Saturday, May 21, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - WEEK 29!

Last week's colour was one that left me feeling better than I had expected, I loved the outcome of my pink week. It brought out the evil carni in me, and gave me the most massive cravings for candyfloss that I have ever had! Who doesn't love the fluffy, pink, sugar clouds... I mean its both sugar and a cloud... WIN WIN!!! 
Yet this week's colour took us back to a place from a few weeks previous where I found myself thinking 'YAY I can cheat on this colour'... Now I found myself looking into my closet and thinking 'Damn I knew that was too easy!' This colour, more so than pink, is something I wouldn't ever tend to buy, most of my clothes in this colour are Halloween related and I was so not up for doing a post about Halloween in May, lol... Yet, Hell loves watching T.V. Shows about the police and prisoners and the like, and then the idea kinda hit me!
Week 29... 
Week 29: I've been a very naughty girl... So Hell put me on a time out LOL!
What is she wearing;
Hair: Maitreya - Lauren
Necklace: KOSH - Chop U Up
Outfit: INDI Designs - Inmate #4683 (male but no prims to mod so can be a YAY for women too!)
Bracelets: [Rasetsukoku] - Bound Hope (current hunt prize (The Macabre Hunt))
Belt: No longer available

Not quite as Neon Carrot as I would have liked, it seems to be a bit more Carrot lol, but anyway, NEXT WEEK a joint project between myself and miss Mayala Loon... YAYYYYYYY I LOVE THOSE WEEKS! 
Next Week - RUBY... A pinkish reddish colour it would seem from the swatch... Sounds pretty, shouln't be too hard hehe!!!


  1. Hahaha! You clever, naughty girl! Very good idea :)
    <3 ~ Pink

  2. Your one hot inmate! Great pic to!
    This color was a definate challeng. Cant wait to see what you and Mayala do next week!!! YAYY!
    Hey btw..lovin that hair on you!! XoXo

  3. Nobody has ever made the jumpsuit look better than you! Very clever!

  4. Clever indeed! You're the prettiest little convict there ever was.

  5. Ooh, sexy inmate! :))

  6. Yup very sexy but cute too! Anyone come free you yet? Or lock themselves in with you?

  7. Oh, I can help you out! *Takes out her lockpick* :D

  8. I think I need a cage to do some time out in. People can just bring me food and books and I'll come out when I'm ready. Can I borrow your outfit?

  9. Looks to me like they commissioned someone to make really stylish prison outfits, great idea!

  10. Do you think anyone could bake us a cake with a file in it?

  11. Rudh you are hands down teh best looking inmate I've ever pic!

  12. Dean says if they looked like THAT in prison, he wouldn't try and avoid it so much ;)