Monday, May 3, 2021

The Hike lead me to a Crystal Lake...

 Yesterday I had my first injection and I was away with the fairies and lost in the clouds, so today I took some time to just relax... I decided to take the tie out to have a bit of a walk in the woods, after all fresh air will do me some good...
The park was a beautiful place, the sun was hitting the nature just right so that the colours were sparkling... I came to a lake and it was beautiful, but the old fences on the opposite shore caught my eye and as I got closer a strange feeling took over me... A presence took over my own mind, I had work to do... 

As I noticed the fading, peeling sign - from floorplan - on the fence I stumbled over something... A rope, then a machete, finally an old hockey mask with the weirdest red markings... 
I don't know what it was, but there was something dark and foreboding about the place and the mask she carried in her hand. 

What is she wearing;
Hair & Accessory: Foxy - Sahara Hair in Red
Skin: amara beauty - Freya in Ivory
Outfit: Pseudo - Paige Overalls in Dark Blue
Bag: CULT - Possession (Available until May 22nd at Kinky Monthly)
Pose: Secret Poses - Zoey, Pose 2
Mask: Atlantis C.G.D. - Jason Horror Mask
Sign: floorplan - Camp Crystal Late Sign
Fence: Nutmeg - Rustic Fence
Backdrop: Synnergy - Dark Pond Scene 

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