Friday, March 31, 2017

Boho Flower Chic

Many of you who know me will know - or should at least - know by now that I am a little weird when it comes to dressing... I wear what tickles my fancy, and OK a lot of the time that is what I so lovingly refer to as grunge slutwear, there will always be countless times I will dress up in something totally different and throw people that try to guess my style off... 
Boho has never really been my thing though, I LOVE hippy chic, but I've never really been one for the Boho style. My big sister Solde on the other hand is gaga for boho! It's a style that she really enjoys, and she was so happy to see that the March BishBox was all gogo for boho! 
Come Soon had a Boho Pose Set in the Bish Box, for some lovely poses with your girlie friends, so when it came to taking the photo there was only one person that I needed to ask!!!
This has to be the BIGGEST pose prop from Come Soon ever! It's a gorgeous hippy style farmy location, complete with lots of little nooks and crannies that are so pretty, and four awesome poses. Solde and I are using pose number 2 or the Indie is Life pose, which was a release for this month's BishBox. 
Now of course, when there is a theme, I have to play dress up. Solde had the Boho theme wrapped up naturally, I was a bit more hippy and a bit less boho, but it's kinda the same thing really, right? 
Still the way I figure, it's two pretty girls with flowers in their hair, it seems to be fun no matter what you wanna call it! 

What is she wearing;
Hair Flowers: Shar's - Maiden Daisy Wreath 
Hair: TRUTH - Ember in Reds 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Choker: [Buzzeri] - Daisy Choker in Natural 
Top: {Cute Boheme} - Vero Top in Mandala (Available until April 9th at InspirationSL)
Skirt: {Cute Boheme} - Vero Skirt in Mandala (Available until April 9th at InspirationSL
Hair: ploom - Daisy in Indecisive 
Necklace: MINIMAL - Choker in Black 
Top: Lapointe & Bastchild - Swear Boho Blouse 
Shorts: Lapointe & Bastchild - Swear Denim Shorts 
Pose & Prop: Come Soon - Indie is Life 02 (Available in March BishBox)

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Gagged for The Matrix

Tomorrow is the last day in March, that mean's 2017 has already been through the first quarter of it's time?! HOW THE HECK HAS THAT HAPPENED?! When you are a kid a year between visits from Santa seems to take such a long time, but now  that I'm in my 30s it's really a case of blink and you miss it?! 
Maybe as you get older, time speeds up for those of us living in this "Matrix"... They need to get the old out to start the new, perhaps? 
Summed up, Rudh's life in the "Matrix" is a kinky-ish place, lots of naughtiness going on, in her head at least, so sometimes she just needs to learn to gag herself to avoid further trouble. Luckily some of the designers that she has the privilege of blogging for are willing to help her out with this, and yes I've used one of the poses in this set before but I didn't think it would hurt to give another nod to the collaboration of Image Essentials and 1313, who made these kinky props poses for Bento Second Lifers! 
All this talk of the Matrix though is the fault of one designer in particular. I may be a little late in getting this post out here, but the Twisted Hunt has been running for the month of March, and SongBird made items that were clearly a nod to that movie franchise... The Infinity Glasses - are a Twisted Gacha Prize - that would look perfect on the movie heroine, Trinity, whilst if you carefully look into my eyes you will see "The Truth" and the Matrix coding reveals itself. You have to believe me when I say you can actually see the Matrix code slipping through my eyes, they are The Truth, or if you don't believe me you can go get them for yourself if you run down to the store before tomorrow! 
My question for you though is this, how do you live your Second Life in The Matrix? 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Truth - Maisy in Reds 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Eyes: SongBird - The Truth Eyes (Hunt Prize for The Twisted Hunt until March 31st) 
Glasses: SongBird - Infinity Glasses in Black (Gacha Prize for The Twisted Hunt until March 31st) 
Pose: Image Essentials & 1313 - Shush Now V3 Bento Pose

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Skin and Bone Tattoos

One simple purchase can sometimes inspire not only a look but a story in your head as you play around with it right? Least that is what always seems to happen to me... Maybe the look is due to the fact that I am still in pain of the headache variety, or maybe it's just because I connect more with my Living Dead Doll side, but as soon as I saw this tattoo available for a past round of Fifty Linden Friday, I knew I'd be playing around with it just a little... 
It perfectly fits my kookie, living dead doll nature, and I have loved it ever since I put it on. A subtle - though some might say not so subtle - nod to the skeleton beneath, this CURELESS Psychopomp Tattoo is one of those FLF Gems. It is an extension of the previously created Psychopomp Skull Tattoo for the face - which I am also wearing and which has now been updated to match the new textures of the full body tattoo. 
I dressed it up with a torn up, "Used" Shirt from Razor and added my favourite Noose Accessory from Remarkable Oblivion for that extra dead girl touch. 
She's going home to visit family, this time at Arranmore, but with a headache like the one she has now, maybe that noose will come in handy for something?! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: TRUTH - Delaney in Reds 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Eyes: PSYCHO.Byts - Zombie Eyes 
Necklace: Remarkable Oblivion - Salem in Wheat 
Body & Face Tattoo: CURELESS - Psychopomp Tattoo 
Mouth Blood: Ghost'Ink - Be Bloody 
Dress: Razor - Used Shirt in Solid Black 
Pose: Image Essentials - Succubus 5 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Somewhere Cosy

