Thursday, May 12, 2011

Low Lag Rudh Style!

Skin and Shape fair being on at the moment, Shoe fair being just around the corner and then will come the turn of Hair fair, for a shopaholic life is grand... Well it would be if Lag wasn't the biggest pain in the arse since severe constipation was invented. I love these big events, wandering around grabbing demos all over the place, getting excited when you locate a freebie, it all adds up to show that SL can pull off a kick ass event! 
Yet I have one MAJOR complaint... WHY DO PEOPLE INSIST ON GOING TO THESE EVENTS COVERED IN HIGH PRIM LOOKS, WEARING STUFF THEY DON'T NEED AND REFUSING TO TAKE OFF HUDS?? I just don't get it... OK they might have the best super computer at their finger tips that means no lag but what about the rest of us? No one gives a flying rats testicle what other people look like at these events, I mean I'd have thought that like myself people would be too busy looking at the products on offer to bother with wondering what other people were wearing?
I went into the event prepared, and stayed in the outfit all day as I decided to treasure hunt in it too... It was low prim, I allowed myself a rez arc of 263, and I wore no A.O. or Mysti-tool, and ya know what I didn't give a monkeys what people thought of my outfit. Anyone that wanted to mock me fine, but I would like to thank those people who actually IMmed me to say they loved my Box, LOL... 
The box is available at Grendels, in the freebies section, there are 15 different faces that you can wear depending on your mood and these are not only a low prim alternative to hair, they can hide it when you have a bad hair day LOL. Top it off with an awesome pair of PJs and BAM instant low prim fun outfit for busy events!


  1. I am going to get one of those boxes for a bad hair day!

    Shoe fair??! Uh comes Rudh! =)
    xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxo Loves ya!

  2. I go to fairs with a bald head and a bikini and get all kinds of narrow-minded comments. I've started to give up on fairs as many others seem to think they're excuses to wear every HUD and bit of bling they own -- lag shits me.