Saturday, June 30, 2012

The It Girlz and Fellaz Grease Show!

For those of you that may not know, HellBone makes vehicles... Cars, Bikes, Random Novelty Racers that wouldn't look out of place on Jackass, that kind of thing. I will admit to you now, before you get too involved in reading this, that this post will possibly definitely be a shameless plug for our store, but then I guess I should help promote it once in a while! 
I do have something interesting to show you though so do bear with me LOL! 
One of the different lines of vehicles that Hell created for our (I say our because I am the one doing all the background stuff - marketplace listings, blogging and the like!) store, Hogs and Cart Wheels, is the famous vehicles. We've created some rather popular "celebrity" vehicles, including the Back to the Future Delorean, the Supernatural Metallicar, the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 and the Knight Rider's KITT, yet the one that I am excited about today is our tribute to the movie Grease, and our Lightning. 
We released the Lightning a while ago now, and the thing has been a bit slow to get out there into the SL world. Seems like although a lot of people love Grease, not so many of them want to own their own Grease Lightning hehe! The car is as close as we could get it to the real thing hehe, we spent HOURS watching the movie and making notes, HellBone likes to be that precise with his builds, especially when it comes to the movie cars because they are so well known.
ANYWAY, we were contacted a few weeks ago now asking for help with a situation involving this car, someone wanted to use it for a special production and so HellBone pulled out all the stops to help them with a car that would suit their needs... The group of people in question was a SL dance troop called The It Girlz & Fellaz, and they were putting together a Grease show. I'd never heard of them, but from looking at videos of the group on YouTube they seemed to be very professional and actually rather entertaining!
Things went quiet after we had helped out with getting the Lightning sorted so that it was useable for the guys to have a bit more ability to be able to dance all over the car, but then this morning I was sent a link, and OH MY GOSH I love what they did hehe... I had to show everyone!!! It's awesome to see one of our vehicles being used like this!
For anyone interested, the It Girlz & Fellaz will be putting on a live Grease show today at 6PM SLT - Hell and I can't go unfortunately as it is roughly 3am for us - but if you fancy seeing something a little bit different, you should go check them out at Rock Lobster - but remember 6PM SLT!!! Good Luck to all the dancers and as they say in showbiz "Break a Leg" (though I never understood why they say that lol a dancer breaking a leg wouldn't be good for the show! LOL)

Friday, June 29, 2012

Why walk when you can ride an ostrich?

I think I'm just having one of those weeks where I feel like doing anything too much will really not work... It has been really hot and humid over here, I've been wanting to do nothing more than spend my time sprawled on my bed with the HUGE fan that Hell has from when he would cart around stuff for his band, and a really good book. I've been feeling kinda icky too, wanting to sleep a lot and feeling groggy, oh as well as the migraine I had the other day!! 
Still I managed to find some time to sit behind the PC today... I had to, I need to get doing things again even if it is just job hunting online. 
However in SL, D-LAB have bloomin well done it again... It's 50L Friday, and D-LAB is in the line up, and OH MY GAH THEY MADE OSTRICHES! 
I simply had to have one, there was no two ways about it. They made rubber rings too, but I was blind to those after seeing the ostriches... They make cute noises and can be ridden by you and a friend! Poor little things though, I mean OK one heavy lump on its back I can understand but two heavy lumps LOL that might be pushing it a little surely? LOL... Oh and for the record I'm not blond lol, it's the fault of the lighting! I'm actually wearing ice white pigtails - one of Ploom's latest releases! Although, colour wise I kinda match the other crazy bird in the photo huh?
Still, this picture does have a slight pensive feeling to it, maybe I am expressing the fact that I feel icky but am excited about the weekend! I will aim to be online for two fun events - Fledge is having a land warming party and my friend Horatio is bringing back the cover bands he used to perform in so well for an AC/DC gig! Not to mention I need to get the colour challenge photo ready, OH and all the shopping!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Horror Haute Ghouls Night Out