Yesterday I felt totally horrible, all day, I was struck down with a migraine and didn't feel anything like moving... Today I feel better but still somewhat fragile, and that's never a nice feeling. So I will have to take things a little easy today, no wild parties, and no crazy loud goings on in this girl's future. At least for the time being anyway. I want to find somewhere quiet and cosy to curl up with a good book, it's the one thing I really feel like doing right now... 
Talking of somewhere cosy, I have been meaning to share with you this adorable picture of a house that I have been playing with recently. I still don't feel very confident taking snapshots of décor alone, but this time I couldn't help but share it, especially as it seems like the perfect quiet cosy place to sit and read a book... 
It was inspired by the decorative props on the table top in the foreground actually. Violetility mad some gorgeous magical themed décor pieces for the most recent round of We <3 RP - which is still open until March 31st by the way - and that seem perfect for the house of a little witch. There are 5 different sets of props, which I have mixed-n-matched on the table top - but that include an Assassin Dagger Set, a set of Essential Ingredient Jars, a Potioneer's Set, a Scrying Set and some other Research Props - all at a very low price of 50L per set! 
The rest of the location is filled with some adorable but not all new pieces, such as the table, the fireplace and the chair, which Rudh like the RL me plans on parking her little butt in and curling up with a book in just a few minutes. 
Now if only the adorable little Scruffy Shepherd would stop destroying that toy so I can focus on my book, then I will be happy and have the peace I need!!! 

What is in the Picture;
Table Décor: Violetility - Various Objects (Available until March 31st at We <3 RP
Table: {vespertine} - Green Means Life Gacha Item in Potting Bench Shabby (Available until March 31st at The Arcade
Rug: KOSH - Pokus Rug 
Chair: dust bunny - Rocking Chair 
Fireplace: Apple Fall - Heritage Woodburner 
Firewood: dust bunny - Firewood Basket 
Pet: JIAN - Scruffy Shepherds Gacha Item in 15. Toy Destroyer (Available until March 31st at The Arcade

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Mystical Beings in a Fae Forest

DRESS UP TIME on a lazy Sunday Afternoon. 
Well actually, it's not really a lazy Sunday as I am working in my SL job, but it's also not the busiest of times so I'm able to enjoy myself and get a little blogging and picture taking done... Doing one of my favourite blogger type things today which is playing dress up. Don't get me wrong I love the basic, simple fashionista style shots too, but there's nothing that gets me happier than letting my imagination run wild, finding a pretty place as a location and creating something pretty! 
Today is no exception to that... I found the prettiest fantasy place I've seen in a long while, in the form of the Mystical Fae Forest. A location that looks like it should be filled with fairytale folk of the not so scary kind! Then pulled together a look that could be a being which inhabited this wonderland of a place. 
The look came about because of a gorgeous set of wings that are soon to be released by Nightmare. These Morrigan Wings have not yet been made available for sale but will be yours to grab from April 1st at the BUY ME Event. They looked so cute with the very pretty new Chai Slip Dress from Vinyl - which you can get now at the new round of Uber - and then whilst I was doing just a little inventory cleaning, I re-discovered these super cute horns from The Horror that are covered with eyes! Perfect for a little demon like me to see all over the forest and maybe into the future all at once! 
No Nightmares of Evil Succubi here, but maybe the future is telling me that there is a little too much pink in this picture LOL I might need to do something dark and evil next?! 

What is she wearing; 
Horns: The Horror! - Horror's Dream 
Hair: TRUTH - Wind in Colours 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Eyes: Suicidal Unborn - Phantom Eyes V2 
Choker: Kibitz - Dinty Collar in Silver 
Necklace: BAMSE - Solar System Necklace in Earth 
Dress: Vinyl - Chai Slip Dress in Grey (Available until April 23rd at Uber
Wings: Nightmare - The Morrigan Wings (Coming April 1st at BUY NOW Event) 
Pose: Image Essentials - Succubus 2 

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Psst, Wanna buy a Bear?!

Now that I lost my main source of income in RL I am thinking about opening a new business for myself... Maybe something interesting that would be fun to do, although right now I'm not quite sure where that will lead me, I am thinking about it in SL too... I need to find a way to fund my virtual shopping habits... I have been thinking about trying to make a business out of my love of photography - but I don't want that to diminish the enjoyment that I do get out of it - so maybe I'll work on other things... Something a little naughty perhaps?! 
Pft silly bums, you thought I would be going into the age old art of selling myself! I had thought of that idea, but to be honest I'm not sure anyone would buy me, so then I cottoned on to a different idea... COUNTERFEIT BEARS! 
I was so lucky, thanks to a little thing called The Arcade, that I found a NOMAD business in a box for those willing to deal in counterfeit teddybears. 
I set up a little stand, and found the perfect disguise in the form of an AsteroidBox Bucket Costume so that no one will know it's me... Maybe I should have thought more carefully before I chose where to set out my stall, I mean right outside my house wasn't really my smartest move, but I was thinking kinda weirdly illogically and was like "well a girl needs to have easy access to a toilet and drinks right?!"

