Thursday, May 25, 2023

Falling into a Dream

I've had a LOVELY lazy day... I don't get them very often at the moment considering how my work schedule has been and although the shop has been calming down, I don't think that I will be getting many more relaxing days for a little while yet... So whilst I've been relaxing, lazing and generally letting my mind wander, I'm lost to a perfect daydream... Wasting the day, spending it dreaming...

Dreams are such strange things... Some nights I can have a really deep sleep and dream of nothing, others I am so restless that the dreams are kinda vivid and make me wake up wondering what the heck I've done to cause the strangeness... There are very few days that I ever have the kind of dreams I want to have again and again, although those little fantasies are the ones I find myself falling asleep to... I am SO exhausted at the moment I tend to have no trouble falling asleep... 
As I'm falling asleep it feels a little like I'm falling down into a rabbit hole, just like Alice did into Wonderland... As I fall, the magic sparkles around me and so many weird, wonderful and pretty things float on by... Some adorable new friends, some amazing new furniture and the silliest new sets of eyes to watch my fall... I just hope there is something soft to land on and that it doesnt turn into one of those nasty dreams with a feeling of a surprise fall... Ugh how I hate those!!!!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Tableau Vivant - Water lily Past Gacha Item in Flowing Colors
Skin: amara beauty - Freya in Ivory
Collar: Kibitz - Yaniko's collar in silver HENTAI
Top: Mug - Valentina Tank in White (Available until June 10th at Kustom9)
Cuffs: Palette - Sweetie Cuffs (Past Gift)
Skirt: SEKA's - Waist High Skirt in YELLOW
Boots: CULT - Nahilla
Pose: FOXCITY - Free (Past Group Gift)
Sparkles: Cole's Corner - Glitterati, Heavenly Ranger & The Fantastical Nebulous Aether & #LuluB! - Invierna
Bunny Stool: [Krescendo] - Rabbit Seat
Clock: [Krescendo] - Critter Clocks in Cow
Burger: Hangry - Ham Bo. Combo (Available until June 5th at Equal10)
Flowers: [high v.] - Balloon Flowers
Can: Junk Food - Ex Boyfriend Tears
Dog: MishMish - Tiny Cars in Corgi Edition Sky
Eyes: [high v.] - Googley Eyes
Lights, Star & Sign: BackBone - Daydreamer's Den Items
Televisions: NOMAD - Wired Monitors
Backdrop: The Bearded Guy - The Inception Blue

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