Sunday, May 15, 2011

Doomed Maid

Ya know how sometimes you get a feeling of impending doom... Well that is how I am feeling right about now, and seeing as I don't wanna burden anyone with it, I'm gonna talk about it here! Look away now if you don't fancy reading my worries, don't worry I will not be offended! 
OK, Here it comes... 
Last week, in RL, I was lucky enough to be given a job - since moving last July I have had real trouble finding anywhere that will even look my way for a number of reasons, but I now have work as a cleaner in a hotel... So I dressed Rudh up in a possible costume to match the reality! 
The BEST Movie Maid EVER... Magenta from the Rocky Horror Picture Show!!!
Yet after today I have this feeling of impending doom... Today was my third day, everyone on the staff was allotted their rooms to clean and I was handed a list of 15! Never done that many before, so it was a rather awesome challenge to start with. You only get a certain amount of time to clean each room, and if the guests are staying then life is a little bit easier as you don't need to change the sheets or do as thorough of a clean as you would if the guests checked out... ALL of the other, more seasoned girls had 20 rooms, and so they joked I was lucky till I looked at my list... EVERY ONE of the 15 rooms was a vacated room, that was a LOT of work... I having still not yet got a rhythm of cleaning and still struggling to make the beds spent longer than I should, and when it was time to pack up I still hadn't done 5 rooms, rather than being nice and helping me I was told I should have let them know before 12pm and that I would have to do them tomorrow... 
Personally I have been feeling like a failure since, I should have done these rooms, but then I haven't got a rhythm going as it was my THIRD DAY... I am all for going in at the deep end but surely they could have done it with a rubber ring as a bit of help?? I'm gonna have to ask for less rooms till I get a rhythm going, *tries not to cry at letting people down* UGH...


  1. Ohh its never easy being the "new" girl. Just ask them to give you a few less rooms this time. Then the next week...ask for more. It shouldnt take long for you to catch a rythem,but it takes longer than a few days love. I have no doubt in you, I know you can whoop its a$$. Give yourself a break..first week always sucks. Keep us informed on this next week. You will be just fine my friend =)

  2. Both my sister and I have held jobs as hotel maids..its always really difficult at first to get into the swing of things and get up to speed with everyone else..but dont try to stress to much you'll get and remember each one of the other girls started where your at now...if you feel you need the help theres nothign wrong with asking for some assistance till you get the hang of it. and Magenta so rocked she was my fav hehe