Friday, November 18, 2016

Picnics in the Park

Friday is here, and that means that tomorrow is the weekend!!! Although I still work on the weekends - there is no rest of the wicked - I still find it the best time to just kick back and relax. I need it bad at the moment, a chance to relax and not think about anything - though I may allow myself a little shopping trip as I need to get presents for my parents for the Dutch holiday of Sinterklaas!
If it's sunny I may even take a walk through the local park with my dog... Never know could stop and have a picnic like Rudh did at It all starts with a smile!
I love this sim, it's a pretty location that changes with the season and for the Autumn season it's divine... I wish colours were this vibrant in RL all the time... It's the perfect place to stop, while wrapped up warm and snug, for a picnic... 
Talking of being wrapped up I have to spend a couple of minutes just telling you about my two new and favourite Autumn closet must-haves... The sweater that I am wearing is one of these - it's a Dead Dollz Reagan Sweater in Khaki, although they come in other colours too, and it's SO warm and snug looking, and I LOVE the floppy over the hands sleeves. It looks awesome when paired with my gorgeous new [sYs] scarf that comes in a whole range of different colours and is available at this month's Chapter Four too... 
Just one more thing deserving honourable mention... It's not something that I would ever normally even think about wearing but it looked so perfect with this outfit. In RL I am crazy about bags, I have them in all different shapes, sizes, colours and styles - just ask HellBone - but I never normally bother with them too much in SL... Yet these Leaf Bags from PSYCHO.Byts are so cute, how can you not fall in love with them if you have a bag fetish! 
I hope that there is some hot soup in that flask I'd really like some hot soup right now!!!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Besom - Glam Kitten in Reds 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Scarf: [sYs] - COZY scarf in Leaf (Available until November 21st at The Chapter Four
Top: Dead Dollz - Reagan Sweater in Khaki (Available until November 30th at The Liason Collaborative
Bag: PSYCHO.Byts - Leaf Bag (Available until November 26th at Sad November
Pants: Blueberry - Tali Fall Pants in Leather Black
Pose: Image Essentials - Trendz 4 

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