Saturday, May 7, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - WEEK 27!

Stepping over the halfway mark was fairly easy for me, given that I cheated on my Tangerine and doubled the outfit up for Queens Day, but the next step onto week 27 seemed to be somewhat harder... Well actually a LOT harder. I don't know why but anything in the green tone and I have never really quite seen eye to eye, and well it took a lot of digging and pouting and general moodiness, mostly aimed at Hell with complaints of having nothing to wear, until I came up with something that could pass as alright... I keep complaining about finding nothing to wear, though my inventory if it was in RL would be something resembling a rather large, warehouse that you need several elevators and miles of walkways with a map to navigate... Anyway, onto the important stuff... 
Week 27... 
Week 27: Dress like an Assassin, get used for holding boxes as Hell fills up the attic! Awesome huh?!
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Magika - Sophia
Blindfold: K_gs - Strait mask-1eye (past hunt prize)
Necklace: .:CORE:. - tags necklace
Top: .::Tyranny Designs::. - The Army Tramp
Arm Straps: (left) Phoebe ~Piercings&more~ - Arm Dagger Bands, (upper right) KOSH - Rapture, (lower right) Digital Dragon Designs - Ladies Aggression Arm Bands
Belt: KOSH - Jaw Vice Belt
Pants: KOSH - Dare Pants
Boots: Last Eden - Tall Boots

Was thinking Lara Croft, ended up looking like something kinda different from a tomb exploding archaeologist... That is a rant that does annoy the crap outta me, but you don't wanna hear about that LOL... 

Next Week - Pink... Not one that I have been looking forward to, but better to face it now I guess hehe


  1. That *would* make a cool bookend!

  2. LOL on the inventory closet in RL. I can identify!

    I dont think ive ever seen a bookend that hot lookin before! xoxoox

  3. Olive ninja! You're always so sweet... and here you look so badass ;) <333 ~ Pink

  4. Great attitude! And love your hair with that look.

  5. Sexy and badass! I'd hire you to help me out of a tight spot any day!

  6. That is a rocking top! Remind never to f* with you. ;-) Hawt!

  7. Really lol! I was gonna say don't mess with HER before I even read Ayako's last comment

    very cool!

  8. I like the badass green outfit you put together and there is such awesome attitude in the pose. LOL @ the warehouse closet in RL.. that is so true! Can you imagine, it would be such a pain to get dressed in RL if we had as many clothes as we all have in SL.

  9. cool pic ... love the pants
    but now I wonder if I can dare to stop by at the grand opening tonight ... is it safe?

  10. Great look! Love that knife in the armband! Er, why yes, ma'am, whatever you say, ma'am!

  11. You make a very HOT assasssin!..even if youa re just holding up outfit!

  12. OMG, I am digging the kickass olive you are rocking!! And absolutely am a fan of the new blog layout!