What is she wearing;
Hat: AsteroidBox - My Bucket Costume 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Top: blossom - Fringe Shirt in Cool Kids (No Longer Available!)
Pants: *MUKA* - Shirley in Black Stripe 
Table: NOMAD - Counterfeit Bears Shop (Available until March 31st at The Arcade)
Pose: Signature Pose - 1989 

Friday, March 24, 2017

Fuckboy Repellent, for when you just wanna dance!

It's Friday, It's Friday... YAY the weekend is finally here and we can get on with the fun stuff that should be taking place over the weekend! Thank goodness for the weekend, when all we need to do is things that we want to do, for ourselves! 
This weekend I plan on doing some relaxing, working on some of my inventory - since I can't make too much noise while HellBone is catching up on some sleep - and maybe if I'm really good, finding the time to take some pictures... 
Today though it's Friday and I plan on doing something different, maybe I'll go out dancing, to a club like The Rabbit Hole, for a change?! I'm well protected now, since I have my very special Fuckboy Repellent! 
One of the most fun events in SL - in my opinion at least - is still Fifty Linden Friday. I love that it's kept things priced low, as other events that used to be cheaper places to shop have slowly seen an increase in prices, but not only is it cheap, you can sometimes find some awesome gems in the collection of items that are released. 
One of the gems released this week is available at Cosmic Dust. It's a pair of bottles - one for use, one for display - of Fuckboy Repellent. Just hold the bottle, type a command in local chat, and voilá the fuck boys are kept at bay, and out of your way. Meaning that the only thing a girl has to worry about on a night out is, "what the heck should I wear?"

What is she wearing;
Hair: Lamb - Ocean Bed in Red Pack 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Top: baii maii - Spring Top and Bra 
Pants: Blueberry - Gracie in Denim Faded D 
Bottle: Cosmic Dust - Fuckboy Repellent 
Pose: Signature Pose - Give Me That Rush, Pose Set 20 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

See my Gesture, Read my Lips...

Bento seems to be great... Something that we've been waiting for, for the longest time it seems and as I've mentioned before the whole world seems to be getting on the band wagon - either that or they are stuck in the anti-mesh group of people - nowadays it seems like everything comes in Bento... Poses, Jewellery, even Body Parts - one of my friends won't stop talking about his Bento Balls, I really dare not ask! Though I am not fully ready to go totally Bento - there's no chance I will be upgrading my head just yet for example - for my Birthday I was given Bento Hands from Vista, and I have to admit, I love them! 
I've played around with them for a while and tested them in various poses, but I have to say the first close-up outing they are getting in my rambling space is a little rude!!
It's a little like me saying "F**K OFF, I'm Rudemellowen" LOL... I love the ease to change these into different poses, and the way they wiggle thanks to my new AO... 
I also love that I can dress them up with some gorgeous new rings and things - rings like the ones I'm wearing here from Ama that are available in the LootBox Gacha Event
OK I know the gesture is rude, but I'm sorry, I was at a place called "The Freak Show" - which you should really check out because it's so well set up and very pretty - and my new Lip Tattoo - from the Nightmare Lip Tattoo Set - was already saying it without saying it, I just made it clearer in my gesture that's all!
Just so you know what I am talking about, I've included a little close up... Read my lips people!!! LOL! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Magika - Fever in 02 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Glasses: MINIMAL - Clark Glasses in Silver 
Lip Tattoo: Nightmare - Lip Tattoo Set in Words
Piercing: Cute Poison - Wounded Piercing 
Necklace: random.Matter - Taeil Choker in Black (Available until April 12th at No.21
Top: villena - Torn Cropped Shirt in Olive (Available until April 10th at Kustom9
Hands: Vista Animations - Vista Bento Prohands in V.2 
Rings: Ama - Simplicity Rings in ALL Silver (Available until April 20th at LootBox Gacha Event
Pose: Image Essentials - Viper 3 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Spring Goddess