The Horror Haute list was sent out in the group this morning, and I finally managed to finish my second Horror Haute look. I think that I love this look even more than the first one that I put together, it's bright and fun but dead, and seems like something I would totally wear - in fact I will be keeping it on for a while because I like it so much!
Fledge dubbed this the 'Ghouls Night Out' look, and maybe it's because I have a weird love for Monster High LOL - yes I know it's a kids programme and it might make me a little weird, but it's cute and monstrous and I am jealous that I didn't get monster barbies when I was a kid! (If you have no idea what Monster High is, I'll be nice and share a link with you LOL... I am such a big kid, who needs grown-up tv!)
I scoured SL looking for just the right disco club feel and found one with lots of strobe light effects and falling sparkles... the picture just fell into place. I never saw anyone at the event location but thank you to the Club Fatheads for having such awesome sparkly lights hehe!
There may be more Horror Haute inspired posts to come from me this month, I may keep you waiting till next month, but for now get your glad rags on and join me on a Ghouls Night Out? Anyone? 

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Exile - Nikki in Moonlight (Past Gift)
Skin: [PETRICHOR] - Zombie Skin in Leech 
Eyes: Saturnine Dreams - Undead Eyes in Glass Wight (HORROR HAUTE JUNE)
Face Hole: {Dead Apples} - Melted with Drops Add-On (HORROR HAUTE JUNE)
Necklace: Lasaki - Eternal Beauty Necklace (HORROR HAUTE JUNE)
Dress: The Little Bat - Vivian in Dust (HORROR HAUTE JUNE)
Gloves: Hysteria - The amazing spikes (HORROR HAUTE JUNE)
Ring: Maxi Gossamer - Fleur De Lis Skull Rings
Pose: SuPerBia - Kawaii1

52WOCC2 - Week 26 - HALF WAY!!

OH MY GAH WE REACHED THE HALF WAY POINT!!! I never thought I'd make it through this once let alone making it through the second time to the half way point! It's just crazy that we are here and every week we all still chomp at the bit waiting to get our posts up and see what everyone else is doing in their crazy colourful styles! 
Every week is like a roller coaster. I start off thinking 'hmm now what' then by the time I have put my look together and am working on the Photoshopping to get a background in place its like 'WHEEEEEE' and as I sit to write my post and link to Luna's blog, I always have that feeling a bit like when the roller coaster pulls back into the stop for you to disembark! I know it sounds kinda crazy but that is the way that it always seems to roll with me. Oh and this week, I realised I should stop being so lazy and start putting in links to stores - covering Horror Haute made me realise that people might actually wanna go get some of the stuff I'm wearing - or maybe not lol!
I never know what I will be wearing until the look seems to pull itself together, some weeks I look a little crazy - like the breakfast demon of last week - and others I am less so. This week, however, the look is kinda different as I am not really dressed up as anything. 
Week 26 - Rust
Week 26: Why did I spend so much time doing my hair?
What is she wearing; 
Hair: [LeLutka] - Editorial Hair 02
Dress: paper.doll - Aria (From a Seasons Hunt no idea if it is still available!)
Bag: S u g a r - I'd <3 to Chat Bag (Current Depraved Summer Love Hunt Prize)
Boots: MIEL - Puddle Boots
Umbrella & Pose: {what next} – Umbrella
I saw this colour and immediately thought of Autumn. I think Autumn is my favourite season as I love all the reds and golds that seem to fill the trees, being a red head in RL I've been told in the past that my hair colour really fits with that Autumn colour palette. I feel like I am wishing away the summer, maybe I am as I am really not good with heat, but this picture has that feeling of crappy weather as I head to a party. I cant have my umbrella up due to the wind and I have to have my killer heels in my bag, but hey it's the price of not taking a taxi hehe!
Next Week - Cadmium Red

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Stay Outta The Water!

