Monday, November 14, 2016

Fighting the Walking Dead

Monday Morning comes again... It's a time of the week that sounds dreadful but isn't actually that bad - least I'm beginning to think that way - Tuesday morning always seems worse somehow?! Yet I am not denying that it is always a struggle to get myself up in the morning on a Monday morning.
There is just one thing that brightens up my Mondays at the moment and that's the fact that it is Walking Dead Night tonight. I am not a fan of the show, but HellBone is, which means that Monday Nights are awesome because I get a full hour of alone in bed time!!
In homage to The Walking Dead - yes I have no idea what I'm really doing here because I have no idea about the show at all, but you know me I enjoy being dead lol...
The pose I am using is perfect for that... It's a Come Soon Swag Bag Pose Prop - from last month's Swag Bag - called End of Line. If I'm going to be taken out, then I am taking out everyone else with me!
The outfit was one of the real reasons that I wanted to use this pose - for some reason they just seemed to fit together so well! The body suit and matching collar is a Salt & Pepper creation called Cyberized that you can win from a gacha machine in various colours and combinations at The Gacha Garden. It seemed perfectly accessorised with this Chained Mask and the Survivor Holster - both from The Little Bat that I found during the Pulse Games Event this year!
Bring on the Walking Dead... I'm ready to go to bed!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Besom - Glam Kitty
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2
Face Cuts: {PSYCHO:Byts} - Badass Fighter Wounds
Eye Bruise: The Horror! - Fighter Scars & Bruises in Punched
Mask: The Little Bat - Chained Mask
Outfit & Collar: Salt & Pepper - Cyberized Outfit in Sand (Available until November 30th at The Gacha Garden)
Blood: Ama - Blood Splatter
Bruises: antielle - Appetizer - Bites & Hickeys (No Longer Available!)
Leg Band: The Little Bat - Survivor Holster
Pose & Props: Come Soon - End of Line 01 (Past Swag Bag Release)

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