Thursday, March 26, 2020

Who knew a Bubble could break a Fort?!

It's not fair... OK I KNOW I shouldn't complain, there are people in a lot worse situations right now, but I am actually jealous that HellBone got to go to work today. I want to go to work, and I know that being at home is the best for everyone right now, but I've been here almost 2 weeks and I'm starting to get a little cabin fever! Still someone must stay home and protect our non-hoard, we never hoarded anything in RL - the usual shopping was enough for us - and now it seems that the supermarkets have most things back in stock again. In SL though it was different, I felt a strong need to hoard toilet roll...
Even if I don't need it now, it's only 7 months until Halloween, and I have plans that involve LOTS of TP! Lots and Lots of TP!!! In fact if you've been hoarding it and have some to spare by Halloween, send it my way!! I'll trade for a can of Anti Corona Spray - from vaak - or some fresh orange juice - from vespertine. I have so much toilet paper that I even tried building things with it... The fort I built fell down when I tried to climb inside whilst wearing the Personal Bubbles - from Bad Unicorn - but it collapsed, so I had to settle for a throne of toilet paper - thanks to BackBone hehe... 
I feel like such a Bathroom Godfather sat here like this hehe... 

What is she wearing;
Hair: TRUTH - Aislin in Redhead 
Skin: amara beauty - Freya in Ivory 
Top: (fashionably dead) - PJ Top in Nice Red 
Pants: (fashionably dead) - PJ Pants in Naughty Navy 
Bubble: Bad Unicorn - Personal Bubble 
Seat & Single Toilet Roll: BackBone - Butt-B Clean Throne (Current Freebie!) 
Sprays: [vaak] - Anti Corona Spray 
Jug: {vespertine} - fresh orange juice
Glass: .random.Matter. - Brekkie Item in Orange Juice 
Teddy: hive - My Teddy Soft Brown
Medicine: LEMME - Let's Play Doctor Gacha Item in Pain killers 
Other Toilet Roll Packs: DRD - Emergency Teepee (Extra Group Gift!) 
Backdrop: MINIMAL - Bathroom Backdrop 

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