Monday, November 29, 2010


SL seems to have forgotten who I am lol (I downloaded the latest viewer two update and since then everything has been ??)... 
You'd think the amount of time that I am in world they might remember me lol!!! I always thought Rudh was fairly memorable - maybe not now I am looking at it, lol, maybe she is just another of SL's Barbie Minions!!!
LOL - If name bubbles were actually thought bubbles then this picture would be rather appropriate, especially from the old days when a response from Rudh was often 'HUH?'

See SL remembers everyone else lol - it remembered the Crumpet - but not me *pouts*
I can still see who all my gorgeous friends are when they are on or offline so that is ok... but just looking at the name bubble the other day made me giggle...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

52 Weeks of Colour - WEEK 4!

Well... I am awake in RL obscenely early for a Saturday morning this week... HellBone had to go to work and thus I got woken up... I was gonna crawl back into my bed and hide under the duvet like a sane person might, but then I thought NO lol I wanna see what colour comes next... (that and I wanted to see the picture that Vixxy had made for my banner - see up there ^!) 
Luckily Luna has posted the colour challenge for next week... I am feeling fairly optimistic about that one... it seems like an easier colour compared to the two previous colours. I am not one for wearing pastels - lol - especially those in the purple colour range... 
BUT - drumroll please - as promised, RUDHMELLOWEN IN PLUM lol... 

Week 4... 
Week 4: SHHHHHHHHH I know Purple and Rudh is shocking for me too!
What is she wearing? I hear you ask (lol what will she be putting in a dark corner of her closet after this week's post? is more the question I am thinking of)
Hair: *HoM* (House of Munster) - Lola
Necklace: KOSH - Enigma
Outfit: Icewerk - Josie

Pale Purple and Rudh (in fact any purple and Rudh) was really hard... though I think that next weeks colour should be easier for me... at least I hope it's easier or I might have to break the rule:
 (from Luna's Blog) Oh there’s a rule to this color challenge: You’re not allowed to kill me. This rule is in effect at all times and especially during week 5.
Next Week - SEPIA

Friday, November 26, 2010

Pictures by Crumpet!

As you may have guessed by now, I am not the world's best photographer, I take pictures of things I like and random suchness (though I seem to be getting a bit better at taking pics of myself - does that make me sound vain lol)... Yet if I want to get a decent picture done, one that gets photoshopped and played around with so that I actually look good rather than a bit meh I will turn to a friend!! 

The Crumpet and her hubby - that's Miss Vix Miggins (dj, photographer, geordie confuscious extraordinaire) and Mr Vix Miggins (lol I mean McLovin McMahn) - have decided to take their brilliant photography skills from just hobbies that created awesome pics for friends, to spreading their artistic cleverosity into the rest of SL by opening up a studio... Ladies and Gentlemen introducing the awesomesauce Photo Studio... PIXEL2LIFE STUDIOS...

I wanted a new Profile Pic... Miss Vix delivered... 
By Miss Miggins (Friday, November 26, 2010)
With loads of poses to choose from, I was in and out of the studio before I could blink... 
Vix Miggins: i love this pose for u
Rudhmellowen Laguna: lol why
Vix Miggins: its like "im gunna rip ur fucking head off and look pretty doing it"
She was efficient, knew exactly what she wanted and the outcome was delivered to me within an hour... FLIPPIN BRILLIANT!

Some important information about Pixel2Life Studios... (taken straight from their official notecard!)
Hello, we here at Pixel Studio's offer a wide variety of professional services. Ranging from Modeling Photo's, Profile Pictures, Couples, Groups Pic's. Weddings and special events, Photo Morphs, and more.  We also offer props, and load's of poses.
400L per Single, 1000L for Three, Ask for additional rates on multiple pictures, morphs and weddings. 

Check them out on Flicker:
Vix Miggins:
McLovin McMahn:

YOU ROCK CRUMPET - Butter loves ya lots... Just keep taking those pics, I have watched you photo skills go from strength to strength, oh and btw... Congrats on the upcoming plan to renew your vows with Mr You... You both deserve it muchly! *hugs tight*

GET YOUR PICS DONE BY PIXEL2LIFE - one day you never know they might actually come to life and reach outta the screen to give you a BIG KISS lol...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

SL Boxing?!?!

