Friday, May 6, 2011

Why do we keep getting all the pain in the butt neighbours?

Since the last horse incident that I ranted about, we've had two more sets of irritating neighbours... The second set was another horse breeder, who let her 60 odd horses roam about thus causing major lag from all the scripts at play, and NOW we have another new neighbour, this time on a different plot who has taken the whole Residential land thing and torn it up and thrown it in the garbage... 
Our latest neighbours are bloodlines players, which is fine and has even caused us a few giggles as we are a family of mythical beings, with a number of Lycans in our midst... The Phoenix users amongst us noticed they were watching the other day and instantly became their Huge Wolfish selves, which seconds after had the new neighbours tping away hehe... Cant be sure the change was what caused it, but it was highly funny at the time!
Today we logged in and wandered around the garden near the houses, I was looking for photo opportunities as I wanted somewhere to capture the awesome new outfit I put together for the H&C Opening event, and whilst camming around through the wall I noticed that the vamps had a new castle, behind which was... 
A CLUB!!! I mentioned it to the owner of the land and she denied that it was a club, merely calling it a 'hang out spot"... 
This looks like a freaking club to me... Hang out Spot, Club, both seem to have DJ booths and will be having music and possibly tipping staff and the dancers upstairs who will be using the dance poles... In my days of hanging out in a club, this would be called a club, not a good one but a club all the same... 
Can someone tell me HOW this is supposed to be RESIDENTIAL?? Anyone?? 


  1. OOOOOH This post makes me look like I'm a bit of a bitch... Damn I don't mean it to sound bitchy, sometimes my fingers run away with themselves, but it is taking the piss a little bit to not pay any attention to the rules of the sim. We've wanted to open a club or a store on the land for a LONG time now, and have in fact done everything asked of us by Azure, so I hope that these people stop causing lag and going against the rules... It's not fair for us that follow them!!!

  2. Bitching is fun!

    But this isn't bitchy at all imo :) Either they follow the rules, or they go, easy as that. Like you said, it's not fair to us otherwise, and I'm glad Azure sees it the same way. I doubt they'd react so swiftly, if they didn't think it's reasonable.


  3. Sorry I deleted before. But when I read it, I thought I'd rather talk to you before randomly commenting on your blog and revealing that I've been following it from the sidelines. After being awol for so long.

    Will you be online tomorrow?

    I just wanted to say that I don't think you're being a bitch. You're right and it's great that Azure reacted so fast. And then I thought it was fun with your boyfriend being the new sherif.

    Anyway, I hope I'll catch you online some time.

  4. Well.. maybe a little.. but then, don't we have a right to be bitchy? Comes with the territory I say! And you definitely had reason to be a little miffed :P

  5. lol I am in total agreement but I'm suddenly remembering our club at Pama's... mind you, different land, different rules, she didn't mind people having whatever as long as it looked in theme and the traffic didn't go sky-high.