D-LAB DID IT AGAIN!!! They made something that I simply felt I couldn't live my life without, well I say something but it was SOMETHINGS plural that had me running at speed to grab them!
Sharks! Some people love them, some people hate them... I personally didn't like the film Jaws but would prefer to go into a shark cage than to swim with dolphins. Everyone does dolphins, I would imagine the thrill of being in shark cage - although you might poop your pants at first - would definitely be worth it!
D-LAB made Sharks, and as soon as I saw them I had to have them, there was no getting around it! I needed these sharky things!
It started off with a group freebie mouthie version, then the full-sized version and finally I had to hot foot it over to the Old Europe Summer Festival just to get the necklace version, which is a freebie in the starfish that can be found on the D-LAB stall! 
Once it was out and I noticed Hell was in the garden not stuck up on his build platform where he seems to be about 90% of the time he is online - the other 10% he is off doing stuff for the bike club that he is a senior road captain of - I grabbed him for a photo. 
I tweaked the photo with the online photo enhancement programme thingie that Morgana had shown me and TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA - I really like the result!! Really really like the result!! 
I think this is my favourite picture of Hell and I in a while, though the Stand4Love picture and this photo would have a fight to see who won hehe!!!

Don't Cry Teddy, It's Only Horror Haute

Horror Haute June is upon us and I am so excited to be able to bring it to my personal blog. When I quit working for Seraphim recently, I went to all of the event organisers that I had worked with covering their events, firstly to say that I had quit and felt that as I was no longer covering their event on the blog that I would be leaving their bloggers group - it was something that I felt I needed to do, I signed up with them to cover it specifically on Seraphim and once that was over I felt I owed the designers and organisers that I had worked with that small courtesy - and then to thank them for allowing me to be part of their event for so long. 
Electra Shadowcry, of Hysteria and organiser of Horror Haute, point blankly refused to let me leave however. She felt I was a good enough blogger to continue to blog the event on my personal blog, an idea I hadn't pursued with any of the other events I had previously covered, and so I was told I would need to create 2 posts a month in the space of a week to publicise the Horror Haute event...
I bring you the first of my posts NOW!! Hehe - I hope I can do it justice Electra, thank you for your faith in me as a blogger! 
I had NO IDEA what I was going to do for this first look, I knew I wanted to wear this skin and the eyes, that part was easy. It was the working out how everything else fit together that was hard, then I was struck with the idea of my new crying teddy pose prop that was a gift recently from [EY:NO]. I had this vision that poor teddy was scared seeing me in my Horror Haute look, Fledge thought that it was more like I was ripping his eye out hehe, either way the photo worked and I was happy with the outcome!!! I happy danced thinking 'YAY I have my first Horror Haute look in the bag' then I realised I had another to do LOL... Well one down, one to go!!

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Cookie 
Skin: Mystic Canvass - Sheena Skin with eye design (HORROR HAUTE JUNE)
Eyes: Saturnine Dreams - Undead Eyes in Ruby Vamp (HORROR HAUTE JUNE)
Choker: {PSYCHO.Byts} - Black Choker Pack with studs 
Outfit: ImmateriA - Tethys Outfit, including clothing on all layers, cuffs and prim gloves (HORROR HAUTE JUNE)
Shoes: Death Row Designs - Lolita in black spikes
Teddy Bear Pose Prop: [EY:NO] - Don't Cry Teddy (Group Gift)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Faster Horsey Faster

Been playing around with photography once again... Loving the freedom that I have with so much time on my hands now - working like I was made things like being able to play with my blog nigh on impossible! Yet now I can play and practice and try new things to my hearts content... I may even start uploading my pictures to Flickr more seeing as I am not using that solely for work purposes!
Today I bring a picture from time spent in the garden outside my little wendy house!
The Rocking Horse Freak is a picture of me being a big kid, having a big adventure and riding off into the distance on my rocking horse from HopScotch. I never normally advocate leaving a rocking horse roaming free in your garden by the way - they poop a lot and all the grass gets flattened LOL... But I will say I love this picture. My newly adopted sister Morgana - she may regret adopting me, as Fledge will no doubt agree, I am a pain in the butt - pointed me in the direction of an online photo enhancement website on which you can upload your photos and then add boarders, and colour or light overlays... I had lots of fun playing around with it! I'm sure it will feature more, it's FUN!
Still playing around with the photography thing, I think I'm getting better at it, but I'd love to hear opinions from anyone and everyone! All help is good help!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


