Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Online Name predicted my FATE?!

Last night, I was able to hang out with my sisters Fledge and Imma, mostly due to the store opening (which I will post about later hehe), but Imma mentioned something that had both Fledge and I in a severe case of the giggles... Apparently my online name predicted my fate?! 
Since I can remember I have been using the name Rudhmellowen as an online name, although only really stepping into my Rudh boots when I was shown SL, yet Imma is a very knowledgeable person when it comes to the language of Elves (if I remember right from reading Tolkien), or Sindarin least I think its from Elves? Could be from Hogwarts knowing Imma hehe. We were discussing names... Imma is more formally known as the Immacolata, Fledge to use her full name is Fledhyris and I, well I'm Rudhmellowen but on meeting anyone will always get them to shorten it somehow...
Apparently, and I always kinda knew it was almost Celtic or even Elven think I must have just read Lord of the Rings or something when I picked my name, I had no idea that it would have a meaning... 
Imma clarified that it did and DAMN its funny... 
Rudhmellowen... Friend or dear of baldness (or should we even say 'lover'?) *g*
Rûdh: Bald (Sindarin, adjective)
Mell: Dear (Sindarin, adjective)
Mellon: friend (Sindarin, noun)
-wen: A common Sindarin suffix to female names
Why is it so funny... WELL... My lovely HellBone looks like this; 
But in RL he's more like this; 
See the funny, Rudhmellowen meaning basically "Lover of Baldness" fits the bill with us lol... and yes that is a Chicken Bone in his beard, part of his rocking stage look for when he played with his former band "Cavemen"

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