I'm still playing dress up and you can't stop me, nernerninerner LOL... 
There's me trying to be grown up about things and I let my inner child take over right?! Still, I cannot get enough of playing dress up, it's one of my favourite things about the SL world in which you can be whatever and whoever you want to be!
Today I have chosen to be a goddess, I'm going to let my inner beauty out a bit, while I drag the somewhat weird and kinky along too... It's going to be magic!
At the Whole Wheat location is an area of Serenity... A beautiful space that seems perfect for a magical goddess like myself LOL... 
Skantily clad in an ivory drape dress from Asteria - which hangs open just enough to teasingly show her Spring Nipple Piercings - from Ama. Her purple hair and eyebrows have dyed to a pretty shade of mauve, with her eyebrows even being shaved to represents the "Tigre" that hides inside this goddess - eyebrows which you can get from Nightmare at Suicide Dollz by the way! 
It is however, her gorgeous Spring Witch Halo that defines her goddess status - part of the Spring Witch Set from Nightmare at Ostara's Altar - and her affinity with animals that shows her true goddess form. This adorable little Witchy Rabbit - from PSYCHO.Byts at the Ostara Event - wouldn'y stop following her as she wandered through the serenity garden... 
It looks like she gained a little friend today, someone to enjoy the serenity! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Magika - Summer in 02 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Eyebrows: Nightmare - Tigre Brows Set (Available until March 30th at Suicide Dollz
Face & Nipple Piercings: Ama - Spring Cheek, Nipple and Septum Piercings (Available until March 30 at The Liason Collaborative
Choker: [Buzzeri] - Daisy Choker in Natural 
Halo & Butterflies: Nightmare - Spring Witch Set (Available until April 16th at Ostara's Altar
Dress: Asteria - Drape Dress in Ivory 
Pet: PSYCHO.Byts - Witchy Rabbit in White (Available until April 16th at Ostara's Altar
Pose: Image Essentials - Succubus 2 Mirror 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Tie Up the Cheshire Cat!

The morning after the crazy weekend and now I have a desire to play dress up, I wonder if it's because my body is still full of alcohol?! 
Yet I can't stop myself, I want to play dress up, and I know just the set that I want to play dress up in... I want to visit Wonderland, I want to be naughty and cute and everything in between... 
So today, I'm going to be the Cheshire Cat - of sorts anyway!!!
At the WHOLE WHEAT location, I found this very cute almost Wonderlandish photo set, and boy did it feel right to dress like the Cheshire Cat here... The location was perfect for the outfit that I chose!
This outfit was mostly inspired by the amazing gacha collection from CURELESS 
- for this month's Arcade - called the Red Queen's Realm. The Ears, Mouth Piece, and Fur Boa all come from that set, and the colour seemed to match perfectly with one of the newest releases of Nightmare called the "Zara Corset". I added this cute, but somewhat kinky, muzzle from Ama - available at the latest round of the new Tie Me Up event - and a leash, and this kinky Cheshire Cat was ready to lead you though my own personal Wonderland.

What is she wearing;
Ears, Mouth & Scarf: CURELESS - Red Queen's Realm Gacha Items in Purple (Available until March 31st at The Arcade)
Hair: Truth - Zoya (March Group Gift) 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Eyes: Suicidal Unborn - Phantom Eyes V2 
Muzzle: Ama - Muzzle Me (Available until March 31st at Tie Me Up)
Collar: MoDANNA - Enlace Collection in Leash Chokers Black (No Longer Available!)
Lingerie & Corset: Nightmare - Zara Corset Set
Pose: Signature Pose - Level With Me, Pose Set 23

Sunday, March 19, 2017


IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!! MY RL BIRTHDAY!!! TODAY I'm 31 in RL, and I'm having a very lovely day! Last night was fun, the MC threw me a Five Finger Death Punch concert, and I drank maybe a little too much, but today it's all about family time. Being spoilt with lots of lovely gifts, cake and plenty of relaxation, is lovely today... If last night was a little crazy, I think I need it!! 
As you can see, Poor Rudh had a little too much festivity last night - thanks to the pose from Image Essentials, that comes complete with the props. She partied too hard, drank too much, and luckily didn't get to go home with a rockstar! Still least she looked good enough while overdosing on festivity thanks to her new jeans - Legal Insanity available at Trés Chic - and top set - Bunny Fishnet from Hilly Haalan - and she definitely knew how to have a great party...
Today though, I think it's time for her to rest a bit too... Putting her feet up and relaxing is the key to today's happy times I think...
Oh and perhaps a little more Five Finger Death Punch...
What is she wearing;
Hair: ARGRACE - KOHAKU in Reds 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Necklace: Kibitz - Heart Collar in Silver 
Top: Hilly Haalan - Bunny Fishnet Sweater 
Jeans: Legal Insanity - Anja Dirty Ripped Jeans (Available until April 5th at Trés Chic
Shoes: #EMPIRE - Carnation
Pose: Image Essentials - Too Much Festivity

Friday, March 17, 2017

Perverted Clowns at Circus Rot!

