Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Favourite Places: BC322 Skull&Bones

When it comes to hair,  I tend to be pretty fussy... I seem to prefer either long hair trailing all over my face, or swept up into a ponytail of some sort, yet so long as the hair looks good, I am never too fussed about where it comes from. I'll admit that I am a Ploom hair whore, as I have way too many sets of Ploom Hair, yet another store that caught my attention thanks to the Crazy Ass Hair Hunt was BC322 Skull&Bones.
This store, seems to sell a wide variety of stuff from urban/grunge accessories to clothing, yet it is the hair department that always gets me excited... 
The hair here is fun and different to what you find at the majority of other stores, it is usually accessorized in some way, and the design team always manage to impress... Not only do the styles come in regular colours, after occasional releases, they place the latest style into the lucky board, shown in the picture and that hair is usually one that wont be sold in a special colour... more often than not that special colour is PINK... I wouldn't ever normally wear pink but for this hair I'll make an acception...
Makes me feel like a real cartoon character this hair!!! I LOVE IT... Check out BC322, it's AWESOME!


  1. Great post!
    You look so cute, I know I wouldnt wear pink hair either, but for some reason it looks good on EVERYONE's avi skin tone. LOL

    Hold still! let me take a bite of your hair, it reminds me of my fav...cotton candy!!! =) XoX

  2. AW if my friends see this knowing how much I love pink I'll never hear the end of it!