Wednesday, August 29, 2018

A statue of a Handmaiden

Taking some time out of my regular bloggingness today to work on something that I'm trying to get better at - aside from the general bloggerishness of course - and that is d├ęcor photography. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm not good at it, I want better graphics and to do that I need a better PC, BUT it's a learning process and it's not going too badly!?!
I was sent this cute Handmaiden Statue - from Lost Junction at the current round of Whimsical - and for some reason I decided to make it into a little bit of a shrine... A shrine to an overworked handmaiden lol... 
The shrine has been decorated with an Autumn Joy Wreath - from Ama, also at Whimsical - and some adorable Flower Cone Burners - from Candle & Cauldron - but it seems that visitors to the shrine have also left flowers behind. It seems even the local cats, make use of the statue, not sure laying on it is what the shrine was intended for BUT... If it works?!

What is in the picture; 
Statue: Lost Junction - Handmaiden Statue in Natural (Available until September 18th at Whimsical
Wall Decor: Ama - Autumn Joy Wreath (Available until September 18th at Whimsical
Incense: Candle & Cauldron - Flower Cone Burner in Copper 
Cat: Jian - Chubby Loaf Cat 
Flower Bowl: Zaara - Copper Frangipani Bowl in Pink 
Flowers: dust bunny - Storybook Living Gacha Item in Fresh Bouquet 
Plants: hive - Potted Plants in Swiss Cheese Plant Pot B 

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