Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Hold On Let Me Overthink This...

 Everyone has different personality traits... It's one of the most amazing parts of what makes us humans, and it's something that I find totally fascinating for the most part - although there are some people I wish could be put into a rocket and sent to outer space sometimes - though when I take a long hard look at myself I know I hate to admit more than one or two of them... I love that I can be silly, I hide my insecurities behind humour and I am both loyal and caring, but my insecurities often outweigh the fun side of me in my own head... I never normally admit it out loud - and definitely not in print - but I have terrible anxiety, self-doubt and I overthink everything and anything... 

I overthink everything, so much... Any important decision will be thought about and re-thought about, and don't even get me to admit the amount of time I ponder things that are triggering my anxiety. I drive myself into a crazy mess, often one that ends up crying and exhausting myself... I do it about all kinds of things, allowing self-doubt to take over and anxiety to ramp up... 
So when I saw this top from Vinyl - at a past round of the Saturday Sale - with the slogan "Hold on let me overthink this", I knew that this top was perfect for me... I've neer seen a top with a more perfect slogan for me LOL... It came to something that I even spent a HUGELY long time overthinking this outfit... Was it good enough, did I look good or was it too weird... It took me a short while but I realised, I LIKE it and I don't care if people dont... I love this look of the day... 

What is she wearing;
Hair & Hair Accessory: Magika - Prudence
Skin: amara beauty - Freya in Ivory
Glasses: #BANG - Sunglasses Retro
Collar: Kibitz - Mini Collar in Dangerous
Jacket: Pseudo - Bradley Jacket in Black
Top: Vinyl - Candy Beach Tee Pack in TSS Overthink
Pants: miss chelsea - Cruz Jeans in Vintage
Pose: Fashiowl - Glitch, Pose 9
Backdrop: PALETO Backdrop - Arts Wall 

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