"Each one of us has the right to liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness. Everyone has the right to love and be loved in return. GAY, LESBIAN, STRAIGHT, TRANSGENDERED or BISEXUAL…..Sexual Orientation or Race shouldn’t Matter. The FREEDOM to LOVE is fundamental as the FREEDOM to BREATHE. Two adults should have the right to love without discrimination and intolerance. Marriage should be available to any loving couple. Let’s end hatred and discrimination now. Stand UP and be counted!!!"
HellBone and I have joined the campaign and Stand4Love... I've always said that no matter who you fall in love with, love is the most important thing! 
As I heard someone once say, "Passion makes the world go round, Love just makes it a safer place", so we stand up to be counted, we've joined the campaign to fight for the right that consenting adults should be able to live and love in their own way be that straight or gay, monogamous or polygamous... Everyone should have the right to choose their own happiness! 

For more details about this campaign, I would check out the Stand4Love Blog and maybe you will join us in Standing For Love!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 25

Hard to believe that next week marks the half way point of round two... I can remember reaching the halfway point of round one and thinking bugger me I made it half way, then when I finished it I was actually pretty amazed that I had managed to keep it up. Not sure I would be able to do what I did last time around, at the end of this line up though, where I took photos of outfits I made wearing every colour... It may happen, but don't count on it!
This week I hit the ball outta the park on the randomness scale... I threw open my warehouse wardrobe doors and thought "aww crap I have nothing!" Then, for some reason - maybe it was this outfit calling me, I headed into my dressing up box and the folder marked 'food costumes' and this little beauty of an outfit slapped me in the face! 
I ran around cackling like a crazy person, dancing in the wafflyness (I know it's not a word LOL), but what to wear with it... what to wear? what to wear? Then I saw an advert on TV, about 'Feed your Breakfast Demons' - was old school on one of those remember this type shows - but it all just clicked into place in my head!
Week 25 - Unmellow Yellow
Week 25: Feed your Breakfast Demon... I'll have scrambled eggs on toast please!
What is she wearing; 
Antlers: The Black Forest - Breakfast Antlers
Hair: Ploom - Daisy (Sorry to the designers as I turned the pretty flowers into eggs)
Skin: Heartsick - Poison
Make-Up: Eyes: [ni.ju] - Kumi, and, Lips: KOSH - Drama
Outfit: Paper Heart - Sunny Side Up (No Longer Available!)
Ring: Schadenfreude - Waffles Ring
Feet: SLink - Jolie Pied

I have to apologise to Helyanwe of Ploom btw - I know she isn't likely to see this but just in case she does - I used and abused your Daisy Hair! I photoshopped them to look more like eggs than pretty daisys!  Gah this post is making me hungry LOL!!
Next Week -Rust

Saturday, June 16, 2012


D-LAB is one of my favourite stores for the cute and random, but today with it's new release I was like EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHH (imagine that as one long high pitch squeek!) and I once again was lured into spending FAR too much on a flipping gacha machine. 
Official Advertisment Photograph sent to the D-LAB group!
The Squirrels are the latest in the line of uber-cute, squeal worthy, adorableness to come out of the D-LAB. I had to have some... and by some I meant a set at least! Problem was it was a Gacha stuffed full of them and so I had to win them! You could get necklaces, bags, keyrings, watches and squirrels for your head, each in 5 different colours. I managed to get at least one of each of those things but it was the watches that I was desperate for because I think they are just too freaking adorable! I managed to get 4 different colours, missing the pink version, but I just couldn't resist. As usual with gachas it will benefit some of my friends, lol, but then there is nothing wrong with sharing the love!
 I looked at my watch, it was 5.45, meant it was dinner time hehe!! I took the comment on my Birdie post into consideration while making this picture, it was hard to stay online LOL the high antiailising when teamed with the shadows made it like treacle to move but once I was in position... This was the outcome! My first shadows, though I plan on getting more into my photography and I really want the ones like you see people getting in their studio shots too LOL... Still plenty more for me to learn! 
Oh and if anyone wins a spare Pink Squirrel Watch, don't throw it away, let me know hehe!!!

