Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A well armoured Lycan attacks...

If you have been keeping up with my posts that mostly ramble about our neighbours, then you would have heard about how they are a vampire clan that seem to have a penchant for breaking the rental rules on our sim... First it was the club, then it was vendors and finally, before the landlord stepped in, it was the fact that there is a rule about how high you are allowed to build things, buildings cannot be too high and no platforms are allowed below a certain level... 
It was beginning to become a bit like a Lycan meets Vampire battle, the Lycans on our side of the wall against the Vampires on the other side. Things seem to have quietened down a bit on that front, though Hell took the chance to treat himself to a new avatar. This avatar was one of the Limited Edition, Rise of the Lycans sets, the Warrior from Little Britain, and I have to admit that although it wasn't cheap it is gorgeous. 
Luckily I was able to snap a picture of the armour clad puppy as he was wandering close to the wall, hoping to come into contact with one of the Vampires, who seem to have been keeping an eye on the garden, whenever one of the others change into Wolf form they all disappear, lol. Now that he was looking threatening, he had a huge axe which I made him put away as I didn't want him getting a booboo, he was also rather sad as there was not a vampire to be seen... Yet whilst he was discussing his problem with Fledge, she offered a solution... She would pose as a Vampire to let him show just how scary he was in attack mode and then he could put a picture up as a deterrent to the Vampires... 
Vampire Fledge didn't stand a chance, the sun was coming up and the Lycan she was facing had paws as large as her head, his claws could break her arms in one swoop of his mighty arm and her scantily clad body, dressed for a lusty Vampiric seduction was no match for the huge, bulking form decked out in his Rhino Armour!


  1. Whahaha Finally I got to try them out :) lol lucky for them they lose the battle and moved to a different sim...
    Thanks Fledge for the stand in vamp :)

  2. Your house sounds a lot more entertaining than where I live. I am jealous HHHAHAHAHHAA!

  3. LOL OI I wasn't that scantily clad when we ran the photoshoot, wth happened to my pants?! Or the classic statement, 'Does my butt look big in this???' >.>