Friday, May 26, 2023

A Sparkle in the Club

Saturday Night and some people are heading out for a night on the town... I wish that after a day like today that I could do exactly that. I used to love being a happy-go-lucky, party-animal, I'd be out on the town, I'd be surrounded by friends and I'd hit the center of the danc floor and would be there till the sun came up... 
My, my how things change... Now I'm old and work far too much for a living, I find myself wanting nothing more than a night curled up on the sofa, under a blanket with chocolate and a cup of tea... I'll just send Rudh out to do the partying for me... 

In Zorrita's Bar - a backdrop from The Bearded Guy - the little demonness comes out when she hears the music... The club is lit tonight with pinks and blues, which definitely affected this little demon's fashion choices. She likes to sparkle in the club, she likes to be the center of attention and well, sometimes wearing pinks and blues brings out the fun in her... Dancing away between the exquisite George Vamp Lavalamps - from Beauty of Darkness at Ritual - she guards the sofas and tables while her friends hit the bar. She may look cute, but our little demon is more than a little fierce... 

What is she wearing;
BIG Horns: NeverWish - Spike Horns
Little Horns: Dazed - Lucy Demon Set Fatpack
Hair: Wasabi - Lollipop Hair
Skin: Wyrd -  Tovi in Pewter (no Longer Available!)
Eyes: Mana - Daemon Eyes
Eye Wound: WarPaint - Possession
Eye Make-Up: alaskametro<3 - "Space Unicorn" makeup, in eyeshadow 02
Nose Piercing: Six Feet Under - Spur Nose Set
Bubblegum: [Pink Fuel] - Yum Bubblegum! (No Longer Available!)
Neck Tattoo: Rekt Royalty - Here in Choke Here
Necklace: AsteroidBox - Spike Pendant in Holo Version
Wings: Sweet Thing - Demon Wings
Outfit: Normandy - Lithe Dual Pack
Sparkles: Cole's Corner - Glitterati
Tail: Sweet Thing - Demon Tail
Pose: Secret Poses - Greta, Pose 2M
Tables: [Krescendo] - Fluffy Bench
Sofas: NeverWish - Lip Couch in Holo-Iridescent
Glasses: LEMME - Let's get drunk!Gumball Machine: Caboodle - Miniature Gumball Machine in Pink
Lava Lamps: Beauty of Darkness - George vamp Lavalamp (Available until June 12th at Ritual)
Backdrop: The Bearded Guy - Horny Cravings in Zorritas Bar *RARE*

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