It's Friday, It's Friday... It's the weekend of my Birthday!!! YAY!! Sunday is my Birthday and so I'm planning on having a crazy fun weekend this weekend, dammit I've really earnt it! This past month has been difficult so far, so I'm going to let my hair down and party!!!
I'll start my fun weekend with a trip to the Circus... I know some people are afraid of clowns, and I admit that I do find them a little creepy, but I couldn't resist going along to the Circus Rot when it came to town... 
Even though a large scary clown called "Chubbs" made me sit on his knee, before he groped my bottom!! That's why my expression is one of shock by the way... The dirty fecker actually goosed me!! I mean how rude! Clown molestations are definitely not something on my to-do list LOL... Never been attracted to shiny red noses to be honest! 
The Circus Rot rolled in from Remarkable Oblivion - via a little place called The Arcade. This gacha collection of circus weirdness not only includes clowns, but mermaids, décor and toys. While they were coming my way, it seems they picked up a few new friends too, if the Schadenfreude Chicken and Half-Deer Flying Piglet are anything to go by! 
Still I guess a grope is a grope, here's hoping the next one comes from a smokin' hot Viking rather than a clown, quick though let's get inside before the show starts... Who knows what a gorey, macabre show the Circus Rot has in store?!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Exile - Cold Sky in Reds (Available until March 6th at Collabor88
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Dress: Vinyl - Bean Babydoll Dress in Yellow 
Shoes: Just Design - Polly in Vintage Red (Past Hunt Item) 
Pose: Signature Pose - Level With Me, Pose Set 23 
Clowns, Tent, & Balloons: Remarkable Oblivion - Circus Rot Gacha Items (Available until March 31st at The Arcade
Pig: Half-Deer - Mini Piggy Gacha Item in When Pigs Fly Pink (Available until March 31st at The Arcade
Chicken: Schadenfreude - Chicken! Gacha Item in Bones Hen (Available until March 31st at The Arcade

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Nightmares Under The Sea

I love playing dress up, and I love dark and macabre, and I love exploring... So when these three things combine, it makes for a very happy Rudh indeed. 
I was able to get my hands on a new release from one of my crush stores, and within the space of an hour or so I was told about a new Cica Ghost Art Sim... Wouldn't you know, the combination of these two things was PERFECT! 
Today we're going deep sea diving... Better bring your waterproofs!!
Cica Ghost has always made some very beautiful and interesting sims to explore, and although they aren't around for very long, when a new one pops up it's something that is a must-see for me. This time is no different, and the Under the Sea sim is filled with wonderful creatures of all shapes and sizes, and for today only, one extra guest... ME!!
The reason I decided that I needed to be here, was partly due to the amazing release from Nightmare for this year's Depraved Nation Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair. The items come separately but can be collected to form a "Cracken Attack" set - shown here in black and only missing the tentacles from the back and the head - in a range of different colours. Of course, once I had the tentacles in place my mind ran away with me. I found an old necklace from erare that drew my mind towards Ursula - Little Mermaid's Sea Witch - and so more Tentacle Marks - like the ones available from NOX - were needed. Then of course, as she was under the water, she needed some kind of Mermaidishness - yes I know it's not a real word LOL - which was where the Siren Carving Scars - from Evermore - come into play!
It's a dressing up costume that pleases me... It's caused me to start singing the Little Mermaid Classic "Under the Sea" but meh it's a song I can live with... In fact perhaps, so will you LOL...
What is she wearing;
Hair & Accessory: !Ohmai - Omakase in DrkReds 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Make-Up: Ghost'Ink - Be Bloody
Collar: [ abrasive ] - Cthulhu Tentacle Set in Black
Necklace: erare - Secrets Necklace (No Longer Available!)
Tentacles: Nightmare - Cracken Attack Gacha Items in Black (Available until March 31st at Depraved Nation's Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair)
Tentacle Marks: NOX. - Octo Hickies
Body Scars: Evermore - Siren Carving
Pose: Signature Pose - Feels like Flying, Pose Set 19

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Spring Springs in March - Second Life Calendar 2017

It's now nearing the middle of March and I just realised that I haven't done anything about my March Calendar post yet! Way to go Me, you're only 2 months into the year and you're already slipping on one of the challenges that you set for yourself - via the creation of another person of course LOL!
So I bring you, March's Calendar for my third instalment of the Second Life Calendar 2017 Challenge...
March is a special month, although people may disagree, it's the official starter month of Spring! It's also the month of my birthday - which I celebrate on March 19th - and that's why it earns a place amongst my favourite months of the year LOL...
So let's have a few facts about March, shall we? 
Named by the Romans after the god Mars, due to it being the month all military campaigns were started and he being the God of War, it had previously been referred to as "Hylda" meaning "loud" in Old English. Maybe that's true I mean I am a March baby, and I've always been pretty loud?! March's birthstone is the very pretty aquamarine, and the flower of the month is the Daffodil - although some might argue and say it's the violet - but in my case daffodils are the more important, they make me think of my mum and that makes me smile! 
Now let's talk about this month's calendar picture, I've decided to share a larger version of the picture that I used so you can see things a bit more clearly!
The look is pretty new, but it's pieces that you don't need to rush to an event to get, with the exception of my new puppy of course! The Puppy is a Jian creation, available in four different colours at this month's Arcade! The rest of my outfit is just pretty stuff that you can pick up in the mainstores! 
I simply teamed a gorgeous COCO long sleeved shirt "dress" with a cute hairstyle from Truth called "Asuka" and a pair of over the knee boots from CandyDoll and voilà the look was complete... A look of the day AND a calendar picture all at once! Awesome!  