Today, after four years of ignorance, I was introduced to the world of SL Boxing... Conrad Negulesco (aka Connie - one of the two crazy people in SL to have adopted me as a daughter along with my SL Mum Shellie) invited me down to the HOC - that's House of Champions for people like me who aren't in the know - to watch her spar with a couple of the other SL Boxing fans. 
I was greeted with what looked to be a very impressive and well planned boxing gym - complete with a multitude of boxing equipment and a very impressive looking ring, that I took to be the stage for the competetive fights... 
The House of Champions Centre Stage!
Con's first sparring partner was a Miss Mart Jonesford, who claimed that she was not very good and that although she had been fighting a while she felt sure that she had been allowed to win her matches... Yet watching her and Connie fight I was positive that I would not wanna take her on... and although Connie won the fight, it definately seemed like Mart knew what she was doing and could kick some serious butt... 
Connie vs Mart - Two kick butt girlies that I would DEFINATELY not wanna piss off!
Con then took on the HOC's Head Coach, Mr Jt Hatchuk, a brave move considering he was bigger than her by miles and had the job of head coach... She lost to him unfortunately, but it was a pretty close fight, even though I tried to distract him by shouting and jeering just like the crowd would at a real boxing match hehe (damn I just thought now, maybe I should have flashed him lol that might have helped)... 
Connie vs Jt - Fight 2!
He, along with manager Roofetty Ireman, tried to persuade me to come and try my hand at boxing but I think this will be a sport I remain a spectator of... SL Boxing is definately something that you should see at some point in your SL, its getting out your pent up aggression while being fun and having a laugh with your friends... I would definately suggest you make a trip over to the House of Champions!! 
Lastly I had to talk to Con more about what drove her to boxing... as always she had something good to say,

Conrad Negulesco: A few years ago, I was asking myself questions about second life - since it has so many things to do - horsebackriding, motorcycles, fishing, dancing and travel - just to name a few things... and I wondered, is there boxing? Cause in my mind I couldn't imagine how it worked. So, I did a search and found several boxing clubs and went to one. I had no idea what I was doing. I had no idea how it worked. But I found this boxing gym with rings and stuff to buy - clothese and gloves and things. So, I took some freebies and bought some gloves. Sometime later, I met some fighters there and one of them offered to give me lessons on how to do it. I hated everything about it. The movements and the practicing and it was like, please just kill me cause this is so fucking lame. It took a very long time to figure out how the hell these damned gloves worked and how to make proper movements. I came and went at many other boxing clubs and in time got better and learned what I liked and what I didn't like, what I could do and I what I couldn't do, what I was good at and what I sucked at. I have settled in at House Of Champions cause they like me and I like them and I understand their gloves a bit better and, the best part is, even when I suck, I am still respected. And that matters...

To finish off the comment, Connie even suggested "Boxing in sl is like having sex. When you win a really good match, it's like having an orgasm except you don't come." Maybe that is why so many people love the sport, even within the boundaries of SL, there is a thrill, a rush, an excitment to being the victor, and this unlike SL's gossip mongering and dramallamaing seems to be a healthy way of getting rid of pent up emotion... Maybe I should give it a shot?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

52 Weeks of Colour - WEEK 3!

I love this time of the week... I think that the challenge is both entertaining and enlightening... I often find myself thinking 'what the heck am I gonna wear, I don't own anything in that colour lol', yet I have managed to pull things outta the bag so far... Goldenrod was flippin hard though lol...

I did have to ask what exactly Luna was aiming for in regards to Goldenrod, my initial idea was that it would be pale yellowish colours and to quote Luna "goldenrod is an exact color but with the SL colors and how people preceive them - its up to you. I'm thinking something like golden yellows/mustards/rusts in the pale tones" - so that was what I did! 

Week 3...
Week 3: EEEK I can wear yellow, though for some reason I feel more like a Barbie in this colour?!
And for the whats she wearing bit: 
Hair: >TRUTH< - Saffron Streaked
Necklace: Alien Talisman Necklace
Outfit: Ducknipple - Prium

That one was fairly hard, though next week's is looking like it will be harder... 
Next Week -  PLUM (yes that's right, PALE PURPLE... I dread Purple I have NOTHING... this could be interesting lol)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Fledge Look I Got a Fanny Face Too LOL!