Friday, June 15, 2012


ZombiePopcorn events are like Christmas for me... I AM IN LOVE WITH THEM!!! 
The ZombiePopcorn Carnival is upon us and it has been open a total of about 45 minutes as I sit here to write this post, but I couldn't get in there fast enough!!! 
I wanted to soak in all that ZombiePopcorn goodness, I ran around the booths and tents looking at what was on offer and I will have to go back later to make sure I get a better look at all the goodies. I've already made a shopping list of things I want... the League Necklace, the KOSH Necklace, the Concrete Flowers Necklace, things from [Virtual/Insanity], a mermaid tail from Quarantine, but no doubt as I wander around it later that I will find more and end up spending a sheer fortune... It's not my fault, it is the ZombiePopcorn, it brings out my shopping demons hehe! 
Once I had wandered around looking at things though I parked my butt in a central location and just stood looking at it all... It is totally gorgeous. Jenica Penucca has done a truly amazing job to set up the carnival, in the past she has told me that she wanted it to be a fitting memory to days gone by when she went to RL carnivals with her loved ones and BOY has she done just that... I was blown away by the colours - it took me back to times when I had visited carnivals like this when I was a kid. So vivid is the venue that you can almost feel the bubbling of excitement, smell the candyfloss in the air and hear the screams of people on some of the HUGE rides! I am totally blown away and recommend to anyone and everyone, GO TO THE CARNIVAL!!! It is so worth the trip! 
I'll be going back a few times I am sure, and maybe I should have waited to get all dressed up and show off some of the items you can buy at the carnival but that's something you can explore on your own, you don't need me for that, I purely decided to write this and tell you - anyone who will listen - this is an AMAZING, dazzling, fun, and colourful place to visit!!!

NO BIRDIE, Don't Eat That!

Been playing with photography again, getting really click happy... I could be a member of the paparazzi for the amount of photo shooting I am doing now - not that any of them are any good LOL but I'm trying!
I randomly came across this shot in the garden playing with odd poses and different locations, it had me in stitches and the first thing that came to mind when I saw the photo and the way the vulture is pulling off a chunk was "NO BIRDIE Don't Eat That" lol... This is one of the pets we keep in our garden, he keeps the swamp gator company, and makes a handy waste disposal unit!! As I told our daughters, this is where I disposed of past ex-boyfriends, hehe, and I have a feeling that the bird and the gator may be well fed with these two from now on! 
I also learnt something that may seem totally silly to some people but to a photography noob like me it was a real eye opener! Lashae mentioned about High Rez Snapshots to disk... I was like WHAAAA??? It makes them seem less jagged around the edges, and will now be a permanently marked so that all my photos have this jag-free look... The fact that I am nearly 6 in SL and am just learning this makes me feel like a total noobie lol, but hey who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tinkering with all the pretty lights...

For the last couple of days, I have been playing with the windlight settings - finding a shot that I liked and then flicking through the lighting to see which I like best for each shot... Stupidly I never wrote down names, I was just having a bit of a giggle looking at the way that the light affected things, I will no doubt keep trying the lighting out as I begin to discover some of the techniques used by the SL photography pros that are discussed in the various photography tutorials blog posts!
I particularly loved two photos that I took however... 
The first one I have called "My Heart, It Broke". I took this photo the day after all of the big drama blew up in my face. I was feeling more than a little depressed at the time and the thought of wearing anything bright, colourful or pretty, just made me want to vomit! I wasn't sure of the lipstick at first but now I love the fact the colour pops out like that, and the lighting seems to really highlight the tears. This look if definitely a bit more vintage Rudh - I used to RP as a vampire a long time ago before the Bloodlines game took over SL and therefore before it became fashionable! People have said that although the photo is sad at first there is a definite sparkle in her eye and a slight smile on her lips - suggestive of something but they can never say what. 
Possibly it could link to another photo I took that I really liked... 
This one I've been thinking of as a photo showing "The Keys To Your Secrets", maybe it's a reason why the Rudh above has a gleam in her eye and a slight smile... I love the pop art nature of this photo, and stumbled upon the lighting by accident, makes it seem even better somehow! The colours sum up my feel at the time too... The healing process of losing what I did has begun and the colours seem brighter now that I have a chance to breath and spend more time on me rather than on something else! But like the photo suggests I hold the keys hehe... Question is, will the locks always remain locked?

