Thursday, February 20, 2020

Taking it out on the Doll

UGHHHHH sometimes being an Adult is not fun. Not only are the chores you hated doing as a kid mandatory suddenly, but the stress is REAL! Would it ever be possible to turn back the clock and relive those days when all I had to worry about was "where was barbie's lost shoe?" 
I'm in a bit of a grumpy mood and it's all Adulting's fault since I'm having to work SO MUCH in RL at the moment. I'm working over 50 hours a week, every week, and it's beginning to take a toll on my stress levels... So much so that when I was happily playing with my Barbie, her hair wouldn't stay right so I got mad and... 
POP... My doll's head came off in my hand... Maybe I'm channeling my thoughts regarding annoying customers in the shop I work in, I don't know, but POOR BARBIE!!!
Basically though this is one of those super quick, look-of-the-day type things because I LOVE the outfit I have on and well I LOVE this Dolly too! The Doll is a "Broken Doll" from Sakura, and as well as being two posed parts of the doll you can customize it by changing the hair and skin colours! I LOVE THAT, course I stuck with blonde as that's Barbie's natural shade LOL...
The outfit itself though is a cute set called "Offshore Schoolgirl" - by Zenith - and it too comes in a pack so that colours can be mix-n-matched! Everyone should know by now I love being able to mix-n-match things as it makes them so versatile!

What is she wearing;
Hat & Hair: Tableau Vivant - Tara Hair in Reds
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2
Outfit: Zenith - Offshore Schoolgirl
Doll: Sakura - Broken Doll Pack
Pose: FOXCITY - Boi, Bye, Pose 4
Backdrop: AMI:HAI - Midsummer Memories GACHA in Ultra Rare2 (Available for use at Backdrop City

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