Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hell&Co on Wheels GRAND OPENING!

I have NEVER been interested in cars or bikes in SL... That's a fact. Yet HellBone is a builder of them, so in the last few weeks I have hinted at a connection between me and vehicles, I have been living in a mass of car and bike parts, been around men who are greasy from building vehicles and have even been roped into doing some of the behind the scenes work for their store, but now I can finally throw on a pretty dress and get ready for a party! 
Saturday 7th May, at 12pm SLT, the Main Store for H&C Wheels is opening, and even if you like me aren't interested in cars or bikes, these are fairly impressive... Hell and Baco, the design team, create High-Prim vehicles that they as RL Vehicle lovers (both are bikers in RL) would be happy to put their name on, both as a gorgeous and possibly realistic design, but also for the vehicles ease of handling when driving.
PLEASE tell anyone you know who has an interest in vehicles. There will be the possibility that we reduce prices of random vehicles in the store, ONLY for this event. There will be the possibility that there may be special group freebies, ONLY for this event. There will be a discounted, Limited Edition GTO Cabri on sale, ONLY for this event... 
As someone who was a bit like "HUH?" when it came to recreating cars in SL, I will give the boys an impressive amount of respect... My sister, Fledge, had been looking for a 1967 Chevvy Impala that came straight out of the TV Show 'SUPERNATURAL', everyone always said it couldn't be done or wouldn't even attempt it... Not only did Hell and Baco recreate the vehicle for her, they made it look JUST AS IT IS IN THE SERIES... I didn't think they could do it... Don't believe me, come look... SATURDAY 7th MAY, 12pm SLT! 

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  1. This is soo awesome to know!!! I will keep it in mind and pass the word! CONGRATS!!!