HellBone's Angels??? LOL!

Every cloud has a silver lining... Least I have always been told that it was the way things worked. My mum used to tell me so when I was little, Disney (my guru when I was a kid) always made it seem so, and even now most of the movies or books I am partial too always have a silver lining after a cloud. 
My most recent silver lining is something that I never thought I would be having to hear or announce to ANYONE - be it relating to SL or RL, it's just something that I have never wanted LOL... Still... Ladies and Gentlemen, it is about time I announced that RudHellowen have adopted daughters in SL!!! 
HellBone's Angels Photo by Niki Elan. (From Left: Niki, Me and Shiny)
As the DAUGHTERS OF HELL (such a great Stephen King novel title I swear - and Mr King if you do read this I want credit for the name!), Niki and Shiny swept into our lives, calling me Mom until I conceded and gave them what they wanted...
Long story short, Niki and I worked together for Seraphim. She was the baby blogger and I hadn't really talked to her all that much till she was slapped in the face with some big drama, then I became like her Jerry Springer - and to this day would still hit someone with a chair if I could, lol. We were at an event together and I joked that as I was so much taller than her (if you could see the bottom of the pic above she has moved me down), I could be her mum. With that she was calling me Mom and when she spoke to Hell he agreed to it - there was I thinking he'd be like UH NO WAY! So in that moment we adopted not one but two daughters, along with a heap of other family including kids of kids...
Niki, our "innocent" daughter - her claim not ours - is usually to be seen with her FairyBru and occasionally her uber cute daughter Liz. She is feminine and sweetness all wrapped up in one tiny package. Her other half, Bru, could be a doppleganger for HellBone, but she fell for a guy that looks like her dad before she even met him... So I think those two are onto a good thing lol it's fate!
Shiny is like our own Duracell Bunny. She bounces around and has the typing animation of a crazy person. I am still getting to know this one, she and I are a bit like ships passing in the night due to our time zones, but we will get there and I look forward to that!
I will admit that being Mum to these two has kind of grown on me, our girls are both beautiful in every way. Smart, funny, charismatic, somewhat devious and both with their own kick ass senses of style, Shiny and Niki have enriched my SL, and definitely made a huge dent in my RL too. I normally find it hard to open up and let people in, but these two broke down the wall and made themselves permanent residents, rather than waiting on the outside for a key! I am very glad they did, I don't think SL would be the same without them anymore, but just for the record - and you may hear different - I have NO FAVOURITE, lol, I love them both just the same!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 24

The booger look... Oh how I wish it had stayed in SL this week, unfortunately due to drama mentioned in a previous post the booger look combined with the cried out look in RL to create an image that would scare most living, and possibly a fair few inanimated, things...
But I had a random burst of creativity, I spent time playing around with windlight settings and will possibly focus on trying to learn more about SL Photography. I have a PC now that can handle shadows I think... but don't really know how to make them work, I want to have a picture with shadows LOL!!!
But anyway in my random burst of activity I set about creating my colour challenge picture, which was a great way of getting my mind off the drama and onto something I enjoy doing.
Fledge and I had been discussing this colour, and after last week's toxic snot colour, she referred to this colour as mouldy raspberry... I don't really like this colour and I can't think that there has been a colour I have been like "YAY I love this colour", so far in the challenge but it's a challenge and so I keep on colouring myself in mouldy raspberries LOL!!! 
I went back away from the creepy this week, I don't seem to be able to make up my mind about pretty and creepy lol - it's like being on a swing. This week I am back on the pretties, Fledge stepped in to help when I couldn't make up my mind between Disney style maiden or hippy... We went with the Disney look. It isn't totally true to any of the Disney Princesses, but we'll just say it is an amalgamation of all of them rolled into one LOL... Oh and while I was looking for a background I came upon this... 
Really made me laugh out loud, it kinda works with the whole way I look at hair in SL...
Week 24 - Raspberry Glace
Week 24: I wonder if I sing could I pop one of the birds like Princess Fiona did in Shrek?
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Lola Summer Mesh Hair
Butterfly: Epic - Perched Sparkle Flutterfly
Mouse: {PSYCHO:Byts} - Trapped Mouse
Dress: paper.doll - Fairest Of Them All Dress
Rabbit: HPMD - Sleepy Rabbit
Feet: Slink - Jolie Pied
Stump: HC Creations - Tree Trunk Caladium
Birds: HPMD - Little Birds
Deer: Pink Fuel - Standing Deer

