Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Trapped in a Dream of the Future

Sometimes you have days when you feel like you are floating... While your body goes through the motions and tries to carry on as normal, your mind drifts and floats, and it's at times like these when it's very hard to feel a true sense of normality. Today is one of those days for me... I feel like I'm in a dream... 
I got a little over the top creative, and I'm not sure how well I did with it or not... 
My mind went to a place where you're able to glimpse the future... In this case an evil dead dolly, holding what appears to be something powerful, a sceptre or a staff perhaps - in this case a Violetility Void Staff... She has undergone a transformation of sorts, no longer just a living dead doll, now she has added vampire fangs and a wound marking her as truly evil... She'd finally found her calling! 
I don't honestly know why I am in an evil mood today, I'm very tired yes, but had a very much needed date night to a concert in RL with HellBone, so I should be happy lol...
In fact, I think I need to stop talking, maybe I'll take a nap and try to get rid of this sleepy feeling... I'll let you enjoy this pretty dream of mine, and a little of the band I went to see last night as a treat! 
What is she wearing;
Halo: [CerberusXing] - Tsukiyomi's Halo in Black
Hair: Truth - Neria in Reds
Head Wound: Awear - Face Tattoo in Evil
Blood: ARISE - Blood Lip in Tone 3
Top: cheeky - Anna Half Shirt in Black Mesh
Bodysuit: Foxes - Dead Cute Cutout Corset RARE
Jewellery: RealEvil Industries - LUX Dragon Claws
Staff: Violetility - Void Staff in Red (Available until November 29th at The Coven)
Pose: Signature Pose - Nails 03
Cog: Abstract Soul - Geared Fractalis (Available until November 30th at The Secret Affair)

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