What is she wearing;
Hair: Truth - Asuka in Red 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Shirt: COCO - LongSleeveShirt+Corset in White 
Boots: CandyDoll - Arabella in Black 
Pet: Jian - Scruffy Shepherds in Companion Tan Black (Available until March 31st at The Arcade
Pose: Signature Pose - Hey there!, Pose Set 8 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Getting Ready for the Day

Getting out of bed was hard this morning, but I'm finally up and awake!! Now it's just a case of I have to start my day LOL... Never an easy task at the moment... I have coffee, and soon I will need to let the dog out - although she seems to find it harder to get up than I do as she's still in bed right now - then once I'm done with my two or three cups of coffee, it's onto the dressing part. In RL it's easier, I'm a jeans and sweaters kinda girl - no fuss is better for me - but in SL, well it can take Rudh HOURS!!! There's so much primping and preening to do, that I'm lucky I live in the European Time Zone and most of my friends are American really LOL... 
Better make a start or I will never be ready!!! 
After a shower - because no one wants to be near a stinky Rudh - it's into the beauty corner for hair and make-up... Sometimes with a quick mud-mask if she's really feeling like pampering herself! 
Today it's curls... She dug around and found her Curling Iron, and she's being fairly smart... If she curls it now, by tonight it will be long pretty slightly dropped out curls!! 
Just for discussion of what is in the photo's sake, I want to share with you three very important things this morning of her getting ready routine... 
Firstly her towel is one from MUSCHI that drapes oh-so-effectively over her naughty bits. The second is this awesome Kitty's Claws "Fantastic Facial Mask" for Omega based mesh head make-up that I found on marketplace, that comes with not just one but THREE different mud colours! Lastly, and possibly my favourite item to share is this awesome hair from Olive called "the Presley Hair". This hair comes in a fatpack, but only if you're very lucky as it's the Olive Rare item for this month's Arcade. It took me while - and probably more money than I would normally have spent on hair - but I NEEDED IT!!! 
Now that you've witnessed this though, it's time you leave a girl in peace to enjoy her pampering, don't you think? 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Olive - the Presley Hair in Fatpack Rare (Available until March 31st at The Arcade
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Mask: Kitty's Claws - Fantastic Facial Masks 
Towel: MUSCHI - Towel Like a Boss in White 
Pose: Image Essentials - Viper 3 mirror (Coming Soon to Designer Circle, starting March 19th) 

Monday, March 13, 2017

At a Lost Junction in my Inventory...

Good morning world! It's a brand new day, and I'm going to kick butt and take names today... As soon as I've had my coffee that is. 
I'm going to roll my sleeves up and get busy taking some pictures and sorting through my vast hoard. The warehouse I store my SL inventory in was once like a cavern, now it's full of so much stuff that the echo stopped answering back... It's time for a spring clean!! So, coffee in hand, I park myself with within a possible new look office for me, and open the first of many different "boxes"!
My new stuff is definitely something that will need to find a place in my newly tidied hoard - if I don't leave it out that is - because it's just so cute! Also you should be considering yourselves lucky because I'm in my PJs still - brand new Pjs from tres blah at that - not that it's anything new but hey, Jammie shot LOL... 
One of the worst folders in my hoard is a folder marked "Arcade!"... It's luckily been sorted by months that The Arcade has been open but there is a LOT of stuff that I just haven't put away... It's so bad that I have even forgotten what some of it is?! I mean OK the stuff I have in the picture above is mostly from Lost Junction - the desk, chair, and majority of the décor are all Lost Junction creations - but that's one collection, in one folder of the dreaded "Arcade" folder... 
Even my poor Guinea Dino - from comet, isn't he freaking cute?! - keeps giving me weird looks as I cautiously open a new box... 
I may be here a while people, if you don't hear from me in a few days, send a rescue team hehe... 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Truth - Kyoko in Reds (Available until March 23rd at UBER
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Pyjamas: tres blah - Slumber Party Gacha Items (Available until March 31st at The Arcade
Desk, Chair, Books, Pencils & Frame: [Lost Junction] - Bored at my Desk Gacha Items (Available until March 31st at The Arcade)  
Painting: [Lost Junction] - Fun Art Gacha Item in Our Hero REWARD (Available until March 31st at The Arcade
Balloon: AsteroidBox - Asshole Balloon (Group Gift) 
Bacon: Ariskea - Winter in Canada Gacha Item in Mike Bacon 
Camera: tres blah - Slumber Party Gacha Items in Making Memories (Available until March 31st at The Arcade
Rug: [Commoner] - Zebra Rug in Teal (Available until March 31st at The Arcade
Pet: comet. - RARE Guinealizard Ronnie in Green Horns 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Rally to Rescue the Pitbulls