I hope next week is better, less drama, more interesting stuff for Rudh!!! There will also be more posting on the ramblings... Never know what might turn up on it hehe, also you never know if the swing will hit creepy or cute next week, but I don't wanna be predictable lol... so I couldn't guess which it would be either hehe! 
Next Week - Unmellow Yellow 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Playing in a field of flowers...

Just a pretty picture. I was playing with the windlight settings and I can't remember what this was but I snapped the shot and then decided that I really like the way the lighting looks... Maybe it's weird but meh that's me lol... Plus I wanted to put up something pretty before the blech that follows... Please don't feel forced to read it, I just needed a release! *hugs and points up "Avoid the blechhhhhhh look at the prettyyyyyyy" LOL

Drama comes back to bite me on the ass and it takes my mood from a happy and bouncy one to rock bottom in nano seconds.The ins and outs of the drama would always be unimportant to anyone that wasn't directly involved but what matters more is the emotion stuffed behind it...
I found my emotions reached a breaking point recently. I confronted someone about something that had been bothering me for a while now and even though I hate confrontation normally and try to avoid drama like the plague, this time it couldn't be helped. I felt too strongly that what they were doing was unethical and totally unfair...
I won't be going into detail to anyone about what was said on either side, but I will say that when you think someone is your friend, they tell you on numerous occasions you are their best friend, and then you are used for personal gain, it feels like a knife blade to the heart. When you put your heart and soul into working for a goal, to find out that you mean nothing more to them than someone who is there to do their bidding, it cuts faster than a knife cuts through butter. 
Then on top of that they react like they are the victim, when in the past they have asked you to always be honest - which sometimes can be a little brutal I'll admit. How can you be honest with someone who doesn't like to hear your honest opinion? This time around it brought up trust issues, and in my mind, once the trust is gone - no matter what aspect of your relationship it affects - there is no coming back from that. 
Yesterday I lost a good "friend", someone I believed was a friend at any rate, and I never believed that I would have let someone walk all over me again, but I did. I may have lost that friend, and realised that once again I showed signs of weakness, yet my SL has been enriched in ways that I never would have imagined. Due to this person I met some amazing people and did things I never realised I had the skills for, so I guess I have to thank them...
"To the person who shall remain nameless, I doubt you will even read this now, but I have a lot to thank you for. You've held my hand through troubled times. You've helped me meet some amazing people. You've allowed me to expand my personal skills and taught me some new things. You've also given me a reminder that people are not always what they seem, and wolves will often wear sheep's clothing to get what they want and get where they want to be. I feel hurt and let down by your actions, in time I may forgive but forgetting will never be an option. In all this though, you've made me stronger, so thank you!"
Fledge says I am cursed, "an ancestor must have crossed a gypsy", and I am starting to think she is right...Drama does seem to follow me everywhere I go, and although I try to avoid it I never can quite get away! Still I won't be giving up on my SL anytime soon. There are people out there, and they know who they are, that make my SL something I cannot be without, and whats the old saying "when a door closes someone better open a window cause I had beans last night"... I will fight this, and I will come through shining, failure is not an option, I am strong and I have the most amazing support network ever!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 23

