house just to hide all my uber cute D-Lab purchases...
Normally I would put a slide photo show up, but looking though my pictures I decided that only one was really necessary to show off the cuteness... 
AWWWWWWW aint they cuteeeeeeeeeee!
Where will we end up next on the tour of Rudh's favourite places? Who knows?