Friday, March 17, 2023

Not the Robo Woofers

My last few pictures have been full of sunshine and prettiness, but today I'm going to have a change of tact, I'm going to do something a little darker, a little more sci-fi and a little more kick ass... I feel feisty, I NEED to do something a little more dangerous looking... I cannot wait to relax this weekend, and a chance to celebrate something special this weekend... First and foremost though I have to kick ass and clean house...

Escaping through the ship into a Cyber tunnel - a backdrop from Paparazzi for those who are interested - Rudh was on the run. Dodging into the darker places to avoid the scanning robotic eyes of the Robo Woofer - an older but still awesome release from Hilted - guard dogs that were hot on her trail. That was the problem with these kind of missions, the ones that had robotic guards always seemed to be a little trickier... 
She'd thought that this time she'd disguised herself pretty well, matching the neon cyber markings of the people that inhabited this little corner of the future, but the glow was spreading to her Imp Parts - a collection from STOIC - making them stand out way more than she'd hoped! Even her outfit was meant to help her blend in - a cute Sytau set from Normandy that is currently available at Whore Couture until March 31st, worn with the cutest of Normandy Naxell Bras (which does actually come with panties that I've not worn here) just to hide those cute little nip-nips - and ALL she really had to do was get in, get the secret codes and get the heck out. How was she to know that her tail would flick and trigger the alarm to sound?! Time to grab for her guns and make for the closest NF111 bike she could find - which just happens to be a pose and prop set from Fashiowl at Cyber Fair until march 23rd! 

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Beusy - Exodia Hairstyle in Dual-Tone Fatpack 
Skin: amara beauty - Freya in Ivory
Earrings: Suicidal Unborn - Barbed Wire Hoop Earrings
Necklace: random.Matter - Cermet Collar in Do Not Feed
Body Line: sixx (Name changed to Wraith) - Neon Body Outline in Rave
Tattoo Layers: Even-Tide - Cyber in Aqua (No Longer Available!) & theROOM - Tattoo Cybergirl
Outfit: Normandy - Sytau (Available until March 31st at Whore Couture
Bra: Normandy - Naxell Bra (Part of Set with Panties)
Gloves: Psycho Barbie - Enchantra Gloves
Guns: Schadenfreude - Raygun! Returns!
Demon Parts (Horns, Wings & Tail): STOIC - GLOW IMP PARTS
Pose & Bike Prop: Fashiowl - NF111, Pose 9 (Available until March 23rd at Cyber Fair)  
Dog: HILTED - Robo Woofer in Grey
Sparkles: Cole's Corner - Heavenly Ranger Aura in Pink 
Backdrop: Paparazzi - Cyber Tunnel 2

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