Last Sunday was the first time that I have been around to see some of you awesome colour bloggerettes chatting away in the group, so I was like YAY I CAN CHAT TOO for a change. Normally, I miss the random conversations, but this time I had a very interesting conversation with Tigist, Inkie and Yvette - something along the lines of snot pancakes and Izzie's tush hehe... Well ladies I promised a snot picture so, here; 
But for my colour challenge picture I went in another weird direction. There are two things that I always try to avoid, Aliens and Clowns - I am terrified of Aliens, weird phobia I know but I have my reasons, and a dislike of Clowns, I'm not scared of them per se but I will avoid them if possible because they do freak the crap outta me sometimes! ANYWAY, what do I find myself thinking the moment I put on an outfit in the right colour... CLOWN! *facepalms* Yet until I put the skin with the face paint on I was able to not be too freaked out at my Barbie Doll dressed like a clown LOL - and the story is that HellBone bought me these awesome shoes from Death Row Designs in the sale they had until May 31st, but they were magic shoes! He wanted to get his own back on me after I reattached his head, so he gave me shoes that would magically turn me into a clown and walk me off to the nearest circus LOL!
Week 23 - Pistachio
Week 23: HEELLLLLLPPPPPPPPPP! Magic Shoes!!!!!
What is she wearing;
Hair: BC322 - Star Fest
Skin: Medley - Clown
Glasses: Razberry Inc - BigEe Glasses
Necklaces: Soap Co - Sugar Muerto Necklace, and, SPLASH - Fluffy Star Necklace
Outfit: ILLY Creations - M&MH Past Hunt Prize
Tights: Riddle - I Heart You Tights
Bracelet: MONS - Xena
Ring: Maxi Gossamer - FleurDeLis Glass Skull Ring
Boots: Death Row Designs - Bozo Clown Boots

Sorry for anyone bothered more than I am by clowns, I really don't like them much either, I could deal with them more than Aliens but yeah... Sorry! Blame it on Hell for the magic shoes! 
Next Week - Raspberry Glace

Celebrate a Jubilee, with a terrible joke!

Before I moved to Holland, I was never very patriotic, I never really paid much attention to what was going on as far as the Royal Family went... Yet NOW, I cannot get enough of the Union Jack, and have an almost proud feeling to be able to say that I am a Brit, what with all the good stuff that the country is getting into at the moment! Not only is it Olympic time in London (though to be honest I don't give a monkeys about that!), it is actually the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth, and how often will something like that ever happen in your lifetime! 
My Dad was 3 months old when she was crowned, she's been on the throne 60 years now, she's almost catching up with Victoria the longest ruling Monarch in English History (only another 4 more years Lizzie - you can do it!!) She's ruled through some amazing times, met some amazing people and although her powers have diminished I will say, despite the fact that a lot of people are a bit anti the Royal Family, I think it's great! I'm wearing my Union Jack's with pride at the moment, and will sit to watch all the festivities on TV, just kinda wish I was there to join in the fun!!
OH AND A REALLY BAD JOKE... (Don't say I didn't warn you!)... 
The Queen and Prince Philip (her hubby!) are getting into bed one night, he's taking a little longer so she dives under the covers and pulls them up high under her chin, 
She turns to Philip, and in her very posh voice, says, 
"Look Philip, I'm a Stamp!"

Saturday, June 2, 2012

One of those OOOPS LOL Moments

I love Oops LOL Moments... I spend so long looking at my avatar on a daily basis, it kinda makes me feel more than a little bit vain, but when the oops lol moments happen, that seems to wash away.
For me it can take hours to get changed and that means I spend so much time with my camera focused on Rudh that I could win vanity awards almost every day. I've been getting a bit lazy and wearing an outfit for a couple of days before I head back into the wardrobe warehouse to find something else!
Yesterday though I was working on a little something for the Colour Challenge Bloggerettes, and was playing with my new AnyPose Expression Face Animator Thingiemajiggie.
 I realised that there was something going horribly wrong when my face looked like this! 
I couldn't stop laughing but then I realised, when you click one it stays clicked until you unclick it LOL... I was being naive and thought that once you clicked on a new facial expression it would replace the old one, LOL BOY was I wrong... But this picture was just too much of a classic not to share it hehe!!!