Monday, November 7, 2016

Lessons in a Dead Doll's Decorating!

Don't Open, Dead Inside... Not sure if that's in reference to me or the house that I find myself in. Not too sure either if it's the SL me - the living dead dolly - or the RL me - the one that is "dead" tired! Though a feeling of dead definitely has me in it's grip this morning. I cannot wake up, even though I have been at work for 2 hours I still feel like I am half asleep - maybe I can blame it on the fact that it's hibernating season?!
Yet Rudh has always been one to take things literally, so Dead means Dead... She's a living dead doll so this comes naturally to her, but when she's allowed to be her true self, she really goes to town with it... Take decorating for example...
If you ask Living Dead Doll Rudh to decorate, THIS is what happens! BLOOD becomes the natural paint used in her decorating process, and as you can see the walls, rugs and even floor hangings are smeared with the stuff. Never mind the large ruckle in the carpet, she's just hiding her "paint can" - outta sight, outta mind right?! Adding a few meat hooks and a barrel of human body part waste gives the room that homely feel!
Of course though she needed an outfit to match, and this was one of her outfits that she wore at a party for now closed Gator Maze. A True Dead Dolly Outfit including a Bloody Maid Dress - from ILAYA - and some horrifying Bloody Bandages - from Astralia that you can still grab at the Bloody Horror Fair until November 10th. While on the subject of the Bloody Horror Fair, you need to take a look at this adorable little teddy bear, the Nightmare Undead Bear - from [ abrasive ] - is one of a collection that is available at the fair and he's just SO CUTE! I think Rudh will have to go back to the Bloody Horror Fair to get some more - they are calling me back!
In fact, I'm going to do that now, so maybe I will see you there, and you can compliment me on the way I decorate using such natural products LOL... Halloween may be over but there is blood and gore still to come, the Living Dead Doll Rudh demands it!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Truth - Sunday Hair in Reds (Available until November 15th at The Epiphany)
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2
Flower Scar: Ama - Growing Within
Blood: Ama - Blood Splatter
Dress: ILAYA - Maid Dress in Bloody
Bear: [ abrasive ] - Nightmare Bear in Undead (Available until November 10th at Bloody Horror Fair 2016)
Leg Bandages: Astralia - Bloody Bandage Feet Accessory (Available until November 10th at Bloody Horror Fair 2016)
Pose: Vanity Poses - Henry 2
Curtain, Hooks & Barrel: Remarkable Oblivion - Horror House Items
Carpet: brocante  - Throw Rug in Blood Spatter
Banner: brocante  - Wall Tapestry in Zombies
Rug: Boudoir - Covered Dead Body 1

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