Thursday, June 10, 2021

Home before Dawn

 Remembering back to when I was a teenager, I am suddenly reminded of how it felt to try to sneak into the house when I got home really late from a party... I never had a curfew or anything like that, but if I was out past 2AM, things could get a little sneaky, and somehow the cat always managed to end up making enough noise to wake the dead... 
Now I'm older, and living like an adult in my own home, I don't have that problem. Though my cat does share similar attributes and makes enough noise to wake the dead... When you're a normal person, that's only a metaphor, but when you're a demon like me, well... then it becomes a problem LOL... 

Now OK these poor little dead bodies are trapped in the walls, maybe they are just desperately trying to get out, but whenever I come home they seem to want all the attention... 
I LOVE this outfit though, it's one of those that I'd never have been brave enough to wear in RL let alone try to go out in LOL... Nevertheless, the Demon in me chose this outfit, and I definitely wore it well... It's an amazing outfit from Eclipse Design called "Alma", and I teamed it with a pair of thigh high strappy boots from [Breathe], for what could be one of my favourite outfits!! 
OH and one more thing that you need to check out, maybe a little more clearly than I've shown them - and I really hope I don't get into trouble for - is the amazing "Villain Claws" - from Six Feet Under. They are just the cutest claw jewellery that I've seen in a long time... I've added the ad to show them more clearly!! 

What is she wearing;
Horns: DOUX - Demon horns
Hair: Magika - Sunrise
Skin: amara beauty - Freya in Ivory
Outfit: Eclipse Design - Alma in Black
Nail Rings: Six Feet Under - Villain Claws
Tail: Caboodle - Demon Tail in Black
Boots: [BREATHE] - Rinoko Heels in Black
Pose: FOXCITY - Show Time, Pose 4m
Backdrop: Synnergy - Trapped Souls Backdrop

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