Monday, May 9, 2011

Open and on sale!

H&C Wheels' official opening party went without a hitch... I have to say that although I was fairly busy meeting, greeting, ensuring a good time was had by all, and fielding questions in IM from interested parties, I had a brilliant time. Hell stepped up to the plate playing a somewhat eclectic mix of tunes that ranged from Cradle of Filth to a punk cover of the Fraggle Rock Theme Song, and a few of my best friends managed to make it.
The calm before the craziness, the store about half hour before opening, I wanted a photo that showed the store as much as I could hence the somewhat aerial view, and I, even though I say so myself looked AWESOME!!!!! I LOVE MY OUTFIT, so I am gonna big it up! (OK this post was gonna be about the store, but Hell has his own blog for talking about that lol)
I found this AWESOME high-waisted skirt in the Sn@tch sale, added a chemise under the zebra print from Linc and then topped it off with a freaking awesome jacket from Cipher! I spent AGES looking for something to wear and Ivey, if you ever read this, YOU WERE MY INSPIRATION AND A LIFE SAVER!!!

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