Monday, May 2, 2011


I do have to admit that I love the rain... I love the sound of it as it hits the roof or windows, I love the smell of the air after spring rain, I love the feeling of a HUGE raindrop splashing on my nose and jumping in the biggest puddle when I'm in my wellies... I'm not so keen on it when my jeans soak up the water, or when its that fine drizzly crap pretending to be "rain"... The event hosted by MiaSnow, is a celebration of all things rainy, with a few not so rainy items hehe...
A small select group of designers have come together to celebrate the rain... nothing on sale is over 150$l, and OK it is not one of the charity events taking place, but it is cute and well worth a visit... 
I  found this pretty hat by JAStore, and I couldn't resist... It seems to sum up SL pretty well... The tea is something I would take for relaxation, I love a nice hot cuppa tea to wind down in the evening, and then the storm is drama... Storms are both beautiful and dramatic in my opinion... So a storm in a teacup is like us coming into SL to relax and in some cases being caught in a drama storm!!! PLUS this necklace from Schadenfreude is just too adorable, dontcha think??
Go to the event, it is SO worth it!!! Click here!!! GO NOW!!!

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