Anyone that knows my big sister Fledge, will know that she has a bit of a thing (as an understatment) for avatars. She has more than anyone else I can think of (though I do get the feeling that Hell may well have just as many) and they range from Dragon form, to scary Monsters, to gorgeous Fae folk and countless other avatars that could fall into any number of catagories... She has a knack of surprising people, at the recent Halloween party, none of the family could have guessed she'd come as a plant lol... 
But the title of this post relates to one avatar in particular... 
The Pretty Flower Fledge (at our one time family club - Something Wicked Within)
 The conversation ended up with us discussing how flowers are meant for reproduction... I wanted to post the chat but it just got too weird in some parts lol... though never fear I have an abridged version... 
Pama: flowers can be sexy
Fledge: flowers are just plant genitals, they should be sexy *g*
Rudh: yea but human genitals arent sexy to look at
Fledge: this is true. flowers are much nicer.
Pama: so if you kiss someone (while wearing the flower) does that mean you had sex?
Fledge: no pama I have to sneeze
Pama: does that mean your face is a reproductive organ?
Fledge: then they breathe in my pollen
Fledge: and yes lol
Fledge: I have fanny face
Pama: lol
Rudh: LOL
Fledge: UK fanny not US fanny

The reason that I am sharing this touching family moment (there are lots of weird conversations like this within my SL family) is that on a recent Project Themory Shopping Spree I discovered a flower set from Intrigue Co. and wanted to let Fledge know (rather publicly but oh so funny) that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! LOL... I got one too!!!! LOL. 
Rudh the Fanny Flower!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

52 Weeks of Colour - WEEK 2!

I know that I only posted my week one outfit a couple of days ago, but the change over day is Saturday and so it is time for a change... Week 2 is Blue week... 


But here is my attempt, I hope that you like it lol... If not, *blows a raspberry* I do! LOL. 

Week 2...

Week 2: ARGH DONT LOOK AT ME lol I know I look bad in Blue.
Hair: .Ploom. - Dot (from the Platinum Hunt)
Necklace: Shiny Things - Black Industrial Necklace
Outfit: Beauty Killer - Ultra Short Leopard Blue with Sassy Kitty Designs Shiny Jeans in Black
Boots: N-core - Ankle Multicolor (from a group gift)

Next Week - GOLDENROD (what the heck is Goldenrod? Is it just a fancy gold colour or is it pale yellow? SOMEONE HELP ME LOL)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Challenge Accepted - 52 Weeks of Colour!

I was reading a friend and followers blog - Mayala Loon - I noticed that there was a challenge spreading through the SL blogging world regarding outfit colours... It lead me to the blog of Luna Jubilee, who threw down the proverbial gauntlet and issued the challenge... 
It caught my imagination and thus I had to at least attempt taking part... I am a fairly new blogger still but what the heck, I'm gonna give it a shot... The colour changes every Saturday... Let's see how I get on with this?!!

Week 1...
Hair: >TRUTH< - Sienna
Necklace: Moloko - Guitar Collar
Outfit: League - Thermal Dresses (light grey) with corset from outfit by ROOTS
Fishnets: Part of a set from Snatch
Boots: Last Eden - Tall

Next Week - BLUE

Friday, November 5, 2010

I know they're late lol

Had to put some pictures of our little Halloween Party up for those of you that were either there, and thus want to remember the awesomeness of it all, or those of you that weren't able to make it and have been told how awesome it was... 
Fledge and Pama Dancing... Pama in his fab creation of a goo girl with attachments (if you haven't seen them check them out as they are awesome, brilliant once again Pamallama) and Fledge modelling what I think is a flower, but I could be wrong lol... We had a bit of a guessing game amongst people that arrived early as to what she would turn up in... NO-ONE guessed this! LOL

Smoozle and Infy - Two soft fuzzywuzzies

Miss Lola proves once again that she is a style Icon, this seems to be a trend with Lola... I don't think that I have ever seen her looking bad... and I will be making grabby hands for her necklace... thats GORGE!

Talking of GORGE... One of a small collection I have (or is that had?) turned up... This was a shocker, but was good to have you there Sevvie the Smexy Elfie!

A family that likes to PARTAY together, we've always been pretty good at the partying!

OMFG - this picture just proves that Hell is one of the family... LOL... Fledge decided to shapeshift into a different creature (this time it was a creature from the deep) and as we all know shapeshifting makes you hungry, so as Hell and she danced, she officially welcomed him into the family by eating his head!! LOL!!
All in all another fab family affair... There were people missing, but the notice was short, like a lot of the time it seemed to be a rather impromtu affair... Thank you to Hell though for doing the decorating and the DJing (especially since your hard-drive broke and all your music was on it *kisses*)...  
Not sure what we will be doing for the next holiday, although no holiday is as much fun as HALLOWEEN!