Sunday Morning, the sun is shining, and I'm thinking that I'll start today with a coffee and then perhaps a LONG walk in the park with my doggie... I know that tomorrow it's going to be back to reality, talking to lawyers and dealing with RL issues, but for now... AHHHHHH Relaxing time! 
Walking in Second Life seems to be something that I actually enjoy doing at the moment too... Sounds a bit weird, but it's such an amazing way to explore the beautiful sims that people spend so long creating, so just like in RL I grab a fluffy friend and head out for a walk to explore... 
A gorgeous location to explore - if you haven't been there already - is Fall Trace, a gorgeous wetland area, with lots of little places to just sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet!
Today I have a new friend to walk with me, well I say today but I've actually had him for a while now it's just the first time that he's coming out to play... He's a little Pitbull from Psycho.Byts
These puppies have been released in 5 different fur colours by Psycho.Byts at the Rally to Rescue event being hosted by the Ghost Bullys MC. Each puppy comes in two different hold poses and a static sit pose. 
The puppies, along with some cute designs by 35 other designers will be available until March 20th at Rally to Rescue, with all proceeds going to support Animal Rescues!
Pitbulls have been given a bad reputation by society, but it's not the fault of the dogs it's a fault of a minority of people that claim their ownership... Let's not let these poor, innocent animals suffer, head on over to the event today and help raise money for a worthy cause... You never know, you like me may find yourself a new friend to walk with!!! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: BURLEY - Amara in Reds 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Outfit: 'M.BIRDIE - Leah Look in Clothing A2 (Available until March 31st at The Arcade
Pet: PSYCHO.Byts - Young Pitbull in 1 Black (Available until March 20th at Rally to Rescue
Knee Wound: A*S - Bloody Knees 
Boots: katat0nik - Old Boots in Gray (Available until March 31st at The Arcade
Pose: Signature Pose - Not Hindered, Pose Set 24 

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Whore Couture Girl Time

It's been a long time since I did something a little risqué and I feel that a little naughty is probably a good idea right about now... Something that will make me smile at least, and the picture that I'm about share with you definitely caused that!! What should have been a rather sexy photo-shoot, caused a massive fit of the giggles between myself and my good friend Lilian, and although for us the naughty effect wasn't so much naughty but silly, we definitely got the good feeling that we needed out of it!
It all started with a little event called Whore Couture, an event specifically designed to bring out the bad girl in us ladies, and at the same time get all the bad boys drooling... 
It ended up in a picture that may or may not have been staged! I'll leave that to your dirty little imaginations! 
The pose used is one from Come Soon called Cigar - which is available at the Whore Couture Fair and includes the pose and setting - but I have to admit that I added a few extra little details for a little more "spice". All of the toys and some of the props on the table have been added as that little extra so if you want that spice make sure you take a look to see what I've included! 
Covered in bite marks, hickies and lipstick, you will see that we had a little fun, now Lil needs a breather and a bit of a smoke, and who knows maybe we will play again, maybe next time if you're very good we may let you join in hehe!!! 

What are they wearing:
Hair: Exile - First Dance in Reds 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Lipstick Marks: Chemical Princess - Kisses Tattoo (Available until March 31st at Whore Couture Fair
Bite Marks: antielle - Appetizer / Bites & Hickies (No Longer Available!)
Lingerie: MUKA - Foxy Outfit (Available until March 31st at Whore Couture Fair
Hair: Truth - Ember in Gingers
Lipstick: Izzie's - Smeared Lipstick
Bra: Addams - Natalie Bra Metal in N*3
Panties: Addams - Natalie Panty Metal in N16
Rings: *Kate* - Boho Ring Collection in All Together 
Pose & Props: Come Soon - Cigar (Available until March 31st at Whore Couture Fair
Lube & Box: The Horror! - Amore Collection Collection 
Paddle: Follow US - Fetish Paddle Gacha  in V4 
Dildo: (epia) - Dildo 
Handcuffs: Instinct - Handcuffs 
Crop: elymode - Riding Crop 2015 in 1 Black 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Black, White and Sin City Style

I've been what my sister called a "Moaning Myrtle" for too long - I think that's a Harry Potter reference by the way, I'm not sure but maybe someone can tell me - and I need to find some inner strength to dust myself off and move forwards... 
So I'm moving on, I'm going to start doing happy things again and I'm going to love every minute of it... Starting with today's blog post and pretty picture... I have to admit I got a little creative! 
I wanted to do something blank and white, I have a project coming for a friend in SL and she wanted black and white shots so I needed a little practice, this was the result of my practice, and I have to admit that I am pretty pleased with what I came up with! 
Shot at Hazardous, I was wearing this awesome Riot Dress from Razor - available at the current round of Suicide Dollz - with the super fluffy CURELESS Cheshire's Shawl in black - this by the way is a Gacha item available at this month's Arcade just so you know! 
The picture in black and white looked great but I wanted to do something extra that would make it pop... Then I thought about the bright red lips on the Hobi Chokers from random.Matter - available at The Chapter Four for March - and my bright red lipstick to match... With my Red hair it all just seemed like a great idea to "Sin City" up the picture, and well, as you can tell I am very happy with the result! A little glamour but also a little pop! 
Maybe Rudh is finally getting her groove back? 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Truth - Delaney in Reds 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Lipstick: Swallow -  Logo Lucy Lipstick Applier 
Fur: CURELESS - Red Queen's Realm Gacha Item in Cheshire's Shawl Black (Available until March 31st at The Arcade)
Necklace: random.Matter - Hobi Chokers in Silver (Available until March 24th at The Chapter Four
Dress: Razor - Riot Dress in Plain Black (Available until March 15th at Suicide Dollz
Pose: Image Essentials - Body Line 4 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Cyanide Serum Make-Over

