Monday, May 16, 2011

SL "Spyrographish" Art?

Sometimes you discover things that you had NEVER had any idea of before... It works in RL, it works in SL, sometimes you feel like 'Damn I wish I'd known that before' and other times you are like 'WOAH'... This was one of those times... 
I'd been dressing in SL, one of the things that you HAVE to do, normally it takes me so long that by the time I'm done putting clothes on I'm pulled back to RL to do something mundane like making dinner. Yet this time I had placed, by accident an invisi-prim on the ground, I went to hit ctrl-alt-T to show the transparent, but I missed buttons and ended up hitting ctrl-shift-T for some reason... but I just had to show the results... I think its like Spirograph pictures I made as a kid hehe... 
Before pressing anything and in the midst of getting dressed I had to take a time out to just chillax hehe, getting dressed is just such hard work!
Whoops, what a slip of the fingers but who can really complain, this look REALLY COOL hehe... I never know you could do that... It will definitely help me to locate things that I tend to lodge in walls as I have been known to do, especially when putting up pictures!!!


  1. Hehe ... that once happened to me during an event ... and it really made me kinda panic cause I didn't know how to get back to normal ... but meamwhile I like to look at those mesh lines now and then, looks like kinda artwork ...

  2. Thats really very cool! and I lesson I needed as well..damn pictures getting stuck in

  3. Actually, when lag is so bad here is nothing else you can do, that can be very helpful... I used it on occasion to walk in the catwalk in fashion shows :P
    It's tricky knowing where you're going.. LOL

  4. lol I've known about that for aaaaaages and yes, it can be useful for finding things - like in hunts! - but you wouldn't believe just how many small square prims there are around that look like they MIGHT be twisted boxes...