Toxicity... Poisonous... Dangerous and Deadly... Right now I'm at the point of if you mess with me you will be shown my darker side. They say there are 5 stages of various feelings after a loss, but that's possibly because they haven't yet met Rudh! I seem to be going through 5 stages PER DAY! 
Still today is going to be a me day, I am going to get out and get some fresh air and try not to think about the craziness going on in life... 
Rudh on the other hand is prepping herself for war it seems... Filling herself with Cyanide!! 
You can get the serum that you need for various different things from Evermore at this month's SaNaRae... They come in a set so that you will always be prepared for any situation that you need a boost! 
Just as a warning - or at least in my case thanks to some awesome new releases at the coming Skin Fair - the serum has affected my look for the day! 
My Eye Make-Up and Lipstick tinged with the same Aqua Green as the liquid in the bottle - thanks to two new skin fair releases from SongBird called "Gretchen" and "Tripp Lips" respectively - but the most interesting change was the appearance of a row of tiny little hearts - Lovefool available at Skin Fair from SongBird by the way -  that dotted her cheeks once she started taking the serum! It's changed her so much even her hair and eyes have been altered! 
Just so you know though, I know I've mentioned Skin Fair... I am afraid to tell you that right now you're going to have to wait just a little longer... The Skin Fair opens tomorrow at 12PM SLT! Not long now I know, but there are some AMAZING things to come, so maybe it's time for a make-over... Maybe one powered by Serum like Rudh's?! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Magika - Bad Habit in 02 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Eye Shadow: SongBird - Gretchen (Available until March 26th at Skin Fair 2017
Eyes: Suicidal Unborn - Phantom Eyes V2 
Blush: SongBird - Lovefool (Available until March 26th at Skin Fair 2017
Lipstick: SongBird - Tripp Lips (Available until March 26th at Skin Fair 2017
Collar: The Horror! - Princessa Collar in Black/Silver 
Bottle: Evermore - Needs Serum in Cynide (Available until March 18th at SaNaRae

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Masks against the Smog

Ever have that feeling of so much pressure to do something that it makes you feel physically sick? It's the feeling that I'm suffering with at the moment in RL due to legal paperwork. I'd love to have a fairy godmother that could wave a magic wand and turn them into frogs so that I have some time to think! I need a break from all that, so I'm going to do something easy and relaxing... BLOG!!!
Retreating into a world that I have more control over sounds like a great idea, even if the world feels a bit apocalyptic... 
At Asphyxiation Point, the air can feel somewhat smoggy, especially in the bad side of town.
So as I went out exploring, I decided the best idea was to put a face mask on with my adorable new Kyoko Hair from Truth...
Before walking out the door I made another smart move - which considering my mental state right now is amazing - I remembered to grab myself a sweater!!! OK OK so I tell a fib, the sweater and shirt actually come as one, from Nightmare - at this week's round of Suicide Dollz - and each is decorated with some twisted lines from children´s Nursery Rhymes! I know I will enjoy wearing these! 
Now all I need to do, while I explore this interesting cityscape is hope that the RL phone stops ringing! 

What is she wearing;
Hair & Mask: Truth - Kyoko in Reds (Available until March 23rd at UBER)
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2
Top & Sweater: Nightmare - Zeal Sweater (Available until March 15th at Suicide Dollz
Pants: Blueberry - Tali Fall Pants in Leather Black
Pose: Image Essentials - Cute and Coy 2

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Someone Save Me!

I am experiencing a weird feeling of drowning but the reason is not actually as bad as it sounds... Basically I lost my job in RL last week, which sounds like a good thing considering I always complained about it and it gives me a kick in the butt to find a new start, but right now while I'm dealing with the legal stuff I feel like I'm feeling like I'm drowning! 
Can someone save me? 
Save a princess trapped in a tower... 
This poor princess has been trapped by dark wizard, dressed as a slave girl - albeit a pretty gorgeous Iconic Doll Set from Blueberry - she's being transformed into a draconic being, it's a Nightmare - the tattoo for body and face comes from Nightmare called "Draconic Scales". 
Being locked in a tower in a place simply referred to as Somewhere, she befriended a dove... Seizing her chance when the dark wizard was working one of his spells, she whispered to the dove and sent it flying, hoping that a handsome Prince would come to save her... 
If only it was that easy in RL though... Instead of handsome princes, I have hours of phone calls ahead... Keep your fingers crossed for me and wish me lots of luck would you please? 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Truth - Opal in Reds 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Face & Body Tattoo: Nightmare - Draconian Scales V2 
Collar: [Haste] - Come Closer Collar in Chrome 
Outfit (including Wings): Blueberry - Iconic Doll Gacha Items in Silver (Available until March 31st at The Arcade
Pose & Prop: Fashiowl Poses - SnowPrincess 3